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Week of March 30, 2008

Gates sees next Windows "sometime" in next year

"That'll be sometime in the next year or so that we'll have a new version," Gates said in response to a question from the audience.

He said new versions of Windows would help revolutionize mobile phones and run the desk of the future, which would have a touch surface display allowing users to call up items using their hands.  (Source: Michael Christie, KPLC 7 News)
Posted Friday, April 4 2008 by ChrisD
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Articles: Microsoft Supports the Enterprise with Windows Mobile 6.1 and Experience More With Windows Mobile 6.1

Introducing Windows Mobile 6.1 for the enterprise and end users:

Recently Microsoft introduced Windows Mobile 6.1, a minor upgrade of the Windows Mobile operating system. It adds new features and capabilities to the prior 6.0 version, enhancing your Web browsing and day to day use and management of Windows Mobile. This article deals with enhancements that will be of interest to the enterprise user.

Recently Microsoft introduced Windows Mobile 6.1, a new minor version of the Windows Mobile operating system. It adds new features and capabilities on to the prior 6.0 version enhancing your web browsing and day to day use of Windows Mobile.   (Source: Chris De Herrera, Pocket PC FAQ)

Posted Thursday, April 3 2008 by ChrisD
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Microsoft Announces Enterprise-Class Mobile Solution

New mobile solution, mobile services plan and phones come together for end-to-end managed offering.

Helping to propel large-scale mobile phone deployments by businesses, Microsoft Corp. today announced at CTIA Wireless 2008 the immediate availability of System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 and plans for a Microsoft Mobile Services Plan (MMSP) to be available from mobile operators worldwide. Together with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1, the software and services provide the best solution for midsize and large businesses to manage and help protect Windows Mobile phones.

“With Microsoft’s mobile solutions, businesses now have the power, control and flexibility over how they deliver information to their employees on the go,” said John O’Rourke, general manager, Mobile Communications Business, Microsoft. “Together with our partners, we’re helping enterprises extend their reach like never before.”

Microsoft saw positive response to early trial programs for Mobile Device Manager. Companies across the financial, manufacturing and professional services industries also requested that mobile operators deliver a core set of software and services to help businesses meet their management needs.

A study conducted by Microsoft with large and midsize organizations showed businesses would like to move beyond their current mobile solutions to offer more sophisticated services. Mobile Device Manager meets their needs by offering the following benefits:
• Features to manage phones with the same ease and flexibility as Windows-based PCs, addressing IT priorities for saving resources and protecting information
• Capability to help protect sensitive business files and e-mails, contacts and other information through file and storage card encryption on the phone should it be lost or stolen
• Ability to access more of the information mobile workers need for staying on top of their jobs via a mobile virtual private network, which provides security-enhanced access to company data and application updates over the air

Mobile Services Plan Enriches End-to-End Experience

Today leading operators AT&T, O2, Orange, TaTa Teleservices Ltd. and Verizon Wireless announced they are in discussions with Microsoft to deliver the Microsoft Mobile Services Plan. MMSP is a set of core software and services that provides a uniform experience across Windows Mobile 6.1 phones, whether working with one or more operators, saving time and resources so companies can focus on other areas of mobility. Beginning later in 2008, operators plan to offer a subscription plan that will bring businesses the following:
• A corporate-grade network and data plan to support enterprise applications and services to help people get work done with the responsiveness they expect from the network and the efficient use of battery power they want on their phones
• A package from mobile operators, including access rights to Mobile Device Manager as well as the advanced mobile management features of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1), Microsoft Services Premier Support and Software Assurance for Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Office Mobile running on Windows Mobile 6.1-based phones.

Fast-Growing Network of Partners Open for Business

Responding to the opportunity created by Mobile Device Manager and complementing the MMSP, a large network of global partners are ready to integrate and deploy into existing systems as well as create custom solutions for businesses. Among the first companies that worked with Microsoft to support early trial programs are AT&T Inc., EDS, Enterprise Mobile, HP, O2, Orange, SAT Corp. and Verizon Wireless.

“Given AT&T’s leadership in the Windows Mobile space, AT&T is excited that Mobile Device Manager is now a reality for our enterprise customers,” said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, Marketing and Operations for AT&T’s wireless unit. “Every day, mobile devices become more ubiquitous throughout the enterprise, and the need to securely manage those devices, data and applications is critical for IT organizations. Through our early adopter trials, our customers are responding positively to AT&T’s deployment and optimization plans for Mobile Device Manager and are eager to adopt the first end-to-end wireless-focused enterprise solution that can maximize their investments in Microsoft technology.”

A wave of Windows Mobile 6.1 phones and operator networks supporting Mobile Device Manager is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2008 from Alltel Wireless, ASUS, AT&T, HP, HTC Corp., i-mate, Intermec Inc., Motorola, O2, Orange, Palm Inc., Pantech, Samsung, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, Sprint, TaTa Teleservices Ltd., TELUS, Toshiba and Verizon Wireless.

Management Solutions for Every Business Need

Mobile Device Manager builds on the core set of security and management features provided by Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1 and complements the comprehensive deployment, updating and asset management capabilities of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007. Mobile Device Manager is available through Microsoft Volume Licensing. Client access licenses will be available through existing volume licensing channels in areas where mobile operators do not yet offer the plan. More information is available at http://www.microsoft.com/systemcenter/mobile/default.mspx.

Posted Tuesday, April 1 2008 by ChrisD
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Microsoft Unveils Smartphone Advancements to Improve Ability to Work and Play With One Phone

Company demonstrates new version of Internet Explorer Mobile with desktop-grade Web browsing, introduces updated Windows Mobile operating system.

Windows Mobile is improving smartphones to better meet people’s rapidly expanding work and personal needs, Microsoft Corp. today announced. At CTIA Wireless 2008, the company unveiled the newest version of Internet Explorer Mobile, which adds desktop-grade Web browsing to Windows Mobile phones. In addition, Microsoft announced Windows Mobile 6.1, an update for its Windows Mobile software that includes new time-saving features, easier phone navigation and management, and increased security safeguards.

“People want a single phone that’s flexible enough to meet their needs throughout their day, whether it’s connecting to work or your everyday life,” said Robbie Bach, president of the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft. “The innovations we’ve added to our Windows Mobile software ultimately make it easier to manage your world.”

“Microsoft is taking the necessary steps to broaden its consumer appeal while also addressing the complex mobile needs of the enterprise,” said Ben Bajarin, analyst with Creative Strategies. “Internet Explorer Mobile and Windows Mobile 6.1 demonstrate Microsoft’s ability to harness its technologies to bring tangible innovations and benefits to customers and partners.”

Updated Internet Explorer Mobile Brings the Quality of Desktop Web Browsing to Phones

The new version of Internet Explorer Mobile adds the ability to easily view full-screen Web pages and multimedia on the Web with a smartphone. By taking advantage of Internet Explorer 6 technologies and supporting established and upcoming industry standards such as H.264, Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight, the updated Internet Explorer Mobile gives people a rich mobile Internet experience. The update will be available to mobile phone partners in the third quarter of 2008, with the first Windows Mobile phones using the new version expected to be available by the end of 2008.

Windows Mobile Update Drives Simpler Experience

Windows Mobile 6.1 features several key updates based on customer feedback, including the capability to make the most critical information readily available at a glance, quicker phone setup, and enhanced features adapted for the small screen. In addition, if coupled with System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 or Exchange Server 2007 SP1, Windows Mobile 6.1 provides the best experience for IT professionals to manage mobile phones for businesses.

Windows Mobile 6.1 will help people get more from their phones by bringing updates to what they care about most. With Windows Mobile 6.1 users will be able to accomplish the following:

·       Stay up to date and share from a single location. Glance at and respond to notifications such as missed calls, upcoming appointments and new messages from the home screen as well as play music and share photos.

·       Get up and running in minutes. From setting up e-mail, a Bluetooth headset or Wi-Fi, the new Getting Started Center makes the phone experience intuitive and simple.

·       Save time with features adapted for the small screen. Easily flag, delete or move groups of messages and keep track of conversations through threaded text messaging. Zoom in on text or pictures, or view an entire Web page at once.

·       Help keep business information protected. Support for System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 helps administrators manage phones similarly to a Windows-based PC or access company data that may be behind a firewall; and support for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 advanced mobile policies helps businesses manage and administer security for phones while enabling people to find, share, and use information no matter where they are.

More information is available at http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2008/apr08/04-01EnterpriseMobilePR.mspx.

Industry Embraces Windows Mobile 6.1

Partners from around the globe are committed to updating or expanding their portfolios to Windows Mobile 6.1 beginning in the second quarter of 2008, demonstrating the strong industry demand for software that delivers one phone for all aspects of a person’s life.

“AT&T customers select Windows Mobile phones because they’re a fit for their lives — whether that’s traveling the globe, managing the family’s schedule or staying in touch with colleagues,” said Mike Woodward, vice president, Business Data Service for AT&T Mobility. “We intend to update our most popular Windows Mobile phones to offer these new capabilities that help our customers get the most from their mobile experience where they live and work.”

Other partners include Alltel Wireless, AT&T, ASUS, HP, HTC Corp., i-mate, Intermec Inc., Motorola, O2, Orange, Palm Inc., Pantech, Samsung, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, Sprint, T-Mobile USA Inc., T-Mobile International Inc., T-Mobile Germany, TELUS, Toshiba, Verizon Wireless and Vodafone. The following new phones and updates were announced today:

·       Mobile operators:

–      Alltel Wireless: HTC PPC6800, HTC Touch
–      AT&T: Samsung BlackJack II, MOTO Q 9h global, Pantech duo, AT&T Tilt by HTC
–      Sprint: A new Palm Treo and updates for the Mogul by HTC, Touch by HTC, MOTO Q 9c, Samsung ACE
–      T-Mobile International: T-Mobile MDA Ameo 16 GB, T-Mobile MDA compact IV

·       Device-makers:

–      ASUS: New phones including the P320, ZX1, P560, M536 and updates for the P527, P750, M930
–      HTC: A new Touch Dual for the U.S. and updates for the AT&T Tilt, Touch by HTC, Mogul by HTC from Sprint, TyTN II
–      i-mate: 8502, 9502, 8150, 6150
–      Intermec: CN3
–      Motorola: MOTO Q 9c, MOTO Q 9h global, MC70, MC9000
–      Pantech: Pantech duo
–      Samsung: BlackJack II
–      Toshiba: Portégé G810,Portégé G910

More information about Windows Mobile 6.1 is available at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/default.mspx; information on System Center Mobile Device Manager, available today, can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/systemcenter/mobile/default.mspx.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, April 1 2008 by ChrisD
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Celio Corporation Partners with Enterprise Mobile to Launch REDFLY Mobile Companion to the Enterprise Market

-High demand for REDFLY reinforces role as innovative new mobile computing solution for enterprise customers-

SPECIAL TO CTIA – LAS VEGAS – March 31, 2008 —Celio Corp., an innovator of seamless and efficient mobile solutions for the smartphone market, today announced a partnership with Enterprise Mobile, the full-service company focused on developing, delivering and managing enterprise solutions based on the Windows Mobile® platform, to launch Celio’s award-winning REDFLY Mobile Companion.

The REDFLY Mobile Companion is a ground-breaking new device that extends the smartphone platform to an 8” high resolution display, full function keyboard, and touchpad mouse. Measuring just 1x6x9 inches and weighing only two pounds, the REDFLY offers over eight hours of battery life with instant-on access and the ability to charge smartphones via USB.

The REDFLY and a smartphone create a single mobile platform for easy access to email, attachments, web and business applications.  For the enterprise market, REDFLY ushers in a new market of Mobile Companion products that offer valuable new user functionality, without adding additional management, backup, and security to the existing smartphone solution.

Effective immediately, Enterprise Mobile will provide support for Celio’s aggressive launch of REDFLY into the enterprise marketplace. Under the agreement, Enterprise Mobile will provide sales, marketing, deployment, and customer support for enterprise customers of REDFLY.

The REDFLY Mobile Companion is compatible with selected Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC and Smartphone editions and Windows Mobile 6 Professional and Standard Editions.  A list of tested smartphones is available at www.celiocorp.com/smartphone.  The REDFLY Software will be available for other operating systems in the future.  The REDFLY Mobile Companion from Celio Corp. will be available in late April 2008 for $499 MSRP.

“Enterprise Mobile’s expertise with the Windows Mobile platform and their vast integration experience is a great value to Celio, particularly into the enterprise market,” said Kirt Bailey, president and CEO of Celio Corp. “We feel we are perfectly aligned with Enterprise Mobile as the company supports our creation of an entirely new level of mobile computing solution. Enterprise Mobile is an ideal partner for us.”

“REDFLY provides enterprises with an innovative mobile computing solution that goes beyond traditional smartphone capabilities,” said Mort Rosenthal, Enterprise Mobile chairman and CEO. “A primary driver for the adoption of mobility in the enterprise is access to line of business applications that enable employees to perform business functions on mobile devices just as they would in an office environment. Enterprise Mobile looks forward to providing support for REDFLY as Celio launches this important new Windows Mobile-based product for the enterprise mobility market.”

Following the REDFLY Mobile Companion’s first appearance as the CES Innovations Honoree for Enabling Technology, the product will formally launch at the CTIA trade show at Booth 4953.

About Enterprise Mobile

Enterprise Mobile is focused on driving faster, improved and cost-effective implementation of Windows Mobile® based messaging and line of business application across enterprise environments. Enterprise Mobile’s end-to-end solution facilitates the development and proliferation of best practices in executing a Windows Mobile platform. As a strategic Microsoft Gold Partner, Enterprise Mobile and Microsoft are working together with customers, and developing services offerings targeted at enterprise requirements. For more information, visit www.enterprisemobile.com.

About Celio Corp.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Celio Technology Corporation (www.celiocorp.com) is a mobile computing technology company with a wealth of expertise in the smartphone industry.  As a company, Celio Corp specializes in the development of innovative new solutions for the smartphone community, beginning with the REDFLY Mobile Companion that will launch at CTIA 2008.  REDFLY Smartphone Interface is a CES 2008 Innovations Awards Design and Engineering award honoree. Celio Corp is backed by vSpring Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm.   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, March 31 2008 by ChrisD
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PGP Corporation Brings Enterprise Data Protection to Smartphone Users

Proven data encryption now available for Windows Mobile Devices through PGP Mobile

Palo Alto, CA / 31 March, 2008 – PGP Corporation, a global leader in enterprise data protection, announced today the availability of PGP® Mobile, its newest encryption application that allows enterprise users to easily protect data on smartphones. While businesses have dramatically increased the use of mobile devices over recent years to improve productivity and customer service, the risk of losing sensitive data stored on those devices has also increased. With PGP Mobile, data is encrypted automatically and can be shared securely with other mobile and desktop users. PGP Mobile joins an award-winning family of applications that are part of the PGP® Encryption Platform, enabling organizations to protect data throughout the enterprise while reducing the operational costs associated with managing encryption keys, users, policy, and reporting for multiple point encryption products.

"The availability of PC and handheld support from a single vendor has finally become a buying condition," said John Girard, VP Distinguished Analyst, Gartner. "Buyers are looking for vendors that can support platforms large and small, with a similar look and feel, as well as provide common access and audit policies."

According to Gartner Dataquest, the number of Windows Mobile smartphone sales to end users worldwide reach 14.7 million devices in 2007 (Gartner Dataquest, Market Share: Smartphones, Worldwide, 4Q07 and 2007, March 2008) . Compared to 2006, Windows Mobile smartphone sales to end users increased 86.9% in 2007.

Recent research conducted by the Ponemon Institute found the leading source of data breaches in both the United States and United Kingdom was the loss or theft of mobile devices, including smartphones. With the cost of data breaches averaging $197 and £47 per record respectively, the protection of data transferred and used on mobile devices is highly critical. Many organizations have only started to recognize this imperative, and have subsequently turned to data encryption after experiencing a breach. For more information or to receive a copy of either of these studies, visit http://www.pgp.com/downloads/research_reports/index.html

"Organizations now realize that smartphones, like other mobile devices, can prove to be a significant security risk to their business," said Phil Dunkelberger, president and CEO of PGP Corporation. "By using PGP Mobile, organizations can confidently deploy smartphones to their workforce while resting assured that sensitive corporate and customer data is guarded in the event of loss or theft."

Built on proven encryption and key management services, PGP Mobile provides flexible encryption that meets various data protection and sharing needs of mobile workers. PGP Mobile can encrypt individual files, entire data volumes, archives, or directories. Administrators can quickly deploy PGP Mobile over-the-air, using the trusted key management and provisioning services of PGP Universal™ Server to speed setup. Users can easily share their PGP Mobile encrypted data with other smartphone and Windows users, even those without encryption software using self decrypting archives.

PGP Mobile delivers the following key benefits:

(Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, March 31 2008 by ChrisD
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Eye your Photos with EyePhoto!

New application for viewing photos 

VITO Technology releases new application EyePhoto designed specially for viewing photos on Pocket PC Windows Mobile. Slide your photos with finger and enjoy watching them. User-friendly interface oriented on gestures is one of the main features. The program shows only the folders that include jpeg pictures. It is likely to become a photo album that allows you to watch all your photos at once.

EyePhoto organises all your photos into photo albums. Having started the program you face all folders containing jpeg pictures in the main memory and on a storage card. Upon opening a folder you are presented with photo tiles displayed in one finger-scrollable window. Everything is done for your convenience. The preview window with photo tiles can help you find the photo you need just in a moment.

Tapping a photo tile opens a full screen photo. Now you can slide the screen with your finer to flip through the photos just like with a real photo album. Zooming in and out can be done by double tapping the image.

Tapping the photo only once will bring forward upper menu which shows the number of photos, the back arrow to go back to the list with tiles and the button for changing the view mode: landscape or portrait. When in landscape mode photos can be moved aflat, when in portrait – upright.

EyePhoto is available for $ 14.95 at http://iwindowsmobile.com.   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, March 31 2008 by ChrisD
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Review of SplashMoney for Windows Mobile

If you are looking for a simple but very effective way to manage your finances, then this product may be for you. It includes a desktop application as well as the Windows Mobile application. Transactions can be entered on either desktop or device and then all changes can be synced between the two.

Installation was simple. I use a Vista 64 bit laptop. I connected my smartphone via Windows Mobile Device Center, and downloaded the software from the SplashData site. This installed the desktop application followed automatically, through Windows Mobile Device center, by the device application.  (Source: MyTreo.net)

Posted Sunday, March 30 2008 by ChrisD
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