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Week of November 28, 2004

Looking for a Christmas gift? Get the X-MAS Runner LITE for free.

X-MAS Runner LITEBallshooter Games released 100% free "X-MAS Runner LITE". This game is a Christmas gift for you and your Pocket PC.

You  and  the  bounty hunter join forces to collect all the treasures, candies and gifts while eluding (or  preferably destroying) evil guardsbwho  are  trained  to kill. Put on your thinking torque, because therebare a lot of riddles that need guessing if you want to make it through all of the new levels.

Make the holiday season even more magical with our freeware game X-MAS Runner LITE. Download it on www.loderunner.info (Source: Press Release)

Posted Saturday, December 4 2004 by ChrisD
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Arcade Challenge for Pocket PC - 10 Games In One

Arcade ChallengeeSoft Interactive's Arcade Challenge is a collection of 10 never-before-seen, one-button action-arcade controlled games for the small screen! Whatever type of arcade game you're into, chances are, you'll enjoy eSoft Interactive's latest offering in its "Challenge" series of games.

  • Game #1 - The Fly
  • Game #2 - Jumpbot
  • Game #3 - Captain Gravity
  • Game #4 - Toy Factory
  • Game #5 - Jump Rope
  • Game #6 - Alienz
  • Game #7 - Basket Hoops
  • Game #8 - Skateboard Spiff
  • Game #9 - Circus Cannon
  • Game #10 - Litterbug

    (Source Press Release)

  • Posted Friday, December 3 2004 by ChrisD
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    MobileDataforce™ Releases New Version of Intercue Mobility Suite for Pocket PCs, Palm OS and Tablet PCs

    MobileDataforce™, the leading provider of rapid application development solutions for mobile environments (RADS-ME), announced today the release of its latest version of the Intercue Mobility Suite, the company’s powerful XML toolkit for developing and publishing mobile business applications and electronic forms to handheld computers. Key features added to the new version include support for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, such as auto-updated lists, diagramming tools, digital signature support, and customized button sizes and database integration configurations. The Intercue suite also now allows mobile applications to be dynamically updated across the workforce when changes are made in the enterprise database.  

    MobileDataforce takes a consultative role in developing solutions for its customers and constantly seeks feedback to enhance its offerings. Intercue Mobility Suite has been used by many companies in “hard hat” industries such as field engineering, facilities management, utility companies, field inspection, heavy construction, etc., in addition to several healthcare-related organizations. These customers have leveraged the power of Intercue to develop their own mobile business applications and forms used by on-the-go employees equipped with handheld computers such as Pocket PC, Palm OS, and Tablet PC devices. Each new version of Intercue is in response to these companies’ feedback and requests.

    “Our focus is helping the people wearing the hard hats to be even more productive,” said Kevin Benedict, CEO of MobileDataforce™. “The latest version accomplishes that goal by empowering our customers with faster applications that are dynamically updated, and a more flexible development environment that enables a larger range of applications to be deployed to the field.”

    Systems integrators who assist companies with development and implementation of mobility solutions are likewise pleased with the new features they find with Intercue Mobility Suite. “Our clients are thrilled that we can cost-effectively deliver mobile solutions using the Intercue Mobility Suite,” said David Krumholz, principal at Strand Management in New Jersey, a top provider of mobility solutions to the enterprise market. “We can design a single application or electronic form that will universally work on a range of devices and it is easier than ever to automatically synchronize the data collected in the field back to our clients’ central databases. We especially appreciate how MobileDataforce responds whenever we report real-world user experiences and needs by continually adding helpful functionality with each new version.” (Source: Press Release)

    Posted Friday, December 3 2004 by ChrisD
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    Killer Apps For The Pocket PC

    This article features what I think are killer applications for the Pocket PC. They range from system management utilities to very slick applications that allow you to do cool things whilst "on the go". This is the kind of stuff that Pocket PC's were made for I reckon! ( Gaming aside of course! Wink ) (Source: Joe Wee, Pocket PC Thoughts)
    Posted Thursday, December 2 2004 by ChrisD
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    Free Mobile Learning Module on Networking Fundamentals

    Hot Lava Software's free "Networking Fundamentals" test will let you know much you know about LANs, WANs, Ethernet, 802.3, 802.11 and all the other components of computer networking.

    Hot Lava Software's free "Networking Fundamentals" test will let you know much you know about LANs, WANs, Ethernet, 802.3, 802.11 and all the other components of computer networking. This test will help you design and pull together a plan to prepare your company and your computer network for a world of networking.

    This module will also help you gauge your readiness for taking the MCSE, CCNA and NET+ certification exams.

    Mobile learning is the future of education and training. Using Hot Lava Software educational courses learners work when they want where they want without any barriers. Elearning requires a PC and an internet connection mobile learning happens from your PDA.

    Currently there are over 79 million copies of Palm OS and Pocket PC os active in the world. This number is projected to be 250 million by 2007. People with these powerful handheld devices need to have more applications that do more than games and stock quote checks. Mobile learning is the perfect next big application for Palm OS and Pocket PC devices and Hot Lava Software, Inc. is leading the way with its new Learning Mobile Author development environment.

    This free Networking Fundamentals test was created to prepare individuals who are prepping for the MCSE and CCNA exams how to better prepare the exam and over 1,000 copies have been downloaded.

    Download this free mobile testing module now:
    Palm OS users go here:

    Pocket PC users go here:

    The module was created using Hot Lava Software's Learning Mobile Author mobile learning content creation solution. (Source: Press Release, PRWeb)

    Posted Thursday, December 2 2004 by ChrisD
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    PDAmill updates Arvale: Journey of Illusion and offers great savings

    PDAmill have just updated their new (and already best-selling) epic role-playing game, Arvale: Journey of Illusion. The new version (1.3) fixes installation and registration bugs and includes minor gameplay fixes.

    The update is available for free in the online stores selling the game (Handango, ClickGamer and PocketLand), so if you have already purchased the game, visit the store you used and re-download the latest full version. The trial version was also updated, and now it lets you play until Level 10 instead of Level 5 :-) Read more at www.arvale.com!

    PDAmill is also running a massive upsell discount at their site, so if you buy any of their games you get 30% OFF for three other titles! To take advantage of this offer, just visit www.pdamill.com and add a game to your shopping cart. (Source: Press Release)

    Posted Wednesday, December 1 2004 by ChrisD
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    Getting Real Time with Mike Hall

    "So, one of the first things that I asked Mike during our conversation was, what are some of the important changes that software developers targeting devices will want to get up to speed on or be ready to take advantage of that he sees coming? Mike pointed out that the two most important things that he saw coming in the near future where Visual Studio 2005 and version 2.0 of the .NET Compact Framework. This next version of the development environment is important because it merges native and managed code development into one tool and into a single IDE, however, he finds the next release of the Compact Framework exciting because of the new functionality that it will provide developers. One of his favourite new additions in 2.0 is the serial communications class. Turning the focus to embedded developers, Mike mentioned that they will soon benefit from the release of Windows XP Embedded Service Pack 2 which is currently available as a technology preview. The service pack will bring features like the firewall and security update enhancements found in Service Pack 2 for XP as well as things like enhanced write filter support. Mike acknowledged that recently released Windows CE 5.0 is already shipping, so we are not going to see a new version of that OS for a while yet, but stressed that the important thing to take away is Microsoft's continued duality of the two operating systems. He often gets the question "why two operating systems", and he is quick to point out that each has distinct advantages that make one or the other more appropriate under certain circumstances. Mike feels that the multiple processor core support for X86, MIPS, SH4 and the ARM families along with CE's true Real-time support and superior battery management are the key differentiators between CE and XP Embedded, which is strictly X86, not a Real-time OS, and is not ideal for power management. Looking further down the road, he says the duality will continue and mentioned that Longhorn Embedded and the next generation of Windows CE are already in the works." (Source: Dwayne Lamb, Mobidogs)
    Posted Wednesday, December 1 2004 by ChrisD
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    SiDiary - Free Diabetic Log Book

    SiDiarySiDiary makes the control of diabetes so much easier. Data capturing is a cinch and analysis will help to improve your therapy.

    SiDiary will show you weakpoints which should be improved and together with your health-care professional you can adjust your whole treatment. You can increase the quality of all parameters within a short time.

    With the program versions for mobile devices you can track and analyse your data everywhere at any time. You will become much more motivated to continue tracking data because of imme- diate feedback for your readings.

    You can download SiDiary for your PC, Pocket PC or SmartPhone for free from www.sidiary.org (Source: Press Release

    Posted Monday, November 29 2004 by ChrisD
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    visKey Enterprise Edition: Protect your enterprise’s PDA’s with a picture of your choice.

    The software company sfr GmbH is proud to announce the release of the new version 1.1 of the security solution visKey Enterprise Edition.

    visKey Enterprise Edition combines the well known and award-winning graphical authentication products visKey PPC and visKey PalmOS with an administration application for Windows platforms.
    With the administration application system administrators can predefine visual Key passwords, limit the users' rights for changing security options and implement enterprise-wide security policies for authentication on PalmOS and PocketPC platforms.

    The new features of version 1.1 are:
    • English language support
    • Support of the new PRC picture format on PalmOS devices
    • Load pictures directly from storage cards on PalmOS devices
    • Integration of the brand new visKey PalmOS version 2.1.0
    • Support for Palm T5
    • Support for Windows Mobile 2003 (SE)

    Interested customers may get a limited time license from sfr to test the software in their administration environment.
    You may find further information about visKey and visKey Enterprise Edition as well as the software documentation at http://www.viskey.com/ee/index.html (Source: Press Release)

    Posted Monday, November 29 2004 by ChrisD
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