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Week of May 9, 2010

Parents using smartphones to entertain bored kids

  • More parents are handing their smartphones to their kids to keep them entertained
  • Smartphones' designs -- touch screens and bright colors -- attract children
  • Almost half of the top 100-selling iPhone apps are for preschool or elementary-aged kids
  • Adults are taking advantage of the smartphone's ability to act as a learning tool
    (Source: Stephanie Goldberg, CNN) 

  • Posted Thursday, May 13 2010 by ChrisD
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    Despite America's iPhone Obsession, We're Behind the World's Mobile Calling Curve

    For more advanced things like mobile commerce, the U.S. also ranks near the bottom among 16 countries included in the survey, which polled 4,100 people in Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

    Only 12.9 percent of users in the U.S. said they make use of mobile commerce services. In China the figure was almost four times that amount, at 49.2 percent. Across all of Asia, 34 percent of people surveyed said they use mobile devices for banking, versus only 13 percent in the United States. Asian customers are also more likely to make payments with their mobile phones than are Americans.  (Source: Daniel Lyons, Newsweek)
    Posted Sunday, May 9 2010 by ChrisD
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