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Week of November 25, 2007

Spb Catalog Takes a Microsoft Innovation to Consumer Market

Spb Software House, the world's leading Windows Mobile software maker, pioneers in implementing Windows Mobile Marketplace technology in a real, consumer-market solution. Spb Catalog, an on-device mobile content catalog based on the Marketplace technology, is now shipped by such major device manufacturers as Fly, Gigabyte, and HTC.

"Our partner OEMs have recognized the opportunity of doing more for their customers with Spb Catalog. We all agree that Windows Mobile Marketplace is set to revolutionize the way people become aware of, buy, and install software; it might even change the way devices are generally used," – comments Vassili Philippov, Spb Software House COO. "Spb Catalog can secure multiple benefits for all the parties involved. The end users get immediate access to the most up-to-date content, the device manufacturers are able to deliver fuller device experiences to customers, and the mobile operators get an additional means of differentiation," Vassili concludes.

Spb Windows Mobile Catalog

"We're pleased to see Spb Software House take advantage of Windows Mobile Marketplace, which allows them to promote, sell and deliver ‘Designed for Windows Mobile' certified applications directly from Windows Mobile phones," said Daniel Bouie, senior product manager at Microsoft. "As the first mobile software publisher to launch a commercial catalog for Windows Mobile Marketplace, Spb is helping make the Windows Mobile phone experience more accessible for customers."

Spb Catalog is shipped by Gigabyte in GSmart i300, i350, and t600 models, by Fly in its PC100 and PC200 devices, and in the Russian edition of HTC's TyTN II. Spb Catalog is unique in the way it grants end-users access to diverse, free or paid-for mobile content (programs, games, ringtones, skins, themes), all of which is pretested for the devices Spb Catalog comes on. All of the included programs are certified as "Designed for Windows Mobile", are available in 14 languages, and buying them is made simple with such friendly payment methods as mobile credit card transactions or premium text messaging.   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, November 29 2007 by ChrisD
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Feel the Unlimited Control Experience of Your PDA with Touch Commander!

A handy software tool provides PDA and smartphone users with the fingertip control, giving a chance to boost the operating efficiency by more natural touch screen navigation.

Mobilityflow.com today announces Touch Commander 2.0, a breakthrough application specially developed for PDA and smartphones. Touch Commander uses the proprietary touch control technology to make the gadget recognize and respond to the sweep of a finger across its screen. After installation, you instantly get a one-touch access to the most frequently used smartphone or PDA content, such as SMS messages, calendar, appointments, applications, emails, etc.

Most people nowadays avoid using smartphones or PDA, finding it quite difficult and simply inconvenient to process much information by clumsily pressing on the tiny buttons or using the stylus. It will be quite fair to say that not every surgeon would handle with the deal! Now Touch Commander, working in a quite similar way as more expensive Touch phone by HTC or Apple iPhone, provides you with an ultimate opportunity to use a more natural way to operate your PDA or smartphone. You can browse simply by moving your finger across the screen.

Touch Commander launches upon an upwards finger sweep in any application. Scrolling has been optimized for fingers, so that you can easily scroll and browse the Internet web pages by moving your finger across the screen. You can scroll web pages, contact and email list, etc. Scrolling is simple and intuitive, and is compatible with all standard applications. Browsing the Internet becomes even more exciting and convenient.

Touch Commander is customizable, letting you configure many of its settings. The program works well with any model of PDA powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 or higher.

Pricing & Availability

Touch Commander 2.0 runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 and upwards and requires .NET Compact Framework 2.0. Its single-user license costs $19.95 (USD). Licensed customers get free technical support and minor upgrades. Additional information on the product, as well as its evaluation copy with a 15-day trial period is available from www.touch-commander.com  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, November 28 2007 by ChrisD
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Navideo Basic and Plus 3.0 is released!

The leading application for exchanging locations using Windows Mobile devices is released in its 3rd version and comes with a variety of new and enhanced features:

- exchange locations via email or SMS and make your positions visible to others on any PC or mobile phone
- track/display and navigate to locations of your friends with GoogleMaps or additional navigation software such as TomTom Navigator
- (NEW) record locations and trips as GoogleMaps, GoogleEarth or html file
- (NEW) connect your PocketPCs to Navideo Live. Localize/manage your entire workforce or your vehicle fleet in realtime with your internet browser or within GoogleEarth.

Navideo Basic is free and available as download for your Windows Mobile PocketPC now!

You will find detailed information on our website http://www.navideo.net/news  (Source: Press release)

Posted Tuesday, November 27 2007 by ChrisD
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VITO RingtoneEditor updated to version 1.2!

Make ringtones yourself out of your favorite songs!

November 27, 2007 - VITO Technology releases a new version of VITO RingtoneEditor. VITO RingtoneEditor v1.2 allows you to choose more precisely the start and finish points of the ringtone. BlackJack and MotoQ users now can also enjoy making their own ringtones with RingtoneEditor.

In the new version of VITO RingtoneEditor creating ringtones is still as simple as listening to your favorite songs and selecting a part of it by setting the start and finish points. Only now it is much easier to set the exact start and finish positions for your ringtone.

After choosing the Start position for a ringtone RingtoneEditor starts replaying a short part of the song from this place and you can choose the exact moment for your ringtone to start. The same happens when you press Finish button.

The new version of VITO RingtoneEditor supports famous BlackJack and Moto Q including other devices with the same screen resolution. With VITO RingtoneEditor you can easily create as many ringtones as you wish from your favorite music. The slider showing the song progress has become more informative. When you start making ringtone the scroll box becomes highlighted. Now it is clearly seen what part of the song is chosen for the ringtone.

VITO RingtoneEditor is available for $ 9.95 at www.vitotechnology.com.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, November 27 2007 by ChrisD
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Spb Windows Mobile Survey: Voice the Demand to be Served Right

Spb Windows Mobile Survey 2007

St. Petersburg, Russia — November 26th, 2007 — Spb Software House, a leading Windows Mobile software maker, launches its fourth annual Spb Windows Mobile Survey. This year, the Spb Survey will not only address Pocket PC, but also Smartphone users. The Survey covers a range of usability topics, attempts to capture the general WM device user profiles, and aims to establish the "perfect software" recipe.

An expert and opinion leader in the field of making mobile software for the consumer market, Spb Software House will make the Spb Survey findings public on December 18th. This year, three random respondents will receive just in time for Christmas "thank you" gifts from Spb. The company is giving away a high-end Windows Mobile device, accessories from JustMobile, as well as a $100-worth of Spb software.

"The mobile software industry is quite young, and the Spb Survey is our contribution to making it more mature and precise," says Olga Gachko, the Marketing Manager at Spb Software House. "The survey is a means of voicing the tangible opinions of real Windows Mobile users for the market and analysts to hear and interpret." Spb Software House invites all Windows Mobile users to participate in the survey, which will only take five minutes to complete and can be found at http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/support/survey2007.php.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, November 26 2007 by ChrisD
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