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Week of April 30, 2006

Microsoft Inks Deal With Qualcomm

Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT - message board) is once again trying to get a larger slice of the smartphone market through a deal with Qualcomm Inc. (Nasdaq: QCOM - message board) that will put Redmond's operating system right on cellular silicon.

The two companies have begun porting the Windows Mobile OS to Qualcomm CDMA chipsets. The pair says the work will help to cut product development time for smartphone vendors as well as allowing them to make the devices smaller.

The deal could help to raise Microsoft's profile in the smartphone world. The firm already has its mobile code in a number of phones, such as the Palm Inc. 700w Treo and the upcoming Q from Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT - message board).  (Source: Dan Jones, Unstrung)

Posted Friday, May 5 2006 by ChrisD
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PocketBreeze 5.1 Released!

Since PocketBreeze 5 release six months ago we've been working really hard to complete the new PocketBreeze version 5.1 which was released today!

With PocketBreeze 5.1 we've completely re-designed our PIM loading algorithm using a much more efficient code, the entire PB painting code was redesigned, new ability to fully control PocketBreeze items using the D-Pad control was added and much more! The new PocketBreeze 5.1 is more powerful, smaller and much faster!

A few PocketBreeze 5.1 highlights

Complete D-Pad Navigation Support - A new Complete Navigation D-Pad mode was added, allowing you to fully control all of your PocketBreeze items using the D-Pad control, navigating tab items one by one, opening context menus and much more!

New PIM Information Loading Code - Information loading code was completely redesigned. Users that will upgrade from version 5.0 to the new version 5.1 will notice major performance improvement for PocketBreeze loading time

Redesigned Drawing Code - A complete recoding of the PocketBreeze drawing code was implemented. The immediate effect that you will notice is a much more responsive PocketBreeze and smaller sized! Both are highly important guidelines for us during the development

PocketBreeze 5.1 includes many additional new features; We invite you to read more about the new release and find free upgrade details for registered user in the following URL:

http://www.sbsh.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=10474  (Source: Press Release)
Posted Thursday, May 4 2006 by ChrisD
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VITO Voice2Go v 1.25 press-release

VITO VoiceVITO Technology updates its favorite voice controlling application VITO Voice2Go to v. 1.25. This update includes several useful features its agile users asked for alongside with new registration system.
VITO Voice2Go is basically purposed at allowing its users to manage their Pocket PCs stylusfree just by talking to their devices. With VITO Voice2Go Pocket PC you can forget about your stylus and manage your PDA with voice commands in your own languages:
start and quit applications
call contacts or hang up the phone
find out who’s calling by listening to a voice tag attributed to this person
modify system settings
press any onscreen buttons with voice and record macros.
In VITO Voice2Go v.1.25 you can benefit by using easy macros recording feature. Macros are recorded in real time now, i.e. when performing a macro will remember all the pauses you made while recording it. To stop recording a macro you just need to click the red button that always stays on the top of the screen. Name your macros, assign a voice command to it and you are ready to go.
Another useful feature is contacts filtering. Tap the letters or numbers to filter the contacts just as in your default contacts window. The contacts list also appears without any delay now. It means less time for you to pick up the contact you want assign a voice command to.
All these features will greatly simplify managing your Pocket PC. 
  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, May 4 2006 by ChrisD
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Mini Gets Mighty: Introducting Opera Mini 2.0 for your mobile phone

Oslo, Norway - May 3, 2006 - Opera Software today released Opera Mini 2.0, the new version of the tiny and fast Web browser that runs on almost every mobile phone. With over 2.5 million users since its first release in January 2006, Opera Mini has revolutionized mobile Web browsing. Opera Mini 2.0 further improves the Web surfing experience for any mobile phone user by enabling them to download MP3s, images and other Web content directly to their mobile phone. Additional features include quick and easy mobile shopping, improved design, bookmark speed dials, and more.

"Opera Mini has kick-started real mobile Web browsing by enabling non-smartphone owners to surf the full Internet on their phones, just as they do on their PCs," said Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. "Opera Mini 2.0 adds a more personal aspect to mobile Web browsing. Whether you want to change the way the browser looks to suit your mood, download today's most popular song, or even check movie times and book tickets, Opera Mini 2.0 is the mobile browser designed for the way you live your life."

Browser-to-SMS: A New World of Mobile Commerce

New capabilities in Opera Mini help businesses take the pain out of mobile commerce. Opera Mini now supports seamless mobile commerce via SMS. For example, users can click directly on the Web site to purchase ringtones, games and other content which will then be delivered as an SMS. The charge will appear in the phone bill as an SMS with the price set by the seller. This form of mobile commerce - direct from the browser to SMS - simplifies the transaction for both the business and the consumer.

Opera Mini is also available as a customized browser for businesses that want to reach mobile customers. Operators, broadcasters, mobile content providers, handset manufacturers and others can take advantage of Opera Mini's fast and easy way to make both existing and new content available on all handsets.

New features in Opera Mini 2.0 include:

- Content download: Download images, MP3s, etc. directly to the phone.

- New skins: Make Opera Mini your own by selecting from several new and bold skins to suit your mood.

- Multisearch: Opera Mini offers advanced searching functionality by allowing users to select extra search engines for the home page.

- Speed dial: Bookmarks displayed on the home page are assigned a shortcut key combination, giving users faster and easier access to their favorite sites.

- Visual navigation: Quick and smooth horizontal panning when browsing backwards or forwards.


Direct the mobile phone's WAP browser to http://mini.opera.com (No cost)

SMS download for your country:

http://www.opera.com/products/mobile/operamini/sms/ (small fee applies)

Opera Mini is available in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish. More languages will be available shortly.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, May 3 2006 by ChrisD
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BoxWave is excited to announce Armor Case™ for MiTAC Mio A201!

Armor Case™ is a form-fitting, trendy aluminum case that is designed to fit your MiTAC Mio A201 perfectly! It's exterior is made of anodized aluminum that is strong yet lightweight while the interior is padded with a layer of foam for optimal security. While Armor Case™ works to protect your MiTAC Mio A201 from everyday wear and tear, its accessible openings give quick access to patch antenna, stylus, memory slot, speaker, and charging/synchronization port. Armor Case™ is also designed with a SD card holder and a clear plexiglass window that protects your MiTAC Mio A201 while allowing you easily read your display!

Better yet, Armor Case™ for MiTAC Mio A201 includes a high quality, simple-to-use, detachable belt clip!

Go ahead and check it out here: http://www.boxwave.com/products/armorcase/armor-case-mitac-mio-a201_1168.htm (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, May 2 2006 by ChrisD
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PhatWare Releases PhatNotes 4.7 Smartphone Edition

Award-winning notes software fully upgraded for Windows Mobile 5.0-based smartphone devices includes instant communication functions and Voice Notes

Mountain View, Calif. – May 2, 2006 – PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces the release of PhatNotes 4.7 Smartphone Edition. PhatNotes is an award-winning notes organizer for Microsoft Windows Mobile-based devices and Desktop PCs that allows users to create notes and organize them by type, subject, creation and modification date.

PhatNotes 4.7 Smartphone Edition includes several new features to improve usability and increase user productivity. PhatNotes 4.7 gives smartphone users the ability to instantly dial phone numbers, launch an Internet browser and send an e-mail using information stored in PhatNotes. If a PhatNotes document contains a phone number, URL or e-mail address and the user moves the cursor over it, the right button menu changes to allow the user to dial the phone number, open the Web site or compose a new e-mail message with the single press of a button.

“An increasing number of smartphones running Windows Mobile 5.0 have become available to an eager mobile market,” said Stan Miasnikov, president of PhatWare Corporation. “We have developed significant new features and improvements to our award-winning PhatNotes Smartphone Edition application for this growing market, while keeping it affordable for consumers by offering a free upgrade to existing users of the application.”

PhatNotes 4.7 Smartphone Edition now fully supports Windows Mobile 5.0 and smartphone devices with QVGA screens. The application includes standard editing commands, such as cut, copy, paste, undo and more. The software also has an improved smartphone user interface and notes synchronization. Additionally, PhatNotes 4.7 Smartphone Edition allows users to attach files to PhatNotes documents, record and replay voice notes and link to other documents stored within the same database.

“The power and flexibility of the Windows Mobile platform provides consumers with the choice in how they stay organized and connected to critical information within their personal and professional lives,” said Chris Hill, group product manager, Microsoft Corporation. “PhatWare’s PhatNotes 4.7 Smartphone Edition gives Windows Mobile-based smartphone users a great tool to increase their productivity and mobile communication.”

PhatNotes 4.7 Smartphone Edition works on Windows Mobile-based Smartphone devices running Windows Mobile 4.0 or later. The application costs $29.95 and is currently available for purchase on the PhatWare Web site, www.phatware.com. The software is a free upgrade for registered users of previous versions of PhatNotes Smartphone Edition. Registered users of PhatNotes Standard or Professional Editions who have both a Pocket PC and a smartphone device can purchase the PhatNotes Smartphone add-on for $10. For more information about PhatNotes Smartphone Edition or other award-winning PhatWare products, visit www.phatware.com. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, May 2 2006 by ChrisD
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Hubdog Toolbar to power RSS channels for Windows Mobile

hubdog rss channels

What if you could access anywhere, anytime your favorite RSS feeds without having to go through the annoying task of synchronizing your Pocket PC or even leaving your web browser ?

Hubdog Toolbar it's a convenient, easy-to-use, responsive add-on that lets you aggregate your favorite blogs, podcasts, vidcasts, or news feeds directly from your web browser. What’s more, Hubdog allows worldwide Windows Mobile communities using NOMAD Media Hub free mobile service to add user-generated RSS feed channels to their Pocket PCs via any IE or Firefox browser !

Hubdog Key Features

- Fetch multimedia feeds by keyword in Yahoo News, BlinkX, Flickr, Google Blog Podzinger, Yahoo Videos, Webjay, Google Video

- View, tag, organize and create feed channels via IE or Firefox

Content is NOMAD: Let Hubdog fetch it for you !

Download your free Hubdog Web Toolbar now at: www.Hubdog.com

Download NOMAD Media Hub for free here: www.NOMADreader.com (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, May 2 2006 by ChrisD
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Microsoft has just released a public beta of Microsoft ActiveSync 4.2

Microsoft has just released a public beta of Microsoft ActiveSync 4.2.  The beta is available for download from


We encourage everyone to download, install and use this newer version and provide feedback on your experience.

We have created two ways for you to provide feedback.  We have created an email alias and a newsgroup.  The email alias is ASTell, and the newsgroup will be microsoft.public.pocketpc.activesync.beta. The newsgroup will go live on Monday 5/1. Based on the anticipated volume we will not be able to respond directly to every email or post, we will be reviewing all incoming messages to insure that the feedback is addresses as we continue to improve the Microsoft ActiveSync product.


Ken Lavering  (Source: Microsoft ActiveSync Newsgroup)

Posted Monday, May 1 2006 by ChrisD
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SBSH Mobile Software, PocketBreeze updated to version 5.1

May 1, 2006 - SBSH PocketBreeze updated to version 5.1. Featuring Complete D-Pad Navigation Mode, Tab Context Menus, Faster Performance and much more!

PocketBreeze new major version was released today. Version 5.1 offers new Complete navigation D-Pad mode, allowing to navigate through all individual items on PB tabs using only the D-Pad control, new tab context menus, complete re-coding of drawing code and tabs architecture. All together bringing a more powerful and much more efficient PocketBreeze!

PocketBreeze 5.1 highlights

Complete D-Pad Navigation Mode - Optionally use the new Complete navigation D-Pad mode. When used, allowing to navigate between individual items on all tabs, open context menus, and completely control your information using the D-Pad only! A great solution for users that use their D-Pad control frequently.

Custom Tabs D-Pad Navigation - When Complete navigation D-Pad mode is enabled, D-Pad navigation will also work for Today screen plug-ins that are used within PocketBreeze custom tab interface.

Tab Context Menus - New context menus added for each of PocketBreeze tabs. Allowing to fully control the tab content via the context menu, replacing all features offered by the tab top bar.

Complete Drawing and Tabs Architecture Re-written - PocketBreeze 5.1 drawing code and tabs architecture code were designed from the beginning and re-coded using much more efficient ways, resulting a much smaller and faster PocketBreeze.

More information about the new features and changes that were implemented with this new release can be found in the following URL:

Pricing and Availability

PocketBreeze 5.1 costs $14.95

PocketBreeze can be purchased using the SBSH online store powered by Handango in the following URL:

Additional distributors are available on our site in the following URL:

Downloads and Support

PocketBreeze trial version can be downloaded from Handango in the following URL:

PocketBreeze user manual can be downloaded from our site in the following URL:

For any additional questions/suggestion we invite you to post on our forums:
Click here to enter SBSH forums

Or contact our support team at:
[email protected]

Upgrade Details

All PocketBreeze 5.x registered users are entitled to receive this upgrade for free. You can find more information how to update to the latest version in the following URL:

* Because this is a major sub-point version update we recommend to uninstall the latest version before installing the new version. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, May 1 2006 by ChrisD
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Top-rated Software at Deeply Discounted Prices

Now, for a limited time only, LingvoSoft is making available a number of discounts on the purchase of its translating dictionaries for Windows, Pocket PC and Palm OS. Known the world over for producing some of the most sophisticated and powerful language management software around, these award-winning applications can now be yours at a fraction of the normal cost.

But you must hurry! There are only a few of these spectacular discounts left and they are going fast! So don't risk disappointment, visit LingvoSoft now and $ave big bucks during the Spring Promo!
Posted Sunday, April 30 2006 by ChrisD
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Gumball Rally goes "Around the World in 8 days" with CoPilot Live and T-Mobile

Thursday 27th April 2006, London, UK - ALK Technologies announced today that for the second year running it is the Official Navigation Sponsor of the Gumball Rally, the 'World's most Glamorous Rally' which sees 240 drivers in 120 supercars travel 3,000 miles across 3 continents in just 8 days.

The 2006 Gumball Rally is a truly global event starting in Pall Mall, Central London on Sunday 30th April, visiting Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Phuket, Bangkok, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas before finishing in Los Angeles, on Sunday 7th May.

Participants such as Pink, Tony Hawk, MTV's Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn, Martine McCutcheon and Jodie Kidd will be able to find the way from stop to stop and party to party easily, using CoPilot Live mobile phone satellite navigation, which will be supplied preloaded on the latest HTC manufactured Windows Mobile 5.0-based smartphones from T-Mobile.

Maps of the entire route are preloaded, so drivers can simply key-in the destination and start driving. CoPilot will calculate the entire route in seconds and provide turn-by-turn voice guidance. Gumballers will enjoy all the features and benefits of a dedicated sat nav system, but on a T-Mobile phone. If a turn is missed, CoPilot works out the best new route immediately. Drivers will be pleased to know that a database of European Speed Camera locations is preloaded, with spoken and on-screen warnings. On a lighter note, Gumballers will be able to choose from a variety of navigation voices, supplied by sound-alike voice specialist Locutio, including Gumball founder Maximillion Cooper. The Gumballers can also use the devices to access the internet, send emails and of course make calls and send text messages.

Gumball fans will be able to monitor the progress of specific drivers or the entire rally live on the Web using CoPilot FleetCenter, at www.alk.com/gumball. CoPilot Live incorporates real-time location tracking which will report the location of each vehicle using the phone's internet connection. ALK will also use the online system to provide remote support to drivers, for example by sending them new destinations if an incorrect stop is entered.

"We are delighted to be partnering with T-Mobile, Microsoft and smartphone pioneer HTC, to once again provide mobile phone satellite navigation to the Gumball Rally" said Michael Kornhauser, Managing Director of ALK Technologies Ltd, "its a fun, and high profile way to demonstrate how you can use your mobile phone to guide you around the world and enable others to see where you are live on the Internet."

Each driver will receive a T-Mobile MDA Compact II Pocket PC Phone, developed in partnership with HTC. Gumballers will also be able to use these powerful Windows Mobile 5.0 based devices to easily access e-mail, contacts and their calendar through Outlook; browse the Web through Pocket Internet Explorer, take pictures or download and play music and of course stay in touch with other Gumballers via voice, SMS, MMS or MSN Messenger whilst on the road.

Simon Ainslie, Director of Sales for T-Mobile UK said "We're delighted to be a part of the Gumball Rally. Our strategy is to provide customers simplicity in everything we do - price plans, products and our customer services. We're providing the Gumballers a robust network to get them from A to B with no complications - simple!"

Dan Cohen, Marketing Manager, Windows Mobile, Microsoft UK said "ALK Technologies CoPilot® Live software enhances the power of Windows Mobile software to transform a mobile device into a sophisticated navigation tool. This application is a great example of the rich innovation possible today on Windows Mobile software".

"Optimized for Intel XScale technology, CoPilot live 6 delivers the performance and advanced features of a dedicated satellite navigation system in a highly portable form." stated Gary Forni, Director of Handheld Platform Software Enabling, Intel Mobility Group. "With Intel XScale-based GPS devices, mobile professionals, families, and of course Gumball Rally participants, are able to enjoy mapping and routing technology while on the road."

The T-Mobile MDA Compact II with CoPilot Live Satellite Navigation, as used by the Gumballers, is one of a range of CoPilot mobile phone sat nav solutions available from FREE through T-Mobile. www.t-mobile.co.uk/freesatnav.

The Gumball special edition voice is available free of charge to existing CoPilot Live Smartphone and PDA based users from www.voiceskins.co.uk

For more details about CoPilot Live Mobile Phone Satellite Navigation and to track the 2006 Gumball Rally Live, visit www.alk.eu.com  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, April 30 2006 by ChrisD
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