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Week of October 31, 2004

Dell Axim X50 Series WriteSHIELD AG Shipping

After many requests, Pocket PC Techs are pleased to announce that we are shipping a WriteSHIELD™ AG Screen Protector for the Dell Axim X50v Series.  The kits are also available in a combo pack, one WriteSHIELD™ AG and one WriteSHIELD™ C2.

Customers who have purchased the WriteSHIELD™ C2 Screen Protector Kit may purchase a single AG Screen Protector for $14 including shipping via US Mail.  We normally do not sell the WriteSHIELD™ Screen Protector without a kit, but feel it's only fair since the customer will have purchased a full kit within the last 8 days.

Customers wishing to take advantage of this temporary program may email a request to us.  We will then process their email as an order and ship the single WriteSHIELD™ AG Screen Protector via US Mail.(Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, November 5 2004 by ChrisD
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Palm Fireworks! returns for November 5th!

Astraware have recreated one of their earliest Palm OS(R) applications just in time for Bonfire Night in the UK - November 5th, now with support for Windows Mobile(TM) for Pocket PC, high resolution screens and audio.

Fireworks is a simple screen-saver application, great to leave sitting in your cradle to watch even if you can't make it to a big outdoor fireworks display. It'll also show you the time, if you really need to know!

Following the firework theme, we have also slashed the price of Rocket Mania for Palm and Pocket PC by 50% until Sunday.

Fireworks is FREE, but will only be available direct from the Astraware site at www.astraware.com for just 3 days, so download it, keep your pets indoors, stand well back and enjoy the show.... (Source: Press Release)
Posted Friday, November 5 2004 by ChrisD
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"Krakout" for Pocket PC: new look to breakout-style games

Get  ready for a new game experience! You may be thinking that all you are  getting  is just an Arcanoid download, but what you get is a good game  packed  with  hundreds  levels of pure action, cool 3D graphics, great  soundtrack,  and  digitized sound FX. And the main feature that makes  this game stand out on the other games - a landscape game field orientation which gives you a new look to breakout games. Dark  night,  scary  image  and  gothic  music are waiting for you. Be hurry,  this  special  edition  of Fast Swapper is available till this Halloween only!

   * 400 levels in seventeen episodes;
   * Ability to play game with stylus;
   * Ambient music and digitized sound effects;
   * Ability to save the game and resume a saved game.

Download  Krakout  -  arkanoid game - and see how many times you spend
for playing!

Posted Friday, November 5 2004 by ChrisD
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Pocket Informant 5.5 Released; wins Pocket PC Best Software Award for the third time

Pocket Informant 5.5 has just been released and is now available. This new
version expands on the already award-winning feature-set with new innovative
features that will make managing your life and business even easier. The
list of improvements for this release is huge!

Some of the major highlights include:
* Human day allows you to clear confusion and clutter from your appointments
* WAV Alarms - set an alarm to any WAV sound file and even have new sounds automatically alarmed
* Multiple Selection Add/Remove Categories
* Brand new Category Filter with ANY/ALL support and a brand new interface that makes filtering as easy as a click or two

Visit our What¹s New Page here for more info:

Pocket Informant is the most widely used third party PIM on the Pocket PC
capturing the recent 2004 People¹s Choice Awards and Pocket PC Magazine
awards as announced at the CTIA WIRELESS show this week in San Francisco.

Existing users can upgrade to Pocket Informant 5.5 simply by downloading the
latest installer from our download site and installing the new version of
their existing version.

Download the latest version here:
<http://pocketinformant.com/p_pocketinformant.php?tab=3> (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, November 4 2004 by ChrisD
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Berkeley Releases New Wi-Fi Indoor Mapping Coverage Software

Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc. has released Hive(TM), PC and Pocket PC® based software for mapping coverage of any indoor WLAN using Bekreley's popular Yellowjacket(TM) 802.11 Wi-Fi Receiver.

Hive(TM) (previous version known as Bird's Eye) is powerful mapping software that works with Berkeley's Yellowjacket 802.11 (B, A or B/G) Wi-Fi receiver system. Hive(TM) runs on an iPAQ® Pocket PC® allowing site surveys to be handheld and performed completely INDOORS. No GPS reception needed. Begin with Site Initiator by creating or importing a floorplan bitmap complete with drag and drop windows, doors, walls and other clutter or interference icons. Next, use Hive's(TM) Site Supervisor on your iPAQ to take scan all channels instantly, take measurements and plot survey points. Finally, plot and view surveys in multiple data table or graphical windows using Hive's(TM) Site Investigator. View coverage based upon MAC addresses, RSSI, SSID and more. Export data coverage in ASCII format for popular spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel®. Hive(TM) is available now as optional software for Yellowjacket(TM) Wi-Fi analysis receiver system. Available Q4 2004.


  • Create bitmap floorplans from scratch
  • Visible survey path
  • Screen snapshots
  • Multiple floorplan plots open simultaneously
  • Export data into spreadsheets

    Yellowjacket(TM) is a calibrated wireless receiver system that interfaces with HP's iPAQ® PocketPC® in sweeping, analyzing and optimizing 2.4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi Networks. The receiver measures all network channels for instant analysis of any access point's MAC, SSID and RSSI signal levels on or off any 802.11 WISP or Hotspot. Yellowjacket has the distinction of being the only true RF spectrum analysis and direction finding tool accurate to within 1 dB all in the palm of your hand. Berkeley's calibrated receiver sweeps and measures all RF energy in the 2.4 GHz range as well as on each of the channels for detailed network inspection of any nearby 802.11 APs or STAs.

    Yellowjacket is a passive, network independent device with the ability to see the "whole picture" as well as pinpointing channel interference and hackers that plague so many 802.11 WISPs and Hotspots. Yellowjacket automatically generates MAC authorization lists to detect and flag any AP or STA as friendly or suspect. WEP encryption is also detected and indicated for all APs/STAs. Yellowjacket includes options for a DF Antenna to pinpoint W-LAN hackers and 2.4 GHz sources of interference.

    Yellowjacket also supports Hive(TM) Indoor/Outdoor Mapping Software that maps 802.11 coverage. No GPS required. www.bvsystems.com/Products/Software/Hive/hive.htm (Source: Press Release, DirectionsMag)

  • Posted Thursday, November 4 2004 by ChrisD
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    Prof. Frydenberg Trades In Textbooks for Tech Alternative

    Pocket PCs have been integrated into the class in a number of ways. Frydenberg uses a cable to connect his pocket PC to the projection screen for the entire class to view. The curriculum for the class is the same as all other IT 101 class, but the pocket PCs are incorporated into assignments. Students in all IT 101 classes are required to create a website from HTML as a course project - students in the technology intensive course create a website formatted for both their desktop computers and Pocket PCs.

    "Using the Pocket PC's instead of laptops allows us to put a different spin on material. You're not going to bring your laptop with you everywhere, this you will," said Frydenberg.

    Frydenberg feels that the use of Pocket PCs in the classroom has benefited the learning environment. "I think that it's forcing the student to explore more, and try different things out. They're even using the Pocket PCs outside of my class. It has become a useful tool for their everyday lives, such as to manage their schedule, as well as in their other classes," said Frydenberg. "One student of mine even showed me a graphing calculator he had downloaded onto his pocket PC to use in his math class. I think that the students are seeing that technology lives outside of IT 101." (Source: Jenny Cantwell, The Vanguard Online, Bentley College)
    Posted Thursday, November 4 2004 by ChrisD
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    Syncalot Debuts Free Web-to-Pocket PC Syncing Solution

    Thanks to Syncalot, Pocket PC users can finally enjoy their portable devices the way they were intended—with up-to-date content from the Web that’s as mobile as they are. And webmasters benefit too with improved access to their portable customers. Founded in 2003, Syncalot has risen quickly to the challenge by offering the ultimate in easy to use, easy to access synchronized portable content. And best of all, the Syncalot service is free!

    “With the use of portable devices increasing rapidly, we were disappointed with the amount of portable web content available,” CEO of Syncalot, Steve Tietze says. “With Syncalot, we’re filling that void without the need for expensive wireless devices or service plans.”

    Syncalot is a full service synchronization package that provides simple tools for scheduling automated, synchronized tasks and for simplifying the process of adding new content from computer to Pocket PC—so the latest websites, audio, video, and flash files are ready to go when you are.

    Syncalot helps Pocket PC users and webmasters with Pocket PC-friendly content to find each other. Webmasters simply register their sites with the Syncalot network, which lets Syncalot members quickly locate the info (or “channels”) they like best. Members simply access the Syncalot network and download their favorite website or rich media file. When it’s time to hit the road, Syncalot members can automatically sync their Pocket PCs with their most recently downloaded files. Members enjoy the latest and greatest content anywhere they are, anytime they want.

    All this doesn’t cost a dime. The free version of Syncalot allows users to sync up to three channels of content at a time. In addition, unlimited access is available for the low monthly subscription fee of $9.95.

    For more information, to take a tour, and to try this free service, visit the Syncalot website at: http://www.syncalot.com

    For inclusion in the Syncalot network, developers, webmasters, and content delivery providers should review the full developer guide at: http://www.syncalot.com/developer/index.php (Source: Press Release)

    Posted Thursday, November 4 2004 by ChrisD
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    LingvoSoft released Multilingual Flashcards v1.3.14 bundled with free Flashcard Builder.

    Do you have the desire to learn 7000 foreign words in a short time and with the least amount of effort? Then LingvoSoft FlashCards for Pocket PC is the best choice for you!

    With LingvoSoft FlashCards you can study foreign languages as you play! Just install the new software on your Pocket PC and memorize new foreign words on the move quickly and effortlessly! And the user interface is friendlier then ever before!

    Flashcards are available for a great number of languages, such as Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and many others. 

    LingvoSoft FlashCards contains four exciting games which will help you quickly expand your vocabulary:

    Game No 1: Flash Cards
    It is a traditional game using cards; you can master it in a matter of minutes and learn for yourself that this is one of the most effective ways of working with foreign lexis.
    Game No 2: Pockets
    A traditional European game, geared towards in-depth memorization.
    Game No 3: Translation Test
    This game is a translation test which has the goal of checking how well you know the words. This is a simple, yet very effective way to check your knowledge and brush up on the words that need additional memorizing.
    Game No 4: Spell Check
    This game teaches you to spell foreign words correctly.
    The FlashCards vocabulary base is comprised of 3000 basic lexis and about 4000 special terminology words (units):

    1000 words, general vocabulary Level - I
    1000 words, general vocabulary Level - II
    1000 words, general vocabulary Level - III
    Law terminology - about 1000 words
    Medical terminology - about 1000 words
    Business terminology - about 1000 words
    Computer terminology - about 1000 words
    With the help of LingvoSoft FlashCards you can also create your own Vocabulary bases and use them in your language studies.

    Now, you can play the LingvoSoft FlashCards games in the Landscape mode! [Pocket CE 2003 SE]

    Play for hours and learn foreign words with LingvoSoft FlashCards for Pocket PC!

    LingvoSoft FlashCards Builder is the means for creating your own FlashCards word databases, from your personal text files as well as from clipboard bits. Memorize the words you need, with LingvoSoft FlashCards and FlashCards Builder.

    The LingvoSoft FlashCards Builder is free of charge. (Source: Press Release)

    Posted Thursday, November 4 2004 by ChrisD
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    New site promises to speed-up ebook search

    Diesel eBooks founder and President, L. Scott Redford today announced the launch of the company’s online ebook store (www.diesel-ebooks.com). The company hopes to differentiate itself by reducing the time required for a customer purchase and offering an extensive inventory of titles in multiple, secure formats including Microsoft Reader, Adobe Reader and Palm Reader. According to Redford, customers will be able to make their selection faster from over 35,000 titles using 50 categories and 2,300 sub-categories in addition to a robust search tool. He states, “If you want a book on historical fantasy, you shouldn’t have to wade through all the fantasy titles in contemporary and horror. Now you won’t have to.” Customers will be able to maintain their own “wish list” and enjoy free membership in Diesel’s Frequent Buyer Program where accumulated points can be redeemed as discounts. Plans are for hundreds of titles to be added each month from publishers such as HarperCollins, Holtzbrinck, iPublish, McGraw-Hill, Penguin Putnam, Simon & Schuster, and Wiley. Redford’s experience includes the July launch of eBook Rapture, which focused on romantic fiction and will be assimilating under Diesel eBooks. (Source: Press Release)
    Posted Thursday, November 4 2004 by ChrisD
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    First Star Software, Inc., the Westchester, New York based developer and publisher of award winning games, announced that Boulder Dash®-PocketPC Extreme™, the latest installment in their Boulder Dash® series of games, was released today. A major hit for years in arcades, on consoles and on PCs, this sequel to the nostalgic action-puzzle game was jointly developed with Pocketnapalm of Budapest, Hungary who together with First Star will co-publish the game for all Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 or Pocket PC 2003 (Arm/XScale/MIPS/SH3/SH4 processor) devices with 3 MB free storage memory and 8 MB free program memory.

    Boulder Dash®-PocketPC Extreme™ is the first official Boulder Dash® sequel ever developed for PDAs. The heart pumping, state of the art action-puzzle game introduces players to Rocky™ and Crystal™ (the children of the star of the original game: Rockford™) on their journey through five new exciting worlds as they search for treasure. Retailing for US$19.95, the game includes 20 Tutorial levels as well as 100 Game levels spread across five different graphic worlds of twenty levels each. Beautiful hand-drawn graphics, intense soundtracks and mind boggling level solutions feature remote controlled gates toggled by switches; 90° rotation of the screen; growing amoebas and deadly lava; tricky doors and keys. Tools and inventory are also introduced, providing players with the ability to use detonators and dynamite; timed bombs; kick objects and escape from tight spots with their boulder-smashing hammers as they play in either portrait or landscape mode.

    First Star’s president, Richard M. Spitalny states: "This represents our first release of a game for PocketPCs and we are very fortunate to have Pocketnapalm as our development and co-publishing partners. Pocketnapalm has done an exceptional job creating beautiful hand-drawn graphics, great music and SFX all supported by an experienced and very skilled team of programmers. They have added all the bells and whistles PocketPC users could hope for such as saving and loading of levels; eight ‘beamable’ slave slots and the ability to post high scores to the internet. In fact, high scores and saved games can be beamed, even between different OS platforms, via Irda and Bluetooth!" (Source: Press Release)

    Posted Thursday, November 4 2004 by ChrisD
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    PDAmill collects tons of awards

    Arvale: Journey of Illusion - website now open
    Posted Thursday, November 4 2004 by ChrisD
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    PalmSource takes hit on investment report

    "Shares of PalmSource, the handheld operating system developer, dipped Monday on an investment bank's report that said key licensee PalmOne will use Microsoft's OS in its Treo line of devices.

    The research note from Needham & Co. said PalmOne "tacitly admitted" it was working to make Microsoft's handheld OS available on the popular Treo line of phones. The devices currently use PalmSource's Palm OS, and PalmOne is PalmSource's biggest customer. The two companies recently split from each other, allowing them to be more flexible. " (Source: Richard Shim, CNET News)
    Posted Tuesday, November 2 2004 by ChrisD
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    ZZZ Software announces the release of version 1.8 of MobileAdmin

    ZZZ Software today announced the release of version 1.8 of MobileAdmin,
    the remote server management platform that enables IT professionals to
    have a full control over servers and network appliances through any
    mobile device. With the round-the-clock access to network performance
    data, clients will quicker respond to network failures and minimize
    server down time which will eventually lead to the reduction of
    emergency-related expenses.

    MobileAdmin v.1.8 is the most complete, all-in-one toolkit designed for
    absolute network monitoring mobility. With its clients for mobile and
    desktop communication, the program allows the customer to connect to the
    server and perform all the system and administration transactions
    through Java Phones, Pocket PCs or PDAs without requiring any access to
    a desktop. Server performance reports can be delivered to the customer
    through any convenient interface including GPRS, SMS, ICQ, E-mail or
    Windows Messenger.

    Our customers can efficiently manage networks anytime from virtually any
    place, even if it is thousands of miles away from the server. Our JAVA
    and Desktop clients feature a comprehensive command menu that helps
    administrators perform such routine tasks as viewing event logs,
    starting and stopping services, rebooting computers and much more.
    Client/Server interaction is secured by the high command encryption
    level. Thanks to the emergency notification system, the MobileAdmin
    server can send network failure reports so that the administrator can
    instantly address problems.

    In producing software, MobileAdmin development team is committed to
    providing flexible software solutions which can be exclusively
    customized to address the specific needs of the customer. The standard
    program functionality can be further expanded with such capabilities as
    regular expression and JAVA/VBS script parsing, WMI and external
    applications management support, SQL queries on Microsoft SQL databases
    and more. Customers can also order special versions of MobileAdmin for a
    desktop or mobile device supporting JAVA.

    "One of the benefits of MobileAdmin is the flexibility and choice it
    gives our customers", said Igor Pavlov, CEO of ZZZ Software. "Today,
    customers are not looking for 'one size fits all' solutions. Instead,
    they are more interested in products which are tailored to help them
    solve their specific challenges. Following this trend, we offer our
    clients MobileAdmin platforms, which can be designed to fulfill their
    individual requirements. I believe this initiative will help us fill the
    current void for highly customizable communications software and attract
    more clients."

    The latest version of MobileAdmin introduces such new functionality as:
    - New MobileAdmin Java Client for mobile devices;
    - Execution of external system commands such as Telnet;
    - New GPRS interface and new interface module;
    - New commands for the processes list;
    - New tasks and task result saving option for graphic view.

    MobileAdmin v.1.8 is available for Windows 2000/XP/2003 and priced at
    $99 (USD). Registered customers are entitled to the unlimited program
    functionality, free updates and technical support. The evaluation
    version of the application can be downloaded for free at
    (Source: Press Release)

    Posted Monday, November 1 2004 by ChrisD
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    NewsBreak for Pocket PC from Ilium Software

    Ilium Software has released NewsBreak, a powerful Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC application that gives you real-time access to international news, entertainment, sports, and technology articles.

    NewsBreak comes with pre-selected news outlets, and makes it easy to add your own Internet news sources. You can use NewsBreak to follow your favorite blogs, or any public or company internal channel that uses RSS standards. For each news channel, NewsBreak shows you the total number of headlines available, as well as the number of unread messages.

    Tap any channel name, and NewsBreak opens a headline list. An icon next to each headline tells you if it contains keywords from your customized list of important words and phrases. The program can alert you whenever a story in any channel has one or more of these important keywords. It also indicates if you have already read the headline or the complete story. Most headlines have date and time stamps.

    NewsBreak is $14.95. For complete information on NewsBreak including 30-day free trials and purchasing information go to: http://www.iliumsoft.com/site/nw/newsbreak.htm (Source: Press Release)

    Posted Monday, November 1 2004 by ChrisD
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    Finally, auto-copy your iTunes music to your Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone or Smartphone...

    At last, Windows Mobile users can have the best of both worlds. iTunes to manage their music album and a Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone or Smartphone to carry the music in their iTunes playlists.

    If you're only using your Windows Mobile handheld to manage your contacts, calendar, or tasks, you're missing out on one of it's coolest features...taking your favorite music on the road and playing while you work. That's why we created ppcTunes™, the first ever tool to copy and covert music from Apple's iTunes to Windows Mobile devices of all kinds.

    ppcTunes is a simple, yet powerful app that allows you to copy your favorite iTunes playlists to your Pocket PC. It's the swiss army knife of music applications: we've packed it with everything you'll need.

    From a tool to halve the space music files take up on your Pocket PC to our "Sync on Connect" feature (allowing you to copy music files every time you hook up your device), there's nothing we haven't put into this great little app. ppcTunes will even map your music files to your storage card so as not to fill up the main memory of your device.

    (Only $9.95)

    What's more, this great app is only $9.95. That's less than the cost of most business lunches and unlike a lunch, you can uses this over and over again.

    If you have iTunes and a Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone or Smartphone, we know you'll love ppcTunes.(Source Press Release)

    Posted Monday, November 1 2004 by ChrisD
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