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Week of January 30, 2005

The HP iPAQ Mobile Messenger

No photos to be found, but HP says they’re going to going to demonstrate the iPAQ Mobile Messenger, a prototype for a new GSM/GPRS/EDGE Pocket PC Phone with integrated GPS navigation and a built-in keyboard, at the the big 3GSM World Congress which takes place later this month. (Source: Peter Rojas, Engadget)
Posted Wednesday, February 2 2005 by ChrisD
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CommonTime - mForms Mobilizing Airport Field Service

Brief Overview of Solution:

Manchester Airport is the UK’s third largest airport and currently handles 20 million passengers a year, offering direct flights to over 180 destinations worldwide by over 90 airlines. Manchester Airport is part of The Manchester Airports Group Plc (MAG), which is the second largest airport operator in the UK and comprises the airports of Manchester, Nottingham East Midlands, Bournemouth and Humberside. Polymorph has assisted Manchester Airport in extending desktop based solutions to fieldworkers for the first time using handheld technology.

Polymorph has introduced Manchester Airport to an innovative turn-key solution enabling a successful pilot of handheld technology.

What problem was the solution designed to solve?
Polymorph were invited to participate in a programme which defined, developed and supported a project to pilot handheld technology for the airport by fulfilling a real and live business requirement. Geographical data, hazard information, time and environmental information needs to be accurately ‘captured’ within the field – i.e. in and around the airports perimeter. With the advent of mobile technology becoming more cost effective and business focused, MAG recognized the value of utilizing mobile technology for this type of project

The Solution:
Hardware used:                Windows Mobile Pocket PC IPAQ

Software used                mNotes™, mForms™, Lotus Notes 5.x

Polymorph has introduced Manchester Airport to an innovative turn-key solution enabling a successful pilot of handheld technology.

Polymorph’s experienced team of consultants and developers focus on providing mobile solutions for a wide variety of technology platforms. Our expertise extends to include Microsoft, IBM and Oracle technologies. To meet Manchester Airport’s requirements on this occasion, an existing Lotus Notes based application was extended to the iPAQ using Pocket PC 2003.
As a path-finding project for the airport, Polymorph appreciated the particular importance of success and worked closely with the airport to ensure that the project met all the objectives.

“We were very happy with the solution. Polymorph were very helpful, open and delivered both on-time and on-budget.”
Business Analyst, Manchester Airport Plc
The project has met all the key objectives including:
·        Proving mobile devices deliver business value
·        Successfully delivering a handheld application on time and to budget
·        Educated a wider user base to the merits of mobile technology

Since the end of the project, a second mobile technology based initiative has already begun. (Source: Press Release)
Posted Wednesday, February 2 2005 by ChrisD
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HP iPAQ Mobile Messenger - a global communication tool

To strengthen its leadership in the fast-growing smart device market, HP will continue to evolve the HP iPAQ product line and build on the success of the award-winning iPAQ 6300 series smart device. The new devices will incorporate several different types of wireless technologies and be offered in a variety of designs and sizes as they roll out through the year.

The first of these new products, HP iPAQ Mobile Messenger, integrates wireless voice, high-speed EDGE data networking and versatile GPS navigation technologies to meet global business and personal communication needs.(1,2,3,4) With a built-in keyboard to easily compose email, notes, text and instant messages and data delivery rates up to four times faster than dial-up,(2) the new iPAQ will allow users to quickly stay connected to vital business information. A technology demonstration of the iPAQ Mobile Messenger is planned at the 3GSM World Congress later this month.

HP's worldwide mail and messaging strategy addresses the need of mobile professionals to access email and business data seamlessly and securely. HP plans to offer users a multitude of choices when it comes to accessing email and business data on the go while using an iPAQ.(1)

Customers in a Microsoft® Exchange 2003 environment can take advantage of a solution that goes far beyond basic text-based email messaging to allow full synchronization to their inbox, calendar, contacts and more. SMBs that don't deploy Exchange can use the new HP Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email Solution to get the same connectivity.

In addition, HP plans to include Good Technology's GoodLink software on future iPAQ releases, including the new Mobile Messenger device. The combination of HP iPAQ devices and GoodLink software delivers wireless access to corporate email, calendar, contacts and other information(1) managed through Microsoft Outlook and Exchange environments. This iPAQ and GoodLink combination allows for a true "push" email solution, full synchronization of Outlook and robust device management and security.

More information about HP's relationship with Good Technology is available at HP iPAQ Mobile Messenger - a global communication tool (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, February 2 2005 by ChrisD
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Linksys Introduces 802.11G Wireless Compactflash Card For Pocket PCs and PDAs

Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems Inc., announced Friday the availability of Wireless-G CompactFlash Card (WCF54G).

The latest addition to its current Wireless-G line, the CF card offers users the speed and convenience of wireless networking on a PDA. It installs directly into the Pocket PC using a CompactFlash Type II slot, then it's ready to share data, printers, or high-speed Internet access over existing wireless networks at speeds up to 54Mbps. (Source: CMPNetAsia)

Posted Tuesday, February 1 2005 by ChrisD
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Pharos Introduces Ostia Smart Navigator

Enhanced Version of Award-Winning Routing and Navigation Software Program Features the Latest Digital Maps, Map Download via the Internet, a Bold New 3-D Street Navigation Screen and Other Performance and Ease-of-Use Improvements

Pharos Science & Applications Inc., a leading provider of portable GPS navigation and location-based services, has introduced a new version 7.0 of its 2004 Consumer Electronics Show Innovations Award-winning Ostia Smart Navigator(TM) routing and navigation software for GPS-enabled mobile devices.

Ostia is the operating system behind Pharos' growing line of navigation products including the popular Pocket GPS Navigator for Pocket PC personal digital assistants, and the company's newly launched EZ Road all-in-one, portable GPS navigation device for drivers. Ostia also serves as the enabling software for Pharos' suite of Web-based location services which includes Smart Navigator routing and navigation, Smart Finder dynamic points-of-interest lookup, and Smart Traffic real-time traffic information. (Source: Press Release, Dave's iPAQ)

Posted Tuesday, February 1 2005 by ChrisD
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Mobile Registry Editor

As its name might suggest Mobile Registry Editor is an application that can be used to edit the registry of Windows Mobile devices. I wrote it because I wanted an application that would allow me to browse the registry on my Smartphone from my PC. With it you can browse the registry, edit values, export keys and save your favorite keys. Features such as renaming, creating and deleting keys/values aren’t on the top of my priority list so I’ve left them out for now. (Source: G. Ingelmo Blog)
Posted Monday, January 31 2005 by ChrisD
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Chinese New Year Skin Pack for Spb Time

Anticipating the Chinese New Year, which will be celebrated on February 9, Spb Software House releases a pack of stylized Chinese skins for Spb Time application.

Spb Time is a beautiful feature-rich clock application for your Pocket PC. One of its most remarkable features is possibility to turn an idle docked Pocket PC into the screensaver mode. The design of a screensaver is stored in a skin file. By changing the skin you can wholly change the look of your device standing in a cradle. Spb Software House has always been paying much attention to supporting their previously released products and encouraging their customers. Thus, more than 30 skins have already been professionally designed for Spb Time. The new nine stylized skins are dedicated to the Chinese New Year, which will be celebrated on February 9. The skins are designed in Chinese tradition with the most popular New Year attributes. All skins are available for free.  (Source: Jack, Dave's iPAQ)

Posted Monday, January 31 2005 by ChrisD
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WiFiTunes brings iTunes to Pocket PC

If you're one of a growing number of Mac users who has bought a Pocket PC-based PDA to use when you're mobile, Aspecto Software has a new tool that you might be interested in: WiFiTunes, an application that make it possible for WiFi-enabled Pocket PC PDAs to browse iTunes libraries on their local computers and stream MP3s. (Source: Peter Cohen, MacCentral)

Posted Monday, January 31 2005 by ChrisD
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MicroMain Releases Enhanced Maintenance Module for Pocket PC

xmMOBILE v6.1 Improves Performance, Offers More Handheld Options

MicroMain Corporation, a leading provider of asset and facility management software and services, today announced the release of xmMOBILE™ v6.1 for Pocket PC. This enhanced software module enables customers to quickly download assets, parts, and work orders to staff using Pocket PCs to accomplish maintenance tasks. xmMOBILE can also now be used with a bar code scanner card and a wider range of handheld devices using the Pocket PC operating system.

xmMOBILE is part of the MicroMain XM™ suite, the company’s flagship computerized maintenance management (CMMS)/enterprise asset management (EAM) system. With this software module, maintenance technicians access work orders on their Pocket PCs, complete the tasks, enter time, and update the work order at the point of work performance in the field or plant floor. At the end of their work shift, they can easily upload the data to the main database.

Technicians can also use xmMOBILE to create new work orders on the fly. Inspections are quickly accomplished by either scanning a bar code at the point of inspection or checking pass/fail on the Pocket PC. Ratings and measurements can be collected in the same way. Bar code scanning also simplifies general maintenance. After scanning an asset, for example, xmMOBILE will display any existing work orders for the asset or will display an option to create a new work order for the asset.

xmMOBILE v6.1 provides faster application load time. The performance enhancements of this .NET-connected application result in improved efficiency and better utilization of labor and administrative resources.

Because this software module can now be used with a Socket® bar code scanner card and a wider range of handheld devices using the Pocket PC operating system, it offers many cost-effective options. This is a major benefit for enterprises needing to deploy a large mobile workforce or for those organizations wishing to add bar code functionality to their maintenance operations.

“We hear time and time again how xmMOBILE stands out from other mobile CMMS options,” said Pat Conroy, President of MicroMain. “Customers tell us that xmMOBILE provides the comprehensive features they are looking for regarding work orders, parts, assets, labor, inspections, and other maintenance needs. Now xmMOBILE v6.1 makes it even easier to use Pocket PCs to improve efficiencies in any maintenance environment.” (Source: Press Release, ThomasNet)

Posted Monday, January 31 2005 by ChrisD
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