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Week of October 9, 2005

calcPad - The new Pocket Calculator for your Pocket PC

Keep track of your calculations by simple structures.


Who regards the good old calculating machine as an indispensable tool for large calculation processes has to change his mind very soon.

If many positions are compiled, you may easily loose the track. "Which has been the last amount to sum up?"
When there is a typo too, the calculation is shortly corrupted and the result will be false.

This will change with calcPad by SFR.

Calculations are listed consecutively and simulate the paper tape of the well tried desk calculator that way. Each calculation process may easily be followed and can be changed retroactively. The user can move comfortable through the calculation by scrolling and change the data - calcPad corrects its result immediately.

To grant even more overview calcPad does not solely understand to juggle large figures but can deal with words too.
Single positions may be annotated if desired and results may be summarized and analyzed in a paragraph.

This feature is especially advisable if calculations should be continued over a long period or if they contain many individual positions.
Who wants to list the monthly cost of his car for example, may easily add the amount of the last car fueling and sees immediately the current balance of cost.
Who adds the amount of liter and the petrol station in a comment now, additionally comes to know where the fuel has been the cheapest at the end of the month.

Calculations built by calcPad may be saved as text-files and may be printed with comments.
They may be used as patterns by simply changing the figures at the accordingly positions.

calcPad may be tested for 30 days without any constraints.
Afterwards a license is required which is available at the cost of $ 9.95.

Further information as well as the documentation is to be found at www.calcpad.de. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, October 14 2005 by ChrisD
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HTC Wizard/iMATE K-JAM/Qtek 9100 Series Accessories & LCD Replacement Service Available

Pocket PC Techs are pleased to announce that we are shipping several new accessories for the HTC Wizard/iMATE K-JAM/Qtek 9100 Series. We are also able to replace the LCD & Touchscreen assembly.

LCD Replacement Service:

Audio Adapters:

Lil' Sync Pro Retractable Sync-N-Charge Cable & Accessories:

WriteSHIELD Premium Screen Protectors:

AG:   C2:   Combo Kits:

European customers will be able to order through our Authorized Reseller, Expansys.com.

This will save the customer international customs & shipping fees, and shipping time. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, October 13 2005 by ChrisD
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PDAmill games go VGA

Do you have one of those shiny new Pocket PCs with the amazing VGA screens? Looking for games? Look no further! We've just released updates for GameBox Solitaire and Joker's Quest including VGA Editions.

If you've already purchased these products, you can now download the latest update for free from http://My.PDAmill.com . If you haven't bought them yet, it's just about time you do! Go ahead, take the free trials for a test-drive and buy the full versions today!

If you're interested in buying it, remember to register or log on at My PDAmill before buying it - and save 10-50% on the purchase. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, October 13 2005 by ChrisD
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GAO Research G.729AB Real-time Evaluation now Available Online

GAO Research Inc., (www.gaoresearch.com) a leading provider of embedded communication software, released an online demo of its G.729AB codec, available at http://www.gaoresearch.com/products/speechsoftware/other/g729.php. This real-time demo allows customers to sample the high fidelity of GAO’s G.729AB algorithm. Users may supply their own WAV file, and can adjust simulation parameters such as network jitter and packet loss. GAO’s G.729AB vocoder is off-the-shelf available and fully optimized for popular platforms that support Microsoft’s WinCE and WinCE.Net such as ARM9, Intel’s Xscale and Pentium processors and TI’s OMAP among others.

“Today’s VoIP devices all support the ITU-T G.729AB codec, making it the most sought after speech processing algorithm by our customers.” said Dr. Frank Gao, president of GAO Research Inc. “Customers always demand to sample the quality of a voice codec before they make the purchase. We want to present a convenient method for our customers to accurately evaluate the fidelity of our codec under simulated network conditions. Customers can expect very similar results when our algorithm is implemented on their system.”

GAO’s G.729AB codec is based on the Code Excited Linear Prediction Model (CELP) and Conjugate-Structure Algebraic CELP (CS-ACELP). Some applications for GAO's G.729AB vocoder include visual telephony, wireless communications, and digital satellite communication systems. The G.729A ITU-T standard for voice coding compresses 8 kHz linear audio signals and encodes them for transmission at 8 Kbps with reduced complexity compared to G.729. The ITU-T G.729B & G.729AB standard is a silence compression scheme for G.729 & G.729A, optimized for terminals conforming to Recommendation V.70.

GAO’s G.729AB Voice Codec Features:

·         Compliant to ITU-T G.729 Annex A and Annex B standards
·         Fully optimized for Texas Instruments TMS320C5000 and TMS320C6000 family of DSPs
·         Fully optimized for Analog Devices Blackfin Processor family
·         Other supported platforms: ADSP21xx, ARM9, CEVA Teak and TeakLite, Intel Xscale and Pentium processors, MIPS32 and MIPS64 cores, Freescale PowerPC, Renesas SuperH, and STMicroelectronics ST20 and ST40 cores.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, October 12 2005 by ChrisD
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We Listened: Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC Is Available Again

As of October 11 we are making the free Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC download available for developers again. I wanted to share some information about that with you.


The free Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC download is once again available to developers from our Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC 2003 page. We're making the player available so that developers can view Flash content in Pocket IE or full-screen using third-party solutions. If you're a developer and you plan on creating Flash content to sell, we encourage you to purchase the Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC Distribution Kit.

Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC was released back in 2003 when Microsoft released their Pocket PC 2003 revision. In the two years since then, there have been several revisions of the Pocket PC OS, now referred to as Windows Mobile 5.0. Because of changes to the operating system and hardware of new devices, we cannot guarantee that Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC will work consistently when playing Flash content.

These inconsistencies and limitations exist on noncertified devices, many of which come from OEMs producing new Pocket PC devices. We have worked closely with our OEM partners (HP and Toshiba) to ensure the proper operation of Flash Player. Because they have integrated it into their devices, there is no need to offer a separate download.

When you download the free player, it is provided "as-is"—which means that Macromedia will support it only for Pocket PC 2003 OS devices through available online resources on our website. If you experience any problems for noncertified devices, you should discuss them with other developers in various forums.

Future Development Plans

We are updating Flash Player for Pocket PC to support a newer version of Flash Player. Although we cannot comment on timing or distribution details, you can expect that when this update is available, it will be distributed in a way that is more closely aligned to the distribution model we've created for Flash Lite. (Source: Macromedia Website)

Posted Wednesday, October 12 2005 by ChrisD
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LingvoSoft updates Talking Dictionaries for Pocket PC.

LingvoSoft continues to expand LingvoSoft Dictionaries 2006 line with new updates for Pocket PC.

The latest updates are included in its range of bidirectional voice enabled translating dictionaries for Pocket PC. These important updates are available in four versions each for the English <->Italian, English <->Portuguese, and English <-> Russian Talking Dictionaries.

Offered in Gold, Standard, Basic and Free versions you will be sure to find the one that’s just right for you!

The newest talking dictionaries for Pocket PC are capable of voice synthesis in English, Italian,  Portuguese and Russian. Based on the latest BTS Text-to–Speech technology, these remarkable applications will speak translations from their massive vocabularies out loud. What’s more, they are not limited to pronouncing words from the included database but will say whatever you tell them to. Simply type in any word and hear it spoken!

They feature the same convenient search options, the ability to create your own personalized dictionary and support high-resolution displays and screen rotation. They are also fully integrated with LingvoSoft language learning FlashCards and Phrasebook applications for added effectiveness.

We are proud to announce that LingvoSoft has been included in the 2005 finalists for Best Software from Pocket PC Magazine. LingvoSoft Bilingual Talking Dictionaries for Pocket PC are now officially among the best translation tools for Pocket PC. While we are confident that our loyal customers are the best judges of our products, we are also proud to have recognition from this authoritative industry source. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, October 12 2005 by ChrisD
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connect2internet PRO 3.1: Discount 30% off! Only 27.95$!

connect2internetThe communication Suite includes:

Fully automatic 1-Click GPRS Connection Manager
GPRS Monitor
Powerful SMS Client and Phone Manager
GSM Dialer

The fully automatic 1-Click GPRS Connection Manager is the 1-Click-Solution for establishing your internet connection - no further settings necessary. Click and go!

The Task Bar Icon of the GPRS Monitor informs you constantly about the connection speed and the usage of your datavolume and helps you to save costs.

The powerful SMS Client and Phone Manager makes sending SMS simple and flexible.

The Dialing function of the GSM Dialer sends SMS directly out of your contacts or your telephone book. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, October 12 2005 by ChrisD
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Microsoft Reality Check: How Are We Doing? Tell Us Via Our Community Surveys

Perfection is a relentless pursuit (no apologies offered to a certain car company currently using a variation of that phrase).  In that pursuit, we really cannot afford to be insensitive to your -- our customers -- concerns, nor can we ever hear from you too often.  Now you, as a developer or user of the Windows Mobile and Embedded platforms, have a forum, and I invite you to use it: let us know how well our community forums help you connect with the right technical experts in order to find answers to your burning development and device usage questions.

We've created seven surveys to monitor the efficacy of our newsgroups, chats, Webcasts and newsletter; they cover the community experience from both the Mobile and Embedded developer and user perspective.  In less than 5 minutes, you can make your voice heard.  (Source: Nick White, MED Blog)

Posted Tuesday, October 11 2005 by ChrisD
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Keep Data in Line, Most of the Time

ActiveSync's inability to gracefully handle errors is compounded by the inability of most PocketPC and Smartphone devices to do a soft restart. "There is no way to end the task or stop the process," Kohli says. "Basically, you just have a hard restart, and that [means] pulling out the battery."
Kurt Hudson, president of HudLogic, a Flagstaff, Ariz., consultancy, believes the problem lies more with the device and the PocketPC operating system. "When you're sold one of these devices, they tell you that it's just like a little laptop. The big difference is its ability to do error handling. Basically, every time you get an error, you have to restart."

Hudson says he can restart by pushing his pen stylus into the restart button on his PocketPC, but it certainly isn't foolproof. "You have to be careful," he says. "A quick hit will restart, whereas if you hold it for two seconds, it flushes the memory and everything, so you lose your contacts and all that. It's not very elegant."

Still, Hudson is generally happy with ActiveSync. It has saved him a lot of time when synchronizing a Flash application between his Pocket PC and desktop system. "It's actually easier for transferring files than moving my memory stick back and forth," he says.  (Source: Joanne Cummings, RedmondMag.com)

Posted Tuesday, October 11 2005 by ChrisD
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Learning foreign languages with VITO SoundExplorer

Nowadays as everything getting global the is becoming more important sign educated cultivated person. You simply can?t do without solid if you lead an active mobile life and communicate a lot. Businessmen, scientists, journalists or students - knowledge of foreign languages gives real freedom to everybody.

Studying foreign languages has always been very popular. Now it has also become incredibly simple and available. Mobile gadgets like Pocket PCs give us the possibility to do it literally on the go without wasting any extra time. This is why I would like to discuss studying foreign languages, especially pronunciation, with the help of Pocket PCs.

Today there is plenty of software that can help you to learn foreign languages: audio flash cards, vocabulary builders, tons of dictionaries, e-books, various testing applications. We all know and even use some of them in our everyday life to learn how to read and write in a foreign language. This is not enough though for a good mastering of a foreign language. For people to understand what you are saying it should be phonetically correct. How can you master your pronunciation with your Pocket PC?

I found my solution by using VITO SoundExplorer. With my pocket PC and VITO SoundExplorer installed I can always learn English just on the move. Actually SoundExplorer can do anything a regular mp3 does but I find its recording and some of the playback features extremely useful to master my pronunciation. What I do is simply listen to any audio book in SoundExplorer and at the same time read this text as an eBook following dictator's speech. This way I learn how to say foreign words accurately so that they sound as in the native language


It is also a great experience with VITO SoundExplorer because when I don’t understand something I can always slow down the playback and make out every word the dictator is saying without any slightest quality loss. To do it I start SoundExplorer, and tap the “Change-Mode” button thrice until it switches to the “Dynamic Processing” window. Here you can change the playback speed and also don’t forget to check the “Voice Pitch Lock” box. Now you can have the dictator saying everything twice slow. It is really amazing!

But this is not everything I manage to get out of my VITO SoundExplorer. I decided to record myself speaking English to check my pronunciation. Oh dear! That was something. The thing is SoundExplorer offers the CD quality mp3 recording and you hear your voice as it sounds in reality. I must tell you, listening to yourself recorded is something very different from what you are used to hearing when you speak with the friends. With the help of VITO SoundExplorer I can record my answers for a dialog in the places where you are supposed to answer.

Luckily, in VITO SoundExplorer there is an option to insert your own records where you like right in the track you are listening to. And it is very simple too. I open SoundExplorer, choose a soundtrack and press the red button at the bottom toolbar; next to it there appear three icons for corresponding record options: I can either erase the initial track and record myself instead (icon with a pen), add my record at the end of the track (last icon) or insert it right in the track (middle icon) – the one I choose. This way I get a complete dialog with my own answers that I can listen to more carefully and watch my pronunciation.

As you can see all this makes VITO SoundExplorer a highly efficient tool for education. I advise you to try it out for mastering your own pronunciation and it will surely become your favorite tool for leaning new languages. VITO promises us fun and study in one. Actually, it becomes very serious after a few experiments: you won’t like to sound like this anymore, believe me. ;-)  (Source: Konstantin Kalinin, VITO Technology)

Posted Monday, October 10 2005 by ChrisD
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Macromedia Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC 2003 - $499

Below are answers to some questions that you may have regarding the availability of Flash Player for Pocket PC. If you do not see answers to your questions here or in the additional resources listed below, please send your questions to [email protected].

Does this change mean Macromedia will no longer support the Pocket PC platform?
No. You may still purchase a bundled device or you can go to the Macromedia Online Store to purchase the Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC Distribution Kit. We also offer the following resources for more information:
What’s the difference between the Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC download and the Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC Distribution Kit?
The Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC was a free download that was a browser plug-in for Pocket IE that enabled you to view Flash content embedded in HTML pages. The Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC Distribution Kit is an application that you install on your Pocket PC which allows you to view Flash content full screen without being embedded in an HTML page. It also allows you to create distributable .exe files of your Flash content with the Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC bundled with it.
 (Source: Macromedia Website)

Posted Monday, October 10 2005 by ChrisD
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