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Week of September 3, 2006

explorePDA.com - Mobile Content Provider and Distributor

explorePDA.com, the international marketplace for Pocket PC, Palm, Smartphone, Blackberry and Symbian software, announced today that it has launched its new website to the users of smartphones and handheld devices.

Since its inception in Q4 of 2005 explorePDA.com has worked with software developers to establish a content-rich site; the goal is to significantly expand the product offering this coming year. Customers are provided with a clearly structured, advertising-free, and service oriented shopping alternative for the top five operating systems in multiple languages.

Downloads, visits and sales have exceeded expectations and feedback from both the developer community and the mobile user have been enthusiastic.


Mike Wiseman, Microhand.com comments: "My compliments on the clear structure of explorePDA.com and its uncomplicated process to publish products. The presentation of the products is remarkable – flexible for developers and attractive for customers."

The objective was to create a superior marketplace with enhanced search engine features, visually easy to navigate product listings, broad payment options, and an uncluttered interface – hence the decision to omit any distracting advertising from the site.

"From a customer perspective I particularly value the user-friendly interface, I can quickly find what I am looking for, the payment process is easy and I like that the site is free of disturbing ads," said James Bell, a Finance Agent of Florida, who downloaded a GPS software for his Pocket PC.

explorePDA.com currently features English language versions; the company plans to expand in Q1 of 2007 to include German, French and Spanish – which matches initial feedback and requests from customers and developers. With these four key languages, explorePDA.com is well positioned to expand its customer base and attract developers from across the world.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, September 7 2006 by ChrisD
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Handwriting Recognition in Windows Mobile

Those that use Tablet PC know that Microsoft has integrated terrific hand writing recognition software into the operating system. What’s different about Tablet PC handwriting recognition versus that in Windows Mobile, is that in Tablet PC, the whole word is considered rather than each letter. That means, if you forget to dot your “i” or cross your “t,” the system will guess the word you’re trying to write based on the other letters that it can decipher. We’re also hearing that in Windows Vista Tablet PC edition, the hand writing recognition will be even better, with learning capability.  (Source: Brandon Miniman, PocketNow)
Posted Monday, September 4 2006 by ChrisD
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VITO ButtonMapper updated to version 4.0

September 4 - VITO Technology announces an update of its best-seller VITO ButtonMapper. It is focused on improved performance in Windows Mobile 5.0. Get quicker response from your buttons!

VITO ButtonMapper is the ideal solution for getting most functionality out of your hardware buttons on Pocket PC. You could never think that managing your Pocket PC may be so easy using only hardware buttons.

With VITO ButtonMapper you can create application dependent button bindings. So that the same hardware button will perform different actions in different applications. You can assign two actions to one hardware button separately for the landscape and portrait mode. Macro recording feature will spare your time by performing series of taps and taps & hold with a single button press: very useful for routine everyday actions.

VITO ButtonMapper has improved its stability and got rid of casual annoying slow-downs of system on Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC. Press & hold function now activates while you hold the button: you don't have to release the button which is more convenient. Soft keys respond immediately without delays like in the previous version. Macro recording has also been fixed, the Dell Axim v50 bug is cured.

Posted Monday, September 4 2006 by ChrisD
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