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Week of December 5, 2004

Handango Releases November 2004 Mobile Download Stats and Best Sellers

Handango, the leading mobile downloads provider, today released the November 2004 edition of the Handango Yardstick, a monthly report on the state of the mobile downloads economy.

The November 2004 Handango Yardstick also highlights the ten best-selling applications by operating system:

   Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC       Windows Mobile™-based Smartphone
   1.  Spb Pocket Plus                  1.  SmartphoneNotesy
   2.  Agenda Fusion                    2.  ClearVue Suiter
   3.  Pocket Informant                 3.  DVD to Smartphone
   4.  DVD to Pocket PC                 4.  Power Calendar
   5.  S & W T                          5.  Bluetooth Switch
   6.  Battery Pack Pro                 6.  Photo Contacts
   7.  PocketBreeze                     7.  Power Tasks
   8.  PocketWeather                    8.  SoundZ Cool
   9.  PhatPad                          9.  CityTime Alarms
   10. Journal Bar                      10. xBar
(Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, December 10 2004 by ChrisD
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New WorldMate Release Boasts Enhancements for Cross-Platform Travel and Itinerary Management Services

MobiMate announces the release of the all new and improved WorldMate(R) Professional Edition 2005 for Palm, Pocket PC and Desktop platforms, which offers travellers and corporate travel planners enhanced itinerary and trip management capabilities, cross-platform synchronization and pre-planning and en-route travel itinerary updating features.

WorldMate users with Palm and Pocket PC devices are now able to collaborate with the all new Desktop version and receive over-the-air (OTA) updates whenever a change is made to an itinerary. WorldMate's Desktop Companion also enables users to send these saved itineraries from WorldMate to anyone on the Web via email as WMI file attachments.

"Our goal is to provide business travelers and business travel organizers with the means to manage their travel needs from any platform they want," explains MobiMate's CEO, Nadav Gur. "Giving users functional cross-platform capabilities allows them the freedom to choose how, when and where to create, manage and use WorldMate's trip and travel planning services."

In addition to all the cross-platform collaboration features, WorldMate's Desktop Companion also offers travel planners benefits such as consolidated and precise coordination of multiple trips for numerous passengers, including profiling and trip preference management features such as aircraft seat assignments, meal types, hotel arrangements, frequent flier accounts, car rental service information and more.

The award winning WorldMate(R) continues to receive endorsements from industry giants such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, ZDNet, Handango, Pocket PC Magazine and PCWorld's James Martin, who claims the "bottom line (is): don't leave the country without WorldMate. Period." (Source: Press Release, Business Wire)

Posted Thursday, December 9 2004 by ChrisD
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Piel Frama Case for XDA II / i-mate Pocket PC Phone with Backpack

One of my criticisims of the Backpack for XDA II / i-mate Pocket PC Phone was that a case to accommodate the backpack would be hard, if not impossible, to find. Imagine the pleasant surprise I had to find that Piel Frama did have such a case, and they kindly provided it to me for review purposes.

The case is much the same design as the standard Piel Frama XDA II case, but accommodates a deeper device with provision for access to the video out connector featured by the backpack. The normal SD card and credit card slots are provided, and as usual the case fastens with a stud loop. The usual removable nub arrangement for the weak-as-usual belt clip is provided. The nub is great as such, but I hate the belt clip, as always. (Source: Matt M, Mtekk.com)

Posted Thursday, December 9 2004 by ChrisD
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Audiovox 6601 / Sprint PPC-6601 Pocket PC Phone Review

If you need a PDA/Phone device and you're needs come PDA before phone then this might be a good device for you.  The processor is fast, battery life is great, the built-in keyboard does prevent the need for having to carry an extra thumbboard accessory and the Sprint PCS wireless network will provide you with a good web browsing experience.  The fact this Pocket PC has Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition is great too since you can now easily use landscape mode for that web browsing you might want to do with your wireless device.  And if you want this Pocket PC Phone to function as a modem, it's easy to do using the WModem setup wizard, then just connect the PDA to your laptop and you can download email and browse the web from there.

The keyboard isn't the greatest to use, but at least we can still call it innovative and it is built-in.  The $629 price of this device and removal of the camera and wi-fi from the standard design is kind of disappointing, but these are extra features that are just nice to haves.  The weight of the device is a bit of an issue, it makes for a very bulky phone.that people like myself just can't fully adjust too.  If you know you're fine with the Pocket PC Phone form factor though, and don't mind larger gadgets, then you'll be fine with the 6601. (Source: abaxter, BargainPDA.com)

Posted Thursday, December 9 2004 by ChrisD
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GrandaSoft News: XSDesigner and XSForms in V1.50 available now

Finally! Finally, the public releases of XSDesigner and XSForms Version 1.50 are available. Another milestone in implementing new features has been reached. Thank you very much for your feedback and support. It guided us for another great step forward in making GrandaSoft products a household name for Pocket PC users.

New in XSForms version 1.50:
All forms created with XSDesigner will have a default query when no query was created at all. This default query filters for “All records”.
Data Import: It now is possible to import data from local files with the file extensions CSV, TXT, and XML, effortlessly.
Auto-Data-Import: Imagine you open a form file (GSF) on the Pocket PC for the first time and a XML file with the same name was located on the Pocket PC. This XML file had data already stored in it. XSForms now automatically will find the XML file and ask you if you would like to import the data from that XML file.
Data Export: This feature has been reprogrammed completely. The selection of data to be exported now will be done through queries. Now you can export the records in the formats of XML, CSV, and HTML to a local file, a FTP server, a HTTP server, and attach them to an email in Pocket Outlook if you like. Exporting to a HTTP server has no more size limits. When exporting to a HTTP or FTP server you can now also use authentication credentials. As an addittional option you now can have the Pocket PC automatically open and close a network connection when needed.
Removed: The “Export-promptly” feature is gone and will be removed from XSDesigner in the next version.
Online Help for Pocket PC now included.
More languages supported: French, Catalan, Russian, and PortugueseBR.
Support for WM2003SE now included.
Code optimized for Xscale processor Pocket Pcs.
Minor bugfixes.

New in XSDesigner version 1.50:
More languages supported: French and Russian.
It is now possible to have a blank Label in a control. When users had no characters typed into the Label this had caused problems in the database.
Minor bugfixes.

Note: If you have XSDesigner installed already you do not need a new key.

You see, a lot has changed and we invite you to try them out.(Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, December 9 2004 by ChrisD
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JAVOedge would like to announce a new model for our JAVO ClearCase line. Show off your HP iPAQ h6300 Series with this clear protective case!

JAVO ClearCaseJAVOedge would like to announce a new model for our JAVO ClearCase line.  Show off your HP iPAQ h6300 Series with this clear protective case!

Key Features
- Clear plastic case designed to fit perfectly for Palm Zire 72
- Views and navigates your PDA without taking it out from the case
- Protects your PDA from any damages
- Locking mechanism provides secure closure
- Cutouts for easy access to stylus, sync port and more 
- Rubber side grips for holding comfort
- Handy, lightweight and sturdy

$23.95 (Case only)
$39.88 (Bundle Deal)
* JAVOClearCase + JAVOScreen + JAVOSync (black or silver)* (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, December 9 2004 by ChrisD
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Announcing Resco Photo Viewer for Pocket PC ver 5.10

What's new in ver 5.10

(Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, December 8 2004 by ChrisD
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Announcing HandheldUnderground.com

Handheld Underground (HHU) has officially been spun off from www.PocketRocketFX.com to become a stand-alone site, and is now located at http://www.HandheldUnderground.com. Please update your bookmarks and let your readers and visitors know.

While there are a number of excellent sites covering HPCs (check our links page), Handheld Underground is the only one specifically dedicated to entertainment-related downloads. For its relaunch, HHU also has been given a bit of a design tweak. Navigation has been improved and whole new sections have been added.

Currently, HHU hosts 175 pages of content specifically for the HPC, including 1400+ wallpapers, 350 megs of video (movie trailers, short films, music videos, tv commercials...), 225 megs of audio (books, old time radio...), ebooks in a variety of formats (HTML, Palm Reader, Mobipocket Reader), Pocket Streets 2001 maps and more. New content will be added on a regular basis.

Although the GoogleAd words program has been introduced to HHU, Pocket PC Magazine remains the only industry-related affiliate program to be found on the site and visitors may make donations via PayPal. (Source: Press Release)
Posted Wednesday, December 8 2004 by ChrisD
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C-Labs. presents... Pocket-Jongg V4.0.net

Play this strategic puzzle game with your own pictures and photos .... or use the famous Majongg tiles....or even download new Tile Sets from the Internet.

Pocket-Jongg Version 4.0 is an adaptation of Mahjongg but with completely different rules. Version 4.0 has been redesigned for the latest generations of Pocket PC 2003 and Smartphone 2003 using the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework.

Features in Version 4.0

·         New and improved Online Score Management. With a simple click you can register for online score management. Compare your scores against other players. No account sign-up necessary!

For more details look at the "Feature History of Pocket-Jongg"

Register with www.Pocket-Jongg.com and get more from your game!

If you register you get access to:

Posted Wednesday, December 8 2004 by ChrisD
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Acky's XP Breakout Update Released

Isotope244 Graphics has released an update for Acky's XP Breakout v2.1 for the Pocket PC.   This updated includes the following changes.

·         Updated ball and paddle interaction at tip of paddle, ball control is even more precise now.
·         Fixed bug loading language file where on non supported language systems game would return error.
·         Various gameplay tweaks to make gameplay more even.
·         Submitting gameplay stats on the Pocket PC is now more stable.(Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, December 6 2004 by ChrisD
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The Ripe and Crispy LingvoSoft Dictionaries for your Pocket PC

Now, LingvoSoft gives you 3 brand new releases, and 7 updates!  Never before, had we offered English–Albanian, Bulgarian or Hungarian Talking Dictionaries for sale.  We have also refreshed the line of our existing Talking and Non-Talking applications.  Check out the smashing Word Grabber feature – it automatically copies any highlighted text from other applications into the dictionary and offers translations of it, and in the talking versions…  Ready?  The highlighted text is pronounced!  Also, the new LingvoSoft Dictionaries for Pocket PC can now do the translating in the Landscape mode!  And choosy users can split the window horizontally OR vertically.  These, and more nifty gadgets make our dictionaries, simply better.  LingvoSoft – the smart way to get smart with your Pocket PC(Source: Press Release)
Posted Monday, December 6 2004 by ChrisD
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Trend Micro announces broad mobile device security

"Today Trend Micro announced the first available anti-virus product specifically designed data-centric smartphones running on Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 and Symbian 7.0.

As a holiday gift to its customers, Trend Micro will be giving away the anti- virus solution for free through June 30th." (Source: Dave Chappelle, eChannelLine Canada)
Posted Sunday, December 5 2004 by ChrisD
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PPC Tablet 2.0 Remote Control Suite -- use Pocket PC to control your main computer

PPC Tablet 2.0PPC Tablet 2.0 software uses a Pocket PC screen to emulate one or more "virtual" input devices, such as keyboard, keypad, macro keys, touchpad and tablet, in order to remotely control a desktop or laptop PC, or to complement the PC's existing input hardware. Download the free trial from Handango or PocketGear:

    Handango      PocketGear

The Client, deployed on the Pocket PC device, sends pre-defined input signals to the Server on a host PC through an ActiveSync connection or any TCP/IP network, wired or wireless. Saved in special layout profiles, the input signals can include key strokes, key combinations, key sequences, and mouse behaviors. The Designer can be used to create a new layout profile, or modify or delete existing profiles. PPC Tablet is designed with the following user needs in mind:

* Remotely controlling media playback on a PC.
* Remotely controlling a slideshow in a presentation room.
* Using the Pocket PC screen to create and send handwritten signatures or annotations to a PC application.
* Speeding up repetitive data entry with special user-defined macro keys.
* Speeding up computer operation with customizable application-specific macro keys or shortcut keys.
* Using a Pocket PC to complement existing input hardware with virtual input devices, such as a virtual numeric keypad.

PPC Tablet 2.0 is also designed with network security in mind. Upon initial connection from a Pocket PC device, the Server will prompt the PC user to accept or reject the connection. Optionally, the Server can authenticate the Windows user name and password supplied by the Client. If the authentication is successful, the Server will accept the connection silently. To further enhance security over TCP/IP networks, all communication between the Server and Client is encrypted with 512-bit RSA cryptography after a connection is established. This provides reasonable protection strength for the communication, while maintaining good application performance.

The software comes with five pre-defined profiles: Default Devices, Tablet Only, Personal Data, PowerPoint Presentation and Windows Media Player. The Default Devices profile includes a touchpad, a tablet and a numeric keypad. The Tablet Only profile includes a single tablet. The Personal Data provides a set of buttons which users can customize with their own personal information to speed up repetitive data entry in electronic forms. The PowerPoint Presentation profile includes a set of pre-defined buttons to start, stop and navigate through a slide show, as well as a touchpad that can navigate the pointer or draw on a PowerPoint presentation. The Windows Media Player profile provides a set of buttons to control media playback and sound volume in Windows Media Player. All these profiles can be further extended by the users
based on their individual needs.

In addition to using pre-defined profiles, users can create their own profiles with the Designer. The Designer supports the creation, modification and deletion of software-emulated input components, such as key buttons, mouse buttons, and navigation areas that can emulate a touchpad or tablet. The size, location, label and corresponding action of each input component are all customizable and saved into a specified profile.

PPC Tablet is compatible with all Pocket PC 2003 and Pocket PC 2003 SE devices (including VGA-capable units), as well as Pocket PC 2002 devices with .NET Compact Framework installed. For more information on the system requirements, installation procedure and user instructions, please visit the following web addresses.

     Product Homepage    Installation Guide   User Manual  

Posted Sunday, December 5 2004 by ChrisD
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PHM Plus! for Pocket PC 0.8

PHM Plus! for Pocket PC is a set of freeware utilities and add-ons for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs.

This versions adds PHM Slideshow, full-screen slideshow utility for JPEG, GIF and BMP pictures.

- My Documents  (manage your documents library)
- Plus! Sleep Timer (automatically turn off music and suspend device)
- Plus! Slideshow (displays a fullscreen pictures slideshow)
- My Pictures  (displays a pictures slideshow on your Today screen)
- WMP Control  (controls Windows Media Player from the Today screen)
- PHMShell32.dll (icons library)
- Shortcuts  (shortucts to folders and settings)
(Source: Press Release)
Posted Sunday, December 5 2004 by ChrisD
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