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Week of January 28, 2007

VITO VoiceReminder released!

Your personal talking reminder for Pocket PC & Smartphone

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VITO VoiceReminder is a talking alarm-clock and a voice reminder in one that keeps you on track telling you the exact time and playing your voice reminders exactly at scheduled time. VITO VoiceReminder uses voice messages recorded by you to remind you about all the important events in your life: from business meetings to kids school festivities. Creating new reminders takes a couple of seconds and can be easily done on the go.

VITO VoiceReminder features:

  • schedule reminders daily, weekly, monthly or once
  • view all your reminders per day, week or month
  • combine different notification types
  • listen to the time told precisely or in round numbers
  • set system independent volume
  • assign a music file in wav, mp3 or ogg format as a signal
  • create a new reminder with a couple of presses
  • manage your reminders with ease: edit, copy, delete

    Try VITO VoiceReminder
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    Read more about VoiceReminder   (Source: Press Release)

  • Posted Wednesday, January 31 2007 by ChrisD
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    Join the Club Astraware Points Party!

    Club Astraware bursts into life this month with a Point-popping Party! Everyone can join in and get points for all kinds of things, from purchase to high scores to surveys and more! And what do points make? Free games and discounts from the Astraware store, that's what!

    The Points Party runs until the very last day of February 2007, and we've added lots of new ways to earn points!

    The newest and most exciting announcement is that for this one-time special, we're providing points for any past purchases made outside Club Astraware!* That's right - whether you picked up a copy of Sudoku just a week before we it started, or you've been a loyal buyer of Astraware games right from when we started, you'll get points for all of the games you've bought from us. And, while you only get points from purchases while you're logged in to your Club Astraware account at Astraware store, for this time only, we're letting you claim points no matter which store you previously purchased at!

    To claim your points, all you'll need is the email address that you registered the software with. Simply ask us to add this email addresses to your Club Astraware account. Once they are added, check your products list in Club Astraware, and if all your purchases are listed, claim your points! Remember, this is a one-time special event which offers long-term Astraware customers a chance to get all the points they would have earned in previous years.

    Club Astraware is free to join and only takes a couple of minutes. There are also extra ways to earn points on your account including:

    -2500 points just for joining

    -Points earned from purchasing games from the Astraware website (1 point for every cent spent)

    -1000 points for submitting you highest game scores

    -2500 points for recommending a friend join Club Astraware

    AND we've now added two NEW ways of earning extra points:

    -Submit a post you've written on your personal blog about Astraware and you could get 2000 extra points - everyone likes being talked about!

    -Complete our Points Party survey and we'll give you 1500 points. Your opinions matter to us!

    Our Points Party survey is available on the Astraware website from 26th January to 28th February 2007 and EVERYONE who completes the survey will be entered into a prize draw to win a special edition Palm Z22 PDA with Astraware Sudoku pack - Club Astraware members also get the special bonus of the extra points in their account. Visit http://www.astraware.com/promo/pointsparty for more information!

    We'll be adding more new ways of getting points in the future, so make sure to check your Club Astraware account regularly!

    *Purchases made up to 26th January 2007 can be included in the catch-up claim. (Source: Press Release)

    Posted Tuesday, January 30 2007 by ChrisD
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    Get Your Discounts Here - Pocket VITO Navigator II - save 30% from PDATopSoft.com

    VITO Navigator II

    VITO Navigator II - GPS software for hiking and geocaching with your Pocket PC.

    enhanced information about your current position heading/bearing on the destination waypoint track and waypoints recording for further use in navigation indication of GPS receiving conditions import of recorded tracks/points from Geocaching .loc and text .csv files.  (Source: Press Release)

    Posted Sunday, January 28 2007 by ChrisD
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    Game Editor 1.3.6 was released!

    The new Game Editor version gives more support to strategy games. This version comes with a new moving feature thats allow move actors in the game telling what obstacles avoid.

    Create now games for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Handheld PC, Windows Mobile-based Smartphones, GP2X and Linux! (Source: Press Release)
    Posted Sunday, January 28 2007 by ChrisD
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