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Week of June 3, 2007

PhatWare Unveils PhatSpell 1.0 for Smartphones

New release of PhatWare's multilingual spell checker now supports Windows Mobile Smartphones; adds clipboard commands to any text editing application.

PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announced today the release of PhatSpell 1.0. The new version of the company's multilingual spell checker is now optimized for Windows Mobile based Smartphones. PhatSpell is simple, fast, easy to use and can check spelling in practically any text editing Smartphone application, such as Email client, SMS, PhatNotes, and others.

PhatSpell, a comprehensive collection of 13 dictionaries in 10 Western European languages, can be easily accessed from within practically any text editing Smartphone application. It provides easy and total spelling accuracy regardless of the job at hand. PhatSpell's dictionaries vary from 97,000 to 430,000 words in size. The bundled collection of dictionaries include Danish, Dutch, English (US, UK and US Medical), French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Spanish, and Swedish. The desktop-based installation program includes all dictionaries and allows a user to select needed dictionaries during installation. PhatSpell device-based installer includes the US English dictionary, while it allows users to download and install additional dictionaries directly on the Smartphone using the Download Dictionaries command.

 In the recent months, with the growing popularity of Smartphones equipped with the full keyboard, we've received many requests from our customers to make a spell checker application compatible with Smartphones  
"In the recent months, with the growing popularity of Smartphones equipped with the full keyboard, we've received many requests from our customers to make a spell checker application compatible with Smartphones", said Stan Miasnikov, president of PhatWare Corp. "Today we are proud to announce the spell checker software specifically designed for Windows Mobile Smartphones and we hope that our customers will be very pleased with it."

PhatSpell allows a user to assign a Smartphone button to access the spell checker while working in any text editing application. When a user holds the assigned button for about a second, the PhatSpell menu appears. In addition to the standard spell checker functionality, the PhatSpell menu also contains standard editing commands such as cut, copy, paste, and select text, which are usually not available in Smartphone applications.

Availability and Pricing
PhatSpell 1.0 for Smartphone is currently available for purchase from the PhatWare company website, www.phatware.com, or from any of PhatWare's network of authorized retailers. The utility carries a special introductory price of $19.95. For a limited time only, existing users of the PhatSpell 1.4 for Pocket PCs can purchase PhatSpell 1.0 for Smartphones at the reduced price of only $9.95.

For more information about PhatSpell and to download a free 30-day trial, visit www.phatware.com/phatspell.html.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, June 6 2007 by ChrisD
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New Sprite Mobile Swipe Solution Addresses Privacy Breaches On Microsoft Windows Mobile Phones

Sprite Software Ltd. today announced the launch of Sprite Mobile Swipe 1.0, their newest content protection application for all Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 phones.

Sprite Mobile Swipe protects confidential information on mobile devices from unauthorized access in the event of phone loss or theft. 

Today’s advanced phones are so much more than just communications device.  They are address books, organizers, email clients, photo stores, and even tools to edit or view documents and presentations.  The recent high profile incidents of privacy breaches associated with phones which were lost or stolen or even just passed on without being adequately cleared down have highlighted the need for a solution such as Mobile Swipe.

The software works on any Windows Mobile phone and once installed, hides away in the background until activated when required.  If a phone is lost, owners just need to send an SMS message to their phone from a paired phone to lock down the phone so that a password is required to access the data. For additional peace of mind a wipe command can be sent which clears the entire contents of their phone – including memory cards. This can be used to decommission phones before passing them to friends or colleagues. If a phone is stolen, and the thief replaces the SIM card, Sprite Mobile Swipe detects this and informs the owner via a SMS message to the previously partnered phone so that the phone can be locked or wiped. Another option is to remotely query the phone for recent call activity as this may help track down the phone.

Sprite Mobile Swipe is packaged in a single Windows Mobile cross-platform installer which removes the potential confusion that new customers face when trying to determine whether they have a Smartphone, or Pocket PC for Windows Mobile 5, or a Standard, Classic, or Professional device for Windows Mobile 6.  


Sprite Mobile Swipe will be available from June 2007 and has a MSRP of $14.95 USD.   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, June 4 2007 by ChrisD
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SBSH Mobile Software release MyList!

June 04, 2007 - SBSH Mobile Software announced today the release of a new exciting application, SBSH MyList! SBSH MyList is a powerful list manager application designed with a user-friendly interface that guarantees things will get organized!

SBSH MyList 2.0 is a powerful list manager application designed with a user-friendly interface that will bring order to your life! Create lists for your daily activities such as: grocery list, To-Do's, collections, frequent flights packaging, project development and more! MyList also comes with a user-friendly interface allowing you to review or modify your lists at any time!

SBSH MyList Highlights

Lists Manager - Easily organize your lists in categories, import and export them to a common file format for PC use, customize font's size, face and color and much more! SBSH MyList also introduces complete one-hand navigation control.

List view - Enables you to easily view your lists, add, remove or edit items from existing lists, list sorting, list items counter and progress counter and much more!

Templates Manager - MyList makes it easier to choose fields from a variety of field type: date, time, priority, string, boolean, number, checkbox and more! Create templates to define your list fields and default list icon, define default value for each field and much more!

Windows Mobile 6 Compatibility - Compatible with PPC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and 6 operating systems. Including complete multi-language and VGA support.

More information about SBSH MyList can be found at the following URL: http://www.sbsh.net/products/mylist

Pricing and Availability

SBSH MyList costs $14.95

MyList can be purchased using the SBSH online store powered by Handango at the following URL:

Additional distributors are available on our site in the following URL:

Upgrade details for registered users

SBSH MyList 2.0 is the new version of our former HandyList 1.0 application.

All former HandyList registered users are entitled for a free upgrade to the new MyList 2.0 release and will receive free upgrade details for the new version by email within the next 72 hours following the new MyList release.

Downloads and Support

MyList trial version can be downloaded from Handango at the following URL:

MyList user manual can be downloaded from our site at the following URL:

For any additional questions/suggestions we invite you to post on our forums:
Click here to enter SBSH forums

Or contact our support team at:  [email protected]  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, June 4 2007 by ChrisD
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