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Week of September 26, 2004

Mobilair releases Creepy Pinball, their latest game title for Pocket PC

"A very scary pinball game, a chilling touch to a classic game... dare you play it?

Just have fun playing this thrilling pinball game with nice sounds! Easy gameplay, excellent graphics.
Play the demo or buy the full version with:
Creepy Pinball is available ($ 6.95) from our partners at www.clickgamer.com and www.handango.com.

More information on Creepy Pinball and other Mobilair titles can be found on www.mobilair.net." (Source: Press Release)

Posted Saturday, October 2 2004 by ChrisD
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HP iPAQ hx4700 Lil' Sync Pro & WriteSHIELD Shipping

"We are pleased to announce that we are shipping a WriteSHIELD™ AG & C2 Screen Protector for the HP iPAQ hx4700 Series. In addition we have confirmed that the new Lil' Sync™ Pro for the 41XX/43XX is compatible with both the iPAQ hx4700 Series.

Lil' Sync Pro:

WriteSHIELD™ Premium Screen Protector

While we do have both the WriteSHIELD™ AG & C2 Screen Protectors available in the proper size, we are recommending the WriteSHIELD™ C2 Screen Protector for the hx4700 Series and other VGA devices.  The Anti-Glare feature of the WriteSHIELD™ AG may cause a pixelation issue on the high resolution mode of VGA Pocket PC screens." (Source: Press Release)

Posted Saturday, October 2 2004 by ChrisD
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Super Smartphone Offers from Astraware

"Astraware has just launched an extra special promotion for October on all their Windows Mobile™ Smartphone titles, the 'Get Smart' promotion offers $5 discounts on all their Smartphone games plus special discounts on the PopCap Pack (5 great games, Bejeweled, Mummy Maze, Seven Seas, Alchemy and Atomica) for only $14.95, a not unimpressive $15 discount plus Candy Cruncher and Fruit Frolic for the bargain price of only $4.95 each, saving you $10 on each title.

Just visit www.astraware.com/wmsp and pick up these great offers, but don't forget they only run until October 31st." (Source: Press Release)

Posted Saturday, October 2 2004 by ChrisD
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Pocket PC Life is now eMobie - Mobile Review Online Community

"PocketPCLife.co.uk is proud to announce the launch of their new website with a new name. Pocket PC Life has changed its name to eMobie – with the new web address www.emobie.com. Pocket PC Life has evolved into eMobie. Why eMobie, you ask?
We have broaden our horizons when it comes to reviewing. In addition to review Pocket PCs items we are also reviewing Palm/SPV Items, Laptops, Phones and nearly every other mobile device or piece of software available.

With the new name and new site, we have had chance to improve on a few things. New features of the site include: Monthly give-a-ways (including a Nokia N Gage QD this month), Enhanced subscriber features, Enhanced news display, better and more reliable newsletter coverage, More Reviews (including our new review of a Sony U50), a great new look, and much more! To celebrate we are giving away lots of free software and hardware, so surf on over and check us out!"

Don't take our word for it, visit: www.emobie.com to see for yourself!" (Source: Press Release)
Posted Friday, October 1 2004 by ChrisD
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Middsol connects CORBA and J2EE with the .NET world on Windows CE devices

"Middsol offers application development tools and solutions in order to open the widely used software infrastructure architectures J2EE and CORBA for the Microsoft .NET architecture. MinCor.NET is the first CORBA ORB for .NET on Windows Mobile devices like PDAs and Smartphones." (Source: Press Release)
Posted Friday, October 1 2004 by ChrisD
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Pocket PC Magazine Selects the Finalists

"2004 Best Software Awards

he Finalists for the 4rd Annual Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards have been announced. Over 70 Windows Mobile experts worldwide were involved in voting for the best software in over 100 categories. These judges include authors of Pocket PC books, Pocket PC magazine contributors, Microsoft Windows Mobile MVPs, and top Windows Mobile webmasters.

Over 3000 Pocket PC software titles were considered and 581 were nominated for consideration by the Board of Experts. 269 nominees were selected as finalists, and appear with a red “Finalist” logo next to the name on the nomination page.

The winners of each of the 107 categories of the coveted 2004 Best Software Award will be announced on October 26, 2004, at the Pocket PC magazine booth at the San Francisco, CTIA conference, and at www.PocketPCmag.com/awards. Winners and finalists will also be published in the December/January issue of Pocket PC magazine. " (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, September 30 2004 by ChrisD
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Proporta Launches an Aluminium Case for the hp iPAQ rz17xx series.

"Proporta is proud to announce its latest aluminium case for the ever growing HP iPAQ series. The new rz17xx aluminium case has been carefully crafted to fit the exact form of the device, providing a sleek and stylish finish combined with solid protection.

Made from 100% aircraft-grade anodised aluminium, the case has been beautifully crafted to provide maximum protection without compromising its sleek style. The aluminium shell shields your device from collisions and shocks while the neoprene lining provides impact absorption and cushioning to prevent scratching and internal damage.

Individual cutouts give access to all of the rz17xx’s vital controls without weakening the structure of the case. Each case includes secure internal SD/MMC Card Storage and, as always, all Proporta purchases are covered by their “never-argue” money-back guarantee. If for any reason or no reason at all, you are not completely happy, Proporta will refund you in full or offer you an alternative product – whichever you prefer." (Source: Press Release)
Posted Thursday, September 30 2004 by ChrisD
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GMPSoft has released a new version of their reader application Bible With You for Pocket PC devices.

New resources:
Bible versions - NASB, ESV, The Message and more 1000 Bible Images – Pictures linked to Bible verses illustrate the Bible stories and give historical and archaeological background
Dictionaries – Webster 1913, Easton’s, Smith’s, KJV – with a single tap users can look up word definitions in popular Bible dictionaries

Key features:
Rich text presentation
Easy navigation
New! Flying Command Bar
Compare Bible versions
Auto scroll
Advanced bookmarks
User notes
Pop-up presentation of footnotes and cross-references
New! Dictionaries support
New! Images support
Bible Commentaries and Bible Notes support
HP iPAQ and Jornada, O2 Xda, Toshiba support
(Source: Press Release)
Posted Wednesday, September 29 2004 by ChrisD
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Navman Bluetooth GPS 4400 for Pocket PC review

"I've noticed a couple of performance problems and a fault when exiting the program without disconnecting the Bluetooth device, but the developer was quick to reply to our questions and comments during the review, even sending a new version with fixes for the fault reported.

The Navman Bluetooth GPS worked flawlessly, performing well, and with some good local software it can be used in this country. As for the bundled software and its usability in other countries, I could live with a “research” trip to Australia… " (Source: M. Freitas, GeekZone)
Posted Wednesday, September 29 2004 by ChrisD
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Review: HP iPAQ hx4700 Pocket PC

    Ever since the release of the Toshiba e800 Pocket PC, users got a taste of what a true VGA screen experience on a Pocket PC was like. With the recent release of Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, many more developers have been driving hard to release VGA-equipped devices. HP has decided to be second to none by releasing their iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC. With their fastest processor yet, Bluetooth & WiFi connectivity, and a VGA screen, will they take the lead in this aggressive new race? Read on...

    The hx4700 has an absolutely stunning 4" Transflective VGA screen. That means that all of the menus, programs, and dialog boxes on the device are shown in brilliant 640 x 480 pixels instead of the usual 320 x 240 that Windows Mobile Pocket PCs had from the very start. Equipped with an Intel PXA270 processor running at 624 MHz and an available 135 MB of storage available to the user, this device is no underdog. As if that weren't enough, the Bluetooth & WiFi is kept running strong from a powerful removable 1800 mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack. And for expansion, there is an industry standard SDIO and CompactFlash slot." (Source: Derek Snyder, PocketNow)

Posted Tuesday, September 28 2004 by ChrisD
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Logitech's Bluetooth Headphones Bring New Freedom for HP iPAQ Customers

"Logitech (SWX:LOGN) (Nasdaq:LOGI) today announced it will provide HP iPAQ Bluetooth(TM) Stereo Headphones for HP iPAQ Pocket PCs. A standalone iPAQ accessory, the HP iPAQ Bluetooth Stereo Headphones are expected to begin shipping this fall and will be available in retail stores.

With the HP iPAQ Bluetooth(TM) Stereo Headphones and a Bluetooth enabled HP iPAQ Pocket PC, consumers will be able to listen to their music, watch and listen to movies, and listen to other audio clips on their iPAQ without any cords tying them to their player.

This agreement between two industry leaders underscores the continued emergence of Bluetooth as a universal standard that allows mobile phones, handhelds, notebook PCs and desktop PCs - along with all of their peripherals - to share data wirelessly.

"We're extremely excited about working with HP to deliver this compelling consumer electronics solution," said Bob Wick, senior vice president for Logitech's Audio and Interactive Entertainment Business Unit. "We expect the demand for Bluetooth products to increase as the number of applications continues to grow. We feel we're in a great position to help drive that growth with our retail products and our strong partnerships. The HP iPAQ Bluetooth Stereo Headphones are yet another example of the innovative products Logitech and HP have brought to the marketplace through our longstanding partnership."

Logitech, an associate member of the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group), has been a pioneer in bringing Bluetooth peripherals to market, beginning with the Logitech(R) Cordless Presenter(TM), introduced in 2002. Last fall, the company launched a trio of Bluetooth solutions designed to convert a desktop PC into a Bluetooth wireless hub, and just this month added two additional Bluetooth mobile phone headsets to its line-up.

"The unique freedom and convenience Logitech and HP can offer iPAQ customers is exciting," said Eric Kilponen, director, Handheld Division, HP. "With these incredible Bluetooth stereo headphones, customers will be able to listen to all their audio-enabled applications on their iPAQs without the hassles and limitations of wires." (Source: Press Release, Business Wire)

Posted Tuesday, September 28 2004 by ChrisD
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RemoteAmp 2.0 Released!

We are pleased to announce that RemoteAmp 2.0 is now available from www.smashcasi.com. We've completely re-written large portions of the software, improved stability, added many user-requested features, and given the interface a fresh new look.

What's New:

- Now supporting iTunes for Windows

You can now fully control iTunes for Windows from your Pocket PC remote. Control playback, change songs, edit or create playlists - everything your remote offers is now available for iTunes as well as Winamp. RemoteAmp is also the perfect companion for Apple's Airport Express with AirTunes. Through AirTunes you can wirelessly stream music to your home stereo, and RemoteAmp offers you the complete wireless control of your media library to go along with it.

- Improved media library management

The RemoteAmp media library has been streamlined to provide improved automatic update tracking and a better interface for viewing and searching your library from the Pocket PC. With smart search capabilities finding what you're looking for is a snap, even with thousands of songs.

- Server auto-discovery

Pocket PC remotes can now automatically find the RemoteAmp server in most network configurations, meaning no more IP addresses or sever names to worry about. Power-down and network connection detection has also been improved, meaning that your remote will come right back up along with your Pocket PC.

With the release of 2.0 we will no longer be supporting 1.x versions so we strongly encourage all users to upgrade - it's free! Users who are already using 2.0 should also upgrade using the latest installer, as a few minor fixes and improvement have been added.

Have questions or suggestions for new features? We've love to hear about them, drop us an email at [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.(Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, September 27 2004 by ChrisD
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Mixed-signal IC ready for cordless pens

"While earlier chip/grid combinations were designed for tablet PCs, the W8002 is aimed at smart phones and PDAs. The sensor network is based on a printed-circuit board with copper tracks that implement a series of overlapping antenna coils, backed with a magnetic reflector to enhance the field.

Since the sensor is embedded behind the display, the screen is durable and can transmit 100 percent of luminous-backlight systems, Wacom said. The controller chip enables such advanced functions as application zooming and digital signature recognition." (Source: Loring Wirbel, EE Times, CommsDesign)

Posted Monday, September 27 2004 by ChrisD
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Syntrax to strengthen its competitive position by radically dropping its price.

A little over 1 year after it's introduction, Syntrax is still one of the top all-in-one music studios available for the PocketPC. To celebrate this fact and to announce the upcoming port of Syntrax to VST (A plugin system for professional sequencers like Cubase on the PC) Klaar has decided to introduce a major drop in price. Syntrax is now sharply priced at $20, leaving it's direct competitors far behind.

A new website for Syntrax is also in the making and soon to go public. This website will have it's focus around being a community based site where people can share experiences, request new features and of course swap their own created instuments and songs.

The FULL version of Syntrax for the desktop PC is as always available for FREE. This version is exactly the same as the PocketPC version (complete With an XDA PocketPC skin), allowing new Syntrax users to test drive the complete program without compromise.

To read the full specifications of Syntrax go to the Klaar website: http://www.klaar.com

ATTENTION: To get even more discount, the new site: www.clickapps.com, dedicated to PocketPC applications, currently features a special offer where people can grab a copy for just $15. This special offer lasts for 2 weeks so act now! (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, September 26 2004 by ChrisD
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Some reasons to consider (or not) a Pocket PC Phone edition

"This is an overview of my findings after switching to a Pocket PC Phone Edition. If you are balancing on the edge of getting a Phone Edition device, but are not quite sure if you should make certain sacrifices, this is a guide for you.

From nothing to Smartphone
A few months ago I had the opportunity to purchase an i-mate Smartphone2 (also known as SPV E200 or XPhone), for a great price with no contract or strings attached. In true geek fashion, I thought about it for about a nano second, and jumped at the chance. I really enjoyed the Windows Mobile Smartphone, I particularly liked having access to my e-mail constantly and the ability to surf the web anywhere anytime.

From Smartphone to Pocket PC Phone Edition
Then the company I work for was purchased by a mobile operator and I was forced to switch from my GSM/GPRS based Smartphone to a CDMA 1xRTT based Pocket PC Phone Edition.
I’ve split it into two main sections, things to like and things to improve. " (Source: D Burling, GeekZone)
Posted Sunday, September 26 2004 by ChrisD
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  (Source: Press Release)

Crazy underwater fun - guide the clownfish through the labyrinth but watch out for the pesky predators !

Dodge the hazards and try to stay alive! Watch out for the Jellyfish which can stun you. Other Predators are poisonous on contact or may leave poison behind! Most creatures simply just want to eat you so if you are not sure swim!

Beware of the natural hazards of the sea - currents and air bubbles will disrupt your movments (not to mention the rockfalls!)

Don't forget to grab the pearls for bonus points!

Coral Capers is a great game with fun graphics and specially composed underwater music.

Posted Sunday, September 26 2004 by ChrisD
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Windows Mobile Platform Migration FAQ for Developers

"Windows Mobile™ software is designed to be easily adapted for a wide variety of hardware devices and for a large number of manufactures, mobile operators, and integrators. To create a platform which has a consistent set of features for developers to target, the Windows Mobile platform provides two defined platforms: the Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC and Windows Mobile-based Smartphone. Within these categories the Windows Mobile platform enables OEM and operator customization that creates unique and compelling devices in the market. Our goal at Microsoft is to ensure a consistent experience for developers across all of these devices, such that applications you build on one device and platform (Pocket PC and Smartphone) will work with little to no modification on the next device. Even though we emphasize this goal, there are occasional variations across products and platforms that can cause applications to behave differently between some devices.

To ensure we are providing maximum information to our developer community, this article addresses a few of the most common issues and frequently asked questions (FAQs) around migrating between devices and platforms. We also provide an e-mail alias at the end of this article that you can use to report commonly-occurring issues so that we can add them to this FAQ.

This FAQ is targeted toward developers migrating from a previous version of Windows Mobile software or working to establish a single code base for all Windows Mobile-based devices." (Source: Microsoft's website)
Posted Sunday, September 26 2004 by ChrisD
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