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Week of May 27, 2007

VITO AudioNotes 1.3 with even more functionality

Compromise for Pocket PC Phone Edition recording

VITO Technology is glad to announce a next update for VITO AudioNotes – mp3 and wav recorder. As many of you already know most Windows Mobile Pocket PCs Phone Edition do not allow recording phone conversation. The new trick in VITO AudioNotes 1.3 provides phone calls recording on most Pocket PC Phone Edition devices.

In the new version you may choose to automatically turn on the speakerphone when calling. This enables VITO AudioNotes to record phone calls practically on all Pocket PC Phone Edition devices.

Now it takes just a sec to find a necessary recording. You just type a part of its name using on-screen keyboard on Pocket PC or dial buttons on Smartphones and the program displays only the recordings with the typed symbols. The most recent recordings always appear at the top of the list. The QuickRecord function on Pocket PC when you start recording by a single press of a hardware button now works faster.

It is also possible to rerecord an audio note from any point within. You just stop listening to a note at a point from which you want to record anew and press Stop. Now you can either continue listening or record anew from the stop point. Please note that after you press Resume > Record (in the drop-down menu for the given note) everything that was recorded to this audio note after the stop point earlier will be rerecorded.

VITO AudioNotes is available for $ 19.95 at http://vitotechnology.com. Updates are free for customers who purchased VITO AudioNotes within a year’s time.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, May 30 2007 by ChrisD
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Palm's Foleo - Back to the Handheld PC!

Palm demonstrated their new product called the Foleo to the press today.  It is designed to be a companion to your Windows Mobile or Palm OS cell phone.  It's usage is focused around on-the-run instant-on applications.   Some scenarios for using it included the corridor warrior moving from meeting to meeting taking notes where instant on makes them more efficient.


The Foleo allows you to sync your e-mail, view attachments (Word, Excel and PowerPoint via DataViz) PDF Viewer (open source) and browse the web (Opera).  Also, it has a note taking application. The Opera web browser supports flash and can play video (however it drops frames due to the slow cpu speed), and access secure websites.  You can secure it with a power on password or allow it to unlock automatically if your cell phone is connected via Bluetooth.   Also, there is no task bar and each app runs full screen.

Operating System

Foleo uses the Linux operating system and it allows users to get to the command prompt as well as develop applications for it.  The Foleo can be expanded by developers using the SDK which is expected the same time it ships.


The concept is that you synchronize your Inbox and Contacts from your Windows Mobile or Palm OS smartphone to your Foleo.  Attachments in e-mail are supported however the Foleo does not work alone for e-mail.  Also, you can use your cell phone's internet access with the Foleo to access the internet and surf the web.  The connection between the Foleo and the smartphone uses Bluetooth so the internet is limited to 768k.


It runs on flash storage and includes a SD slot and an internal CompactFlash slot.  Also, you can use it to view PowerPoint presentations via VGA (1024 x 768).   The unit also includes a display is 1024 x 600 (wide screen), a 18 mm pitch full size keyboard.  It includes built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.  The Foleo weighs 2.5 pounds and it's approximately 10.55 x 6.67 x .94 inches.  It's designed to run for about 5 hours with the Wi-Fi enabled.  Please note that there is no touch screen however it does have a mouse wheel between the mouse buttons for navigation.


The usage scenario for the Foleo is almost identical to the Handheld PC that Microsoft introduced in 1996 and refined until 2000 when it was discontinued.  They both allow users to surf the web and access their e-mail and use a cell phone as modem to connect to the internet.  Also it too had a CompactFlash and a PC Card slot for expansion. Hmm, maybe this proves that Microsoft's original idea for the Handheld PCs is still valid today. (Source: Chris De Herrera, Pocket PC Talk)

Posted Wednesday, May 30 2007 by ChrisD
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40% off WebIS Store

WebIS is proud to present a Memorial Day sale of 40% off anything at the WebIS store!

Just use this coupon code:  MEMORIALDAY2007
(Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, May 27 2007 by ChrisD
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