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Week of July 30, 2006

VoiceMinder 1.0 Beta

What is VoiceMinder?

VoiceMinder is a simple solution for those of us who keep track of their task items via email. Currently available for the Pocket PC (soon for SmartPhone), once setup VoiceMinder allows you to quickly record a voice note and have it sent on its way to your email address of choice with just two button presses. No user interface to mess with. No complexities. Just drive/walk/whatever and press the user-configured hotkey to start recording and the hotkey again to stop - instant voice mail!  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, August 4 2006 by ChrisD
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PhatWare Announces the Release of PhatSketch Game for Smartphones

New game allows users to create sketches using numeric keypad or full keyboard

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – July 31, 2006 - PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces the release of PhatSketch, its first game for Microsoft Windows Mobile powered smartphones. PhatSketch allows users to create drawings using the phone’s numeric keypad or the full keyboard to draw diagonal lines, lines with arrows, curves and circles by connecting "markers" that can be set as users draw lines or move the cursor.

Want a new place to doodle? How about on your smartphone? With the new PhatSketch software, you can do just that. Users are now able to draw connecting vertical and horizontal lines by using the up/down/left/right keys on the smartphone keypad or the full keyboard. PhatSketch allows users to also move the position of the cursor and begin drawing lines from any location. By pressing the OK button, markers can be set at the current cursor location. Two markers can be connected to create either an arrow, line, or circle. Three or more markers can be connected to create a straight line or a Bezier curve.

"We have always been pleased to provide PhatWare users with software applications that make their work easier," said Stan Miasnikov, president of PhatWare. "Now, we are extremely excited to introduce a game that will keep our users entertained."

Using the phone’s keypad, users have the ability to delete the last stroke or the last marker and redo or undo the last action. Additionally, PhatSketch users can animate the drawing, which slowly redraws the strokes used to originally create the sketch. With 42 text and background colors, PhatSketch allows users to change a range of options that help create colorful and engaging drawings. Extra features also include the ability to change the speed of the cursor, the ability to insert background images and varied ink width points. Once done, sketches can be saved as JPEG, PNG or BMP files.

"Microsoft is excited about the new PhatWare game for Windows Mobile users," said Chris Hill, group product manager, Microsoft Corporation. "Great gaming experiences are an exciting benefit of the Windows Mobile platform. It’s great to see 3rd party application innovation like PhatSketch making Windows Mobile an even more entertaining and productive platform for people that are mobile."

PhatSketch for Windows Mobile is a Microsoft Windows Mobile certified application. This means that the software has met the rigorous standards set forth by Microsoft and has been tested by a third party to assure those standards were met or exceeded.

PhatSketch supports most Microsoft Windows Mobile devices running on Windows Mobile 3.0 or higher. The software can be purchased from the PhatWare Web site or PhatWare’s authorized online resellers for $9.95. The 15-day free trial version is also available and can be downloaded from company’s Web site. For more information on PhatSketch or other PhatWare products, visit www.phatware.com.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, August 1 2006 by ChrisD
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Best Software Awards 2006 Nominees Announced. Let the judging begin!

699 Products have been nominated in Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine’s Sixth Annual Best Software Awards for Windows Mobile software. In August a team of 90 Windows Mobile experts from around the world will evaluate the software nominees in 88 Pocket PC categories and 27 Smartphone categories.

New Products Editor, Diane Dumas, and the 2006 Board of Experts have nominated the top software from Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine’s exhaustive 4000 product Encyclopedia of Software and Accessories. Finalists will be announced in September and winners in October at the Awards Home Page at www.pocketpcmag.com/awards/.  Complete details about the winners will be included in the 2007 Buyer’s Guide, available in October, mailed free to Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine subscribers. The list of nominees, the procedure for judging, a link to the Encyclopedia, and the qualifications of the Board of Experts can all be found at the Best Software Awards home page.

From June 30, 2006 through July 14, 2006 the nominations were made available for public feedback, and many suggestions were adopted. Nominations were frozen July 24. Comments on the nominations may be made in the Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine forum:  http://www.pocketpcmag.com/forum/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=50

The 90 Members of the 2006 Board of Experts, who will vote in the awards, are prominent Web Site editors and webmasters, Microsoft MVPs, support forum contributors, and Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine and blog contributing editors. Their qualifications can be found at the awards home page. All are volunteers and none who vote are employed by Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine. The Board of Experts cast votes to determine the winners during August. Winners and finalists are the top vote getters. These experts also submit comments about the software for publication in 2006 issues of Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine and they are also available to the nominees.

Smartphone & Pocket PC Executive Editor and Publisher, Hal Goldstein said, “We have been doing this for 6 years, and the nominee’s list is the most comprehensive and accurate list yet. A big thank you goes to the Board of Experts and the general public who helped us get the list “right”. Congratulations to the nominees, who are mostly from small independent companies who have worked so hard to deliver great software to Windows Mobile users.”  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, August 1 2006 by ChrisD
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Three Steps to a New, Improved Microsoft!

2. Insist on quality and security. Microsoft ads say "Your potential. Our passion," but the real motto should be "Do the Minimum." Whenever I pick up a Microsoft product, I expect stupid or dysfunctional design. You rarely disappoint me.

Quality? In just the last few weeks, I've encountered a show-stopping defect in ActiveSync, Windows Mobile dialog boxes that are unreadable because nobody redesigned them for the aspect ratio of the Motorola Q phone's screen, and an entire platform--Ultra-Mobile PC--that's one of the worst computing experiences ever, right down to a Tablet PC tutorial no one bothered to update for the new devices. Windows Media-based audio players continually fail to challenge Apple's iPod because Microsoft's software sucks. (Source: Stephen Manes, PC World)

Posted Tuesday, August 1 2006 by ChrisD
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Wireless Development Tool MobiForms Version 3.02    Now Certified With The IBM J9 Java Environment

The latest release of the revolutionary mobile development tool MobiForms is now certified with the IBM J9 Java environment - alternatively known as the WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment.

J9 gives Java support for MobiForms on Pocket PC, Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Palm.

MobiForms continues to support other Java environments such as Jbed, Jeode and Mysaifu on Windows Mobile or PersonalJava on Symbian.

MobiForms is a rapid application development tool for building Java based mobile applications for Tablet PC, Pocket PC, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, EPOC, Symbian and Palm based mobile computers and PDAs. MobiForms revolutionises the creation of mobile applications by reducing development time from days to minutes. With MobiForms you do not need to know a single line of Java, but you can develop professional applications for asset collection, field service, inspection, market research, site surveys, stock control or workshop repair, quickly and seamlessly using the intuitive MobiForms drag and drop interface and tie the data back easily to corporate systems.

This latest release complements the existing features in MobiForms such as signature capture, image items, integrated MobiScript language for bar coding, connectivity to Oracle, Sybase and IBM DB2 databases, or simple ASCII file access.

MobiForms also contains networking functionality allowing client-server mobile applications to be built using serial, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi or mobile phone connections.

MobiForms can be downloaded from the MobiForms web site at http://www.mobiforms.com (Source: Press Release).

Posted Sunday, July 30 2006 by ChrisD
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