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Week of September 24, 2006

BoxWave HP iPAQ hw6915 Electraspan - High Capacity Extended Battery released!

The Extended Battery for your HP iPAQ hw6915 extends your device's talk and use time! It is a high capacity rechargeable lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery that is specifically designed for your device. Perfect for busy people on the go, and for those who use their phone and data heavily. Now you can extend the use of your device between charges!

The HP iPAQ hw6915 ElectraSpan Battery is also compatible with:
• HP iPAQ hw6500 Series
• HP iPAQ hw6510
• HP iPAQ hw6515
• HP iPAQ hw6515a
• HP iPAQ hw6515c
• HP iPAQ hw6910
• HP iPAQ hw6925 
• HP iPAQ hw6940
• HP iPAQ hw6945
• HP iPAQ hw6965

BoxWave’s Electraspan - High Capacity Extended Battery has a capacity of 2400 mAh (approx. 2x more capacity than the standard battery) and conveniently includes a battery cover that is specifically designed for your device.

See more of BoxWave’s award winning accessories at www.boxwave.com  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Saturday, September 30 2006 by ChrisD
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Vspainter 1.2 for Windows Mobile

We have the pleasure to announce the new version 1.2 of Vspainter, our new painting and illustration software for Windows mobile Pocket PC.
Vspainter features advanced and unique tools to help you create your digital masterpieces with your Windows Mobile Pocket PC.
Design and save your creations in a easy way, just launch Vspainter and you get right in to painting by using standard brushs, special brushs, Shapes and others special effect including many tools like the smudge tool and the lightning and darkness pen.
Vspainter is also able to create, store and view simultaneous creations.
New in version 1.2:
- Square screen now support
- Save in Jpeg format
- Better Undo
- Better support for landscape mode
- Fix some minor bug
- More compatibilities : Palm Treo 700v, Palm Treo 700w, Palm Treo 700wx, HP ipaq hw6910/hw6915/hw6515, Fujitsu-siemens Loox T830, Qtek 9100, Acer N311, Cingular 8100 / 8125 , T-Mobile MDA, Dopo 838, Orange SPV M300, O2 XDA mini Pro, I-Mate K-Jam, Vodafone VPA II, XDA mini S

-A good complement tool to your professional pc desktop software: Draw anywhere, anytime
-Full screen
-Smoothed and detailed interface
-10 standard Brush ( Including line, circle and square )
-Smudge/Finger Tool
-Pickup Color
-Smooth Tool
-Eraser Tool
-Special drawing pen
-History Undo
-In help
-Clear Screen
-Lightning and Darkness Tool
-Colors Selection Windows
-15 Alternatives Brush
-16 Shapes Brush
-16 Special Effect Brush ( including lightning, cloud, fire )
-Use hotkeys to select, change pages or switch fullscreen mode
-Easy creation and change page methode
-Save your creation to BMP files
-Show the current time in the tools bar
-Detection of low level battery
-English and French
A trial version is available here:

2 Tutorials video is available here:
Vpainter is available for the price of 24.95$
Check out our art samples, tutorials and screenshots at our web site: http://vspainter.virtualspaghetti.com  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Saturday, September 30 2006 by ChrisD
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BoxWave releases the Styra for the Mio P350! 

Ever experience times when you needed a pen and wished you had one handy?  Because Styra is designed to fit in your handheld's built-in stylus holder, you'll always have a pen prepared and never have to worry about forgetting one!  In addition to a pen, Styra includes the important reset tool especially useful for those times when your device needs to be reset.

See more of BoxWave’s award winning accessories at www.boxwave.com  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, September 29 2006 by ChrisD
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LingvoSoft Translator 2007 for Pocket PC is Here - and it Talks!

Thanks to LingvoSoft your Pocket PC has just gotten a whole lot smarter. Announcing the release of the all-new LingvoSoft Translator 2007 for Pocket PC. Part of the cutting-edge line of language management solutions that have made LingvoSoft a cherished name to millions of satisfied language learners, businesspeople and travelers, the newest addition to your collection of Pocket PC utilities is one of the most remarkable yet.

Featuring the ability to translate between English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, it provides full-text translation of business correspondence, emails, letters, documentation - even the words to your favorite song! Built on some of the most advanced technology around, the translation engine is absolutely stat-of-the-art and delivers clear, accurate and readable texts.

But what really sets this apart from any other full text translator is its ability to speak the translations aloud. That's right, if you choose the talking version not only will you have the fastest translator available for Pocket PC but you'll also be able to use it to speak. That means you'll always know just how to pronounce a word or phrase.

But even if you take the non-talking version, you will still have access to all the great functions that LingvoSoft is known for. With super-fast and super smart search functions, customizable interface and three different ways to enter text it will even translate the contents of your device's clipboard automatically upon launching the dictionary application saving you time and effort.

Find the version that has just made life a whole lot simpler, helping you to communicate easily and with confidence:   http://www.lingvosoft.com/info/software/Translators/?refid=16179   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, September 29 2006 by ChrisD
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BoxWave releases the Styra for the Dopod 838!

More than a stylus, BoxWave’s Styra provides both a ballpoint pen and reset pin for a great multi-function stylus!  All these additional functionalities fit perfectly into your handheld's built-in stylus holder.  Its durable construction and retractable design makes a perfect replacement stylus.  BoxWave's Strya is the ultimate stylus upgrade!

Compatible with:

• Cingular 8100
• Cingular 8125
• HTC Wizard (Cingular 8125)
• Vodafone VPA Compact II

See more of BoxWave’s award winning accessories at www.boxwave.com  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, September 28 2006 by ChrisD
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SBSH Mobile Software, iLauncher version 3 released!

SBSH Mobile Software released the next major version of the award-winning launcher application, iLauncher version 3! Introducing new integrated task-manager, 'X' button that really close, new safe-mode protection, special action shortcuts, multi-language support and much more!

iLauncher 3 Highlights

Integrated task manager and real close 'X' button - Integrated task manager menu allowing you to close, minimize and activate your current running applications. Set the 'X' close button to truly close running applications when hitting the 'X' button. By default, applications are only minimized.

Safe mode protection - New Safe mode option added, protecting your device from corrupted software upon restart. Allowing you to stay safe your device will always start correctly and helping you protect your important information.

Special Actions - Add a special action shortcuts to your tabs. Special action shortcuts available: Screen-capture, Speed-dial, Send SMS, Soft-reset, Power-off, Screen rotation and much more!

Multi-language support - iLauncher 3 offers multi-language support and include English, Dutch, French, German and Italian translations.

iLauncher 3 offers many additional new features. You can read more about the changes and additions at the following URL:   http://www.sbsh.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=12410   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, September 27 2006 by ChrisD
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BoxWave is pleased to announce Armor Case for HTC TyTn!

BoxWave’s Armor Case form-fitting, trendy aluminum case that is designed to fit your HTC TyTn perfectly! It is designed with a clear plexiglass window that protects your HTC TyTn's screen so you can easily read your display!  Its exterior is made of anodized aluminum that is strong yet lightweight while the interior is padded with a layer of foam for optimal security. While Armor Case works to protect your HTC TyTn from everyday wear and tear, its accessible openings give quick access to display, headphone jack, and center button functions.  BoxWave's Armor Case for the HTC TyTn includes a high quality, simple-to-use, detachable belt clip!  BoxWave's Armor Case comes in two stylish colors:  Black and Metallic Silver.

Compatible devices:
• Cingular 6500
• Dopod 838 Pro
• Dopod CHT9000
• HTC Hermes
• i-mate JasJam
• O2 Xda Trion
• Orange SPV M3100
• Qtek 9600
• T-Mobile MDA Vario II
• Vodafone VPA Compact III v1605

See more of BoxWave’s award winning accessories at www.boxwave.com  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, September 27 2006 by ChrisD
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Game Editor adds more platforms!

With this new version you can create games for Windows (95/98/Me/2000/2003/XP),   Pocket PC / Windows Mobile 2003, 2005, Handheld PC, Windows.

Mobile-based Smartphones, GP2X and Linux!

You don't have to spend days working on a game that may or may not be fun to play. Game Editor lets you quickly prototype your new game. In very little time, you can develop a basic game, and test its design and playability. By interacting with your prototype game from the outset, you can minimize wasted time and eliminate false starts.

Power users can use the program's Global Code Editor to program  advanced actions. The powerful scripting language lets you extend Game Editor's functionality to support unusual and custom game rules.

After make your game just export to any supported platform with few clicks.

More info at: http://game-editor.com  (Source: Press Release)
Posted Tuesday, September 26 2006 by ChrisD
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[Conduits] Pocket Player 3.0 Released: Connected and Expanded

Conduits Technologies, Inc., announced today the release of Pocket Player 3.0, an alternative media player for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC and Smartphone. Pocket Player aims to satisfy consumers who demand more from a media player on a mobile device. The new version sports video support, a new library engine to handle thousands of tracks, smart playlists, supports skins designed for Windows Media Player, and introduces new connection options such as downloadable album art, podcast streaming and Universal Plug-and-Play (Windows Media Connect) connectivity.


Pocket Player 3.0 introduces video playback to the software. An oft-requested feature, this new release leverages the video playback components of Windows Mobile 5 to provide playback of WMV video inside of Pocket Player. Video can be played back in either fullscreen or skin mode.

By using the Windows Media Player 10 Mobile components included in Windows Mobile 5, Pocket Player can view any video that WMP10 Mobile supports. For instance, in addition to standard WMV support, many devices are bundled with video decoders for mobile formats, such as 3GP or AVI. Pocket Player will detect that additional support, and will enable those filetypes to play back within the program, and will show those extra filetypes within the Browser. Since Pocket Player is built on a plugin-based architecture, more video formats will be supported in the future.


Since version 2.7, Pocket Player has featured a track library that keeps a roster of all tracks and playlists on the mobile device. Pocket Player scans the metadata of the track and keeps this library up-to-date automatically without user intervention. For version 3.0, the library has been redesigned to work seamlessly on devices with thousands of tracks.

Multi-gigabyte memory cards have become commonplace among mobile device users, and can store larger music libraries (for example an 8GB card can hold 2000 tracks). Browsing the library has been sped up by orders of magnitude, and the library database is stored between instances of running Pocket Player. This enables Pocket Player to act as a truly dedicated digital media player.

The metadata Pocket Player scans has also been expanded. In addition to the common tags scanned (Artist, Album, Title), Pocket Player now supports scanning of embedded lyrics, fixes album art information scanning, and also fixes Replay Gain (volume leveling) information. Further, Pocket Player 3.0 also supports the up-and-coming ID3 chapter tag information. These tags provide embedded markers in podcasts and audio books that feature a table of contents, timecode data and chapter artwork.


Pocket Player now supports browsing podcast feeds from within its "Browser" function. The Browser's "Podcasts" screen now links to a list of bookmarked feeds. Selecting a feed will download the podcast's list of episodes, and from there, the user can stream a podcast directly to their device. This alleviates the problem of having to download large files (one-hour podcasts can be up to 60MB) and streams the file instead. Seeking to mid-stream as well as auto-resume are also now supported for this playback.

In addition to podcast browsing, Pocket Player now sports a general purpose web feed browser. The Browser's "Web Guide" screen now loads a directory of web materials hosted at Conduits.com, which provides an in-program directory of radio streams of various genres. The user is able to bookmark links to various podcasts as well as web radio station streams. The Web Guide and podcast browsers are built on XML standards, and can view RSS feeds or OPML lists.


Pocket Player now sports Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) features. By installing the new UPnP plugin, Pocket Player can connect to, browse, and play networked media content with ease. The UPnP AV Media Standards are a set of specifications for networked devices to allow users and other devices manage, deliver and play multimedia content. There are many hardware-based UPnP AV devices on the market, and Pocket Player 3.0 transforms any Windows Mobile device into one of them as well. Pocket Player supports the three standards of UPnP multimedia connectivity: Media Renderer, Media Controller and Media Server.

UPnP "Media Servers" store your media library. The most common is Microsoft's implementation, Windows Media Connect (WMC). WMC runs on your desktop PC and shares various types of media files to UPnP "Media Controllers" and "Media Renderers". Media Renderers are the actual playback devices or player software. Media Controllers act as a remote control: browsing Media Servers and directing the content from the Server to the Renderer.

Pocket Player is first and foremost a Media Renderer. It can play various media types that any UPnP device delivers to it. Any Windows Mobile device running Pocket Player with a network connection (e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth Personal Area Networking, or ActiveSync network passthrough) can be controlled by various UPnP devices, including all playback functions (Play, Pause, Volume).

Pocket Player 3.0 is also a Media Controller, meaning that in the Browser, there is a new "Network" choice. This section will browse any Media Servers that it detects, and can browse the contents from within Pocket Player. Since Pocket Player is a Media Renderer, any supported content (audio files that Pocket Player supports) can be queued up from within the Browser and played locally on the device, complete with seek, auto-resume, equalizer, and visualization support.

Finally, Pocket Player is also a Media Server; any content located on the mobile device itself is also shared to other Media Controllers, including other Windows Mobile devices running Pocket Player. Users with multiple devices can therefore create their own home network of content, with Pocket Player powering the connectivity and playback between any media on any mobile device, or to play back from a centralized WMC server. Two users could connect their Windows Mobile devices (with WiFi Ad-hoc networking, or Bluetooth Personal Area Networking) and share their music tastes by streaming their collections between devices.


Pocket Player 3.0 sports several new features to improve usability. One-handed navigation has been improved in the browser: the last location is retained when going back into the Browser, which makes jumping in and around of the Browser much easier. While scrolling down the list with the keypad, the speed is accelerated while the key is held longer, and the list will also wrap around from bottom to top (and vice versa). Animations have also been added to give visual feedback to navigation.

A search mechanism has now been added to the Browser. It searches common tags in all tracks on the device, and searches while you type. As all other features, it's fully compatible on both Pocket PC and Smartphone, and is especially useful on devices with keyboards.

A new playlist format has been introduced for Pocket Player 3.0. These "smart" or "automatic" playlists are files that don't reference a list of specific files, but instead reference search terms for Pocket Player's media library. For instance, the "Recently released" playlist queries Pocket Player for all tracks with a tagged release date of the last six months. The queries are performed whenever the playlist is loaded, and therefore are always up-to-date with whatever media is on the device. Users are available to create their own playlists for customized results.

Skin support in Pocket Player has been expanded. Pocket Player has its own native skin format, and also supports Winamp skins. For version 3.0, Pocket Player now supports loading skins from Windows Media Player. Many WMP skins have been developed and can now be used as the interface for Pocket Player.

The album art visualization in Pocket Player has been improved. It can now download missing album art in the background, while songs play. Finally, "real" fullscreen visualizations have been implemented, which hides the Start bar and the bottom menu bar during playback.


All known bugs in Pocket Player have been fixed. These fixes include:


Pocket Player 3.0 for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone is available as a free trial from http://www.conduits.com/products/player/ where the user can download and evaluate both products unabridged for 30 days.

For registered users of Pocket Player 2.X for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone from September 2005 to present, the upgrade is free. Upgrades for customers who purchased Pocket Player 1.X and 2.X before September 1st 2005, are priced at $9.95 from http://store.conduits.com/popl2up.html

More information, including a complete list of skins and features, can be found at the Conduits website at http://www.conduits.com/products/player/.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, September 26 2006 by ChrisD
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