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Week of August 8, 2004

Pocket Informant 5.2 RELEASED

"Web IS, Inc., inventors of the popular Pocket Informant app, announces the release of Pocket Informant 5.2, a continuation of the innovative work done in the PDA market.

Pocket Informant 5.2 sports a completely revamped Notes View providing robust support for Outlook Notes in any number of folders and storage cards, PhatWare’s PhatNotes and PhatPad products, and Sound files complete with the ability to search the contents of all notes. As well users will find a plethora of improvements in the Month View, Tasks, Editors, Journaling, and the user interface.

The new notes view displays the contents of all PhatNotes databases and all Outlook Notes/Sound files in a tree allowing for the standard tap/hold menus, drag and drop to move notes or convert them between PhatNotes/Outlook formats, and of course a preview window for notes.

Pocket Informant 5.2 is a free upgrade to all current users and also includes a FREE copy of PhatWare’s PhatNotes Lite – a $20 value- with the product. We urge all users to visit the Whats New page
http://www.pocketinformant.com/whatsnew.php?type=pocketinformant&version=520 and download the update here: http://download.pocketinformant.com/5/Pocket_Informant_Pro_Setup.exe.

For non-owners I’d like to add that we are giving away a free copy of WebIS Money
http://www.pocketinformant.com/p_money.php to all owners of Pocket Informant and we do provide a 50% discount to all Agenda Fusion owners! http://www.pocketinformant.com/promo.php" (Source: Press Release)
Posted Saturday, August 14 2004 by ChrisD
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July Edition of the Handango Yardstick Reports Best Seller's List and Other Mobile Market Metrics

"Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC
     1.  Spb Pocket Plus
     2.  Battery Pack Pro
     3.  Pocket Informant
     4.  Pocket Earth
     5.  Check List Pro
     6.  FlexWallet
     7.  WebIS Money
     8.  DVD to Pocket PC
     9.  Chopper Alley
     10. Agenda Fusion

Windows Mobile(TM)-based Smartphone
     1.  Pocket Streets
     2.  SmartphoneNotes
     3.  ClearVue Suite
     4.  SoundZ Cool
     5.  Power Tasks
     6.  Power Calendar
     7.  eWallet
     8.  Smartpong 2
     9.  Jeyo Mobile Companion
     10. xBar
" (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, August 13 2004 by ChrisD
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Did You Know Pocket IE on Windows Mobile 2003 Supports CSS?

"Not many people know this, due to the complete lack of information in the Windows Mobile 2003 SDK, but Pocket IE on Windows Mobile 2003 devices DOES support CSS!

Pocket IE on Windows Mobile 2003 supports CSS Mobile Profile plus a few additional CSS1 and CSS2 attributes to make your mobile web authoring easier than ever before.

In addition, it also supports methods to select CSS stylesheets for mobile devices (i.e. @import, @media, <LINK MEDIA> and <?xml-stylesheet media>) -- more on this later." (Source: Microsoft Windows Mobile Blog)

Posted Friday, August 13 2004 by ChrisD
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PDACookbook Plus by WakefieldSoft Nominated for Pocket PC Award

"PDACookbook Plus for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC has been selected by Pocket PC magazine as a nominee in its Fourth Annual, 2004, Best Software Awards in the Personal: Dining category.

PDACookbook Plus, by WakefieldSoft, LLC, is a complete recipe manager for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC devices. It includes a menu planner, shopping list, and cookbook capabilities. A PC desktop companion is also included to allow users to manage recipes on their PC. PDACookbook Plus is available for the Palm OS platform as well." (Source: PalmBlast)

Posted Friday, August 13 2004 by ChrisD
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Pocket PC "network browser" mimics desktop file browser

"V-Mobile Software has released what it describes as a full-featured network browsing and diagnostic tool with a user friendly interface similar to that of a desktop PC file browser. Network Browser is said to allow users to easily access corporate networks or play MP3 files stored on a PC's hard drive.
" (Source: WindowsForDevices)

Posted Friday, August 13 2004 by ChrisD
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The ultimate music creativity tool for Microsoft Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PC

"Create & DJ anywhere with this multi-channel audio mixer & recording studio. It features a wide range of sound effects, power mixing features, synthesizer, visualisers and can take add-on content packs to extend your mixing fun.

SSEYO miniMIXA for PocketPCSSEYO miniMIXA for Smart Phone

Make it cool with SSEYO miniMIXA!
Whether you are looking for an easy way to create and record the coolest audio ringtones, be a mobile DJ, or even just to have loads of fun by your self or with friends, SSEYO miniMIXA is for you. Once you use it you won’t be satisfied with any other mobile music creativity app!

Available for both Pocket PC & SmartPhone Microsoft Windows Mobile-based platforms, SSEYO miniMIXA is a revolutionary integrated multi-channel mobile audio mixer and recording studio. It allows the easy mixing together of content in many audio and MIDI formats, including microphone recordings, plus application of wide-ranging sound effects for the on-device creation and recording of stunning grooves.

This feature-packed application also lets you incorporate in your mix sounds generated live from music engines and modular synths (see “Innovations” below), for an unparalleled mobile mixing experience.

Integration / Instant Availability
As a dedicated “out-of-the-box” solution for SmartPhone and Pocket PC Windows Mobile-based platforms, SSEYO miniMIXA can be deployed immediately.

Performance and Quality
Featuring audio technologies created from the ground up to unlock the maximum potential for audio on devices using Windows Mobile-based platforms, SSEYO miniMIXA is perfectly matched to handsets with mass market or high-end specifications.

Based on Tao’s compact and proven intent environment, SSEYO miniMIXA can be deployed easily across a vast range of differing processor types. intent supports the following Windows Mobile-based Platforms:

Posted Thursday, August 12 2004 by ChrisD
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DreamQuest Software has announced today the release of version 6.0 of their best-selling Championship card games for Windows PCs

"DreamQuest Software, has announced today the release of version 6.0 of their best-selling Championship card games for Windows PCs and Palm OS, Pocket PC and Symbian handheld devices. This release features a complete graphical update, including an all-new set of in-game characters. It also marks the unveiling of DreamQuest Software’s new online gaming site at DQZone.com.

"This release has been a year in the making," said President/CEO Christopher Williamson. "We have taken all the suggestions and comments from our current customers and implemented them into one gigantic update! With new security and graphical advances in Windows XP, our game play is now faster and our new in-game characters, cards, and tables are more detailed and polished. The evolution of our mobile version will raise the standard on how great a card and board game can look on handheld devices. As these features appeal to both new and experienced players, I expect our online gaming community at DQZone.com to expand rapidly. Our competition will find this hard to ignore."

Available on multiple platforms including Windows, PalmOS, Pocket PC, and Symbian phones, DreamQuest’s games have received accolades for their beginner’s tutorial, custom skin support, and advanced AI players – a series of eight challenging characters with varying skill levels and playful taunts. The company continues to be recognized for their software, most recently being nominated for the 2004 Pocket PC Awards and as a finalist for the 2004 Handango Champion Awards." (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, August 11 2004 by ChrisD
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PhatWare Releases PhatPad 2.0 Beta Version, Featuring Companion Software For Desktop PC

"PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, today announced the beta release of PhatPad 2.0, the latest version of its award-winning note-taking application for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs. Leading the improvements to PhatPad 2.0, recent winner of Handango's '2004 Best Productivity Application' award, is a companion desktop PC application that allows all of PhatPad’s valuable features to be accessed from the user’s personal computer." (Source: Press Release)
Posted Wednesday, August 11 2004 by ChrisD
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Microsoft Speaks Up: Voice Command Is Now Available at Retailers Nationwide

Successful Pocket PC Software Offered at Retail, Compatible With New HP iPAQ h6315 Pocket PC Phone Edition

    REDMOND, Wash., Aug. 11 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Microsoft Corp.'s
(Nasdaq: MSFT) popular Voice Command software for Windows Mobile(TM) 2003-based Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Edition is now available to consumers at retail outlets nationwide, marking the first time the company is offering stand-alone Pocket PC software on store shelves. With the expanded availability, it's now easier than ever for consumers to experience hands-free voice interaction with their mobile device -- virtually anytime, anywhere.
    Voice Command transforms Windows Mobile 2003-based Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Edition into a virtual personal assistant, allowing consumers to use their voice to access their contacts, phone, calendar, media player and more -- with no voice training required.

    "Voice Command is a great add-on to your Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone Edition," said Matthew Miller, reviews geek for PDAGeek.com. "The ability to control a Pocket PC's key features with reliable voice-recognition software significantly extends the value of the device by making it useful in a greater variety of on-the-go scenarios."
    Microsoft is responding to increased consumer demand for Voice Command, formerly only available through online retailer Handango Inc., by offering the software through retail partners CompUSA Inc., Circuit City Stores Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Fry's Electronics Inc., Micro Center, J&R Electronics Inc. and MobilePlanet Inc., and distributors Ingram Micro Inc. and Tech Data Corp.
    "We are thrilled that Voice Command has helped so many Pocket PC users
increase their productivity and enjoyment while on the go," said Todd Warren,
corporate vice president of the Devices, Services and eXperience Group at
Microsoft. "With the help of leading retailers, we continue to strive to make
it easier than ever for consumers to take advantage of the many new experiences we're creating for Windows Mobile-based devices."
    In addition to Voice Command, exciting software such as the new Entertainment PocketPak provides an affordable way for people to enhance their Pocket PC experience. Also available at retail, the Entertainment PocketPak features 10 popular Pocket PC game titles perfect for in-between times while on the go. The software pack includes blackjack, chess, "Cinco," "FreeCell," hearts, "Minesweeper," "Reversi," "Sink the Ships," "Space Defense" and "Taipei."

    Software Compatibility Grows
    Already compatible with more than 24 Windows Mobile-based devices from more than six manufacturers, Voice Command and Entertainment PocketPak also provide great new ways to experience the T-Mobile- and HP-developed iPAQ h6315 Pocket PC Phone Edition. The HP iPAQ h6315 is the first handheld to combine calling, Internet and blazing-fast Wi-Fi all in one. It's also the first to give users the flexibility to automatically switch between built-in T-Mobile wireless technology and to find the best-available signal wherever they go. A complete list of Windows Mobile-compatible devices can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/devices/default.mspx .

    Availability and System Requirements
    Voice Command and the Entertainment PocketPak are available both online and at retailers nationwide for the following estimated retail prices (retail prices may vary):

    --  Microsoft(R) Voice Command:  $39.99
    --  Microsoft Entertainment PocketPak:  $29.99
    The software is simple to install for consumers whose systems meet the
following minimum requirements:

    --  Voice Command
        --  Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone
        --  Microsoft ActiveSync(R) 3.7 technology or later
        --  PC with Microsoft Windows(R) XP, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium
            Edition (Windows Me) or Windows 98 Second Edition operating system
        --  7 MB of device memory (RAM) for 500 contacts and 100 songs
            CD-ROM drive

    --  Entertainment PocketPak
        --  Pocket PC with Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002 or Windows Mobile
            2003 software for Pocket PC with 600 KB of free RAM
        --  PC with Pentium 90 or higher
        --  Microsoft Windows 95 or later with Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7
        --  15 MB of available hard disk space for installation
        --  VGA or higher-resolution monitor
        --  Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device for PC

(Source: Press Release, PRNewsWire)

Posted Wednesday, August 11 2004 by ChrisD
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SoftMaker Updates Mobile Word Processor, Spreadsheet Now Fully Compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition

"Mobile users who want to edit Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel files on their Pocket PCs agree that TextMaker and PlanMaker are the only Pocket PC programs that read and write Word and Excel files without losing any content or formatting.

Effective immediately, SoftMaker has begun shipping updated versions of both programs that now offer full support for the new Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition operating system.

The major benefit for the user: TextMaker and PlanMaker support high-resolution screens (640*480 pixels) that were introduced with Windows Mobile Second Edition, and landscape viewing of word processing and spreadsheet files. High resolution lets the users see more of their documents at the same time, and landscape (widescreen) mode is perfect for intricate spreadsheet files.

TextMaker is still the only desktop-class word processor for Pocket PCs. TextMaker has it all: Multi-language spell-checking. Graphics. Footnotes. Tables. Microsoft Word-compatible forms. Sophisticated character and paragraph formatting. Paragraph and character styles. Autotext -- and lossless conversion of Microsoft Word .DOC files right on your Pocket PC.

PlanMaker for Pocket PCs is the mobile equivalent to Microsoft Excel on the desktop, offering full spreadsheet power on portable devices. PlanMaker reads and writes all Microsoft Excel files without loss of content or formatting - every single calculation, chart, image, and AutoShape drawing is retained and is fully editable from inside PlanMaker. PlanMaker offers more than 320 calculation functions, complex numbers, array formulas, conditional formatting, AutoFormat, sophisticated data analysis capabilities and much more.

TextMaker and PlanMaker retail for US$49.95 each and work on all makes and models of the Pocket PC brand.

50 PERCENT DISCOUNT: Customers ordering TextMaker this week receive a discount of 50% off the regular retail price. Place your order no later than August 15 and pay just US$24.95 instead of US$49.95.

Both products are available immediately from SoftMaker's web site at http://www.softmaker.com and through resellers." (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, August 10 2004 by ChrisD
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Meedio HouseBot Makes Home Automation Easy

Meedio, LLC this week announced the availability of Meedio HouseBot, a Windows application for home automation and remote control. Meedio HouseBot provides control over lights, telephones, heating & cooling systems, security systems, and other home technologies supported by HouseBot's many interfaces. It can run on its own to automate daily tasks or can be controlled by software remotes that turn any PC, Pocket PC, or Windows Mobile device into a "virtual" remote control with a rich and fully customizable graphical interface. A 15-day free trial is now available at http://www.meedio.com/ where users can register to receive a discount of up to 20% off the regular retail price of $79.95

"The introduction of Meedio HouseBot marks an important step in our strategy of making home technologies easy for consumers to control," says Meedio CEO Victor Koosh. Meedio is best known for its Meedio Essentials software that allows digital entertainment and information sources to be viewed and controlled with a TV and remote control. Meedio HouseBot extends this idea by providing control over audio/video equipment, home automation devices, and even other software applications.

Meedio HouseBot differs from proprietary hardware controllers by being able to run on almost any standard Windows PC. This enables the software to be easily extended and customized, and allows it to interact with other Windows applications such as Meedio Essentials. It also enables customers to create robust "software remotes" that provide interactive graphical interfaces on other PC or handheld devices. By running a Meedio HouseBot software remote on a Pocket PC with a WiFi card, for example, consumers can enjoy the benefits of a wireless touchscreen at a fraction of the price of competing solutions.  (Source: Press Release)
Posted Monday, August 9 2004 by ChrisD
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GPS receiver features 180-degree foldable antenna

Taiwan – Globalsat Technology Corp's SD-501 is a GPS receiver that features an SDIO interface and built-in active antenna for tracking. The active antenna can be folded from 0 degrees to 180 degrees. An external antenna is optional.

The 12-channel GPS receiver also features a built-in capacitor to reserve system data for rapid satellite acquisition and supports Windows Pocket PC 2002/2003, Win CE, Win CE .Net and WM2003 platforms, as well as NMEA 0183 protocol.

Posted Monday, August 9 2004 by ChrisD
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"SAPGUI clone" enables database access from Pocket PCs

"Synactive has introduced what it calls the first "SAPGUI clone" for Windows CE and Pocket PC powered handhelds. GuiXT Mobile is said to provide a robust solution for organizations wanting to extend existing SAP infrastructures to their increasingly mobile workforces. With GuiXT Mobile, field sales, service, warehouse, and other mobile personnel can now use their handheld devices to complete complex SAP R/3 transactions, the company says." (Source: WindowsForDevices)
Posted Monday, August 9 2004 by ChrisD
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Astraware and Sandlot Games Bring South Seas Trading to your PDA

Astraware, today announces the release of their first conversion of a Sandlot Games title, the highly anticipated Tradewinds for Windows Mobile(TM) for Pocket PC and Palm Powered(TM) Handhelds.

Tradewinds lets players captain their own flotilla of ships to exotic locations and trade goods with merchants to make a tidy profit. The aim of the game is to become famously rich, whether by careful trading, by sending scurvy pirate dogs to the bottom of the sea, or maybe a mix of both! While their ships are being repaired players can also relax on shore leave with a round of brews at the local alehouse where drinks (and game tips) are always on tap.

"This is the title trading game fans have been waiting for," said Howard Tomlinson, CEO of Astraware, "with gameplay moving as quickly or as slowly as you like, you can take time to consider strategy or race to acquire wealth and glory. The choice of characters means you can play as an honest trader, a smuggler, or even rule the waves and out-gun the pirates - all at your own pace."

As players swashbuckle their way around the Tradewinds world they will experience high quality graphics and enthralling gameplay, as everyone has come to expect from an Astraware conversion, along with an exciting new implementation of the Aurora Audio Engine(TM) allowing for players to hear stereo enhanced sound effects and music that ensure an even more immersive experience. A choice of four intriguing characters - each with their own benefits and disadvantages - is available to the player.

"We are excited to take Tradewinds to the handheld platform. Now players can take all of the intrigue and adventure of the original PC hit game with them on their PDA," said Daniel Bernstein, President and CEO of Sandlot Games, "and we are thrilled to partner with Astraware to bring this much-anticipated conversion to market."

Tradewinds is available for Windows Mobile(TM) for Pocket PC 2002 and above plus Palm OS(r) powered devices, from Astraware's website at www.astraware.com priced $19.95. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, August 9 2004 by ChrisD
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Big review of Yakumo Omikron

"If you need a Pocket PC with an integrated GSM/GPRS module, you do not have much choice. There are only a few models with Phone Edition besides the widespread XDA and its clones. However, those are mostly very expensive devices offered by their respective manufacturers and not by mobile operators at a discount bundled with a phone tariff (AnexTEK SP230 is a good example.

Nevertheless, there is a device which sells for the full price only (I have not come across any operator that offers it), but the price is significantly lower than that of a subsidised MDA II! That required some compromising in the configuration but it will surely find its customers. The device is called Yakumo Omikron and is produced by the German company Yakumo. If you think you have seen this device already, you are right - this device is also sold under its manufacturer's brand Eten. I would like to thank the firm Elko from the town of Brno, an authorised distributor of Yakumo in the Czech Republic, for kindly providing the device for review purposes. " (Source: Pavel Koza, PDAGold)

Posted Sunday, August 8 2004 by ChrisD
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Bryht FlashApp Builder 1.0 was released

"Bryht Flash Application Builder is a flash application building tool. It can pack a set of files into an executable runtime which can play flash files when it is started and save data to a local system. A flash content developer can use this tool to build a commercial application with just Actionscript programming skills.

Bryht FlashApp Builder for Pocket PC can build Pocket PC application and Bryht FlashApp Builder for Windows can build Windows application.

Features of Bryht FlashApp Builder

-Pack any type of files into one executable runtime
-Flash play control
-Customize the application icon.
-Registry access
-Read and write files
-Database access
-Retrieve Owner information from the Pocket PC
-Allows for extending the API of the flash application with custom plugin dynamic link library(DLL).

Please visit http://www.bryht.com to get more information." (Source: Press Release)
Posted Sunday, August 8 2004 by ChrisD
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