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Week of February 26, 2006

visKeeper 3 - Save Information Management has never been easier.

visKeeper manages all important information of the daily life easy, secure and clear in one place.

visikeeperAccount information for banking and shopping, contacts or notes - any dates may be entered quickly by predefined templates.
visKeeper stores these entries in a tree structure and provides a clear organization. The needed information is just a few clicks away. Cumbersome finding is not necessary with visKeeper.

Not only navigating is supposably easy, the creating of new entries is managed in the twinkling of an eye too.
Integrated templates for the most established needs determine the form of new entries. Own templates can be created intuitively. They may be customized comfortably subsequently.

The data will be encrypted with 128-Bit Twofish-encryption.
To get access to the protected information, the user may choose between three login methods.
Beneath the standard PIN and text password, visKeeper provides the unique and well proven visual Key - technology. The user may apply an image of his own choice for password query: visKeeper will reveal its stored information only after tapping the previously defined clickpoints in the correct order.

The ideal companion: visKeeper Desktop Edition

The Desktop Edition of visKeeper may be used separately or in combination with visKeeper for Pocket PC.

visKeeper's data files may be edited on both platforms. Large entries may be created comfortably at the home computer and copied to the Pocket PC easily.
Synchronization will back up current information at all times.

Additionally the visKeeper Desktop Edition provides many more features to ease data management at the home computer.

New Features (PC & Pocket PC)

- Create any number of folders and subfolders
- Create notes for clear and secure storing of large texts
- Create any number of templates for your new entries
- Three login methods: Picture, Text and PIN Password
- 66 new icons

Single licenses

visKeeper PC: $/Euro 19,95
visKeeper Pocket PC: $/Euro 19,95
visKeeper Professional (PC & Pocket PC): $/Euro 29,95
Upgrade PC: $/Euro 9,95
Upgrade Pocket PC: $/Euro 9,95
Professional Upgrade (PC & Pocket PC): $/Euro 14,95

visKeeper may be tested 30 days without any restrictions until a commercial license is needed.

Further information about visKeeper as well as the manual is to be found at:

http://www.viskeeper.com (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, March 3 2006 by ChrisD
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Welcome to Club Astraware!

A few weeks ago Astraware launched their brand new website. One of the exciting new features included is Club Astraware - a special members-only area offering exclusive discounts, recommendations, and a points reward system that allows members to save money on future Astraware purchases.

"Our customers find us because of the quality and popularity of our games - and stay with us because of our great support and new releases. Club Astraware helps us to reward our customers, as well as provide some extra features for those who want a little more!" said Astraware CEO, Howard Tomlinson.

You don't have to have made any purchase to join, but there's more...

Seven fantastic reasons for joining Club Astraware:

- Earn a point for every cent you spend
- Easy to sign up - it takes just a couple of minutes and it's free!
- Get 2500 points for joining - that's $2.50 to spend instantly!
- Regular exclusive Club discounts and double points offers
- Points can be used as part payment for any Astraware game
- Subscribe to our newsletters featuring exclusive discounts
- Manage your registrations - get code reminders and transfer them if you change devices.

So what do you need to do to join? Just visit http://www.astraware.com/club and create an account with your email address. If you're already an Astraware customer, the system can match your email and get you registered even quicker.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, March 2 2006 by ChrisD
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LingvoSoft Chinese Phrasebooks 2006 released

Committed to the language learning and translation needs of Pocket PC users, LingvoSoft has now added a range of Chinese language solutions to their outstanding line-up of their PhraseBook 2006 for Pocket PC!

The most remarkable feature of the all-new PhraseBook 2006 is the ability of the talking versions to use crystal-clear recordings of native speakers to pronounce the translations aloud. Your device can now translate from Chinese and speak the translation for you in English!

This user-friendly software gives you access to about 3000 frequently used travel-oriented phrases divided in 15 topics. And thanks the inclusion of language specific input methods, you will switch between languages just like a native speaker! Even the non-talking versions will have you communicating immediately with their split-second translations so that you are always understood. Designed to help you communicate, this remarkable companion will always be at hand!

So do yourself a favour and leave the boring paper phrase books at home from now on. Step into the 21st century with the latest and greatest from LingvoSoft and enjoy the confidence that comes from barrier-free communication!

The Phrasebooks below may be ordered in pounds sterling through our UK portal www.lingvosoft.co.uk If you prefer to pay in USD please visit www.lingvosoft.com and use our Search Wizard on the left to select the language pair you are interested in.

See the latest releases for the Chinese language here:

LingvoSoft PhraseBook 2006 English <-> Chinese Mandarin Romanized for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft PhraseBook 2006 English <-> Chinese Mandarin Simplified for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft PhraseBook 2006 English <-> Chinese Mandarin Traditional for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook 2006 English <-> Chinese Mandarin Romanized for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook 2006 English <-> Chinese Mandarin Simplified for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook 2006 English <-> Chinese Mandarin Traditional for Pocket PC (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, March 2 2006 by ChrisD
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LingvoSoft Chinese Suites 2006 released

LingvoSoft Suites 2006 are the newest-generation language solution from LingvoSoft meant to simplify your life by providing a seamlessly integrated collection of three software titles for your Pocket PC. This great value-pack features the award winning Dictionary, PhraseBook and FlashCards applications that LingvoSoft has become famous for. Now you can go where you want in confidence and always be ready for the language challenges you will meet. Designed with both students and travelers in mind, this revolutionary suite of software titles is always ready to lend a hand.
Featuring split-second translation capabilities, the PhraseBook provides 3000 travel-related words and phrases dived by topic. The dictionary features one of the largest vocabulary bases available anywhere and the effective FlashCards application lets you improve your vocabulary in a fun and interesting way – no matter where you are!
Featuring the intuitive cut and paste features users are already comfortable and familiar with, you can easily transfer information form one application to another. Combined with the improved input methods for the Chinese language, you’ll never waste a second of your precious time again. Welcome to the world of barrier-free communication – LingvoSoft style!

Check out the latest advances in handheld software here:
LingvoSoft Suite 2006 English <-> Chinese Mandarin Simplified for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft Suite 2006 English <-> Chinese Mandarin Traditional for Pocket PC  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, March 2 2006 by ChrisD
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Beta2 of Opera for the Pocket PC is Available

Opera 8.5 Pocket PC beta version is based on the same core as the Opera 8.5 desktop browser and brings the full internet to mobile Pocket PCs.

The version is available for both WM 2003 and WM 5.0.

Opera for Pocket PC


Posted Thursday, March 2 2006 by ChrisD
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NoviiRemote Now Compatible with Palm Z22 and Treo 700w

NoviiMedia, software developer for handhelds and smartphones, has announced that their best-selling NoviiRemote Deluxe for Palm and NoviiRemote Deluxe for PPC software is now compatible with the recently released Palm Z22 and Treo 700w, respectively. This new technology allows the PDA user to get control over their home entertainment system by means of NoviiRemote applications.

With Novii’s remote control software on a Palm Z22 and Treo 700w, the customer can now have a powerful and versatile, high-end universal remote control. The NoviiRemote Deluxe for Palm and PPC features unlimited user-defined options, allowing the consumer to design his own remote control and operate all of his home entertainment equipment with a few taps of the stylus.

This is just the latest in a string of software releases where Novii has proven itself to be ahead of the technological game, and its competitive prices keep it in its current position as a market leader. A traditional remote control with these features costs from $600 to $1000, making the NoviiRemote software for Palm and PPC an unbeatable value.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, February 28 2006 by ChrisD
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NetMotion Wireless Announces Support for Windows Mobile™ 5.0 Devices

NetMotion Wireless, the industry-leading provider of mobile VPN solutions, announced today the immediate availability of Mobility XE™ for Windows Mobile™ 5.0, Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Edition devices. Supported devices include the Palm Treo 700W, Verizon XV6700, Sprint PPC 6700, Cingular 8125, Dell Axim X51v, HP iPAQ hx2790 and Symbol MC70. The Mobility XE mobile VPN secures enterprise data communications and makes mobile workers more productive when using wireless data networks to access corporate information and applications.

Enterprises are quickly adopting Windows Mobile 5.0 powered devices that converge cellular voice with high-speed data access for mobile workers. According to a recent report by Gartner Dataquest, "Shipments of PDAs based on Microsoft Windows CE increased 23 percent year over year in 3Q05, to reach 1.7 million units, accounting for nearly half of all shipments."*

Windows Mobile 5.0 provides more platform flexibility to customize devices and solutions, productivity enhancements that include updated Microsoft Office software and persistent memory storage for more efficient data management, and a powerful multimedia experience.

"Devices running the Windows Mobile operating system are designed for workers who are constantly on the go and require technology they can easily take with them," said Chris Hill, group product manager of Microsoft. "Mobility XE from NetMotion Wireless is a great solution for these people as it helps them be more productive by allowing them to easily connect to their corporate network and applications."

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, a NetMotion Wireless customer for more than two years, participated in the beta test of Mobility XE on Windows Mobile 5.0. According to Emory Mills-Conrad, network engineer at Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, "Many of our managerial and administrative staff are running Mobility XE on Dell Axim PDAs running Windows Mobile 5.0. This combination allows them to securely access information and maintain real-time connectivity with their corporate email and calendars as well as access the Internet and our web-based applications from anywhere in our wireless canopy."

"As the market leader in the mobile VPN space, we’re highly attuned to the needs of mobile enterprise customers," said Tom Johnston, SVP of product management and marketing at NetMotion Wireless. "We’ve seen significant demand for Windows Mobile 5.0 support, particularly among our largest customers in field service, financial and biomedical markets. This release sets the stage for broad adoption of Windows Mobile 5.0 powered devices among our current and future customers."

Mobility XE has been designed to provide unsurpassed mobile computing productivity over wireless networks by enabling seamless roaming over multiple networks, protecting application sessions against crashes caused by coverage gaps and doubling wireless network throughput.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, February 27 2006 by ChrisD
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MARA research group discovers world’s first PC to handheld crossover malware

The Mobile Malware Researchers Association (MARA) today announced that it has characterized the first malware to cross-infect a handheld phone or PDA from a binary on the desktop PC. The malware, a Trojan dubbed “crossover”, spreads from a Win32 desktop machine to a Windows Mobile Pocket PC handheld. Detailed analysis and the malware binary are available to antivirus companies and security experts who qualify for MARA membership, which is free.

Crossover is the first malware to be able to infect both a Windows desktop computer as well as a PDA running Windows Mobile for Pocket PC. It was sent to MARA anonymously. 

Included with the malware was the following text file:


virus name:  crossover virus - proof of concept
virus type: multiplatform

Target Platforms: Windows desktop OS's, Windows ce, mobile with .NET CF 1.1

This is a proof of concept virus that shows how a virus can spread from a desktop computer to a pocket pc. With the growing use of handheld devices this type of virus may become very prevalent in the future. For viruses to be more effective they need to spread across a wider range of devices including wireless devices.  AVers have to be able to provide adequate protection to deal with these types of viruses. The crossover virus is named so because it crosses over from wired PC's to wireless pocket PC's. It is the first virus of its kind.  When executed the virus checks what the current OS is, if it is not windows ce or mobile the virus makes a copy of itself and puts a startup command to the copy in the registry local-machine-current-version-run, the virus then quietly waits for an activesync connection to be detected, it can wait infinitely and everytime the desktop is rebooted the virus recreates itself and again add new copies to the registry, theoretically you can have so many copies running on startup it could degrade or halt the PC's performance. When an active sync connection is detected the virus copies itself to the handheld device and remotely executes the virus to start running on the device.

If the current OS is windows ce or mobile the virus erases all files in the \\My Documents directory of the device. Then it copies itself to the \\Windows directory and creates a shortcut to the copy in \\Windows\\startup.  When the device is reset the shortcuts execute their target files, here also you can theoretically have multiple copies of the virus running on startup. 

The crossover virus was written in C# (C Sharp) using Visual Studio .NET 2003, the Communications Library of openNETCF.org was used and a great help. It should run on any handheld device running windows ce/mobile and .NET CF 1.1

This is proof of concept code for educational purposes only. This virus closes the gap between handhelds and desktops, now its one big world open to all.

More information, code and sample binaries are available from MARA http://www.mobileav.org    (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, February 27 2006 by ChrisD
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PhatWare Releases PhatNotes 4.7

Award-winning notes software now optimized for square screen Pocket PCs and includes enhanced today screen add-on, note properties dialog box and more

PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces the release of PhatNotes 4.7. PhatNotes is an award-winning notes organizer for Microsoft Windows-based Pocket and Desktop PCs that allows users to create notes and organize them by type, subject, creation and modification date.

The Professional, Standard and Lite editions of PhatNotes have been upgraded to version 4.7. The newest version supports a wider range of square screen devices and features an enhanced Today screen add-on that allows users to open, delete or rename notes and access linked notes and attached files directly from the Pocket PC Today screen.

PhatNotes 4.7 also includes a new Properties dialog box that allows users to change note properties, such as color, priority, category and authoring date, for single or multiple notes from the notes list window. PhatNotes Professional Edition includes a new database utility designed to compress the PhatNotes database on the Desktop PC. By compressing the database, PhatNotes users can free disk space and improve the application’s performance.

"We are constantly improving our software based on users’ feedback," said Stan Miasnikov, president of PhatWare. "We have added these new features in response to recent comments. I am sure that many PhatNotes users will be pleased to see that their suggestions are being brought to life."

PhatNotes 4.7 also includes additional internal improvements that enable the program to run more efficiently. The application works on Pocket PC 2003 and later devices based on Windows Mobile versions 4 and 5. PhatNotes 4.7 is available at www.phatware.com, and pricing varies depending on edition. The new version is a free upgrade for all registered users of the corresponding edition of PhatNotes 4.x. For more information about PhatNotes or PhatWare’s additional award-winning products, visit www.phatware.com.   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, February 27 2006 by ChrisD
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VITO AudioNotes for easy recording

Easy way to keep your notes handy on PPC or Smartphone

vito audionotesFebruary 27, 2006 – VITO Technology releases VITO AudioNotes, the first MP3 recorder for Smartphones that also works on PPC. VITO AudioNotes takes the essence of recording and presents it in a most convenient way. It is specially designed to take your notes on the go with minimum keystrokes.

VITO AudioNotes is a Pocket PC and Smartphone recorder that supports major world-wide spread formats: WAV and MP3. With this recorder you don’t need to go into details and stumble over dozens of recording formats they usually offer. You simply choose MP3 or WAV and quality – low, middle or high.

User-friendly interface with built-in control panels offers additional recording features: microphone auto gain and VAS (voice activated system) options. Microphone auto gain can increase your mike sensitivity while VAS makes recording gapless. The same control panels in playback mode allow you to play back or forward your records and change volume.

Infobar offers all the necessary details for every record: the date and time of creation as well as its size. You can also see the size a file growing at infobar while it is being recorded.

VITO AudioNotes is good not only at recording your notes, lectures or private talks. It can also record phone calls on Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. It is recommended to start recording phone calls after you’ve pressed the answer button. Now your friends will never say again: “I didn’t say it!” They can only go with “I didn’t mean it!” (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, February 27 2006 by ChrisD
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SBSH Mobile Software releases SBSH Facade. A highly customizable tab based Home screen plug-in for Smartphone devices!

SBSH Mobile Software releases SBSH Facade. A tab based Home screen plug-in featuring a Calendar tab, Tasks tab and Launcher tab!

Today SBSH Mobile Software announced the release of SBSH Facade, a powerful Home screen plug-in for Smartphone devices allowing you to view your upcoming appointments and tasks directly on your Smartphone Home screen and create shortcuts to your favorite applications. Helping you track your busy agenda everywhere, all the time!

SBSH Facade highlights

Calendar Tab - View a list of your upcoming appointments up to 30 days ahead, including appointment starting time and status icons. Scroll through your appointments and perform actions using the joy-pad control.

Tasks Tab - Lists your Tasks grouped by their due date, including undated and overdue tasks. View and complete Tasks directly from your Home screen. Including task status and priority icons.

Launcher - A launcher tool allowing you to create shortcuts to your favorite applications on your Home screen. Includes additional tools for Reset, Power Off, Configure, and Reload.

Advance Skinning Capabilities - Facade offers advance skinning and customization capabilities. Click here to find many great skins and home screen packages created for Facade.

Special Offer

To thank all our users who downloaded Facade during the public beta stages and provided us with valuable feedback during the product development, all users who downloaded Facade during the public beta stages are entitled to enjoy a special discount offer on Facade new release and purchase it for $9.95 (retail $14.95). A second special discount offer is included for The Complete SBSH Management Suite for both Facade and Papyrus.

Users that are entitled for the special discount offer can take advantage of this offer in the following URL:

Pricing and Availability

Facade costs $14.95

Facade can be purchased using the SBSH online store powered by Handango in the following URL:

Additional distributors are available on our site in the following URL:

Downloads and Support

Facade trial version can be downloaded from Handango in the following URL: https://www.handango.com/PlatformProductDetail.jsp?productId=181728

For any additional questions/suggestion we invite you to post on our forums: Click here to enter SBSH forums

Or contact our support team at: [email protected] (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, February 27 2006 by ChrisD
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Call for Speakers -- Mobility Connections Las Vegas

Dear Fellow Speaker,

It is my pleasure to announce that DevConnections, the greatest third-party conference for .NET developers, is expanding with the addition of a brand new event this fall: Mobility Connections!

Mobility Connections will be held on November 6-10th at the beautiful Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. The show will run alongside Visual Studio Connections, ASP.NET Connections and SQL Server Magazine Connections. These events are also co-located with Windows & Exchange Connections. The last event in Las Vegas had more than 2,800 attendees, and more than 4,000 are expected this fall.

The conference is beginning its planning and the objective is to present the grid in the April show in Orlando.

I would like to extend you an invitation to submit abstracts for the Mobility Connections Fall 2006 conference.

Mobility Connections will have two tracks, one on Tablet PC development, and another on Mobile Devices development.

Mobile Devices Track

This is a track for enterprise developers mainly, so please avoid talks on Windows CE platform and custom device development, writing device drivers, using the Platform Builder or Embedded Windows.

Please submit abstracts along the following topics:

Since we have all been presenting on Whidbey for three years now, please try and submit preferably new VS 2005 content altogether or revised, updated and improved old sessions. Based on your experience, sessions about migration, compatibility (or lack there of), interop, etc. are encouraged. We will try to avoid any VS 2003 sessions (unless you have a compelling reason). All sessions must be compatible with VS 2005 SP1 and WinFX RTM/RC.

Sessions on security, deployment, tips and tricks, customer case studies, process, etc. are welcome as long as they target mobile scenarios. (Source: plitwin, DevConnections Blog)

Posted Sunday, February 26 2006 by ChrisD
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