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Week of June 24, 2007

Celebrate 4th July with Fireworks from Astraware!

KEELE, Staffordshire, UK - June 28th 2007 - Astraware is pleased to announce a brand new version of their fun application Fireworks which is available for a limited time.

Fireworks is a simple FREE application, showing sequences of fireworks flying and exploding into the air. As 4th July is traditionally a time for fireworks and celebrations in the USA, the features have been created to help our American friends highlight one of their major holidays - Independence Day! Fireworks features a selection of patriotic backgrounds including the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore and the Stars and Stripes, and offers a choice of stirring tunes including the Star Spangled Banner and Stars and Stripes Forever!

Fireworks is available for devices running Palm OS. and Windows Mobile. including support for 240x240 square screens and QVGA landscape smartphones. What better way to celebrate 4th July than with some Fireworks? Download your copy today at http://www.astraware.com/fireworks - it's available for a limited time only! Oh, and did we mention, it's FREE?!  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, June 28 2007 by ChrisD
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