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Week of December 27, 2009

Job ad suggests Xbox Live headed for WinMo phones

I'm surprised it's taken this long, to be honest. Microsoft's posted a job offer, seeking a principle program manager, who can "bring Xbox Live-enabled games to Windows Mobile."

Based at their Redmond headquarters, the right person for the job will "focus specifically on what makes gaming experiences 'Live enabled' through aspects such as avatar integration, social interactions, and multiscreen experiences."  (Source: Gizmodo Staff, CNet)

Posted Saturday, January 2 2010 by ChrisD
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Oregon cell phone ban has loophole

The new law, passed by the 2009 Oregon Legislature, exempts motorists who are on their hand-held cell phones "in the scope of the person's employment if operation of the motor vehicle is necessary for the person's job." The exemption was intended for taxi drivers, delivery trucks, tow trucks and the like.

Law enforcement officials are getting ready for some motorists to try to drive through that legal loophole by insisting, for example, that a call to a co-worker who also happens to be a friend is really for business purposes. (Source: Brad Cain, MSNBC)

Posted Thursday, December 31 2009 by ChrisD
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Guide to breaking cell phone security revealed

Karsten Nohl, 28, told The Associated Press this week that he, working with others online and around the world, created a codebook showing how to get past the GSM encryption used to keep conversations on more than 3 billion mobile phones safe from prying ears.

Nohl said the purpose was to push companies to improve security. The collaborative effort put the information on line through torrent file-sharing sites.

"The message is to have better security, not we want to break you," he said of the move. "The goal is better security. If we created more demand for more security, if any of the network operators could use this as a marketing feature ... that would be the best possible outcome."  (Source: Matt Moore, MSNBC)

Posted Thursday, December 31 2009 by ChrisD
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The New “Ozone Layer”: OtterBox Impact Series for HTC

Fort Collins, COLO. – Providing protection and functionality, OtterBox introduces the Impact™ Series case for the HTC Ozone™.  With impact-absorbing features such as inner coring on the corners and back of the case, as well as a self-adhering screen protector, the Impact Series offers an ideal safeguard in a sleek design.

This durable silicone case is engineered to slide easily over your HTC Ozone to provide protection and still allow all buttons to remain fully functional.*

“The Impact Series offers our customers a skin-like design, but the real protection can be found on the inside. Inner coring lines the back and corners of the case to absorb bump and shock and safeguard the HTC Ozone from accidents,” said Curt Richardson, OtterBox CEO.

Let OtterBox take the worry out of dropping your smartphone and protect with the new Impact Series case for the HTC Ozone.

Additional Information for the Impact Series:

Environmental Protection:


Dimensions (case only):

Approximate Weight:

Posted Tuesday, December 29 2009 by ChrisD
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