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Week of July 4, 2004

PlanMaker 2004. The Spreadsheet for Five Operating Systems.

"There is only one spreadsheet that is available for Windows, Linux, Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs, and Windows CE.NET: PlanMaker 2004.

If you want your spreadsheet ...

to provide the full calculation power and visualization features of a modern, high-end spreadsheet package,

to seamlessly read and write Microsoft Excel worksheets,

to work within minimal RAM and hard disk storage,

and to launch instantaneously

... you should have a look at PlanMaker 2004.

Use PlanMaker on the operating system of your choice: PlanMaker offers the same feature set on all platforms. This application is so compact and efficient that it even provides all its features on mobile Pocket PCs and Handheld PCs – and fits in a few MBytes of RAM!

Available for only $49.95 | EUR 49.95
" (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, July 8 2004 by ChrisD
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MiTAC PDA Takes Top Spot in Taiwan and Korea Markets

"MiTAC International Corporation has achieved yet another milestone with its PDA products. According to an IDC (International Data Corporation) ranking of handheld device shipments in Asia during the first quarter of 2004 (see note 1), MiTAC’s overall PDA shipments in the Asia region (excluding Japan) ranked third, behind only HP and PalmOne. In addition, according to IDC figures, MiTAC was the PDA market share leader in Taiwan and Korea, with a 25.5% share in Taiwan and even more phenomenal 47.5% share in Korea. The most important product underlying MiTAC’s remarkable sales performance is the Mio 168 handheld GPS navigation system. " (Source: Press Release, MSMobiles)
Posted Thursday, July 8 2004 by ChrisD
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Gadgeteer Hands On Review : Bluetake i-PHONO BT420EX Stereo Headphones

"Of course, the fact that these headphones are Bluetooth should allow you use them with other Bluetooth enabled devices. Unfortunately, I don't own many such devices. I do have 2 though: my PowerBook, and my HP2215 Pocket PC. I was unable to pair the headphones with the PowerBook at all. I contacted the folks at Bluetake and they are hopeful that the next version of the i-PHONO will work with the PowerBook.

I was able to pair up with the Pocket PC, but this pairing didn't allow me to use the headphones to listen to audio. The problem is that there needs to A2DP profile on the PPC that allows you to route the audio through Bluetooth instead of the built-in speaker. Such a profile does not exist." (Source: Julie Strietelmeier, The Gadgeteer)

Posted Thursday, July 8 2004 by ChrisD
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StylusCentral.com Reduces Price on Cross Matrix Pen with PDA Stylus

"Warwick, RI (July 7, 2004) - - StylusCentral.com announces it has significantly reduced the price on the remarkably versatile Cross Matrix Pen, the only multi-functional pen with a rolling ball pen attachment. Standard features include dual ball-point refills and a PDA stylus. Regularly priced at US$70.00, the Matrix is now available for US$34.99.

The Matrix is one of the most versatile writing instruments available. It uses cartridges that can be removed and reinserted depending on its user's writing needs. On one end of the pen is a polymeric PDA stylus tip, and on the other a roller ball writing instrument that can be easily interchanged with other ink cartridges or a highlighter. The highlighter cartridge can conveniently be stored within the body of the Matrix.

Cross Matrix refills offer additional options, including four ball point ink colors and six gel ink colors." (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, July 7 2004 by ChrisD
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"Over 70 Windows Mobile experts from around the world will vote in Pocket PC magazine’s Fourth Annual Best Software Awards. The purpose of these awards is to help users select software that best suits their Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone needs, and to honor companies that produce outstanding software. Information about the awards as well as the list of experts can be found at www.PocketPCmag.com/awards.

Pocket PC magazine’s New Products Editor, Diane Dumas, and the 70+ Board of Experts will be finalizing the list of nominees for the 2004 awards in July. Approximately, 20% of the software in the Pocket PC magazine Encyclopedia of Software and Accessories will be nominated in 70 Pocket PC categories, 22 Smartphone categories, and 15 Developer categories. Vendors can enter their product information at the PocketPCmag.com Encyclopedia directly at no charge. The listings in the Encyclopedia are available for public viewing and searching.

On July 19 a preliminary version of the nominations will be made public at PocketPCmag.com/awards. The public is invited to comment and make suggestions at the PocketPCmag.com discussion forums. On July 31 nominations will be frozen. Handango (www.handango.com) will be supplying the expert judges with copies of the software.  Finalists will be announced in September and winners in October. The Pocket PC magazine 2005 Buyers Guide, available in September, will contain descriptions of all the nominees. The December issue of Pocket PC magazine will contain descriptions of the finalists and winners.

After reading the information found at http://www.PocketPCmag.com/awards, questions can be directed to Publisher, Hal Goldstein, [email protected], and New Products Editor, Diane Dumas, [email protected]" (Source: Press Release)
Posted Wednesday, July 7 2004 by ChrisD
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Fujitsu Japan Unveils Pocket Loox v70

" Fujitsu Japan has just shown their VGA quality Pocket PC dubbed the Pocket Loox v70. With a 3.7-inch LCD and a 1.3 megapixel camera all powered by the Intel PXA270 (520MHz) processor. Fujitsu also beefed up this version with 128MB of RAM and 64MB ROM, additional memory can be added via the dual SD or CF Type II slots. " (Source: Fabrizio Pilato, MobileMag)
Posted Wednesday, July 7 2004 by ChrisD
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What is stopping the mobile workforce?

"So after examining all these challenges in more detail, what is the way forward for mobility? The Windows Mobile 2002/2003 platform and applications give one the ability to synchronise easily and effectively, making it simple to connect to Microsoft Exchange and other Microsoft platforms. Organisations running Microsoft Windows on their desktops can deploy Exchange 2003 on their network and be assured easy integration with the Active Directory and Exchange platforms, as well as other existing network infrastructure. The Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003, Phone Edition has the software and extended functionality built into it to support robust functionality and synchronisation of data plus support for integrated voice capabilities for locally available devices such as Qtek. Once truly efficient and integrated mobile applications become readily available to consumers and corporates, uptake will be more positive, making a direct impact on pricing structures - thus making mobility a reality for all individuals and companies in SA." (Source: MIGAL VAN AS, CEO, INTERVATE, ITWeb)
Posted Wednesday, July 7 2004 by ChrisD
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Spb Software House Announces Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Support

"Spb Software House has released updates for all of the top Spb products, including Spb Benchmark. Together with new features like improved scheduled transactions in Spb Finance and screen rotation support in Spb Pocket Plus, Spb adds full support for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition devices. All these products support landscape mode and VGA screens.

"Many users of our products are now upgrading their devices to WM2003SE. We would like to provide them with full-scale functionality for all of our products on these devices," - said Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, CEO of Spb Software House - "We want to assure our customers that Spb products are always solid programs, tested on all main Pocket PC devices, come with professional skins, follow 'Designed for Windows Mobile' logo requirements, have tight integration with the Pocket PC OS and are localized for main languages. Support for the latest Windows Mobile platform is one of those things that our customers can expect from Spb products."

These new versions are minor updates and according to the Spb Upgrade Policy, they are free for all registered users of the latest major version of the corresponding product." (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, July 6 2004 by ChrisD
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HP unveils Pocket PC for blind users

"HP has unveiled what it claims is the first mainstream handheld PC designed to meet the needs of blind and visually impaired users.

The device, dubbed Maestro, was co-developed with VisuAide, a firm specialising in development of products for customers with impaired sight.

Based on the HP iPAQ Pocket PC h4150 platform, the Maestro features text-to-speech technology and a tactile keyboard membrane over its touch screen, so that partially sighted or blind users do not need a stylus for applications." (Source: Robert Jacques, What PC Online)

Posted Tuesday, July 6 2004 by ChrisD
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SanDisk Links Storage, Wi-Fi

"SanDisk's SD 256MB + Wi-Fi card, which is slated to ship this month, may be the coolest Pocket PC add-on I've seen yet.

SanDisk SD 256MB +  Wi-Fi Card

As the name implies, this card combines a 256MB storage card and an 802.11b wireless adapter into a single Secure Digital card, helping solve the problem of expansion-slot scarcity on handheld devices.

At a price of $130, the SanDisk unit makes an affordable add-on, and the included Wi-Fi connection software is well-laid-out and easy to use.

" (Source: Jason Brooks, eWeek)
Posted Tuesday, July 6 2004 by ChrisD
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HP Considers Handheld PC Comeback

"Notebook-style mobile devices based on Microsoft Corp's Windows CE operating system could make a return to the mass-market care of Hewlett-Packard Co.

Speaking with ComputerWire on a recent visit to HP's Office of Strategy and Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, center director Niklas Johnsson said it was possible that HP would re-introduce such a device into its range as a result of changing market forces and the greater ease of adapting Microsoft's latest mobile operating systems to devices of different form factors." (Source: Tony Cripps, Computer Business Review Online)

Posted Tuesday, July 6 2004 by ChrisD
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Aeon of Discovery for Pocket PC review

"Ok, this is not the most PC game in the world. To win the game you'll create colonies in the New World, subdue the natives, create an army and navy, trade slaves and perhaps even eliminate rebels by force. But it's a fun game. Aeon of Discovery by Trysistech LLC, is a turn based game for Windows Mobile Pocket PC, where you can only perform one action on your turn (with one exception). It's so interesting that I had to finish it - even though it meant running to 5% of the battery on my h4150 three times. Yes, it took me three days to play the full game and dominate all countries in the New World, eliminating the enemies of the crown, sending merchant ships to unknown oceans, and fighting epidemics. And that was with all AI (Artificial Inteligence) opponents set to "weak". I wonder how long a game would last with all opponents set to "strong"." (Source: M. Freitas, GeekZone)
Posted Tuesday, July 6 2004 by ChrisD
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Medion MD41800 Multimedia Pocket PC

"If you're the kind of person that likes the open road but is prone to getting lost, you'd do well to invest in a satellite navigation device. The remarkably priced Medion MD41800 with GPS navigation is being sold through Aldi stores as one of its 'special buys' for one week only from 13 May.

Rather than being a standalone satellite navigation device, you're actually getting a pretty good handheld computer, complete with a GPS receiver. It's slim, light and has a bright, clear screen. There's an SD/MMC slot for memory cards and a cradle is included for connecting to a PC. There's 64Mb of onboard memory but it also comes with a huge 256Mb MMC memory card, which stores all the map data." (Source: Tim Smith, ComputerActive, Vunet)

Posted Tuesday, July 6 2004 by ChrisD
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Rapiscan Security Products, Inc. Deploys Antenna Software's A3 Mobile Solution; Pocket PC-Based Solution to Improve Efficiency and Productivity of Mobile Field Service Engineers Worldwide

"JERSEY CITY, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 6, 2004--Antenna Software, Inc., the leading provider of integrated mobile enterprise solutions, today announced that Rapiscan Security Products (U.S.A), Inc., a leading supplier of high quality X-ray screening and explosive detection systems, has successfully deployed the Antenna A3 Field Service Management solution to its North American field force, with an international deployment also underway.

A subsidiary of OSI Systems, Inc., Rapiscan manufactures and supports detection systems to more than 5,000 customers worldwide, including airports, customs facilities, courthouses, government buildings, schools, prisons, and other locations. By implementing the advanced Antenna A3 solution, Rapiscan will provide mobile field service engineers with access to real-time service information and the ability to proactively manage customer service calls from start to finish using Samsung pocket PC devices. In addition, Rapiscan will utilize Antenna's integrated Mobile Services platform for monitoring and management of worldwide wireless communications, including network carrier connections, devices, and end-to-end message delivery.

"To further strengthen our position in the global security and inspection market, our field service engineers required the most sophisticated mobile solution available to streamline the management of all customer calls," said Ted Alston, VP Global Customer Support Services at Rapiscan. "We anticipate significant improvements in business efficiency and field operations productivity and a substantial decrease in the volume of calls to our call centers as we proceed with this rollout."

Rapiscan will take advantage of Antenna's fully integrated Service Management solution that consists of three major components - A3SmartClient device-side application, A3 Mobility Dashboard for Web-based monitoring of user activity, devices in the field, and connections around the clock, and the A3 Studio, Antenna's enterprise-class development platform.

Antenna's A3 SmartClient application resides on the Samsung SPH-I700 device with network coverage provided by Verizon in North America and O2 overseas. The A3 application is integrated into Rapiscan's Service Management and ERP system and enables field service engineers to access real-time, job-critical data, anytime, anywhere. Using A3, engineers can easily track every instance of a service call all the way through to completion. In addition, they can track time and expenses, order parts, and print invoices on the spot for reduced billing cycles.

Rapiscan will be using the integrated Antenna A3 Studio and A3 Mobility Dashboard products to facilitate the management and administration of their entire North American and international rollouts. A3 Studio is an open, standards-based application development platform that enables Rapiscan to customize, administer and maintain their mobile application easily and comprehensively. It transparently supports multiple device form factors and back-end systems and offers the unique ability to update applications "over the air" without taking devices out of the field. This provides Rapiscan with the ability to keep devices in the field and ensures no lost productivity. Antenna's A3 Mobility Dashboard enables administrators, managers, and supervisors to manage devices and users, all while monitoring wireless message delivery and user activity around the clock.

"Rapiscan's selection of Antenna's mobile solution to support its worldwide operations serves as a strong testament that our offerings meet customers' critical business and technical requirements," said Jim Hemmer, CEO of Antenna Software. "We are extremely pleased with the success of the Rapiscan deployment and anticipate high productivity returns from this and forthcoming implementations in global markets." (Source: Press Release, BusinessWire)

Posted Tuesday, July 6 2004 by ChrisD
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Navman Unveils PiN Integrated GPS Pocket PC Navigation Device

"   Navigation Leader Introduces Sleek New PDA with Built-In GPS Navigation

    FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif., July 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Navman, a leading designer
and manufacturer of world-class global positioning systems (GPS),
communication and marine products, announced today the latest addition to its
innovative line of GPS products for the consumer electronics market, the
Navman PiN. The Personal Interactive Navigation (PiN) device integrates the
power of advanced GPS navigation with the efficiency of Pocket PC
organization, delivering the very latest in handheld convenience.
    A compact and stylish device, the PiN is a fully functional Pocket PC(TM)
with a built-in GPS receiver. Plug in the pre-loaded configuration card with
the latest version of Navman's award-winning navigation software, SmartST(TM)
V2, and the PiN offers an industry-leading feature set. Software capabilities
include Microsoft(R) Pocket Outlook(TM) integration for advanced address-to-
contact routing, a time-saving zip code search tool, the ability to pre-select
areas to avoid, a handy town-to-town routing function, complete route summary,
enhanced zooming functionality and a striking 3D map display option that truly
enhances the visual navigation experience. Other features include address-to-
address routing, selectable map views, automatic and manual zoom for map
detail control, Back-on-Track(TM) rerouting when off-course, day and night
screen modes and an extensive points-of-interest library. The fully automated
software provides voice guidance, in addition to visual driving instructions
and, large display icons and easy-to-read maps provide an operator-friendly,
touch-screen interface for added safety while driving.
    "The success of our existing GPS companion products for PDAs, makes
leveraging our expertise to create an all-in-one handheld navigation system a
logical next step," said George Arnott, president of Navman USA. "The PiN is
perfect for anyone on the go that likes to stay organized and stay on course."
    The PiN is equipped with a 3.5" color transflective LCD display and
powered by an Intel PXA-255 300MHz processor with 64MB of internal RAM.
Leveraging the power PiN OS, Microsoft(R) Windows Mobile 2003, consumers can
access personal information and contact data, manage email, compose documents
and surf the web. The device also delivers full multimedia capabilities,
supporting MP3 playback, fully motion video, picture viewing and voice
recording. Programs and maps can be downloaded to the PiN using Microsoft(R)
ActiveSync(R), through a USB 1.1 connection.
    The complete PiN solution includes detailed street-level mapping for the
48 contiguous states, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada, as well as a vehicle power
adapter and mounting bracket. Also included is the USB sync cable and power
pack for the office desktop environment.

    The Navman PiN is available for purchase at electronics stores nationwide
and is competitively priced at $499.95. For more information on Navman and its
entire GPS product line, call 866-9NAVMAN, or visit http://www.navman.com."
(Source: Press Release, PRNewsWire)

Posted Tuesday, July 6 2004 by ChrisD
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ORANGE COMPASS launches its “m-guide"® city guides for a mobile devices

"Orange Compass, company specialized in consulting services for mobile devices, presents its new "m-Guide"® city guides for mobile platforms and PDAs.

m-Guide ®

The m-Guide® products are the first city guides to appear for mobile platforms. They work in the following devices: PocketPC, Palm, Smartphones compatible with SymbianOS and mobile telephones based on the popular Nokia 60 series.

The guides have been launched with the vocation to help users, both city dwellers and tourists, preparing their personal and professional trips in advance.

The m-guides® are real pocket sized guides that travel everywhere with the customer since containing information in the device itself, without the need of connecting to remote web databases every time you have a query and allowing you to find the desired information anywhere, anytime and  any place.

The guides contain 40 classified categories in 7 large sections:

Once the category is chosen, you may search by name, reference type or area, with this feature being of great utility to users.

All the m-Guide® products incorporate reduced versions of other interesting applications from Orange Compass:


• Units Converter: More than 70 units (area, length, speed, volume and weight).

• Basic Multilanguage-Conversation Guide: Translate and compose more than 100 elementary phrases.

The m-guide® guides already available are:
Barcelona m-guide®, Madrid m-guide®, Valencia m-guide®, Seville m-guide®, Zaragoza m-guide® and Bilbao m-guide®. All of them can to be found on sale both different specialised shops and on the Company’s own website: www.orangecompass.com . Currently English and Spanish versions.

Thanks to their detailed presentation, intuitive navigation and exhaustive classification, the m-guide® products are pioneering the sector. " (Source: Press Release, Orange Compass)
Posted Monday, July 5 2004 by ChrisD
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SlovoEd dictionaries for Windows Smartphone have been released

"Paragon Software (SHDD) is proud to announce the release of SlovoEd dictionaries for mobile phones with Windows Smartphone operating system (smartphones).

SlovoEd for Windows Smartphone is a new step in bringing quality software dictionaries to smartphone market. SlovoEd dictionaries are already available for Symbian OS smartphones (both UIQ and Nokia Series 60), Pocket PC, Palm OS, etc.

More than 150 multilingual translation dictionaries and explanatory dictionaries are released now for Windows smartphones:

English explanatory dictionaries with thesaurus
Spanish dictionaries
German dictionaries
French dictionaries
Italian dictionaries
Dutch dictionaries,
Greek dictionaries
and many others.

The most outstanding features of the new dictionaries are high compression ratio and use of dictionary databases from the world leading linguistic companies." (Source: Press Release, Paragon Software)

Posted Monday, July 5 2004 by ChrisD
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