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Week of July 9, 2006

Precise weather forecast in the pocket

Paragon Software (SHDD) releases Handy Weather, new program for Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices that supplies user with accurate and detailed weather forecast.

Handy Weather for Windows Mobile Pocket PC main features:
• Weather news and forecast for any point of the Earth: more than 40000 preset cities worldwide or any arbitrary location by coordinates (latitude and longitude);
• Weather forecast straight from the device Today Screen plug-in.  User can set the program on Today Screen and get 5-day forecast for 5 world cities always in sight without opening the application;
• Customer can choose between 3 handy and user-friendly views: 5-day weather forecast, 5-day high and low temperature graph, detailed one-day forecast;
• Most detailed description of weather conditions: high and low day temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, real feel temperature, wind direction, gust and speed in mph, km/h or m/s, the sun’s ultraviolet intensity index;
• Automatic updates of weather forecast in a set intervals (in 4, 8, 12 or 24 hours) or stated moment of time. The program will update itself whether it is running or not;
• Variety of supported Internet connections: GPRS, Wi-Fi or via Desktop Computer;
• Less traffic:  only 2 Kb per city forecast;
• Compatible with all Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and Windows Mobile 5.0.

Handy Weather makes customers free from scrolling through complicated menus to find the necessary info or register the program. Now user can buy both the program and one year subscription from his device, if it is connected to Internet. It is a very simple and useful way to get to know precise and latest weather forecast particularly if the user is far from his PC.  Moreover the program is able to be registered by e-mail that customer used for purchasing the application or as usually by the registration code.

Paragon Software (SHDD) introduces fast and easy-to-use Handy Weather application that in addition to precise weather forecast saves the traffic. Wide functional possibilities of the application are combined with maximum simplicity in use. With Handy Weather program user will be always well informed about weather changes without any difficulties.

For more information please visit http://pocket-pc-software.penreader.com/Handy_Weather.html  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, July 14 2006 by ChrisD
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Adisasta Software launches the world first mobile broadcatching client

WinMobile FusionAdisasta Software, today announced WinMobile Fusion, state-of-the-art RSS aggregators with inbuilt popular bittorrent protocol for Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices.

WinMobile Fusion combines and makes mobile the two network technologies that have the biggest impact on the Internet: RSS and BitTorrent. With WinMobile Fusion, the way we receive and consume information will never be the same again. By fusing RSS and BitTorrent in a mobile application, WinMobile Fusion will completely alter the information delivery process and effectively take advantage of every bit and byte of the wireless bandwidth that you are connected to. Now there is no need for anyone to hesitate if there is a way to publish multimedia enormous files online without draining their financial resources on bandwidth fees or driving their consumers mad with grueling delays.

Why is this fusion so important? BitTorrent is working best when the torrent is highly in demand, and RSS is the delivering technology for anything that's news.

WinMobile Fusion enables you to create, build, subscribe, read, gather, organize, update, and store information, track RSS, Atom or other XML-based news and weblog from any compliant source with a very unique intelligent display, that make it extremely easy to use. WinMobile Fusion has inbuilt supports for offline viewing and sharing data from RSS-compliant sites. Doing all of the above and at the same moment taking care of downloading with BitTorrent protocol in the background.

WinMobile Fusion supports all known RSS and ATOM formats: RSS versions 0.91, 0.92, 1.0, 2.0 and Atom versions 0.3, 1.0.

WinMobile Fusion is available for Windows Mobile PPC/PPC phone edition sporting WM2003/SE or WM 5.0.

WinMobile Fusion is now available at the product’s Web site, http://www.adisasta.com/wmFusion.html or through Handango.com, 14 days time limited shareware version can be downloaded here.

Posted Friday, July 14 2006 by ChrisD
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Ateksoft has released new version of CoolCamera.

ATEKsoft CameraATEKsoft CoolCamera - the program to take pictures and video on HTC devices.

Supported devices: HTC Magician, HTC Alpine,   HTC Apache, HTC Prophet, HTC Wizard, HTC Universal, HTC Tornado, HP 6515, Loox720 and other...

ATEKsoft CoolCamera key features:
- High frame rate (up to 25 fps) and smooth video.
- Efficient encoding algorithm 
- Easy camera control. All actions can be performed using hardware buttons only.
- Camera adjustment without leaving view-finder mode.
- Interval picture capturing.
- High resolution video in Motion Jpeg AVI format.
- Pause/resume video recording process.
- Webcamera mode (even through Wi-Fi!)

Now you can use your device as WebCamera in following applications:
- Skype v2.5.0.91
- VirtualDub v1.6.10
- MSN Messenger v7.5
- Yahoo Messenger v7.5
- WebcamXP v2.30
- VLC Media Player v0.8.5
- Windows Media Encoder v9.00

Download new version (ActivSync installation):

Posted Friday, July 14 2006 by ChrisD
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OxfordGo Concise Medical Dictionary

You need an informative medical guide and understandable medical information to protect your health and people around? The OxfordGo Concise Medical Dictionary with over 10,000 clear and concise entries covering all major medical and surgical specialties will be your indispensable companion.

OxfordGo Concise Medical Dictionary - a "state of the art" product and perfect supporting services - is created by the wonderful combination between the best-selling dictionary from Oxford University Press (OUP) and an engine of well-known dictionary reader (Lexisgoo). OUP is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education in its worldwide publishing. The preparation of dictionaries, of all types and for all ages, has been a central part of its activities for more than 100 years.

Special Features

• Support Windows Mobile 5.0 new
• Support Opera Brower, PocketBible new
• Support square devices Treo 700w and hw6500 series
• New smart text selection that will help you to lookup words from Pocket IE (compatible with MultiIE, Pocket Plus ) by one tap or from editable applications more easily.
• Auto-scroll in definition window
• Support anagram search
• Just by two taps to get definition from MS Reader, MobiPocket Reader Special
• Allows to add notes for keywords
• Compatible with real VGA devices
• Illustrate the content with lively images
• Possible to install on your storage card

Valuable OxfordGo Concise Medical Dictionary will help your mind free from worries of illness and keep all your dear ones healthy. Let’s explore the world of health and happiness with this great dictionary HERE
http://www.ppclink.com/?ppclink=product&do=view&id=48  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, July 10 2006 by ChrisD
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