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Week of March 6, 2005

New Headset Adapter Available

Pocket PC Techs are pleased to announce that we are now producing a headset adapter for the Pocket PCs that have a four conductor 3.5mm jack.

This adapter converts the proprietary 4 conductor Pocket PC Jack to a STD 2.5mm headset jack and 3.5mm Stereo headphone Jack. The adapter cable is approximately 5" long.

PPCPADPT17 is compatible with the following systems:

Compaq/HP iPAQ hx4700
Compaq/HP iPAQ hx4705
Compaq/HP iPAQ h5150
Compaq/HP iPAQ h5400
Compaq/HP iPAQ h5450
Compaq/HP iPAQ h5455
Compaq/HP iPAQ h5550
Compaq/HP iPAQ h5555
Compaq/HP iPAQ h6300
Compaq/HP iPAQ h6315
Dell  Axim X50
Dell  Axim X50v
T-Mobile iPAQ h6300
T-Mobile iPAQ h6315
Toshiba e750
Toshiba e755
Toshiba e800
Toshiba e805

NOTE: ADVANCE ORDER ONLY: ETA 04/01/05. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, March 10 2005 by ChrisD
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Dell Axim X50/X50v Lil Sync Pro & iMATE JAM 3-in-1 Stylus Available

Pocket PC Techs is pleased to announce that we are now producing a Dell Axim X50/X50v Series Lil' SyncT Pro. The Lil' SyncT Pro has an added strain-relief to the USB connector, a more robust retracting mechanism, a stronger cable and an 180 day warranty.

The Axim X50/X50v series is very power hungry, so we are also including a Y-Cable so you can use two USB ports to charge the system. Setting the CPU to power save will also help.


Compatibility: Dell Axim X50, Dell Axim X50v


Lil' SyncT Pro: http://www.pocketpctechs.com/lilsync.asp

We have released and are shipping a enhanced 3-In-1 Stylus for the iMATE JAM/O2 XDA Mini/Qtek S100 Series.

3-in-1 Stylii:  http://www.pocketpctechs.com/ppctstylii.asp (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, March 8 2005 by ChrisD
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sfr GmbH in Cologne has released the new version 3.0 of their product visKey for PPC

visKey protects your PPC with your favorite picture!

The new version 3.0 of visKey PPC features:

visKey is available in many online shops for PPC software.
You can download the latest version at http://www.viskey.com/viskeyppc/download/index.html (Source: Press Release)
Posted Monday, March 7 2005 by ChrisD
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Pocket Exam - The Ultimate Study Tool

PocketExam is the ultimate learning tool for your PocketPC that helps students with learning and test-preparation activities. With single/multiple choices, yes/no and flashcard modules, you can improve your results , brush up on trivia, or take a quiz anytime, anywhere.

Studying for a test? Try PocketExam! PocketExam is perfect for preparing for standardized tests like the GMAT, LSAT, USMLE, MCAT, SAT or MPRE, or studying for tests in any of your classes like History, Science, Math, and more!

Also, take a look freeware PocketExam Builder at http://www.bizon.org/pocketexam/builder.htm (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, March 6 2005 by ChrisD
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