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Week of April 27, 2008

New Sunnysoft Contacts 1.3

Sunnysoft is proud to present you a brand-new version of its Windows Mobile contacts manager Sunnysoft Contacts 1.3.

New version comes with user-defined bottom buttons which can be assigned to any function of the application (e. g. speed dial, history). One of the most important functions is direct Exchange access. You can simply press the button and search your company directory. The layout is fully configurable. You can choose one of five looks, keyboard and font size, position and appearance of all elements (call and message buttons, photos…).

Sunnysoft Contacs 1.3 is available in English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, and Czech and also supports Hebrew. You can search your contacts in Latin, Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic and Arabic alphabets.

The application can be downloaded from www.sunnysoft.com.   (Source: Press release)

Posted Friday, May 2 2008 by ChrisD
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Celio Plans Support for Windows Mobile 6.1 and 12 New Phones; Announces Availability of REDFLY Mobile Companion Demo Units

-Customer response driving support for additional smartphones-

Celio Corp., an innovator of seamless and efficient mobile solutions for the smartphone market, today announced it is planning support for Windows Mobile 6.1 and 12 additional smartphone models during Q2 2008.  New smartphones include leading Windows Mobile standard models including the Motorola Q and Samsung Blackjack II.  A list of compatible smartphones is available at www.celiocorp.com/smartphone.  Pre-orders for the REDFLY begin immediately and companies interested in purchasing REDFLY can order evaluation units for demo or testing at www.getredfly.com.

Measuring just 1x6x9 inches and less than two pounds and offering more than eight hours of battery life, the REDFLY Mobile Companion is a ground-breaking new device that extends the smartphone platform to a larger display, keyboard, and touchpad mouse using REDFLY's universal software and hardware technology.  REDFLY is a critical new solution to the enterprise mobile market because it gives greater functionality to the smartphone without increasing the security risk of data loss or network access because all data and applications remain on the smartphone.

"The REDFLY makes maximum use of the smartphone without requiring the set up and configuration or the backup and management of an ultralight mobile PC,” said Kirt Bailey, Celio president and CEO. "Its influence on TCO and Data Loss Prevention in the enterprise is profound, and for corporate customers these are typically some the largest factors that are driving their purchase decisions for REDFLY.”

Company officials noted that Windows Mobile 6.1 compatibility is particularly important due to the new features of Microsoft SCMDM (Security Center Mobile Device Management). This new functionality allows enterprise IT managers to manage these mobile devices much more easily within the corporate environment and to push applications, security settings and transparently manage devices out in the field.

With today's announcement, the company reported plans to add the following 12 new phones to its list of supported smartphones.  Beta release dates will be announced during Q2, 2008.

Manufacturer Model     Carrier   WM Version
HP                 iPAQ 910    6.0  Professional
HTC                 Touch     Sprint   6.0  Professional
HTC                 Dash    T-Mobile   6.0  Standard
HTC                 Wing    T-Mobile   6.0  Professional
Motorola                 MOTO Q     AT&T   6.0  Standard
Motorola                 MOTO Q 9h    AT&T   6.0  Standard
Motorola                 MOTO Q     Sprint   5.0  Smart Phone
Motorola                 MOTO Q 9c    Sprint   6.0  Standard
Motorola                 MOTO Q 9m   Verizon   6.0  Standard
Palm                 Treo 750     AT&T   5.0  Pocket PC
Samsung                 Black Jack     AT&T   5.0  Smart Phone
Samsung                 Black Jack II  AT&T   6.0  Standard

Note:  The Palm Treo 750 software is complete and will be available with the previously released list of compatible smartphones at www.celiocorp.com/smartphone.

"As a result of the high demand for the REDFLY Mobile Companion, Celio Corp is dramatically extending the list of phones entering beta test.  Because of the variation in smartphone designs and the sophistication of the REDFLY software, each phone requires individual development and testing,” said Bailey. "Celio will add phones quickly, based upon market conditions and volume opportunities.  Many of the additional phones are in beta today and software will be released for individual phones during Q2 2008.” 

Customers who wish to inquire about other phones or participate in beta testing can apply at [email protected].  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, May 2 2008 by ChrisD
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One Web: Desktops and Devices Unite!

Meanwhile, Lynch said that although most developers and content providers "still design for a big screen, but over the years we may see that shift to designing for the small screen first and then move to the big screen."

Lynch said because it is harder to design and develop applications and content for the smaller screen real estate of devices, building first for the small screen and then enabling migration or access to the desktop is easier than going in the opposite direction. "That's how I think this might work for users," he said. "You can get applications for your device that can show up as a widget on your PC. There is still some complexity in terms of input methods, but I think the problem is a lot more solvable this way." (Source: Darryl K. Taft, eWeek)

Posted Friday, May 2 2008 by ChrisD
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Odyssey Software Announces Athena™ Add-In Compatibility with Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008

Athena Complements Features of System Center Mobile Device Manager

2008 Delivering Over-the-Air Remote Control, Interactive Support Tools and Enhanced Asset Reporting

Odyssey Software, Inc., a leading provider of advanced mobile device management solutions, today announced its Athena Add-In for Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 at the Microsoft Management Summit 2008 (booth # 422). The Athena Add-In complements the features of Mobile Device Manager by delivering over-the-air remote control, a variety of interactive support tools, automated job scheduling and enhanced device asset information including detailed wireless network and phone status, directly from the Mobile Device Manager console.

The Athena Add-In for System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 provides functionalities that are critical to IT and help desk personnel to support mobile devices used for line-of-business applications, such as mobile CRM or field-service, or mobile messaging deployments. The solution also provides extended networking, wireless and phone information, in addition to powerful remote control capabilities – all optimized for wide area wireless networks. Athena equips IT and help desk personnel with the tools they need to support mobile workers in the field and keep people productive.

“Our recent research has shown that a billion workers around the world will be classed as mobile by 2011, including nearly 75 percent of the US workforce,” said Stephen Drake, program director, mobile software service at IDC. “Mobility deployments bring a number of benefits to companies, but developing a plan to manage and secure these devices should be part of any large implementation. Mobile device management solutions, such as Athena from Odyssey Software, that allow for secure and remote diagnostics, maintenance and management can help significantly advance mobile worker productivity.”

“According to recent industry analyst research, the use of mobile business applications in leading enterprises is primed to explode through 2009 and beyond, and now more than ever the need for a comprehensive mobile device management solution is readily apparent,” said Mark Gentile, president and CEO for Odyssey Software. “The availability of our Athena Add-In for System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 represents a significant development for enterprises deploying Windows Mobile 6.1-based devices. System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008’s security policy management, comprehensive device management and Windows mobile-optimized VPN capabilities coupled with Athena’s remote, automated and centralized management capabilities deliver a market-leading mobile device management solution.”

Unlike other third party device management products, which universally employ their own servers and consoles, Athena is designed to work directly with, and take full advantage of, Microsoft System Center’s infrastructure and its inherent scalability, reliability, fail-over and security features. Additionally, Athena’s extensible, modular architecture provides a seamless path to deploy and install future enhancements, and enables customers to license only those specific Athena device management add-ins required to meet their mobile device management needs.

“System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 provides enterprise IT with enhanced on-device security and over-the-air policy enforcement, enabling IT professionals to more easily and securely manage mobile devices within the organization,” said Lax Madapaty, product manager for System Center Mobile Device Manager at Microsoft Corp. “We are excited to work with Odyssey Software to deliver end-to-end device security, data protection and remote support tools that help balance our customers’ needs of mobile data security and mobile device management.”

Athena provides broad device support for any mobile device running Microsoft Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded CE, including consumer, rugged and Smartphone devices over any public or private IP-based network. The Athena Add-In for System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 will be available for beta testing in June 2008. Please contact Odyssey Software if you wish to participate in the beta program.   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, May 1 2008 by ChrisD
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Celio REDFLY Mobile Companion now available for pre-order

I’ve posted a couple of times on the REDFLY Mobile Companion device (here and here) and was very impressed with the build quality, ease-of-use, and functionality of the device during my evaluation period. I sent the device back a couple weeks after I received it to for evaluation and have been considering a purchase upon availability.  (Source: Matthew Miller, ZDNet)
Posted Thursday, May 1 2008 by ChrisD
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ProClip USA Offers Special 10% Discount!

During the months of May and June everybody is looking forward to a great summer and their upcoming travels. ProClip USA will offer a special 10% discount in these months on their great in-vehicle custom mounting solutions for many mobile devices like GPS Systems,  Mobile Phones and Portable Music Players.

ProClip USA solutions are a perfect gift for Mothers, Fathers and Graduates.

Just enter the following code in the AC-field during the check out process and select apply. This Mothers, Fathers and Graduate 2008 AC promotion number =  071508

This offer will expire on : July 1, 2008  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, April 30 2008 by ChrisD
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EyePhoto for watching your photos! 

Redesigned and improved 

April 29, 2008 - VITO Technology releases a new version of EyePhoto designed specially for viewing photos on Pocket PC Windows Mobile. Apart from sliding your photos with finger you can use joystick or switch on a slideshow and relax watching your photos. The slight changes in design make the program even more stylish and user-friendly. There have appeared additional features like deleting a picture, sending it (and resizing at the same time) via MMS or e-mail, and looking up the properties of the picture.

With the updated version of EyePhoto you can not only slide your finger but also use your joystick to flip through photos or even turn on the slideshow. The program also automatically identifies the mode (landscape or portrait) for displaying pictures. So they are shown according to the camera mode that you used when shooting pictures. As a result it is a rare case when you need to rotate a photo.

While watching photos it has become possible to delete a photo or send it via MMS or e-mail. If you need to know the properties of the picture you can see it when tapping menu button and choosing properties. They show: file name, folder where a photo is stored, resolution, size, time & date of creation.

The program has been redesigned: now the prevailing color of the program has become black, like HTC Touch interface. The photo tiles in the preview window have become bigger. Tapping the photo only once will bring forward the menu bars at the top and at the bottom of the screen. To zoom in and out you can not only double tap the photo but also tap the zoom in and out buttons at the bottom left of the screen.
 EyePhoto is available for $ 14.95 at http://iwindowsmobile.com.      (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, April 29 2008 by ChrisD
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HTC Advantage Review

The HTC Advantage blurs the lines between a UMPC, handheld, and smartphone, as it combines features from all three.

Before I start the review, a word of explanation. This was originally supposed to be a review of the new version of the Advantage, the X7510, which has 16 GB of flash memory in place of the original model's 8 GB hard drive. However, the review unit HTC sent us was last year's X7501. I say this mostly to shame HTC's PR department, and explain why we're reviewing a year old device that's about to be replaced. That said, most of this review also applies to the X7510.

The Advantage X7501 is sometimes referred to as the X7500, or as the HTC Athena. It's also sold by T-Mobile Europe as the T-Mobile Ameo, and under the Dopod brand as the U1000.  (Source: Adam D. Brown, Brighthand)

Posted Monday, April 28 2008 by ChrisD
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