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Week of June 4, 2006

FlexiSkin™ for Motorola Q

BoxWave's FlexiSkin™ is a new soft case that gives you complete usability of your Motorola Q while it's protected! It comes in your choice of six colors: Aluminum Grey, Coral Pink, Frosted Clear, Future Blue, Jet Black, or Smoke Grey. This lets you customize the color of your Motorola Q!

FlexiSkin™ is durable, soft to the touch, and can stretch and flex to help cushion your Motorola Q from bumps and hard knocks. It does not add any bulk to your device and you can still attach your Motorola Q to the holster. Usable and protective, FlexiSkin™ the new protective case for your Motorola Q!

And better yet, FlexiSkin™ is enhanced with SmoothTexture™! SmoothTexture™ makes the FlexiSkin™ feel softer to the touch and reduces surface dust.

Check it out here: http://www.boxwave.com/products/flexiskin/flexiskin-motorola-q_869.htm  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, June 9 2006 by ChrisD
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Phelios Releases Cab-o-matic, a New Tool For Pocket PC and Smartphones

Designed for programmers as well as non programmers alike, Cab-o-matic is a visual interface that allows users to create cab files for the Pocket PC and Smartphones. With Cab-o-matic, programmers and non-programmers with Pocket PCs and Smartphones looking to send their files can easily create "over the air" installers for ARM, MIPS, SHX or Intel platforms.

Cab-o-matic allows users to simplify the use of cabwiz.exe by generating its descriptive inf files required to generate the cab files. It will also automatically execute the right command line according to your settings.

For homes users of Cab-o-matic, those people not developing for Pocket PC and Smartphones, a time-saving and convenient example of the use of Cab-o-matic is  the practical function of packing various files into one cab file. The "packing" function can be considered analogous to the "zipping" of files, but in this case is specifically for Pocket PC and Smartphones. For instance, Cab-o-matic can group many photos at a time, documents or other media and prepare them by packing them into one cab file, which can then be sent to someone  with a Pocket PC or Smartphone.

The free demo of Cab-o-matic is available to download and allows 10 launches.  The full version of Cab-o-matic can be purchased for $20.  More information can be seen at the link below:

http://www.phelios.net/cabomatic.html  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, June 9 2006 by ChrisD
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Pocketnapalm games update and extra promotion!

Pocketnapalm updated JewelHunter (TM) and Joker's Quest II(TM) - Revenge of the bosses and now both games support Portrait, Square Screen and Landscape PocketPC-s and Small Screen, Portrait,Square Screen and Landscape Smartphones.
Special promotion: 40% off! Buy both brilliant games for any type of MS PDA device on Handango now and You Save: $15.99!

Read more, download demo or by full version...  (Source: Press Release)
Posted Tuesday, June 6 2006 by ChrisD
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Socket Communications Announces Strategic Partnership With Odyssey Software to Extend Mobile Device Management Software Tools to Businesses Customers Worldwide

NEWARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 6, 2006--Socket Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCKT), an innovative provider of mobile productivity products, today announced a strategic partnership agreement with Odyssey Software, a leading provider of mobile device management solutions.

By leveraging Odyssey's software, Socket will develop a business-class solution that enables its customers to effectively establish centralized command and remote control to securely monitor, manage, and maintain mobile devices in the field. Under the Agreement, Socket will have the ability to market, sell, and support the solution to its business customers worldwide.

"Venture Development Corporation estimates the mobile device management market for businesses at $219.2 million in 2005, reaching $487.3 million by 2009," said David Krebs, Mobile & Wireless practice director at Venture Development Corporation. "Managing wireless devices is a daunting task. Cell phones, PDAs and other mobile wireless gadgets are easily lost, occasionally stolen and unlike desktop PCs and telephones, difficult to inventory. Organizations looking to bring order to their mobile fleet would greatly benefit from wireless device management software."

"As companies equip more employees with wireless devices, and as the units themselves become increasingly sophisticated and expensive, the need for effective and efficient management tools grows ever more pressing," said Tom Robinson, vice president of sales and marketing at Odyssey. "By partnering with Socket, together we can extend the high-performance tools that enable businesses to securely monitor, manage, and maintain mobile devices in the field."

"Socket is pleased to partner with Odyssey," said Peter Phillips, vice president of marketing at Socket Communications. "Its visionary commitment to improving the management of remote mobile devices has created an outstanding mobile device management solution that we are excited to extend to the general enterprise market."   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, June 6 2006 by ChrisD
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VITO Ringtone Editor - Start creating your own ringtones with VITO Ringtone Editor

VITO Ring EditorVITO Technology announces its brand-new product VITO Ringtone Editor. With VITO Ringtone Editor you can easily create your own ringtones. It supports Smartphones and Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 2003 and higher.

VITO Ringtone Editor is the quickest way to create your own ringtones. All you need to do is listen to the melody and choose the part of it you want to assign as a ringtone. User-friendly intuitive interface simplifies the process greatly. After you have started VITO Ringtone Editor, browse the folders to find the necessary music file in MP3, WAV or OGG format and start playing it.

While the melody is playing you mark the beginning and the end of a ringtone: just a matter of two presses. The ringtone is created! Now you can immediately assign it as a default ringtone or just save it. You can also replay the ringtone and if it doesn’t meet your expectations you can play the original file once again to select a different part. Create your own collection of ringtones with ease!

VITO Technology ltd. is known for its high-tech products in the field of Pocket PC and Symbian software, GPS navigation and custom projects. Introduced in the present article VITO Ringtone Editor is a useful utility for creating custom ringtones for Smartphones and PPC.

Posted Tuesday, June 6 2006 by ChrisD
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CommonTime and CREDANT Technologies Secure Mobile Data for Lotus Notes Users Running Windows Mobile 5

CommonTime®, a global leader in the provisioning of Lotus Notes®/Domino® mobility solutions, and CREDANT® Technologies,  leading provider of mobile data protection solutions, today announced support for Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones and Pocket PC with CommonTime’s mSecure PDA security and management software. mSecure PDA is based on CREDANT™ Mobile Guardian, the award-winning Mobile Data Protection platform.

“CommonTime’s mSuite is the best wireless push email, mobile Instant Messaging and applications solution for Lotus Notes®.  By partnering with CREDANT, CommonTime ensures the highest level of security for mobile data and devices without sacrificing usability, productivity or performance,” said CommonTime CEO, Nigel Mackrill.

CommonTime™ mSecure PDA, delivers a total security solution for wireless mobile devices - a pre-requisite for today’s ‘road warrior” culture.  Providing multi-layered physical security for the data and contents of PDAs and Smartphones, mSecure PDA addresses business and IT mobility security objectives by providing high performance, FIPS-certified, cost effective security. By leveraging CREDANT Mobile Guardian, mSecure PDA includes a single, central management console that facilitates cost-effective and simple management.

Windows Mobile devices offer many benefits to enterprises, but with the vast amount of information being transmitted and stored on these devices, mobile solutions need to be protected. Whether they carry personal information or handle confidential transactions at work, PDAs and Smartphones can store large amounts of data, are very portable, easy to hide and connect to a variety of networks. They pose an equally great, if not greater, security risk than laptops do.

mSecure PDA reduces risk by protecting against leakage of sensitive enterprise data whether by accident or malicious intent. It offers protection against legal liability, corporate espionage and financial loss, via remote removal of confidential data from lost or stolen devices. Reliable and automatic data protection is ensured through enforcement of “on-device” security policies, and remote data destruction if device is lost, stolen or subject to misuse.

“CREDANT understands that losing control over data, even as basic as an individual’s calendar and contacts, can pose a serious threat to an organization,” said Richard Stone, vice president of marketing, CREDANT Technologies.”  As a result, we’ve designed a Mobile Data Protection platform that provides unprecedented control over the physical and data security of mobile devices.  Partnering with industry leaders such as CommonTime ensures we remain on the cutting edge of the mobile world and continue to deliver solutions that enable organizations to increase the speed of business execution with secure mobility.”

Available for a broad spectrum and devices and operating systems including Windows Mobile and Palm OS; mSecure PDA is one component of mSuite, the most complete, integrated mobility solution for Lotus Notes®/Domino® on the market.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, June 5 2006 by ChrisD
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