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Week of December 4, 2005

Spb Pocket PC Survey Results

This page contains results of Spb Pocket PC Survey that took place from November 2nd to November 25th, 2005. We want to emphasize that the results describe only the active part of Pocket PC users. Moreover, some of the results depend on advertising of Spb Survey. So the results are affected by the factor that in some countries and on some websites Spb Survey was more advertised than in other.

Please note that this survey shows the image of an average "Pocket PC community user", a user who has access to the Internet and visits Pocket PC related web sites and forums.

All survey participants have been entered into a drawing to win an i-Mate JasJar. The winner is Paolo Animato! (Source: Spb Software House)

Posted Friday, December 9 2005 by ChrisD
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SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition Device SDK

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition (SQL Server Mobile) is a mobile database solution designed for developers who target Microsoft Windows Mobile based devices. SQL Server Mobile includes the largest number of new and improved features in any version of SQL Server Mobile since the original version, SQL Server CE 1.0. New features and enhancements in SQL Server Mobile focus on the following key areas:

* Integration with SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
* Increased reliability and performance
* Faster development of mobile applications

SQL Server Mobile is a powerful tool that makes it easy to develop mobile applications by supporting familiar Structured Query Language (SQL) syntax and providing a development model and API consistent with SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition (SQL Server Mobile) Device SDK is used for installing SQL Server Mobile on mobile devices, and for developing applications based on mobile devices.(Source: Microsoft Website)

Posted Friday, December 9 2005 by ChrisD
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Cingular Wireless Launches High-Speed Data Network

Cingular Wireless Tuesday launched its highest-speed data network service in several major U.S. cities. And while it is price-competitive with cellular data offerings from other carriers, it may be a tough sell against less-expensive handheld e-mail access services and free Wi-Fi hot spots.

Based on HSDPA (high speed download packet access), the BroadbandConnect service provides average throughput rates of 400K bps to 700K bps, with bursts of up to a megabit per second, said officials at Cingular, in Atlanta. It is an upgrade to the company's existing EDGE network and will be backward-compatible, officials said. It also supports voice and data connections simultaneously.  (Source: Carmen Nobel, eWeek.com)

Posted Thursday, December 8 2005 by ChrisD
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New Version Features High-Speed 3G Network Internet Connectivity, Providing a Complete Pocket PC Communications Solution 

Avanquest Software, a leading developer and publisher of business and consumer software for the global PC market with operations in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, today introduced Pocket PhoneTools 5 PRO, the latest version of its PDA communications software tool compatible with all PDAs using Pocket PC 2002, 2003 and 2003SE. The new version provides access to high-speed 3G cellular networks and compatibility with even more cell phone brands and models than ever before – including Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony-Ericsson.
Pocket PhoneTools 5 PRO automatically configures an Internet connection using the cell phone as a modem. Now individuals can quickly connect and also maintain an Internet connection using high-speed wireless networks via an integrated database of 320 major operators in 87 countries. The software is an ideal tool for users who need Internet access in places where Wi-Fi access is unavailable, for business travelers conducting eCommerce, and for people who want to download email quickly and navigate the web faster.
“Offering Pocket PC users a simple and reliable application to gain mobile Internet access virtually anywhere is key for today’s busy professional,” said Bob Lang, President of the Mobility and Communications Division of the Avanquest Software Group. “Being without Internet access for even a single day can disrupt daily workflow and result in loss of business. Pocket PhoneTools 5 PRO is the insurance policy for the Internet that people are seeking to conduct business at a moment’s notice.” 
A more powerful user interface also makes it easier to send and receive all types of messages, get voicemail with a single click, and quickly dial phone numbers using the Pocket PhoneTools 5 Dialer. Users can easily back-up mobile phone contacts on the Pocket PC via Bluetooth®, Infrared or USB cable modems.
The improved functionality of Pocket PhoneTools 5 PRO is now integrated directly into Pocket Outlook and into the “Today” screen of the Pocket PC -- providing even greater efficiency and productivity for users.
Other vital functions integrated into Pocket PhoneTools 5 PRO include:
      - SMS Communications: enables users to send SMS messages to multiple recipients and view incoming SMS messages directly from the Pocket PC interface, send high priority SMS messages, archive and compress SMS messages, and compose pre-recorded SMS messages for later transmissions;
      - Pocket PC Fax Software: individuals can send and receive faxes directly from the Pocket PC, annotate fax messages and reach multiple recipients, send attachments using Pocket Word, and personalize fax messages using three cover page templates;
      - Synchronize PDA and cell phone data: users can transfer cell phone contacts from a SIM card and phone directory to the Pocket PC, transfer Pocket PC contacts to a mobile phone, and create different contact directories for different cell phones and back them up on a PDA.
Pocket PhoneTools 5 PRO has all the important features that made the previous versions best sellers, as well as recipients of numerous Pocket PC awards. Pocket PhoneTools 4 PRO was nominated by Pocket PC Magazine for its Best Software Awards 2005 and again as a Finalist in both 2004 and 2003.
Pocket PhoneTools 5 PRO downloads to the PC and is then launched to the PDA. The software requires Windows 95/98, NT, ME, 2000 or XP operating systems; MS ActiveSync installation and 6.1 MB of memory on the PC and 2.1 MB of memory on the PDA.
A free trial version is available at www.avanquest.com and may be purchased from Avanquest’s online store at http://shop.avanquest.com/usa.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, December 8 2005 by ChrisD
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Airscanner Mobile Security Advisory: Remote “Hard Reset” Data Wipe and DoS of Pocket Controller v5.0 (#AS05080401)

Pocket Controller Professional is a popular, powerful remote control and management program that allows a user to remotely control a PDA from their PC computer. See http://www.soti.net/ for more information. Several feature of this program is that it can remotely turn off, reboot, and reset the PDA. We discovered that these commands can be performed without the client program sending only three packets to the target PDA.  (Source: Jonathan Read (CISSP) & Seth Fogie, Airscanner Mobile Security)
Posted Thursday, December 8 2005 by ChrisD
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BoxWave is happy to announce the Dual Handsfree Stereo Headset for Treo, Samsung i730, and other handhelds!

The Dual Handsfree Stereo Headset allows you to enjoy high performance stereo music and easy handsfree communication all in a portable and compact design! You can receive an incoming call while listening to music, you can answer your phone with one simple touch of a button, and the integrated microphone allows you to talk handsfree!

The Dual Handsfree Stereo Headset is no ordinary handsfree headset! It's innovative retraction and recoil design keeps you from getting your wires tangled up! Better yet, the addition of the lapel clip enables you to conveniently clip the microphone onto your clothing.

It comes in your choice of two colors: Silver White or Black.

With both quality and portability, you won't have to compromise. Dual Handsfree Stereo Headset is the new and refined ultra-portable stereo handsfree headphones for your handheld!

Check to see if we have one for your handheld: Dual Handsfree Stereo Headset (Source: Press Release)
Posted Tuesday, December 6 2005 by ChrisD
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Stylish and integrated, new LingvoSoft PhraseBooks 2006 for Pocket PC

LingvoSoft PhraseBook 2006 English <-> Italian for Pocket PCOur latest, LingvoSoft PhraseBooks 2006, are out to hit the Pocket PC community. Ten talking and ten non-talking – a total of twenty new titles, designed to give you the freedom of conversing in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, or Russian. These applications carry our famous Quick Search and Learn functions, the traditional multilingual interface, while the talking items offer full voicing, for both the head and the target entries.

And for the first time ever, LingvoSoft PhraseBooks for Pocket PC now integrate with other LingvoSoft software, such as Dictionaries and FlashCards. (See the new FlashCards added in the Learning section)

If integrated, the three-piece suite of LingvoSoft PhraseBooks, Dictionaries and FlashCards will stand for nifty cross-referencing, amazing functionality, unmatched user-friendliness, and turn your Pocket PC into a versatile language learning resource.

To get more info and download trial versions click here: (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, December 6 2005 by ChrisD
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Gemstar-TV Guide and Handmark® Release TV Guide Mobile™ For Palm OS® and Windows Mobile™

The Leader in Television Information and Guidance Teams with Handmark® to Bring Local TV Listings, Entertainment News, and Movie Reviews to Palm® and Windows Mobile™ Smartphones

LOS ANGELES, CA and KANSAS CITY, MO — (05 December 2005) — Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. (NASDAQ: GMST), the leading provider of television information and guidance, and Handmark®, a global leader in mobile media, today announced the immediate availability of TV Guide Mobile™, a dynamic new television listings and content service designed for Palm® handhelds, Treo™ smartphones and Windows Mobile™ pocket PCs and smartphones. Through a yearly or monthly subscription, TV Guide Mobile™ provides consumers with the content and personalized tools they need to get the most out of the world of television.

TV Guide Mobile™ features include:

• Instant access to TV Guide® daily local TV listings;
• Ability to search TVGuide.com’s comprehensive "Big Movie Guide" database, which contains 40,000 movie reviews, and its "Show Guide" database, which includes episode synopses and other information on 600+ TV series, past and present;
• Searches organized by title, genre or celebrity;
• Customization allowing users to receive information only about their favorite channels, shows or celebrities, through features such as "My Watch List," that keeps users favorite programs in one place;
• The latest Hollywood news, gossip and commentary from www.tvguide.com, including: Ask Ausiello; Insider; The Biz; Ask Matt; Roush Review; Ask The Televisionary; Watercooler; and Soap News.

"We’re excited to make TV Guide Mobile™ available for these smartphone platforms through Handmark®, a premier innovator in mobile media," said Richard Cusick, senior vice president and general manager of Digital Media at Gemstar-TV Guide. "This is one of several initiatives in the mobile space that Gemstar-TV Guide is pursuing. Mobile is a key area for the company and one that we are prioritizing across all of our products, services and partnerships."

"Whatever you’re interested in from the world of television, TV Guide Mobile™ has it," said Douglas Edwards, Handmark® cofounder and executive vice-president. "The greatest benefit is that users can customize TV Guide Mobile™ to deliver the exact content they want -- favorite channels, updated schedules, ‘My Watch List.’ It’s an incredibly personalized experience."

More information on TV Guide Mobile™, including details on how to subscribe, is available at www.tvguide.com, http://tvguide.handmark.com/ or www.handmark.com.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, December 5 2005 by ChrisD
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