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Week of March 27, 2005

PDATopSoft.com Launches PDA Medical Software Resource - PDAMediSoft.com

PDATopSoft.com, PDA software distributor, today announced launch of a PDA Medical software store at www.PDAMediSoft.com. Through this website PDATopSoft.com is now offering a wide choice of medical and health only products to both medical professionals using PDA in their daily practice and general audience. PalmOne, Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile Phone, RIM and Symbian applications are available.

Launching of PDAMediSoft.com will increase sales of PDATopSoft.com partners' products bringing more customers to their pages. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, March 31 2005 by ChrisD
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New Pocket PC Software: BVRP Software Launches Pocket PhoneTools 4 Pro in the US

New Pocket PC Software enables PDAs to Act as Communication Centers

http://www.bvrp.com [BVRP Software], developer of the award-winning Pocket PhoneTools software, today release a new version of its award winning PDA software, http://www.bvrp.com/link_pocketphonetools.htm [Pocket PhoneTools 4 Pro] in the United States.  This Pocket PC software is available now directly from BVRP Software.

Pocket PhoneTools features a wide range of capabilities including Fax, Text Message, Internet Connection Manager, Dialer and Contact Phonebook. From one Pocket PC software program, Pocket PhoneTools enables users full access to their Pocket PC PDA communication abilities.

Pocket PhoneTools automatically configures your pocket PC Internet Connection and uses GPRS, WAP or GSM data to connect you to the Internet. The Internet Connection Manager enables users to connect to the Internet in one click, so they can surf the web or exchange e-mails at a high-speed Internet connection.

With Pocket PhoneTools’ voice enabled GSM/GPRS Compact Flash or PCMCIA card, users can perform mobile phone functions on their pocket PC including make and receive phone calls, view call history, manage contacts, voice mail, and send/receive faxes. Also this PDA software has a Contact Phonebook that enables Pocket PhoneTools users to synchronize and transfer their pocket PC contacts to their mobile phone. Utilizing the latest Bluetooth technology, Pocket PhoneTools users have access to the most mobile phone options available.

Pocket PhoneTools also acts as fax software for Pocket PC so a user to send and receive faxes from his or her Pocket PC. With communication features like fax annotation, multiple recipient transmission & word document attachment, users can send professional quality faxes while out of the office. Pocket PhoneTools’ fax software for Pocket PC also lets you preview your faxes as you prepare them and check the transmission of a fax in real-time.

BVRP also announced a three day promotion offering a 25% discount to visitors who purchase this Pocket PC software from their http://www.bvrp.com/link_pocketphonetools.htm [website], http://www.bvrp.com.  To receive this discount, please enter the following 25% discount code when ordering the Pocket PC software: POCKET

BVRP Software introduced the premier version of Pocket PhoneTools to the European Market in 2002. Since its debut, Pocket PhoneTools was featured as a finalist in the Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards and was regarded as a “good all-in-one communication solution,” said Helio Diamant, expert judge for the Pocket PC magazine Best Software Awards. Pocket PhoneTools also received top ratings from Handango, 5 out of 5, PDA Center and Microsoft.com reviews said, “If you use your Pocket PC to communicate from the road, Pocket PhoneTools could be your dream come true.” (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, March 31 2005 by ChrisD
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HP and T-Mobile have released a maintenance ROM for the h6315 series

HP and T-Mobile have released a maintenance ROM for the h6315 series, and is available from the T-Mobile support website.  This maintenance ROM will also be available from the HP support website (www.hp.com/support) by the first week of April.

Performance improvements will be experienced in the following areas:

¨    Updated WLAN Driver
¨    New GSM/GPRS Firmware
¨    New Bluetooth Stack
¨    Other various feature enhancements

HP has previously released a Worldwide English Software Maintenance ROM version for h6340 (SoftPaq SP29511; English) and h6365 (SoftPaq SP29760; English) models which are sold in the Europe and Asia Pacific.   This maintenance release was made available February 14, 2005 at www.hp.com/support. (Source: HP Press Release)

Posted Thursday, March 31 2005 by ChrisD
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Developer One Announces the all-new CodeWallet Pro 2005 for Pocket PC, Smartphone and Desktop

CodeWallet Pro 2005DeveloperOne is proud to announce to you the release of our all-new CodeWallet Pro 2005/Version 5 for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, Smartphones and Windows PCs.

CodeWallet Pro 2005 helps you securely and conveniently manage all of your important information better and easier than ever before.

Store everything in CodeWallet Pro 2005... Passwords, charge card information, bank accounts, insurance policies, web sites, passwords, notes, pictures, files, just about type of information you have, CodeWallet Pro will help you manage (and find it) with ease.

It all starts with getting your information organized in easy to use information cards. With over 40 card templates and an all-new forms editor, CodeWallet Pro lets you organize your information the way that works best for you.

* Password protection and strong encryption keeps all of your information safe.
* Completely customize the information forms, and easily import new ones that you can download from our web site.
See http://www.developerone.com/codewalletpro/forms.htm to check out some great submissions that CodeWallet Pro owners have created!
* New features like "My Favorites" lets you group your most used information for fast access.
* All-new search makes finding your information effortless. Your search results are conveniently placed in your search folder to let you access your information quickly.
* The Mobile editions are compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC and later and Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone and later. Both synchronize with the Desktop Edition of CodeWallet Pro 2005 for Windows XP/2000 to let you access your information no matter where you are.
* Great international support!

Now includes all of the following languages: (with more to come!)

English/US, English/UK, German, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch/Belgian, Dutch/Netherlands, Norwegian/Nynorsk & Bokmål, Spanish, Swedish, Hungarian and Lithuanian.

* And many more great new features!  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, March 28 2005 by ChrisD
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PPCLINK Mobile Software is excited to introduce our new updated version of the popular Lexisgoo English Dictionary.

LexisgooLexisgoo 2.0 build 33159 includes all the quality functions know from the previous versions as well as other new and exciting ones. Together this makes Lexisgoo 2.0 the most comprehensive and innovative electronic dictionary for your pocket pc.

Key features

* Contains 182,000 entries, 486,000 links and 4140 idioms
* Advanced study assistant, including automatic vocabulary reminder on the today screen
* Supports anagram search
* Allows you to add notes for keywords
* New smart text selection, an easier way to lookup words from editable applications (get definition that no need to select word)
* Grammar and Effective Writing Handbook and free Grammar Book Builder Windows Version
* Reads out text in English from the screen
* Full feature trial version available for 14 days (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, March 28 2005 by ChrisD
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