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Week of December 31, 2006

nPOPuk 2.0 released

nPOP, a light email checking program for PC, Handheld PC, and Pocket PC, has been around for quite a few years. The program was authored by Tamaoki Nakashima for his own use, and quickly acquired a diverse user
base among those who wanted a simple, light weight, portable email client. The program installs no registry data, and was intended to run from a floppy disc at first. It works well from any memory card or stick; any re-writeable media. nPOP was developed to handle both Western and 8-bit Asian characters. It uses DAT files (simple text files really) to store mailbox 'folders' and an INI for user settings - this can be edited in many areas to suit individual requirements.

There were certain limitations in the versions from Tamaoki, and he didn't often update the features, so developers in the UK started working on the program's open source code a few years ago. As paying
work took one developer's attention away from working on this great freeware, another would volunteer to take their place. The most recent programmer to take on this role is Geoffrey Coram, and he has added an
array of very useful changes and new features to make the program more distinct than ever from the Japanese version. After much discussion among the testing group it was decided to name this version 'nPOPuk',
and so now nPOPuk 2.0 is available for anyone wanting a great little email application that's a whole lot more than just a mail checker.

Another volunteer, Greg Chapman, has maintained a support site for a long while. He's recently revamped this extensively, and moved it to a new site at: http://www.npopsupport.org.uk There you'll find a host of easy to read, well thought out instruction on use, an FAQ, thorough explanations of INI functions and potential
edits, anything at all a user might need to know to use this program to full potential.

nPOPuk is free, like nPOP, and for many users provides more than enough features to be used as a main email application. It offers great control to the user, no dangerous frills to expose one to software threats. A fine program for sending and receiving mail and attachments. One caution; upgrading from nPOP's older versions to this release will convert saved mailboxes to a different format which cannot revert to the older type, so backup if you're not sure. That's as simple as making a copy of your existing nPOP folder somewhere else, then putting the new EXE into place and launching it.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, January 4 2007 by ChrisD
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MooreGames for the Pocket PC has 3 new games!

This collection of 19 mini-games (both 1 player and 2 player games) will keep you entertained for hours.  The new games include Blackjack, Triple Yacht Z and Solitaire.  Other great games in the collection include Reversi, Sudoku, Checkers, Freecell, Mine Sweeper, Pegs, Word Mixup and many others.  You get all 19 games for $10.  That means each game is only 52 cents!

Check out this great application at http://www.MooreGames.com  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, January 2 2007 by ChrisD
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PaperAgenda 2.1 - New improved version released

Paper AgendaPaperAgenda 2.1 is the new software that let you take notes on your PDA as on a real agenda.

WHAT'S NEW in version 2.1

Faster toolbars
New feature: Cut/copy & Paste!
New Export feature, every page can be -saved as BMP file
Tool selection is more simple
Many minor bug fixes  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, January 2 2007 by ChrisD
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Announcing the Pocket PC FAQ Wiki

This is where you will find the latest information on Pocket PCs and Smartphones that run Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system.  The major areas including overviews of Pocket PCs, Smartphones, Handheld PCs, support articles, applications, and links.  Also, there is a mobile version compatible with your Pocket PC or Smartphone.

The goal of this wiki is to provide a place to allow the community to contribute information. If you have feedback, please post it in the comments or edit the article.  (Source: Pocket PC FAQ)

Posted Monday, January 1 2007 by ChrisD
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