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Week of May 4, 2008

Snails Reloaded Released for Windows Mobile!

Our classic, award-winning, action-strategy game for Windows Mobile devices has just been Reloaded with a brand new engine, new graphics, more effects, and more Root beer!


That's right! Snails Reloaded is now available!

Snails has been continuously developed for many years, has
won many international awards and is generally considered as a flagship product of mobile gaming. And now it's been Reloaded with tons of great new features (see below)!

Snails was also a Finalist in the Smartphone and Pocket PC Awards for
Best Turn-Based Strategy Game of 2007!

Some Reloaded Features:
• Incredible Graphics Reloaded with shinier, brighter graphics, and new animations!
• Special Effect Eye-candy Reloaded with brand new effects and animated backgrounds!
• Smooth Gameplay  Reloaded with new, easier, streamlined menus and user interface!
• 25 Destructive Weapons Reloaded with new Weapon Graphics and animations!
• Much Much more...

Find out more and try the game here.

**Previous Snails purchasers will have a brand new, FREE full version registration code added to your My.PDAmill.com account within the next few days!   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, May 9 2008 by ChrisD
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New features in SMS-Chat

Threaded SMS on Windows Mobile

VITO Technology releases a new version of one of its best-sellers – SMS-Chat. SMS-Chat is a Windows Mobile SMS messenger that organizes your SMS correspondence into threaded SMS conversations. There has appeared the ability to create templates that you can use for quick answers, the ability to switch off popping up alerts. If you've received some telephone number in SMS you can click it to place a call or if there is a hyperlink click it to open it in a browser. You will be pleasantly surprised by the ability to change skins in new SMS-Chat.

          The new version of SMS-Chat presents a lot of improvements that make big sense for SMS chatting. The most distinctive option is the ability to switch off the onscreen alerts. This way you can hide the onscreen SMS notification and nobody will peek on your incoming message. Other new options include the ability to create and use your own templates for quick answers so that you can send answers immediately, the ability to open hyperlinks and dial phone numbers right from the message with a single tap, the ability to send your contacts' phone numbers. Now SMS-Chat uses the default folders for saving text messages, therefore most bugs have been fixed, like the problems with full screen notifications.

           Other minor changes include:
The notification window disappears when you tap the screen outside it.
When clicking the cross icon the notification closes and message shows as unread in chat.

Quick scroll has appeared for long chats.
Clicking the name in the chat opens a contact details
It is possible to minimize the application right from the chat.
Dates in chats are shown the same way as in the WM system.

            SMS-Chat is available for $14.95 at http://iwindowsmobile.com. SMS-Chat supports English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and Hebrew.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, May 8 2008 by ChrisD
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Save Up to 20% Off All Titles

pocketselect.com - Last Day May 7th - Up to 20% Off All Titles

http://pocketselect.com has a sale for up to 20% off all games & software!

Pocketselect is a leading provider of software, games and utilities for Windows Mobile. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, May 7 2008 by ChrisD
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Debut brings breakthroughs in size, style connectivity and overall user experience, leaves compromise at the door.

Born from a unique heritage of innovation and a deep desire to blend design with simplicity, HTC Corp., a global leader in mobile phone innovation and design, today unveiled its new flagship phone, the HTC TouchDiamond. Delivering unmistakable style and meticulous craftsmanship the HTC Touch Diamond is defined by its compact size, game-changing Internet and its new captivating 3D touch interface called TouchFLO 3D.  The result is an uncompromising mobile phone that sets a new benchmark for phone sophistication and shapes consumer expectations for how a phone can be used.

"Today we mark a new era in mobile phone evolution, an era where beauty and size integrate with uncompromising innovation at broadband speeds," said Peter Chou, president and CEO, HTC Corp. "The HTC Touch Diamond will make browsing the Web and using Web-enabled applications just as practical and easy to use as making calls."

A New Dimension To Touch
HTC has taken a great leap forward in touch screen innovation with the introduction of its new 3D touch interface called TouchFLO 3D.  TouchFLO 3D provides animated access to people, messaging, email, photos, music, weather and more.  In addition, HTC is introducing a new innovative touch-sensitive control for interacting with Touch Diamond.

Making The Mobile Internet Fun
With the introduction of the Touch Diamond, HTC delivers an entirely new mobile Internet experience that utilizes broadband-like speeds with HSDPA 7.2 Mbps and HSUPA wireless connectivity.  Committed to improving Web browsing, HTC provides a new customized mobile Web browser that enables easy viewing and effortless navigation of Websites in the way they were designed.  As part of this browsing experience users can zoom and pan Websites with one-hand and automatically view optimized content that has been specially created to fit the display. Turning the device sideways automatically rotates the web page view from a portrait to landscape view.

In addition to Web browsing, the Touch Diamond includes a customized new, HTC-developed, YouTube application for watching a variety of user generated video content as well as utilizing Google Maps for mobile for mapping and traffic data.

The Touch Diamond is crafted with precision to fit comfortably in a user’s hand without compromising on features or functionality.  Blending contrasting design elements of metal and unique geometric facets, the Touch Diamond complements a user’s personal style.

Bursting with Innovation
The Touch Diamond delivers an unrivalled combination of features and functionality that set a new standard for integrating mobile phone innovation into a small package. The 2.8 inch display provides near-print quality viewing that enables beautiful Web browsing and viewing of photographs. The built-in camera includes an optical auto-focus lens that ensures the photos you take will be clear and consistent. Advanced wireless and auto sensor screen pivoting are just a few of the features that make the Touch Diamond experience a stand out.

The HTC Touch Diamond™ will be available to customers across all major European carriers in June.  It will be available later this quarter in Asia and the Middle East.  The North American and Latin American versions of the Touch Diamond will be available in the second half of 2008.

"Our long-standing relationship with HTC meant they shared their phone concept and worked with us from the earliest stage.  This early collaboration is important to us because at Orange, we know that the right multimedia experience is about more than just the phone," said Olaf Swantee, EVP of Orange's global mobile operations.  "Our approach is to select and test the best phones and integrate our applications, combining them with access to the Orange World portal, the best tariffs, integrated billing, a user-friendly interface and excellent customer support. With the Touch Diamond from Orange we have created a unique phone which has taken advantage of our latest service innovation to build upon the consistently rich experience customers expect from Orange."

HTC Touch Diamond Key Specifications

Download Video

(Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, May 6 2008 by ChrisD
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HiConcept for Pocket PC

PPCLINK Mobile Software is proud to announce the release of HiConcept for Pocket PC including four modules; Today Revolution, Card Studio, X-Card and Task Manager. You will discover many unique features in HiConcept that you cannot find in other products.


Today Revolution : Excellent Today Plug-in
Card Studio : A great toolkit for storage card
X-Card : Super Virtual Card Creator
Task Manager : Essential utilities



Empower your device with the super toolkit while enjoying our free trial version for 14 days http://www.ppclink.com/?ppclink=product&do=view&id=60  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, May 6 2008 by ChrisD
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Review - Celio REDFLY

CEO Kirt Bailey told us at CES that the REDFLY is a companion device for Windows Mobile devices without having to repeat computing power on a laptop form factor as well as without having to deal with the operating system, hardware, and software expense and support issues involved with laptops and UMPCs. He told us they were mainly targeting companies and enterprise users that have to issue users with laptops and mobile phones. This saves the cost not only of purchasing a laptop, but also the ROI involved with managing and administering the devices, which are estimated to roughly $4100 a year each. Another issues was security because the REDFLY doesn't store any sensitive information and all the data remains on the smartphone, displays can be shared amongst users without risk of data loss or security breach.  (Source: Steven Hughes, BostonPocketPC.com)
Posted Tuesday, May 6 2008 by ChrisD
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