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Week of August 29, 2004

HP iPAQ rx3715 - Pocket PC

"Hewlett Packard has established its handheld computing name firmly in the corporate sector. It proudly holds a pivotal position here: you’ll see executives toting their iPAQs on trains far more often than you’ll see them with rival Pocket PCs, and only RIM’s Blackberry seems to come near the iPAQ for popularity. You might think HP would be happy with that niche, and concentrate on consolidating its position, but it would appear that this isn’t the case.

The company recently announced four new Pocket PCs, two of which are squarely aimed at consumers. The rx1710 is the entry level device, but by far the more compelling of the two is the rx3715, which HP is calling its Mobile Media Companion.

In a world where Pocket PCs can be hard to differentiate (many have silver casings, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile software is always there, WiFi and Bluetooth are becoming ubiquitous), and differentiation is often made on the basis of things like processor speed (which can frankly be negligibly important for many home users), installed RAM (the more the better), or the size of the navigation button (a matter of personal preference), launching a device which is radically different from the rest is quite a bold move.

Differentiation is really the name of the game for HP with this Pocket PC though. The company has gone for a rather sedate slate grey casing leaving brash corporate silver behind. And Microsoft’s dull old Today screen has gone, replaced by a screen that throws you straight into many of the multimedia offerings available. " (Source: Sandra Vogel, Trusted Reviews)

Posted Friday, September 3 2004 by ChrisD
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How-To: Use a Pocket PC PDA as a WiFiphone

"This week’s How-To is a handy one for the folks out there who use the Vonage Voice Over IP (VOIP) service and happen to have a Pocket PC device with WiFi. We’re going to show you how to turn just about any Pocket PC PDA device in to a real telephone with a working telephone number. At the end of this, we’re also going to post our phone number so you can test it out (it might be a long distance call for you).

Ingredients for this How-To:

Posted Friday, September 3 2004 by ChrisD
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Aton TN 3270 for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

"Enterprise Data in Landscape on Pocket PC

The Aton TN 3270 software platform allows you to deploy enterprise data to your mobile workforce using your existing Pocket PC infrastructure. It combines a .NET component with a user interface that looks like the screen of a TN3270 terminal. Example uses of the software include viewing mainframe data in the traditional 3270 "green screen" format; or in conjunction with the .NET component and the vendor's SDK to build a "Smart Client" Pocket PC application.

It accesses systems such as CICS, VM/CMS, MVS, OS/400 and other systems that support the TN3270 Internet protocol. It emulates the IBM 3278 series of operator terminals. No mainframe programming required, and certified as "Designed for Windows Mobile." A free 14-day trial is available." (Source: Enterprise IT Planet)
Posted Friday, September 3 2004 by ChrisD
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NSC Releases ShareIt FTP Pro with SSL/TLS support for Microsoft Pocket PC

"NSC today introduced ShareIt FTP Pro 1.7, the next major release of it's award-winning FTP server software. ShareIt FTP is a robust, secure and easy-to-use file sharing solution that enables home, academic, government, industrial and corporate users to transfer and manage files on their handheld devices over the Internet. Fine-tuned for Microsoft Pocket PC devices, ShareIt FTP Pro 1.7 includes 168-bit 3DES SSL/TLS support, certificate creation tools and performance enhancements to make transferring information across wireless and public networks safe and reliable.

"With ShareIt FTP Pro, NSC is taking a giant step ahead of our competitors by offering the only file transfer software that addresses the security and mobility requirements of wireless applications," said Jeff Preston, President & CEO of NSC. "ShareIt FTP delivers exactly what our customers have been asking for."

ShareIt FTP is the ideal FTP server solution for secure file transfer, website maintenance, software deployment and remote data management. The software runs in the background on the Pocket PC device and includes a comprehensive set of monitoring, firewall, recovery and access control features.

New features include:

Pricing & Availability

ShareIt FTP Pro 1.7 is available immediately through the NSC software store (http://www.nsctech.com) and other online resellers for a suggested retain price of $49.95 USD. A time limited trial version is also available from the same locations. The software requires a Microsoft Pocket PC 2000, 2002 or Windows Mobile device with an ARM or XScale processor and 1 megabyte or more of storage space.

Custom FTP solutions and extended support programs are also available from NSC. For product and sales information, contact [email protected]." (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, September 2 2004 by ChrisD
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Microsoft Mobile Devices Chat

"Members of the Microsoft Pocket Office and Pocket Outlook product teams will be hosting a web chat tomorrow (9/2) from 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT. The chat will be focused on support and answering questions regarding specific Pocket Office/Pocket Outlook problems users are encountering.  

Join us each month: Monthly recurring calendar reminder" (Source: Microsoft Website) Updated based on the latest information from Microsoft

Posted Wednesday, September 1 2004 by ChrisD
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HP iPAQ 6315 Lil' Sync Pro & WriteSHIELD Shipping

"We are pleased to announce that we are shipping a WriteSHIELD™ AG & C2 Screen Protector for the HP iPAQ 6300 Series. In addition we have confirmed that the new Lil' Sync™ Pro for the 41XX/43XX is compatible with both the iPAQ 6300 and rz1715 Series.

Lil' Sync™ Pro:

WriteSHIELD™ Premium Screen Protector:

We are also now offering the WriteSHIELD™ in a combo 2-pack.  The combo 2-pack includes one of the WriteSHIELD™ AG and one of the WriteSHIELD™ C2 Screen Protectors, , two Klear Screen Wet Single packs, 3.25" horse-hair brush, three applicator/removal picks, Optical quality MicroFiber cloth and fully illustrated instructions." (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, August 29 2004 by ChrisD
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Phone Home and Find the Way

"You can't explain a Pocket PC to your mother," said Job van Dijk, founder of Route 66, one of the market leaders in CD-ROM-based maps. That device requires a desktop computer to install maps and a tech-savvy mindset. In a brainstorming meeting last year, his company decided that mobile phones were the way to go. "It's the only device that everyone carries around, all the time," Van Dijk said. It was a bet on the future because phones powerful enough to handle navigation software had yet to come on the market, and rivals like Dutch TomTom and France's ViaMichelin were already enjoying early success with route finders designed for handheld computers. The excitement around handheld navigation is due to the relatively low price tag. With the navigation capability spreading from a luxury vehicle to a handheld computer, the price to get through a medieval maze that defines many a European town dropped overnight from $4,000 to less than $1,000. Plus, the consumer got a pocket PC that doubled up as an organizer." (Source: Wired)
Posted Sunday, August 29 2004 by ChrisD
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