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Week of September 5, 2004

Office technologies of the future

"The Pocket PC has long become a part of our professional lives. Again Toshiba's design studies show us what we can expect from the "Pocket PC of the near future".

This device will be transformed by swapping an interchangeable panel to become a keyboard-base data entry/look-up service, a biometrics security device with a touchpad module, mobile gaming device with an integrated joystick or an MP3 player/recording device with integrated speaker panel." (Source: ANDRÉ ROSSOUW, TOSHIBA PRODUCT MANAGER, RECTRON HOLDINGS, IT Web)
Posted Friday, September 10 2004 by ChrisD
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Orange to ship Wi-Fi Pocket 'in October'

"Update Mobile phone network Orange is preparing to launch its second-generation wireless Pocket PC, the M2000, and, according to web reports, the device will be based on - yes, you've guessed it - the same HTC PDA that's the basis for T-Mobile's MDA III, O2's XDA IIs and Vodafone's VPA III.

A report on MoDaCo alleges Orange will release the GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled Pocket PC next month.

The site provides a blurry pic of the beast, and sure enough it looks like the XDA IIs/MDA III/VPA III - aka HTC's 'Blue Angel'. The specification the site lists matches what has already been published by the other networks' official announcements.

And, according to eagle-eyed Register readers, the device can also be seen in the September 2004 brochure Orange stores are currently handing out to potential customers." (Source: Tony Smith, The Register)
Posted Friday, September 10 2004 by ChrisD
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O2 announces two new xda devices

"The xda IIs will run the Second Edition of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC Phone Edition operating system. The new model adds Wi-Fi (802.11b) to its predecessor's Bluetooth and infrared, bringing it right up to date as far as wireless connectivity is concerned. However, the built-in digital camera remains a 0.3-megapixel, VGA-resolution unit.

The integrated GSM/GPRS mobile phone gets an upgrade to quad-band (850/900/1800/1900MHz) status, making the xda IIs a true 'world phone'. The device's ROM is increased from 64MB to 96MB, but the processor and memory remain the same as before -- Intel's 400MHz XScale PXA263 and 128MB of SDRAM respectively.

Early in 2005, the xda IIs will support Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Connect, allowing email to be pushed to the device from corporate servers or via Web-based services." (Source: Sandra Vogel, ZDNet.co.uk)

Posted Friday, September 10 2004 by ChrisD
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SYWARE Visual CE Enterprise for Pocket PC review

"This review took longer that I'd expected. The reason for this is because this is really a large application environment. SYWARE's Visual CE 8 is a database, forms and report design application for the Pocket PC and Windows CE devices. Even users with no previous programming knowledge can easily develop a fairly complex data oriented application, and expert users can develop and deploy a large functional application." (Source: M Freitas, GeekZone)
Posted Wednesday, September 8 2004 by ChrisD
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Spb Software House announces "Spb Pocket PC Survey"

Spb Software House is the leading Pocket PC software developer and it is really important for us to know the way you use your Pocket PC, your needs, preferences, expectations and complaints. The information you give us will help to make our current and future products better. Moreover overwhelming majority of the survey questions are very interesting for the whole Pocket PC community, so the most interesting results of the survey will be published at the popular Pocket PC websites.

All survey participants will be entered in a draw to win a HP iPAQ hx4700 and 3 $100 PocketGear software certificates. *" (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, September 8 2004 by ChrisD
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VISIARC Supports Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 for Viewing

"VISIARC AB (a privately held joint stock corporation) today announced the support of Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 and becomes first to display technical information on all types of devices and platforms.

The VISIARC solution targets companies within the manufacturing, service and maintenance industry where mobile staff needs instant access to tech docs.

'With Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 we become the first to support all devices including cell phones, handhelds and traditional computers,' says Mattias Wingstedt at VISIARC. 'Many of the organizations we target have chosen Microsoft as a strategic platform and have requested our application for Pocket PC. Another important fact is that most rugged devices are based on Pocket PC 2003,' concludes Mattias Wingstedt." (Source: TenLinks.com)
Posted Wednesday, September 8 2004 by ChrisD
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"Space Balls" released by AIM Productions !

Classic action puzzle game

Experience classic gameplay with this extremely addictive and fun to play arcade puzzle game !
The game is simple but your goal is not; defend your planetoid by blasting all coloured space balls into oblivion.

If 4 or more balls of the same colour touch each other, they are annihilated. So use this knowledge to your advantage and try to survive as long as possible. Don't forget to go for the COMBOS, because they will bring you a highscore ! One last advice before you dive into this space adventure: "Beware of the black holes !" Sounds easy, doesn't it? Just you wait and see...!

Good luck and remember:
"All your base are belong to US "!


Posted Wednesday, September 8 2004 by ChrisD
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"Great news for puzzle maniacs! We've just released our latest puzzle game pack, Traffic Mania in cooperation with Pocket Napalm. Traffic Mania is a cool (and weird) puzzle game where you have to free your car from a traffic jam by moving the other cars out of the way, featuring bombs, rockets and lots of puzzles to solve. The game also packs 3 various game characters with different game rules for each, over 300 levels (!!!) in total enough for months of gameplay, all for only $9.95." (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, September 8 2004 by ChrisD
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Ballshooter Games announces the release of Brain Gym 2 offering players four all-new and incredibly entertaining games for Pocket PC in one pack

"Ballshooter Games, developer and publisher of highly successful games for handheld platforms, today announced the release of Brain Gym 2. Players will be able to push their intellectual skills to the limit as they immerse themselves into four smashing game hits including Total Blackout, Burgerama, Chukchi Kerling and Fast Swapper. Featuring all-new scenarios, diverse play experiences and outstanding graphics, Brain Gym 2 will be the ultimate source of enjoyment for you and your family, be you at home or on a long journey.

Brain Gym 2 is a brilliant collection of four popular games which offers you a powerful mix of arcade, strategy and action. Become the smart hero in Total Blackout and restore the electric power to save your city from panic and disaster. Quickly rotate torn pieces of wire to get closed circuits and watch your city come back to life. In Burgerama you enter on a challenging career of a waiter in a fast food restaurant with the ultimate goal to come out on top and become the Big Boss of Burgerama. Serve orders right by arranging burgers, French fries, ice-cream and drinks according to a requested pattern and you will get promoted. The gameplay seems simple at first; however, as you go from level to level, its complexity gradually increases. Chukchi Kerling brings to life an exotic game with colored ice blocks which still remains extremely popular with the Chukchi, the Siberian Eskimo. With Fast Swapper, players will enjoy the legendary Tetris-style gameplay which has been radically enhanced to make the game more attractive and entertaining.

The full version of Brain Gym 2 features such distinctive functionality


- Four games featuring strategy, arcade and puzzle;
- Incredibly absorbing gameplay with fresh scenarios;
- Eye-catching graphics with cool visual effects;
- Six original soundtracks and exciting sound effects;
- Complete in-game rules and tutorials available;
- Silky smooth game controls.

"I downloaded your Total Blackout and I am pleased" said David Pairett, our customer. "I have been playing it for the past two hours and won't stop playing! It takes quick thinking and coordination. I'm at level 7 and still having a blast. Thank you for a good job."

Brain Gym 2 runs under Pocket PC 2000/Pocket PC 2002/Windows Mobile 2003 and costs $24.95 (USD). Registered users are entitled to free updates and technical support. The fully functional evaluation version of Brain Gym 2 can be downloaded for free at http://www.ballshooter.com/files/braingym2.exe" (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, September 8 2004 by ChrisD
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PhatWare, WebIS Add PhatNotes Lite To Pocket Informant, Enabling Easy Notes Access

"Enhancement for WebIS' Leading Contact/Calendar/Task Application Makes Creating, Organizing, and Retrieving Digital Notes More Convenient Than Ever

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA and AUSTIN, TX – September 8, 2004 – PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, and Web Information Solutions (WebIS), maker of fine commercial software for the innovative market, today announced that PhatWare's PhatNotes Lite Edition—a $19.95 value—is available for free download with Pocket Informant 5.2, the latest version of WebIS' number one Personal Information Manager (PIM) for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs.

Pocket Informant is the most fully featured, easy-to-use contact/calendar/task software available for Windows-powered Pocket PCs. Enjoyed by over 100,000 Pocket PC owners worldwide, Pocket Informant gives users the ability to view, customize, and manage data according to their unique needs and preferences.

Now, with the inclusion of PhatNotes Lite, Pocket Informant users can also instantly add, store, or retrieve text-based notes without leaving the application. PhatNotes, winner of Pocket PC Magazine's 'Best Application Award' in the Notes category for the last three straight years, also allows users to organize notes by category, subject, creation, and modification date.

"PhatNotes is totally intuitive and a snap to use, which makes it a perfect enhancement for Pocket Informant," said Alex Kac, president of Web Information Solutions. "Many of our Pocket Informant users have been requesting a more powerful notes capability. By making PhatNotes Lite Edition available with Pocket Informant, we now can offer our customers a handy, feature-rich solution for all their note taking needs."

"PhatWare is very excited to expose thousands of Pocket Informant users to the convenience and utility of PhatNotes," said Stan Miasnikov, president of PhatWare Corporation. "Pocket Informant is known all over the world as the quickest, easiest way for Pocket PC users to manage all their personal information. Now those users can also quickly record names, ideas, reminders, and other important items on the fly with PhatNotes Lite."

Like PhatNotes, Pocket Informant requires no special training to use. The product's features, including Contact pictures, fully customizable color schemes, mini-text month views, zoomable month views, and task view extreme, are quickly accessible to keep up with the user's busy pace. Pocket Informant and PhatNotes also both support Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, including devices with VGA/Landscape screen capabilities.

"PhatNotes and Pocket Informant increase the power and the productivity of Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs," Julie Wymetalek, manager of the Mobility Partner Advisory Council at Microsoft Corp. "Pocket PC users will benefit from the combination of these two products in one value-priced package."

PhatNotes Upgrade Discount

For a limited time, individuals who purchase Pocket Informant 5.2 are also eligible for special pricing on PhatNotes Standard and Professional Editions. Both products offer full note taking functionality on a desktop PC, along with the ability to synchronize notes between the user's PC and his or her Pocket PC.

Details on the PhatNotes Standard/Professional Edition upgrade offer for Pocket Informant users can be found at www.phatware.com. To purchase Pocket Informant 5.2, including the free PhatNotes Lite download, visit www.pocketinformant.com." (Source: Press Release)
Posted Wednesday, September 8 2004 by ChrisD
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Socket Communications Announces Siebel Systems Validation, Joins Alliance Program

"Socket Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCKT), the Mobile Connection(TM) Company, today announced that it has joined the Siebel Alliance Program as a Platform Partner and has successfully validated the integration of its CompactFlash (CF) and Secure Digital Input/Output (SDIO) bar code scanner plug-in adapter cards with Siebel 7.7. Siebel Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of business applications software.

Socket's line of bar code scanning products provides a convenient, portable and accurate way to enter data into mobile computers. Siebel Systems provides organizations with a proven set of industry-specific best practices, CRM applications software, and business processes, enabling corporations to sell to, market to, and serve customers across multiple channels and lines of business. With this validation, customers of Siebel Systems and Socket can now enter data into handheld applications on which Siebel business applications have been loaded in a much faster manner and with fewer errors than manual entry, thereby improving productivity and lowering total cost of ownership.

"Socket is partnering with Siebel Systems to provide Global 2000 companies with easy-to-use bar code scanning products that not only improve their ROI and are efficient, but also make it easy for the end user to collect and store data when out in the field," said Kevin Mills, President and CEO of Socket.

Socket's data collection products validated on Siebel business applications will allow users to scan information into mobile handheld devices servicing the medical, pharmaceutical, and field service industries. The addition of Socket's plug-in bar code scanners to the Pocket PC already being used by mobile professionals will make it easier for sales representatives to meet the increasing legislative requirements to record the SKU numbers and lot or serial numbers of pharmaceutical samples or replacement parts. Scanning bar coded data into Siebel business applications additionally enables information to be conveniently stored in one location to improve relationship management effectiveness. " (Source: Press Release, BusinessWire)

Posted Tuesday, September 7 2004 by ChrisD
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EXCLUSIVE: The First Glimpse of The Blue Dock

"As you can see the BlueDock™ has morphed through a robust Industrial Design Phase to come out in a very sleek form factor. Its look and flexibility are very different then what is currently being shown on the Synosphere Website.

The product can be described as an “Intelligent Docking Station”

The new design has a interchangeable pocket which allows the BlueDock to support different devices or if you choose to upgrade your PDA the BlueDock will work with a new pocket inserted. At launch time several different PDA vendors will be supported

The BlueDock will support PPC2003 edition, Older Handhelds can be upgraded to 2003 for a nominal fee from the Manufactures website." (Source: David Ciccone, Dave's iPAQ)

Posted Tuesday, September 7 2004 by ChrisD
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