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Week of August 31, 2008

MWg Zinc II Review

The MWg Zinc II is a tweener; a traditional old school Windows Mobile Professional QWERTY side-slider with a few updates to help it compete with today's trendy touch screen WinMo devices like the HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Pro, Samsung Omnia and the slightly older HTC Touch Dual. In fact, if you crossed the E-TEN Glofiish M810 (the Zinc II seems to be a re-worked M810) with the Touch Dual you'd have the Zinc II. MWg is a Singapore-based company made up of the old O2 Windows Mobile phone team, backed by Expansys, a UK-based online retailer of all sorts of cool phones and other mobile technology. The Zinc II is an unlocked GSM phone with worldwide 3G HSDPA that's sold unlocked for use with any GSM carrier. It is not offered by US carriers, but will work fine with T-Mobile and AT&T. (Source: Lisa Gade, MobileTechReview)
Posted Friday, September 5 2008 by ChrisD
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New beta release: Airscanner Firewall 3.5

Airscanner Firewall 3.5 is the latest release of our popular firewall program. This version includes all the features we have added over the years, provides a few tweaks, but also now has the added ability to password protect the configuration options.

Our goal in this feature is to provide parents and employees with the ability to control the devices they are responsible for. Possible scenarios include:

*Creating an acceptable list of websites that the user can visit - all others are restricted.
*Blocking ALL web traffic.
*Blocking instant messaging programs.
*Permit only email traffic.
*And many more options...

With the explosion of Windows Mobile powered Smartphone’s that can access the Internet through data connections or Wi-Fi, the chance that a child or employee could be accessing inappropriate websites is quite high. With Airscanner Firewall 3.5, this risk can be mitigated.

This release is for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 Professional only (not WM6 Standard for Smartphone):
Desktop installer:

We hope you enjoy this exciting new product. We look forward to hearing from you!  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, September 5 2008 by ChrisD
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CalliGrapher download and upgrade information and Back to School CalliGrapher Offer

CalliGrapher download and upgrade information

For detailed information about CalliGrapher 8.7, including the product documentation, to download a 30-day free trial or an upgrade, or to purchase a copy of CalliGrapher, please visit PhatWare's web site at http://www.phatware.com/calligrapher

CalliGrapher 8.7 is a free upgrade for all registered users of CalliGrapher 8.x. Registered users of any older version of CalliGrapher can purchase the upgrade at a reduced price.

Back to School CalliGrapher Offer

And the best news is that you can get CalliGrapher 8.7 FREE with your purchase of PhatWare's PhatNotes or PhatPad as the part of our Back to School offer which expires on September 15, 2008. Alternatively, during this period of time, you can purchase a stand-alone copy of CalliGrapher with a $15 discount for only $24.95. Additionally, we are offering discounts on other PhatWare products, including PhatSpell and PenOffice.

To take advantage to this limited time offer, please visit
http://www.phatware.com/index.php?q=page/show/howtobuy/offers (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, September 4 2008 by ChrisD
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Spb Online: Time to Claim 3G Profits

Today at ITU Telecom Asia, Spb Software, the world's leading maker of Windows Mobile software, releases Spb Online to mobile network operators. Spb Online is a set of premium online services for 3G networks that stimulates subscriber uptake of mobile entertainment. Spb Online makes the following services easily accessible from handsets.

Spb Online radically changes the on-device user experience, functioning as a clear single entry point to advanced online services from mobiles, and allows mobile network operators capture multiple benefits from 3G networks:

Spb Online, with its breakthrough patent pending TV technology and unparalleled on-device usability, is a solution that tackles the issue of weak user interest in multimedia services, fuels subscriber content discovery, and unlocks the potential of 3G. "We are a proven partner of mobile operators through our customisation and usability products," — emphasizes Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, Spb Software CEO. — "and we now see a great future for Spb Online, which is set to be a strategically important product for the industry."

To learn more about Spb Online, please contact Spb Software at [email protected], or visit Spb Software at ITU Telecom Asia 2008 at Challenger 3, space G11.


Currently Spb Online is available as a solution for mobile operators. Spb Online will be released to end-customers later this year. Mobile operators are encouraged to download Spb Online for internal testing and evaluation from the Spb Online download page.

Further Information and Downloads

Further information regarding Spb Online can be found at the Spb website:
Spb Online web page
Spb Online screenshots page
Spb Online evaluation copy downloading page  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, September 3 2008 by ChrisD
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LingvoSoft Dictionary 2008 Nominated For Top Honors – Again!

Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine Awards

 LingvoSoft Bilingual Talking Dictionaries for Pocket PC have been nominated once again for Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine’s Best Software Awards for Windows Mobile software. Its not the first time, and certainly won’t be the last that this remarkable software gets the recognition from the experts that it has always gotten from millions of satisfied users. With up to 1,000,000 words that can be instantly translated between the world’s most popular languages and then spoken aloud, LingvoSoft Dictionary is second to none when it comes to delivering accuracy users can depend on.  Containing the most complete databases combined with superior processing ability, they offer a choice display languages, advanced text-to-speech voice capabilities, and unique User’s Dictionaries along with robust search utilities and compatibility with MS Pocket Office applications to let users instantly translate unknown words from emails, documents and webpages. Find out what satisfied users and the industry’s top experts are so crazy about here:
http://www.lingvosoft.com/info/software/Dictionaries  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, September 3 2008 by ChrisD
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Get Speereo Voice Translator Now: 40% Off

The summer is over, but here are the good news: Speereo Voice Translator, a must application for tourists, students and businessmen, multiple Best Software Awards Finalist is now available on Mobile2Day with 40% discount.

Speereo Voice Translator is an easy-to-use but very powerful and extremely useful product for business & leisure travelers and foreign language learners. It supports bi-directional translation for 16 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Danish Russian, Turkish, formal Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, and Japanese.

Buy Windows Mobile or Symbian version with 40% discount!

Additional services include:
- Online Flight Timetable and Flight Status.
- Online World Weather
- Travel Guides
- Size & Measure Converter

Product home page: http://www.speereovt.com/

http://www.mobile2day.com/en/developer_151533.html  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, September 1 2008 by ChrisD
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RescoViewer discount

Resco Viewer for Palm OS (ID 156)
Coupon name ViewerTamsPalm

Pocket PC:
Resco Photo Viewer 2007 Standard Edition
Coupon name ViewerTamsPPC

Windows Mobile Smartphone:
Resco Photo Viewer for Smartphone
Coupon name ViewerTamsPPC

All coupons:
10$ off
Valid Aug 27 - Sep 7  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, September 1 2008 by ChrisD
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