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Week of September 25, 2005

Exclusive New games at Clickgamer.com

Sudoku Gold

Sudoku Gold
Medieval Heroes II
Medieval Heroes II
Warring Nations VGA
Warring Nations VGA
Legacy - The Legend 2
Legacy - The Legend 2
Naval Conflicts - USA vs Japan
Naval Conflicts - USA vs Japan (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, September 29 2005 by ChrisD
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Pocket PC magazine (soon to be renamed Smartphone & Pocket PC) announces Finalists in its Fifth Annual Best Software Awards

Over 80 Windows Mobile experts have cast their on-line ballots to determine the best Pocket PC and Smartphone software. They voted on over 700 software titles in 85 Pocket PC, 23 Smartphone, and 22 Developer Software categories.  Finalists from the voting have been announced at www.PocketPCmag.com/awards. Finalists, winners, and judges favorites will be described in the 2006 Smartphone & Pocket PC Buyer's Guide magazine due out early November. Software demos of finalists and winners will be found on the 2006 Best Of Everything demo CD, available to subscribers in February.

The awards process began in May when New Products Editor, Diane Dumas, and experts selected nominees from over 3000 software titles from the Encyclopedia of Windows Mobile Software and Accessories (www.PocketPCmag.com/enclopedia. Nominees were announced in July and voting took place in August and September. Members of the Pocket PC magazine Board of Experts include authors of Pocket PC books, Pocket PC magazine contributors, Microsoft Windows Mobile MVPs, and Webmasters and editors from top Windows Mobile sites. Experts and their qualifications, plus details on the awards process can be found at www.PocketPCmag.com/awards.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, September 29 2005 by ChrisD
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Start your school with VITO SoundExplorer and get VITO SoundEditor for FREE

The  school  is  in  full swing and students have to get back to their lessons,  lectures,  and  studies again. Just imagine writing down all this  stuff  hurry-scurry  to  spend your time later puzzling out this scribble. Why waste time? Get all the lectures and interviews recorded by  VITO SoundExplorer in any major audio format: MP3 (M3U supported), WAV  (GSM  and  ADPCM  included), OGG, and WMA. With all the necessary info  recorded  to  your Pocket PC VITO SoundExplorer will help you to manage it just as you like:      
•       Play Speed Control
•       Voice Pitch Lock (highly recommended when making lecture notes). 
       Playback speed-down without quality lose.
•       Voice Activated System
•       Bookmarks
•       Scheduling
•       And many, many more…*

Don’t forget that you can simply switch to playback mode and listen to your favorite songs when lectures are getting too boring.

As  a  free  accompanying gift to VITO SoundExplorer we offer you VITO SoundEditor  for  easier  arranging and editing your recorded lectures and  interviews. VITO SoundEditor is small, fast and reliable; running smoothly and operating very large files (over 100mb) in just few seconds!    (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, September 28 2005 by ChrisD
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Play the Dragon Joust Beta and Win a FREE Game

Isotope244 Graphics, the makers of Atomic Cannon and Acky’s XP Breakout, announce a new action packed game titled Dragon Joust! In the game you fly a dragon through a mythical land and save the kingdom. You play a series of levels which follow a story rooted in middle age mythology. The game features four unique environments with many levels in each. The Windows version will be released after the PDA version.

The Pocket PC Beta is available at the games webpage and is open to everyone.

System Requirements:
Windows Mobile 2000, 2002, 2003, 2003 SE, or 2005
ARM or X-Scale processor
4 MB storage space
15 MB free memory when running the game (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, September 28 2005 by ChrisD
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Palm's Transition to Windows Mobile

Yesterday Palm announced a new Treo 700 running the new Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system from Microsoft. This is a clear departure from prior Treo’s that run the Palm operating system. This article gives you some background on what has happened to Palm in the past few years. (Source: Chris De Herrera, Pocket PC FAQ)
Posted Tuesday, September 27 2005 by ChrisD
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The Newest LingvoSoft Pocket PC Dictionary Now Speaks Japanese!

LingvoSoft has done it again. Not content to rest on their laurels after receiving nominations for their bidirectional talking dictionaries from Pocket PC Magazine, they have already come up with another winner. One that you’ll no doubt be seeing listed in the 2006 awards!

The LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2006 English <-> Japanese (Kana) is both brand-new and absolutely remarkable. Not only does this stunning little application translate instantly between English and Japanese but it also speaks the translations aloud in both languages! That’s right; the newest application from LingvoSoft for Pocket PC actually speaks both Japanese and English! That means you’ll never again need to check transcriptions and try and puzzle out the pronunciation. Now, at the simple touch of a button you will be speaking in Japanese or English. And if that’s not your style, there is always the non-talking version to be your silent companion.

Featuring the power and convenience you have come to expect from LingvoSoft, the newest talking and non-talking Japanese dictionaries contain some of the fastest search options around as well as support for hi-resolution displays and screen rotation. So, no matter where you are you can count on these handy language resources to make your communication both effective and carefree.

Do yourself a favor and check out these spectacular Pocket PC applications from LingvoSoft today! (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, September 27 2005 by ChrisD
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PDAPacMan GamePack (eXtreme & Classic) 1.0: Discount 30% off! Only 14.65$!

1. pacmanPacXtreme Game:

Package Selector: Select the package of levels to play.
Level Selector: Select the level in a package where you want to play.
HighScore: Statistics of played games.(Per Package)
Direction Key SetUp
Game Speed: Adjust the game speed (Fast, Medium, Slow).
Difficulty level: Customize ghost aggresivity level (High, Medium and Low)
Move PacMan with the pen!
Extensive number of Worlds to play
Cookies counter

2. PacXtreme Designer

PDAPacXtreme Designer is a drawing tool used to create World Packages to be used by PDAPacXtreme game on your PocketPC. The PDAPacXtreme Designer Workshop has almost the same Paint Microsoft® program components. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, September 27 2005 by ChrisD
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Hewlett Packard iPAQ rz1950 Review

 I think that the rz1950 is a good low end Pocket PC for $299 (list price).   It smoothly multitasks with large applications because the 32mb of ram is not used to store programs and data.  Further it is a real relief to not have to worry about charging it because all the data and installed programs are stored in flash.  However as users needs expand the 32mb of flash for storage will be used pretty quickly especially if they want to store music and videos. (Source: Chris De Herrera, Pocket PC FAQ)

Posted Monday, September 26 2005 by ChrisD
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HP Strengthens Mobile Portfolio with Launch of New HP iPAQ Handhelds and Mobile Printer

HP today expanded its mobile offerings, including new and enhanced HP iPAQ Pocket PCs and a mobile printer, to make it easier than ever before for active professionals to stay connected and be more productive while on the go.

The introductions include the all new HP iPAQ rx1950 series Pocket PC, an enhanced HP iPAQ hx2000 series Pocket PC, the new HP Deskjet 460 mobile printer and upgrades to Microsoft Windows Mobile™ 5.0 for select HP iPAQ models.

The new HP iPAQ handhelds are equipped with the latest Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system and deliver enhanced mobile communication, entertainment and productivity through simpler navigation and access to data. Stylish and affordable, the HP iPAQ rx1950 combines integrated wireless(1) technologies, music, photo and digital video capabilities with a sleek design.

The upgraded HP iPAQ hx2000 series includes the powerful HP iPAQ hx2790 with a biometric fingerprint sensor, the HP iPAQ hx2490 and the HP iPAQ hx2190 that deliver strong data and device security to help ensure sensitive information is protected.

The compact, lightweight HP Deskjet 460 mobile printer series makes printing from a notebook or handheld easy from virtually anywhere. The full-featured printer is the industry's first mobile printer with Wi-Fi technology for wireless printing. A stylish and compact powerhouse, it replaces the award-winning HP Deskjet 450 mobile printer series, is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity(1,2) and produces high-quality color documents and photos.

"HP is rising to meet the needs of a mobile world that is constantly evolving," said Ted Clark, senior vice president and general manager, Mobile Computing Global Business Unit, HP. "As work and play environments increasingly blend, HP is striving to deliver mobile solutions that address the diverse technology needs of our customers."

Increase productivity when mobile

The Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system on the new HP iPAQ rx1950 and HP iPAQ hx2000 series makes it even easier to manage essential business and personal information to the fullest.

The software's persistent storage feature helps prevent the loss of data, settings and installed applications even if the battery is removed or drained. Windows Media Player 10 makes multimedia handling a snap since users can sync high-quality music, video and photos from a Windows PC to an HP iPAQ.(3) The integrated Personal Information Manager software boosts the efficiency of calendar, contacts, tasks and email features to further improve the customer's mobile experience.

Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrades for the HP iPAQ hx2110, hx2410 and hx2750 series are also available now and can be purchased directly from HP. Additional information is available at http://www.hp.com/go/WindowsMobile5_upgrade.

The HP iPAQ rx1950 with integrated wireless(1) enables customers to stay connected and get more done. Key features include:

The HP iPAQ hx2000 series Pocket PCs deliver device and data protection while providing optimal combinations of performance, connectivity and expandability. Key features include:

The HP Deskjet 460 mobile printer offers flexible connection options making both wireless(2) and wired printing easy. With HP Vivera inks and HP PhotoRET IV six-ink technology(5), this compact, battery-powered mobile printer produces high-quality color documents and lifelike photos. Key features include:

Additional information about the products above is available in an online press kit at http://www.hp.com/go/mobilitysummit2005.

Availability and pricing

The HP iPAQ rx1950 series, HP iPAQ hx2000 series, HP Deskjet 460 mobile printer and Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrade kit are now available for the following estimated U.S. street prices(8):

 (Source: Press Release)
Posted Monday, September 26 2005 by ChrisD
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One more week: 50% off on PlanMaker 2004!

SoftMaker has extended our special 50% discount on PlanMaker for another week.

If you need a spreadsheet that reads and writes Microsoft Excel files flawlessly -- all charts, all AutoShapes, all calculations are preserved! -- then you should give PlanMaker 2004 a try. You will not find a more compatible spreadsheet - and none that works equally under Windows and Linux, on Pocket PCs and Handheld PCs.

Until Friday, you will receive a 50% discount off the normal price if you use the special order link below.

Find out more: http://www.softmaker.com/english/pm_en.htm

Order link: http://www.softmaker.com/english/order1_en.php4?code=sep13

Please use only THIS order link to make sure you get the discount! (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, September 26 2005 by ChrisD
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New Version 2 of Handmark® Pocket Express™ Adds Streamlined Design, Location-Based Services, and Expanded Content

Fast, Personalized, One-Screen Access to Wireless News, Sports, Movies, Maps & More

Handmark®, a global leader in mobile media, today announced it is putting even more information in consumers hands— literally — with Version 2.0 of its award-winning Pocket Express™ bundle of wireless content services for cell phones, smartphones, and wireless PDAs. The upgrade adds a sleek new interface, location-based services, more news and photos, real-time sports scores, and improved mapping features. Pocket Express gains a significant functional upgrade with the new "Tuxedo" interface that makes all Pocket Express services accessible from a single screen called "PageOne."

This major upgrade to the Pocket Express experience will be available free to all current subscribers.

Up to thirty times faster than browser-based web access and with up to 80% fewer keystrokes, Pocket Express turns an Internet-enabled wireless handset into a personalized instant information center. News, sports, movies, maps and more can be automatically updated throughout the day, and accessed with minimal navigation. Content can be reached using the five-way navigation buttons on the user’s device or the number keys on a phone keypad.

Direct access to Handmark servers and seamless integration with handset functions increase the speed. Pocket Express can quickly map any address in the U.S. and Canada and provide turn-by-turn driving directions between two points. Pocket Express Directories search allows users to look up any published personal or business phone number, perform reverse phone number and address searches, or find a person or a business without paying traditional directory assistance charges. Once found, Pocket Express users can add a listing to the device address book, dial the phone number automatically, or display a map showing how to get there.

Handmark Pocket Express, first introduced in March 2004, won the prestigious DEMOgod™ award, the highest honor given by the highly respected DEMOmobile wireless and mobile technology showcase, and the Laptop Magazine Ultimate Mobility 2004 Ultimate Choice Award. Already an indispensable tool for mobile users from students to CEOs, Pocket Express 2.0 adds even more capability and value to this groundbreaking application.

New features in Version 2.0 include:

• New "Tuxedo" interface dresses up Pocket Express, but it’s more than a pretty face; it’s faster access to all services from PageOne.

• Location-based services enabling the delivery of geographic-specific information including nearby restaurants or movie theaters on handsets that support detection of the user’s location.

• Better news coverage through a new affiliation between Handmark and the Associated Press, the world’s largest newsgathering organization. Users now get more news, from "Top Stories" and "Strange News" to "Business News" and "Technology News," plus quality Associated Press reporting.

• More news photos with nine out of 10 Top Stories now including images from the AP photography team.

• Real-time sports scores along with sports news stories. Includes schedules, standings, and detailed game-by-game results for major professional and college sports leagues. The experience can be personalized based on your favorite teams and location.

• Movie listings with showtimes, synopses, ratings and ticket purchases— all configurable for your favorite theaters. Four regionally proximate theaters are auto populated based on the user’s zip code. Palm OS® and Windows Mobile™ users also get top 10 box office listings and movie news.

• Easier-to-read maps with new color schemes and new street name placement for increased legibility on small screens. Maps and turn-by-turn driving directions are available for any location in the U.S. and Canada.

• Expanded weather coverage for more than 2 million locations worldwide.

• Dictionary services through a new Dictionary channel available on Palm and Windows Mobile editions of Pocket Express, drawing directly from "The New Oxford American Dictionary," the most authoritative and accurate resource for using the modern American language.

• Beam makes it easy for PDA users to share Pocket Express with friends and setup a free 30-day subscription directly on Palm OS or Windows Mobile devices.

Pricing and Availability

Handmark Pocket Express is available for wireless handsets including BlackBerry, Palm OS, and Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone devices for $6.99 per month or $69.90 per year through http://express.handmark.com, select retail stores where mobile devices are sold or can be purchased directly on a Sprint PCS VisionSM phone. The new version was demonstrated this week at the CTIA Wireless industry event in San Francisco and will be available on all supported platforms on October 7th. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, September 26 2005 by ChrisD
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Palm Teams With Microsoft for Smart Phone

Palm Inc. is teaming up with Microsoft Corp. to launch a Windows-based version of the Treo smart phone, marking the first time the handheld computer pioneer will sell a device based on its former rival's software.

The new Treo 700 will be offered through Verizon Wireless, according to market analyst Rob Enderle and other industry sources.

"In terms of the level of importance, this would be — in this space — the same thing as Apple announcing they were going to be using Intel processors," Enderle said. (Source: GREG SANDOVAL, AP Technology Writer, Yahoo)

Posted Sunday, September 25 2005 by ChrisD
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