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Week of October 3, 2004


"New ConstantSync™ technology delivers up-to-the-moment Email, contacts and calendar to multiple devices

(Redwood Shores, CALIF., October 8 2004) — Visto Corporation (www.visto.com), the leading global provider of personal and corporate wireless e-mail and PIM solutions to mobile operators for the broadest set of mobile device platforms, today announced Visto Mobile 5.0, the next generation of its wireless e-mail platform which now provides instantaneous and automatic 2-way delivery of email, contacts and calendar updates on any 2.5G or 3G device. The new push email/PIM capability combined with Visto’s already broad device support and carrier grade delivery platform, reinforces Visto’s leadership as a superior platform and differentiated solution for wireless operators to deploy today to gain much broader and deeper market penetration and, unlike Blackberry, a differentiated, carrier specific solution.

Several new features make Visto Mobile 5.0 with ConstantSync™ a break-through platform that keeps users completely up-to-date and always in touch. New push e-mail delivery to any mobile device over 2.5G and 3G networks provides users with instantaneous and automatic e-mail availability; the FIPS 140-compliant, end-to-end AES encryption provides total security; and the optimized network architecture that requires only 20 percent of the bandwidth of SyncML or IMAP-based solutions significantly reduces the amount of data transfer required for carriers and users.  And, Visto’s unique ConstantSync technology goes beyond competitive solutions by also providing real-time 2-way updates to calendar and contact databases.

Ten leading wireless carriers worldwide offer their customers access to wireless e-mail and PIM through the Visto Mobile platform, including AT&T Wireless and Nextel Communications in the United States. Furthermore, Visto’s technology is available on all leading intelligent devices, including the new Motorola MPX220 SmartPhone and Sony-Ericsson’s P910.

“Wireless email today is the most pervasive enterprise mobile application and a critical mobile solutions entry point for mobile operators and enterprises globally,” said Stephen Drake, Program Manager for IDC's Mobile Software service. “Solutions such as Visto Mobile 5.0 that deliver a true push-based, real-time architecture as well as broad device and email platform support provide a compelling solution for both mobile operators and enterprises.”

Visto’s new real-time push email and personal information management (PIM) capability provides a seamless user experience through it’s support for native device clients, background mode operation, and instant 2-way delivery of information. Visto has taken push-based email and PIM delivery to the next level by extending this experience to the broad range of operating systems supported by Visto Mobile 5.0 including Windows Mobile 2003 for SmartPhone and Pocket PC Phone Edition, Palm OS, Symbian OS, and J2ME MIDP 2.0.

“We have the most advanced solution, strong mobile operator partnerships, the broadest device support, the financial strength and the patented intellectual property which will allow us to surpass RIM’s total subscriber base in 2005,” said Brian Bogosian, chairman, president and CEO of Visto Corporation." (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, October 8 2004 by ChrisD
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Reverse-Engineering the First Pocket PC Trojan, Part 2 of 2

"In part 2 of their series on the Brador Trojan horse for the Pocket PC, Cyrus Peikari, Seth Fogie, Ratter/29A, and Jonathan Read take us on a detailed tour of exactly how this nasty piece of business works." (Source: Cyrus Peikari, Seth Fogie, Ratter/29A, Jonathan Read, Inform IT)
Posted Friday, October 8 2004 by ChrisD
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"AntHill" for Pocket PC is released.

Anthill"AntHill"  is  the  unique  sketch  of  insects  life. You control the anteater's tongue to scoop up ant eggs and ants. If you're limber with that tongue, the scrumptious ant-queen is for the taking too! Hurry up to  eat  your  fill - because night is falling, and the Black Widow is scuttling your way.

"AntHill" features:

- Over 30 levels of ant hunting;
- Ability to SUBMIT your best score to our High scores table;
- Option to play game with stylus;
- Music and some natural sound effects;
- Resume option;

Free  demo  version  of  "AntHill"  is available right now on our site www.ballshooter.com.  You  can  get  the full version of "AntHill" for only $9.95. " (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, October 8 2004 by ChrisD
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Spb Software House Announces the Results of Spb Pocket PC Survey - Global Pocket PC Users Survey

Spb Software House announces the results of the first "Spb Pocket PC Survey", a global survey for Pocket PC users. More than 10,000 users took part in the survey; it has been a total success. We would like to thank all the survey participants. The results of this survey will help to understand Pocket PC users and their needs better.

Contributions to the Pocket PC community, like Pocket PC Developer Network and Spb Benchmark, are a big part of Spb Software House's strategy. In keeping with this vision, Spb makes the statistical results of this survey publicly available. Spb Pocket PC Survey will be conducted annually in September in order to see changes in the Pocket PC community from year to year.

All survey participants have been entered into a drawing to win either HP iPAQ hx4700 or $100 PocketGear software certificates. The winners are: Jim Castles (main prize), Martin Ruderisch and Jaroslav Salcer.

Here are some of the Spb Pocket PC Survey results.

The average age of survey respondents is about 35 years, and it is no surprise that nearly one fifth of Pocket PC users are computer related occupied. The most popular brands are HP iPAQ [57%] and Dell Axim [15%]. Our respondents use Pocket PC for about 2 years in average. More than half of respondents have used Palm devices. The results of the survey make it clear that Pocket PC is a "family hobby" - about 40% of respondents said that other members of their family also use Pocket PC.

Absolute majority [93%] of Pocket PC users buy accessories for their devices, the most popular are

The question "What do you use your Pocket PC for?" gives following results:

78% Pocket PC users have ever purchased Pocket PC software. The most popular types of programs are:

Full results of Spb Pocket PC Survey results are available at:

http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/about/pressreleases/docs/spbsurvey2004.html (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, October 7 2004 by ChrisD
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Acky's XP Breakout 2.0 Released - First VGA Game Review

"Isotope244 Graphics has released Acky's XP Breakout v2.0, an arkanoid game with stunning effects and full support for VGA Pocket PCs.  Using a
reflective space pad, you engage 150 action filled levels.

Major features of the update:
More than 80 levels have been updated.
Added new brick blaster feature to complete levels faster.
Added 3 new techno music tracks from Dj Keys.

October 5, 2004 - FIRST VGA Game Review

Firstloox.org is the first to post a review exclusively testing the VGA support of Acky's XP Breakout (the first VGA game review that I have found). The review was done on a PocketLOOX720 VGA PDA. http://www.firstloox.org/index.php?categoryid=8&p2_articleid=82

"VGA simply raises this game to another quality level being the reference for future games in this genre." - Jorlin, firstloox.org reviewer/moderator

More info about the game:

Acky's XP Breakout is one of the first games to support WM2003 SE VGA devices.  The game offers four difficulty settings, allowing it to be enjoyed by players of all ages.  There are 16 bonuses, and free level expansion packs.  The built-in level editor lets you create new games. Acky's XP Breakout features 30 minutes of original, tantalizing music.

Enter the game's unique XP Mode, and enjoy enhanced gameplay.  It's easy to  customize the game to your own personal liking by tweaking many options. Statistics are tracked online, and there are trophy and ranking systems.

Whether you're looking for an exciting new multilevel action game with superior gameplay and precise control, or you're looking to recapture the fun of the arkanoid games of your youth, Acky's XP Breakout can provide hours and hours of enjoyment.

Acky's XP Breakout requires an XScale or ARM Pocket PC, 5 MB memory, and runs under WM 2000 and higher.  It has translations for seven languages including English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese. The game costs $12.95(US) and may be purchased securely online at http://www.isotope244.com where a free trial version is also available.  All software from Isotope244 Graphics comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, with additional discounts for multiple software purchases.  A Windows Desktop PC version of the game is also available. " (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, October 6 2004 by ChrisD
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Adobe Reader for Pocket PC 2.0

"Adobe® Reader® for Pocket PC 2.0 extends the value and capabilities of Adobe PDF files by adapting them for high-quality viewing on smaller screens, while preserving their rich content. Working with the ActiveSync filter, which runs on Windows®, Adobe Reader for Pocket PC enables you to view PDF files from your desktop computer anywhere, anytime. Adobe Reader for Pocket PC also makes it easier for you to take digital editions and slide shows along on your Pocket PC device. Adobe Reader for Pocket PC 2.0 delivers powerful new features:

Mobile data entry: Submit form data using handheld devices over a wireless connection. If you are working offline, the data is temporarily stored, then submitted once a connection is established. Send forms by e-mail or directly to the destination server using a cradle or cable.

Wireless printing: Print directly from a handheld device to a remote printer.*

Slide show viewing: Easily share Adobe PDF slide shows generated by Adobe Photoshop® Album software on handheld devices in portrait or landscape mode.

Downloading digital editions: Download digital editions of your favorite books in PDF format to handheld devices and read them anywhere. " (Source: Adobe Website)
Posted Wednesday, October 6 2004 by ChrisD
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Best Software Introduces SalesLogix for Pocket PC Extending Full Featured CRM to the Mobile Workforce

"Best Software today introduced SalesLogix® for Pocket PC at the Gartner CRM Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona. SalesLogix for Pocket PC mirrors the familiar SalesLogix 6.2 user interface while delivering full-featured CRM functionality with real-time wireless convenience. Developed with the latest in mobile technology, SalesLogix for Pocket PC is built on the Microsoft .NET framework to provide organizations with the same flexibility and rich customization capabilities they experience in the SalesLogix environment.

"SalesLogix for Pocket PC is the most robust mobile application in the CRM marketplace," noted Jon Van Duyne, senior vice president and general manager for Best Software Mid-Market CRM. "SalesLogix for Pocket PC allows users to go beyond basic look-ups of contact information and take advantage of rich CRM functionality such as account, contact, opportunity and ticket management, even while away from the office."

Gartner identifies mobile field sales capabilities among the top ten CRM software selection criteria in its recent research survey of 158 medium-sized businesses.(1) SalesLogix for Pocket PC addresses this emerging need so users can immediately take advantage of the convenience and productivity provided through handheld devices.

"We have 400 employees using SalesLogix 6.2 and view SalesLogix for Pocket PC as a productivity tool that will roll out to many of our field reps who need instant access to patient records without having to boot up a laptop," stated David Vanderlinden, director of sales and marketing applications for Cyberonics. "The benefits of extending CRM data to our mobile sales team are immense considering the account contact, note taking and opportunity tracking features that will be used frequently, as well as the simple synchronization methods available. The ROI is definitely there."

SalesLogix for Pocket PC delivers robust account, contact, opportunity and service ticket management functionality with real-time wireless convenience so users can:

Because SalesLogix for Pocket PC is built on the Microsoft .NET framework and SQL Server CE, it is extremely customizable and scalable for large organizations. It can be easily customized using visual drag-and-drop design tools or Visual Studio .NET development tools to create efficient, industry-specific or customer-specific workflow for mobile users. Examples include applications for the financial and pharmaceutical industries, among others. In addition, the use of SQL CE on the device also allows mobile users to continue to access data even in an area where they do not have a wireless connection.

"We implemented SalesLogix in 1998, largely because of our ability to quickly customize the product for our unique needs when providing specialty laboratory services," noted Brian Littlefield, CIO for Prometheus Laboratories. "It is critical that our team of over 60 field representatives is able to review and capture data instantly as they interact with physicians. This year, we have implemented a highly customized version of SalesLogix for Pocket PC to support our sales team."

SalesLogix 6.2 CRM Suite

SalesLogix is the CRM leader for small to medium-sized businesses that require flexible, easy-to-use solutions to help acquire, retain and develop profitable customer relationships. SalesLogix 6.2, introduced in July, delivers integrated sales, marketing, customer service and support automation solutions that adapt to an organization's unique customer acquisition, retention and development processes.

With more than 6,000 customers, SalesLogix has garnered accolades for its ease of use and high levels of end-user adoption. Gartner recently named Best Software number one in the worldwide small business CRM software applications market with 25% market share, and currently lists SalesLogix as the lowest total cost of ownership over a three year period among leading CRM solutions in the MSB market.(2)

SalesLogix 6.2 is available through the Best Software Mid-Market CRM channel of over 450 business partners starting at $795 per user for Standard CRM. SalesLogix for Pocket PC starts at $295 per SalesLogix user. For more details, visit www.saleslogix.com." (Source: Press Release, Yahoo Finance)

Posted Wednesday, October 6 2004 by ChrisD
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iTouch delivers managed Pocket PC GPRS solution for Dyson field engineers

"iService works by communicating all customer and repair job details directly from the head office to the engineers handheld. As the units are online all the time (coverage dependent), all progress updates, parts ordering, receipts and customer signatures are integrated live with the back office system. The data is instant, measurable and 100% accurate.To ensure their staff were trained and up to speed in a comfortable timeframe Dyson opted for a deliberate 6-month slow roll out. At each stage, groups of engineers had their old PCs replaced by Panasonic Toughbooks Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 2003 OS, with an in-built barcode scanner for re-ordering parts, and a portable Extech printer for printing off customer receipts. Since the project was completed Dyson has noticed a number of benefits of the new system, including a “massive reduction in errors” in the data collected by the engineers." (Source: GeekZone)
Posted Wednesday, October 6 2004 by ChrisD
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PhatWare Releases PhatPad 2.0, Featuring Companion Software For Desktop PC

Major Upgrade to Highest Rated Note-Taking Application for Windows Mobile Software Includes Customizable Toolbar, Photo Backgrounds and More

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CAOctober 6, 2004 – PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces the full release of PhatPad 2.0, the latest version of its award-winning note-taking application for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs. Leading the improvements to PhatPad 2.0 is a companion desktop PC application that allows all of PhatPad’s valuable features to be accessed from the user’s personal computer. In June PhatPad 2.0 won Handango’s ‘Best Productivity Application’ award.

PhatPad turns any Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC into the ultimate notepad. With the PDA stylus, users can draw pictures, jot text notes, or combine text, drawings, and pictures to increase their personal and/or professional productivity.

Along with the new desktop PC application, PhatPad 2.0 adds a number of convenient features including a pop-up customizable toolbar, “bring to front/send to back” stroke layering and variable page size. The upgraded version gives users the ability to load JPEG or Bitmap files as page background, either for decoration or, in the case of professionals such as realtors or insurance adjusters, to “mark” points of interest on specific photos.

“Our goal at PhatWare is never to stop with the best,” said Stan Miasnikov, president of PhatWare Corporation. “PhatPad, like our other products, is continually improved to make the most of evolving technologies and customer needs. Adding Desktop PC capability, for example, has been the most requested feature for PhatPad to date. Now our users can make the most of their note-taking whether on the road, at home or at work.”

PhatPad’s new desktop PC application allows users to view, edit and print notes created on a Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC. The desktop application carries the same functionality as its Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC counterpart, making it easier than ever to utilize and organize important notes. Other PhatWare products, such as PenOffice or Calligrapher, can be combined with PhatPad to complete useful tasks such as turning handwritten notes into digital text.

“PhatPad’s innovation demonstrates the ability of the Windows Mobile platform to enable exciting applications and services that add value and convenience to the daily activities of the mobile professional,” said Julie Wymetalek, manager of the Mobility Partner Advisory Council at Microsoft Corp. “With the release of Version 2.0, PhatPad has improved on the features that make it a leading productivity application for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs.”

The new customizable pop-up toolbar can be tailored with as many as 10 buttons from a selection of 40 functions. While PhatPad has always had the ability to carry notes and sketches on separate layers, now users can switch the order of layers when needed. This feature is especially convenient when combined with the ability to load background images.  Claims adjusters, for example, can scan in a field photo of a damaged car, then make comments or circle specific areas on the vehicle for later reference. Photos can be configured to fit the entire page, centered or zoomed.

PhatPad Version 2.0 for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs can be downloaded from PhatWare’s corporate website.  List price for PhatPad 2.0 is $29.95. Owners of earlier versions of PhatPad can upgrade to 2.0 for only $14.95.  For more information or to purchase the product, visit www.phatware.com/phatpad.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, October 6 2004 by ChrisD
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New Version of Journal Bar From Omega OneNew Version of Journal Bar From Omega One

Omega One, a leading provider of consumer applications for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs, is pleased to announce the release of an updated version of Journal Bar, a top selling Pocket PC application that provides users with local and international information, weather and stock information.  This updated version, Journal Bar v3.1, provides users with several new including:

·        Weather from fourteen (14) cities can be displayed in the basic version

·        Journal Bar now can provide weather reports from over 230 new countries and thousands of cities

·        Radar and infra-red images for US weather cities

·        Local Time, city name and current conditions for each city on the Today screen

·        Two hundred (200) stocks can be displayed and are updated every 10 minutes

·        News sections can show up to 9 headlines

·         Updated and fresh looking User Interface and icons

·        Journal Bar now offers support for VGA devices.

·        Journal Bar can be configured to synchronize just one section or all of them.

·        Multiple ways in which to store web pages

·        Full localization into French, German and Dutch

·        Synchronizing news is now faster.


 “We updated Journal Bar to ensure it remains the top weather, stocks and news application in its category” said Andrew Haslam, CEO of Omega One, “By adding these additional features, such as more weather and stocks, we are ensuring that we are up to date with the latest features that our customers need.”

Journal Bar has been one of the top selling Pocket PC applications in 2003 and 2004.  Omega One’s other top selling products include Battery Pack Pro which has been consistently in the top 10 Pocket PC applications for the last two years, as well as 1-Calc, a universal calculator, and 1-Pass, a physical security application.

Journal Bar v3.1 is available on www.omegaone.com, www.handango.com, and other leading online retailers. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, October 5 2004 by ChrisD
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Sproqit Announces First Full-Featured Outlook Companion for PDA and Smart Phone Users

New Sproqit Personal Edition delivers on the promise of the mobile desktop to remotely access PCs with handheld devices


Sproqit Technologies, the embedded technology leader in intelligent thin-client mobile computing, today announced the launch of Sproqit Personal Edition. Available from mid-October, Sproqit Personal Edition is the fastest and most versatile wireless solution for accessing all the features of Outlook or any other desktop application from a PDA or Smart phone.  For the first time, users can now remotely access the functionality of their PC with handheld devices through a direct, real-time and end-to-end secure connection. This empowers users to remotely access, attach, read and send any file on their desktop or corporate network from their PDA or Smart phone over any connection. And unlike Web-based or Terminal applications, Sproqit works even when it is not connected.


“Mobile workers want wireless solutions that are easy to use and rich in function, even when disconnected. Companies want security, simple deployment, low-cost and broad application support,” said Warren Wilson, analyst with Summit Strategies. “Sproqit’s new thin-client offering meets all of these needs -- and may well shake up the mobile business-solutions market.”


“Sproqit looked at the current solutions and found that they were very limited in terms of functionality, performance and expansion into new applications. We also found that the main bottleneck was the anitquated store and forward architectures they are all using ,” said Peter Mansour, founder and CEO of Sproqit Technologies. “We decided to work from a clean slate to create the next generation architecture that would give users what they’ve been looking for − a reason to leave their laptops at home.  If you compare Sproqit, feature-for-feature, with other solutions, you’ll see that it is faster, offers more features and has better usuability.”


With features like complete network browsing, sending and receiving attachments, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes, Sproqit provides a complete solution for those users who don’t want to spend thousands of pounds on an enterprise server solution. In less than 10 minutes, end-users can install the Sproqit software on their desktop computers and mobile devices and get all the functionality and flexibility they need, both online and offline, regardless of the size of the deployment. With a secure 128-bit SSL connection, users have with the following key capabilities:


•       Complete Outlook functionality
•       Ability to remotely access the desktop or corporate network from handheld devices
•       Interactive streaming data
•       End-to-send security
•       Best of breed email and PIM including push functionality
•       Unmatched performance over any network
•       Complete online and offline functionality
•       Ability to extend access to an unlimited number of rich applications with Sproqit’s software developer kit


Pricing and Availability
Sproqit Personal Edition pricing starts at £8.00 per month and will be available from mid October at www.sproqit.com. In November in the
UK, Sproqit Personal Edition will also ship on every palmOne™ Handspring Treo600, distributed through distributor Hugh Symons Mobile Computing.


“We have been a tier one distributor of palmOne™ products since 1998 and have worked closely with the vendor ever since,” said Andrew Baxendine, Commercial Director Hugh Symons Group. “The introduction of Sproqit’s software into the market and specifically for the latest palmOne™ Handspring Treo 600 is a great asset for the user and the market.  If you are looking for the full ‘desktop experience’ on your palmOne™ handheld then the Sproqit software is the ideal solution.  As a renowned mobile data distributor, we are keen to support Sproqit and palmOne™ in launching this product to the market.”


Supported Devices and Operating Systems:
Desktops running Windows XP, ME, NT, SP5, and 98 SE can use Sproqit Personal Edition to support devices running Palm OS 4.1.1 (Palm Tungsten W), Palm OS 5.2.1 (Treo 600), Pocket PC 2000, 2002, and 2003, Windows XP. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, October 5 2004 by ChrisD
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Tools for power players

"I was down the coast, it was midday, I was the only one with the authority, but how was I going to do this?" he recalls.

This is where his O2 XDA smartphone, a pocket PC and phone rolled into one, came into play. After taking the council's call, Kasparek asked for an email containing the relevant documents. He read it on his phone and replied, requesting a stopclock, in five minutes.

Kasparek's situation is a reflection of how the new breed of powerful communications tools blur the gap between work and personal lives of busy executives. Work-free holidays are out - and many of them willingly stay in full-time touch with the office, simply so they can be away from it." (Source: Paul Best, Sydney Herald)

Posted Tuesday, October 5 2004 by ChrisD
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Case Study: VAR Prescribes Technology Solution For Health Insurer

"To tackle the problem, WellPoint embarked on the creation of a paperwork reduction package and a Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) system. The company turned to New York-based solution provider Capgemini to offer medical practitioners access to an e-prescribing service via wireless PDAs.

Dell provided the hand-held Axim Pocket PCs on which physicians enter the prescriptions. Wireless networking and access points were provided by Cisco Systems, while Microsoft, AllScripts and Zix provided the software platforms. Though still in the pilot phase, the solution has been implemented free-of-charge to 20,000 of WellPoint's network physicians in California, Georgia, Missouri and Wisconsin." (Source: Sharon A. Linsenbach, CRN)

Posted Monday, October 4 2004 by ChrisD
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 iAdmin Mobile Press Release - Head-to-Head Comparison on Mobile Server Management Technology

"iAdmin Mobile, developer of mobile systems management technologies for Information Technology professionals today release a head-to-head comparison between its mobile server management suite and competitors BluePrint Software's NetTools, Sonic Mobilitiy's SonicAdmin, and ASG's MobileControl software.

"This detailed feature and price comparison shows our competition can't come close to the value iAdmin Mobile can provide," said J.R. Brown, Founder and CEO. "Our price is considerably lower, our feature set is larger, and our technology is enterprise ready. This is why iAdmin Mobile is the leader in mobile server management technology."

Comparison Details

The full head-to-head report can be found at: http://www.iadminmobile.com/Download/3.6/Docs/iAdminCompare.pdf

The Quick Facts

iAdmin Mobile is 230% to 496% lower in price than its competitors.

iAdmin Mobile scores a feature dot count of: 28, while its competitors only achieved a 14 on average.

iAdmin Mobile is the only product to manage both Microsoft Windows Server and Novell NetWare.

iAdmin Mobile is the only product to support Microsoft Visio document viewing on mobile devices.
" (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, October 3 2004 by ChrisD
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NIST Releases PDA Forensics Study

"National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), sponsored by the US Department of Homeland Security, has released a new report and study on PDA forensics. The report takes a look at current PDA forensic tools as well as a detailed look at handheld operating systems and security.

Tech savvy criminals are just as likely as anyone else to use high-tech devices, such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), to help keep track of their activities. When these devices are used in a crime, law enforcement investigators need to know how to find, properly retrieve and examine the information they store, even if the criminal tried to hide or delete the data.

Researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology recently examined a number of software tools designed to acquire information from operating systems used in most PDAs: Palm OS, Microsoft Pocket PC and Linux.

The researchers examined the tools in a range of situations commonly encountered during a forensic examination of PDAs. For example, the researchers wanted to determine if tools could find information, including deleted information, associated with applications such as calendars, contacts and task lists. The tools also were examined to see if someone could obtain the user's password and gain access to the contents of the device.

NIST's review of the current state of the art of forensic software, PDA Forensic Tools: An Overview and Analysis (.pdf) (NISTIR 7100), will help investigators better understand the capabilities and limitations of these software tools. Sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security, the study was not intended to be exhaustive or serve as a formal product evaluation but to complement the more rigorous specifications and test methods being developed as part of the Computer Forensics Tool Testing project. The CFTT is a joint effort of NIST, the National Institute of Justice, and law enforcement organizations.

A companion NIST report, which provides more detailed procedures on preserving, examining, analyzing and reporting of digital evidence on PDAs, will be available soon. A draft of this publication, Guidelines on PDA Forensics, is now available." (Source: NIST)

Posted Sunday, October 3 2004 by ChrisD
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"4SmartPhone, a provider of mobility solutions that enable businesses to share anything, anywhere, anytime, announced today it has delivered the most highly available, affordable and portable mobility solution for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs). The company's 4SmartPhone service, running on the Windows Exchange 2003 platform, delivers seamless access to corporate information on Microsoft Windows mobile devices as well as most data-enabled phones, smartphones and wireless PDAs. 4SmartPhone is the first to offer professionals who are frequently out of the office, an affordable, convenient mobile office solution that is supported by 24x7 customer service.
"Many SMBs have been unable to take full advantage of the benefits inherent in their mobile devices because they lack the IT infrastructure and support required to do so," said Craig Mathias, a principal with the wireless advisory firm Farpoint Group (Ashland, Mass.). "4SmartPhone's offering really levels the playing field, enabling SMBs to gain access to critical personal and corporate information at minimal cost and with maximum convenience."
Smartphones in particular are rapidly gaining popularity as a mobility solution and productivity tool. Industry predictions hold that by 2008, 40 percent of the mobile handset market will be smartphones, equivalent to shipments of 272 million units per year. Yet smartphones remain relatively expensive to use. In addition, the operating systems, software and synchronization processes required to fully maximize the smartphone's mobility benefits can be complex, requiring significant resources to implement and maintain. As a result, SMBs are less likely to deploy and use smartphone technology to facilitate true business mobility.
4SmartPhone addresses the SMB market with an offering that includes all the features of expensive, mostly proprietary enterprise wireless solutions, but at a cost that rivals the consumer-oriented services that are too limited for a business environment. With 4SmartPhone, users can access constantly updated or real-time information with the most familiar functions of Microsoft Outlook on a wireless device, including inbox, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and shared/public folders. While the system operates on the Windows Mobile platform, it can also support other platforms in a customized version. In addition, the solution enables real-time access to information through synchronization over the air (cradleless synch), allowing users to send, receive and review attachments in the most common formats such as Excel, Word and PDF files.
4SmartPhone Advantage
With 4SmartPhone, SMBs can reliably and securely share information across an enterprise-class platform that offers private and shared data repositories. With an automatic synchronization process that takes place over the air, users have real-time access to information virtually anywhere, anytime, allowing them to more effectively capitalize on business opportunity. In addition, 4SmartPhone provides a shared IT infrastructure that offers companies data recovery assurance and reliability.
"One thing I have absolutely gained is the immediacy of the information I receive," said Youri Bebic, vice president of North American Sales, Gemplus of Dallas, Texas. "The phone is always with me, whether I'm playing golf or at the office. The biggest advantage for me is the ability to access my agenda and contacts, and send and receive emails all without my laptop. I no longer take my laptop when I travel."
4SmartPhone includes the following features:
·       Access to most familiar functions of Microsoft Outlook on a wireless device, including inbox, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and shared/public folders;
·       Real-time access to information, without having to wait for download or synchronization;
·       Synchronization over the air (cradleless synch);
·       Support for HTML-formatted emails, as well as email attachments on most smartphones and PDAs;
·       Flexible and customizable email/event notifications;
·       Server-based application that can be accessed through any data-enabled phone with an HTML or WAP browser;
·       Support for any wireless carrier used by a company;
·       Secure, encrypted communication through SSL (HTTPS);
·       Virus checking; and
·       SPAM filtering
"4SmartPhone is committed to delivering the highest-quality mobility solutions to small and medium size businesses," said Patrick Gilbert, president and CEO, 4SmartPhone. "Until now, SMB professionals have either had to make a significant investment in complex systems like those implemented within large enterprises, or have had to do without the same kinds of productivity advantages that large companies are able to afford. Our goal is to deliver an easy, non-disruptive, world-class mobile office solution that doesn't require a huge investment of budget or time, nor does it require the technology expertise of an IT department." (Source: Press Release)
Posted Sunday, October 3 2004 by ChrisD
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