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Week of April 3, 2005

Airport Arms With iPaqs

Now, state troopers guarding the airport have an extra tool on their belts to secure the facility's perimeter. The officers carry Hewlett-Packard Co.'s iPaq Pocket PC handhelds running Bio-key International Inc.'s PocketCop software over Cingular Wireless LLC's high-speed EDGE (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution) network.

"Since 9/11 we've looked at every technology out there," said Massachusetts Port Authority Aviation Security Director Major Scott Pare in East Boston. "Obviously we want to be on top of anything we can use as far as new technologies are concerned. This is just one more tool our officers can use, one more piece of equipment we have on our belts."

The software gives the iPaqs real-time access to driver-license data and photographs; vehicle registrations; stolen-vehicle information; arrest warrants; weapon registrations; and local, county, state and federal criminal databases. (Source: Shelley Solheim, eWeek)

Posted Thursday, April 7 2005 by ChrisD
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mEnable 2.0 Software Receives Accolades from Microsoft, Allows Users to Run Wireless, Heavy-Duty Database Applications on Handhelds and Connect to any ODBC-Enabled Database in Real-Time at Any Time or Place

mEnable Unleashes New Capabilities for Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Visual Studio and Visual CE Communities

SYWARE, Inc., announced the availability of mEnable 2.0, to provide mobile users with wireless access to enterprise data and run database applications on handhelds and connect to ODBC-enabled databases in real-time at any time or place. mEnable compliments the company’s Visual CE software product line that empowers people to rapidly create feature-rich database applications, without programming, that can be deployed on any Windows Mobile device wherever they need to work. This news follows SYWARE’s previous announcement that Visual CE was successfully deployed to mobilize information between the enterprise and the field to ultimately benefit Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT), Home Depot (NYSE: HD) and others.

"mEnable provides a valuable tool for meeting the needs of the increasingly mobile work force," said Rogers Weed, General Manager of the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT). "Wireless database applications are unquestionably critical to the enterprise and workers in the field," said Sy Danberg, President, SYWARE, Inc. "The market demands feature-rich, data-intensive applications that run on wireless devices that can connect to enterprise data formerly trapped at central facilities. To better meet our customer’s requirements, mEnable allows wireless handheld users to access server data and run heavy-duty data applications that interact with large, complex databases," Danberg added.

Occasional or Always Connected: Your Info On The Go.

mEnable Occasionally Connected: Be productive 24 x 7 -- even when the network isn’t.

For those who cannot rely on a continuous connection to server data, SYWARE offers mEnable Occasionally Connected and Visual CE. When the network is available, users read from and write to the enterprise server. When coverage is lost, they work locally. When coverage is restored, the local and server databases are synchronized and users resume working against the server.

mEnable Always Connected

Some users need continuous access to server data to interact and work with large databases that can be cumbersome on their handhelds. Others need access to a large amount of information on handhelds, yet it’s not always possible to store all the data locally. With mEnable’s always-connected interface to corporate servers, users get real-time access to large amounts of centralized data that was formerly trapped at central facilities.

Get the power of mEnable and Visual CE 9 Software for go anywhere wireless database applications.

Combine the power of mEnable and SYWARE’s new Visual CE 9 to create and use wireless, feature-rich database applications that can be deployed on any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Windows CE device-wherever users need to work. By combining mEnable and Visual CE 9, users can trade in dated, paper-based systems and processes for an easy-to-implement wireless solution that enables people to: collect data remotely and view critical information locked in back-end servers; have organization-wide automated reporting to make key decisions and stay ahead of the competition; and have better communication between the office and representatives in the field. All of this can be accomplished, with virtually no programming, using Visual CE and mEnable. Support for TCP/IP allows mEnable to work on any LAN, WAN, or Internet connection using the TCP/IP protocol. The network can be based on local Ethernet, Internet protocol, 802.11 wireless LAN, GPRSM, or Bluetooth.

Visual Basic .NET and Visual CE Communities Benefit from mEnable

The latest release of mEnable supports and benefits the Visual Basic .NET and Visual CE communities. Developers can leverage their knowledge of VB .NET to create VB .NET applications that are much more powerful than Java-built applications. Additionally, mEnable allows hundreds of thousands of SYWARE and Microsoft users to wirelessly download, collect, display, modify and automatically synchronize critical information between the enterprise and the field

Whether you program using Visual Developer’s studio, or Visual CE, you’ll find mEnable cuts down your development time significantly, by allowing you to concentrate on the application issues, not the connectivity issues.

Pricing & Delivery

mEnable runs on the full spectrum of mobile, Windows-based PCs, from handheld units to tablets to laptops, including Windows XP-powered Tablet PCs, Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, and all devices running Windows CE, Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows XP. The software is priced at $499 for the mEnable SDK plus 10 run-time licenses. mEnable single user license: $99; owners of Visual CE Personal Edition can get mEnable for $69. The mEnable SDK packaged with 100 run-times is $1999. To try or buy mEnable or to learn more about Visual CE, visit http://www.syware.com/lp/menable  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, April 7 2005 by ChrisD
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WebIS Pocket Informant 2005 Released

Pocket Informant 2005With new views, updated interface, and more powerful operation we are happy to announce the release of Pocket Informant 2005 on April 1st and its no joke. Pocket Informant 2005 will without a doubt improve your enjoyment and use of your Pocket PC. Even casual users who just like to use Pocket Informant's category colors and icons to bring a little flair to their calendar and tasks will appreciate new features like the beautiful Contacts Picture List view or the new Time Line View.

With better support for all VGA and QVGA users through innovations such as user controlled category icon and view icon scalings allow you to take QVGA icons and view them on your VGA device at the correct size or to take VGA icons and use them on a QVGA screen. Improved Settings navigation will make changing multiple interface settings at once easier and more navigatible and the ability to customize some contextual menus means you can make Pocket Informant as simple or complex as you'd like. These are just a taste of what Pocket Informant 2005 brings with its interface and top down redesign to make you work smarter, not harder.

While we normally give a few hints on what you can expect with Pocket Informant 2005 this time we wanted to also provide a snippet from the newly reorganized reference documentation that explains our revolutionary TimeLine View:

Timeline View (TLV)
The new Time Line View has been developed to allow several categories to be seen side by side, each on its own time line. It is intended to be used out of the box by some, and with a little setup by others, and is deliberately NOT limited to use for project management, though as planned features are added it will become a very powerful tool for that purpose. It has many many uses, which can loosely be split into “comparing schedules”, and “project management”:

Comparing Schedules
Time line view can be used to compare many different kinds of schedule. Simply by assigning appropriate categories to each schedule, or diary, they can be viewed alongside each other. Uses depend only on your imagination, but it’s very powerful whenever you have two distinct set of commitments that may need to be compared. Some examples are:

With the release of Pocket Informant 2005 we also want to explain the upgrade policy for version 2005. Pocket Informant 2005 is a major upgrade and is available for all customers who purchased after November 1st 2004 as a free upgrade and as a $14.95 upgrade to all of our other customers. We have sent all customers that were eligible for a free upgrade their key last week so if you believe you are eligible and have not received your key please visit this page which will let you enter your email address and will display your purchases and keys.

We believe in customers trying our software first to make sure its what they want before committing to a purchase because we want you to be happy with your purchase and the same goes here. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, April 7 2005 by ChrisD
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Kung-Fu Fighting released by AIM Productions

Aim Productions Kung Fu FightingYou are the only living pupil of the late Kung-Fu master Kong Chen. After refusing an assignment by the Kai-Chiang family, they have cowardly kidnapped your girl friend. The Kai-Chiang family cannot be trusted, and therefore your choices are limited. If you ever want to see your girlfriend again, you will have to free her yourself.

Rescuing her out of the hands of the Kai-Chiang won't be easy. You will have to fight your way down from the roof to the caves below the mansion, dodging countless enemies and traps. At the end of each of the six floors you must defeat one of the Kai-Chain bosses. Each boss has extraordinary powers and you will need all your martial arts skill to conquer him! After each level you participate in a bonus game to gather extra points and perhaps even an an extra life!

It is all up to you, whether your girl friend lives or dies... So get your "Ying and Yang" together, find your "Chi" and go rescue her! (Source: Press Release)
Posted Thursday, April 7 2005 by ChrisD
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Cross Platform Data Collection Software

New, cross-platform Pendragon Forms software enables rapid development of data collection applications

If you have been looking for a way to use your Pocket PC instead of paper forms, Pendragon Software has the answer.

Pendragon Forms 5.0 makes it simple to use Pocket PCs to collect data and synchronize to a database. The software combines powerful synchronization with an easy-to-use form designer, so you can start collecting data in as little as an hour.

Pendragon Forms is the smart solution for Work orders, surveys, inspections and more. The software offers a rich set of features for forms applications, including wireless synchronization and support for bar code scanners and GPS receivers.

The Pendragon Forms platform is used by thousands of mobile healthcare, natural resources management and field service organizations and now the software is available for Pocket PC users.

You can try Pendragon Forms for yourself, a free 14-day evaluation is available at www.pendragonsoftware.com and from handheld software sites including Handango.com. The Pendragon Forms 5.0 Starter Kit is just $229 and additional handheld user licenses start at $60. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, April 7 2005 by ChrisD
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Clickgamer Launches Free "High Noon Drifter – Dead Man’s Gulch," Western-style “Shoot ‘em up” Game for Windows Mobile Pocket PC Handhelds

Game offered for free in celebration of newly redesigned Web sites

Clickgamer Technologies Ltd. announces it is offering its newest game, "High Noon Drifter - Dead Man's Gulch," as a free download. This new game, a first-person "Old West Shoot 'em Up" adventure available for all devices based on the Windows Mobile Pocket PC platform, is the highest quality PDA game ever offered for free. The free game offer is in celebration of the complete redesign and re-branding of the company’s two Web sites, www.clickgamer.com and www.clickapps.com.

"High Noon Drifter - Dead Man's Gulch" puts the Windows Mobile gamer in the role of Jake "Six Gun" McCloud, a gunslinger seeking justice in the Wild West—a time when such justice was served from the barrel of a loaded gun. McCloud is a bounty hunter, a lonesome crusading drifter in search of his destiny. As McCloud, the player must scour the frontier in search of a gang of outlaws headed by the ruthless John "MadDog" McCade. McCade and his gang terrorize towns and kill innocent men, women and children. There is a price on their heads, "Wanted Dead or Alive," and to succeed in his quest, McCloud must do more than survive—he must capture or kill the entire McCade gang.

"High Noon Drifter - Dead Man's Gulch" features:
*    Cartoon-style Wild West graphics
*    Scores of shootable objects
*    Superb ambient sound effects
*    Over 1000 frames of animation
*    Hidden bonus levels
*    Parallax scrolling and character artificial intelligence

Clickgamer.com and Clickapps.com have been re-designed to make it easier than ever to search for and download the best games and software for PDAs and smartphones based on all major platforms.

"Anytime you undertake a project such as overhauling and re-branding an enormously popular Web site, it is an adventure," said Kate Brough, Chief Marketing Officer of Clickgamer Technologies. "To celebrate the successful re-launch of our two Web sites, we couldn’t think of a better offer than to provide our customers with a free adventure of their own…and 'High Noon Drifter' offers plenty of adventure to go around. Out of excitement over our new Web sites and in gratitude to our customers for their years of patronage, we hope everyone enjoys 'High Noon Drifter' with our compliments." (Source: Press Release, PRWeb)

Posted Tuesday, April 5 2005 by ChrisD
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Mark/Space Announces the Missing Sync for Windows Mobile

Now With Support for Entourage and Windows Mobile Smartphones

Mark/Space, Inc. today announced The Missing Sync™ for Windows Mobile, a substantial update to The Missing Sync for Pocket PC, synchronization software that connects Pocket PCs and Windows Mobile Smartphones to computers running Mac OS X.

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile offers several desirable features over its predecessor, including contacts and calendar synchronization with Microsoft Entourage 2004 and support for Windows Mobile Smartphone devices, such as the Audiovox SMT5600/Orange SPV C500, i-MateSP3i and Motorola MPx220.

"We have our customers to thank for this release," stated Brian Hall, company president and CEO. "The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile was designed with the most asked-for features and support for the latest smartphone devices, then made more functional with a striking new interface that will be appreciated by existing and new users alike."

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile adds Microsoft Entourage synchronization alongside its support for Mac OS X's Address Book and iCal applications. Other new features include SyncMinder™ to tell the user when it's time to sync, at-a-glance status that shows useful information about a connected device, handheld clock synchronization and user-created profiles that allow specific sync features to be turned on or off. Earlier favorites are of course still present: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, iPhoto and iTunes integration and the ability to mount the Windows Mobile device like a disk on the Mac OS X Desktop.

In addition to new features, The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile has at its core a new plugin architecture that gives third-party developers the ability to create sync plugins for their own applications. "Now, Mac developers can easily add support for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone devices to their Mac applications," said Ken Freeman, Mark/Space's director of product management. "To help increase the use of Windows Mobile devices in the Mac market, we're working with developers to grow the number of Mac-friendly applications that can synchronize information with these devices."

Mark/Space has also improved the method by which data is synchronized to the handheld device. The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile now employs Microsoft's Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM) to manipulate information on the handheld in the same way that Windows ActiveSync does. Advantages to using this method are increased sync performance and the ability to sync a Windows Mobile device between a Windows PC and a Mac.

Pricing, Upgrades and Availability

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile is expected to be available for download from the Mark/Space Online Store before the end of June. The electronic download will be priced at $39.95; retail packaged CDs will be available this summer for $49.95.

Free upgrades will be made available to all customers who purchased The Missing Sync for Pocket PC on or after April 1, 2005, while owners of any previous Missing Sync product, regardless of platform, will be able to take advantage of a special 50%-off upgrade price when the software ships.

For additional information on features, upgrades and system requirements, please visit http://www.markspace.com/missingsync_windowsmobile.html. (Source: Press Release, Market Wire)

Posted Tuesday, April 5 2005 by ChrisD
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The Visual Developer Standard Suite 1.0 was updated.

What's new?

1. ListBox
1.1. The bug with rendering of the control after deleting selected item has been fixed.
1.2. The bug with changing selection has been fixed.
1.3. The bug with calculation of number visible items has been fixed.
1.4. Checkbox Items property has been added
1.5. Losing focus event is handled.
1.6. Rendering of the control has been optimized.
2. ListView control
2.1. The bug with rendering of the control after deleting selected item has been fixed
2.2. The bug with changing selection has been fixed
2.3. SelectedIndex property has been added
2.4. Clicking a column's resize area resizes the column so that it displays its information entirely.
3. ImageBox control
3.1. The bug with memory consuming has been fixed.
4. RadioButton control
4.1. Added property to specify image to be drawn
4.2. Added property Appearance.
5. ColorPanel has been improved.
6. ListBox control
6.1. OnDraw method has been added to allow a user to override drawing of items
7. ComoBox control has been improved
8. Calendar control has been optimized and improved
9. NumericUpDown controls support floating values
9. Installation bugs
9.1. Registration of the components has been improved.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, April 4 2005 by ChrisD
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