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Week of April 24, 2005

visKeeper for Pocket PC – the brilliant Upgrade

The software company sfr GmbH (http://www.sfr-software.com/) is proud to announce the release of the new version 2.1 of visKeeper – the well-liked Data Safe with Picture Password.

visKeeper PPC protects your personal data with your favorite picture.

By its ready-to-use categories, the Data Safe is optimized for the secure management of passwords, bank accounts, credit cards and all text-based information that requires a special protection.
visKeeper uses the patented “visual key technology” of sfr that combines plainest handling with highest security.

The new version 2.1 adds even more attractivity to visKeeper PPC and provides the following new features and enhancements:

• Complete VGA awareness: Use briliant login pictures with up to 480 x 542 pixels without scrollbars
• ClearType fonts for a smooth text in the grid view
• New horizontal scrollbar in the grid view
• Optimized support of landscape and Windows Mobile 2003 SE devices
• New read-only mode and locking function
• Correction of a scrolling problem in the tree

A single license of visKeeper PPC costs US $ 20 / Euro 17 (for EU residents: Euro 19,95 incl. VAT) and is likewise valid for visKeeper PC and PalmOS.

Registered users that own a version of visKeeper 1.0 or higher have the right to upgrade their visKey for free.

Customers who would like to test the software may give it a trial for 30 days without any restrictions.
You may find further information about visKeeper as well as the software documentation at www.viskeeper.com  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, April 28 2005 by ChrisD
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NoviiRemote PPC 2.2 - EXCLUSIVE – The leading remote software now works on most popular new Pocket PC/Windows Mobile handhelds!

NoviiMedia, software developers for mobile devices, are pleased to unveil a new version of NoviiRemote PPC, V. 2.2, which now covers almost all of the most popular Pocket PC and Windows Mobile devices! This is the only remote control software which works on HP iPAQ h6340, HP iPAQ rx3715 and HP iPAQ h1930/1940/1945 devices.

Why NoviiRemote PPC V. 2.2?

With NoviiRemote, you can control all of your home entertainment equipment - TV, Cable/Sat, DVD/CD, VCR, home theater, etc. A superior interface, vibrant colors, easy installation and setup, better infrared drivers, and many other improvements have made this the most favorite remote program on the market!

We consider the new release of NoviiRemote PPC V. 2.2 to be an extremely important step in our efforts to make the program compatible with all Pocket PC handhelds.

Buy Now & More Info

NoviiRemote PPC V. 2.2 is available for purchase from NoviiMedia's website at http://www.novii.tv/buy for $24.99.

Additional details and information are also available at this web address http://www.novii.tv/products/noviir/srr/recwince/. (Source: Press Release)
Posted Thursday, April 28 2005 by ChrisD
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Binoteq Shark Attack released!

Shark AttackBinoteq Software is proud to announce that its long anticipated title "Shark  Attack. Poseidon's Anger" is released for PocketPC and PalmOS devices.

The game features:
- 3 game modes (arcade, missions, campaign)
- 40 fascinating levels of increasing difficulty
- 5 Big Bosses
- unique gameplay
- incredible graphics and special effects
- multilanguage support (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish)
- enhanced sound and music support

The game is released exclusively for 1 week on Clickgamer.  Special price $14.95 is valid for this one week only.

The game is available for trial & purchase at:
http://www.binoteq.com/entertainment/details.php?id=1 and http://www.clickgamer.com/moreinfo.htm?pid=2352  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, April 27 2005 by ChrisD
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Cassioware Releases CwSync 2.0

Cassioware today announced shipping and general availability of CwSync 2.0, the seamlessly integrated ActiveSync plug-in that allows you to synchronize data from anywhere in your desktop, network or the internet to anywhere in your Pocket PC, including storage cards. The long awaited release of this best selling application comes with significant enhancements such as bi-directional folder synchronization, automated conflict resolution, low privilege user account support, internationalization support, new user interface and significant performance enhancements.

A free trial copy of CwSync can be obtained at Cassioware’s website: http://www.cassioware.com/downloads.aspx (Source: Press Release)
Posted Wednesday, April 27 2005 by ChrisD
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PocketBuilder 2.0 Now Available: Download the software and learn how to use it with the free online training videos.

The award winning mobile and wireless RAD tool allows developers to create mobile applications in hours with Sybase PocketBuilder. With PocketBuilder you can build Smart Phone/ PocketPC apps and synchronize the data between the Pocket PC and server databases. We have now posted some basic training videos on how to use the software. All the tools are provided in the document simply download the software at http://www.sybase.com/pocketbuilder

Sybase PocketBuilder 2.0, the latest version of the only true rapid application development (RAD) tool for mobile and wireless applications. Some of its features are:

** Easy to use integrated development environment (IDE) with built-in object-oriented language allows development of applications in hours, not months.

** Added native support to additional devices such as global positioning systems (GPS), barcode scanners, Smart Phone platforms, cameras and PocketPC phones.

**INK Controls support to add handwritten not INK Control and INK Image support

** Patented DataWindow® technology — Unparalleled data access, processing and presentation specifically targeted for mobile devices — all without coding.

** Simplified MobiLink Synchronization —Wizards simplify synchronization, and tight integration with Sybase subsidiary iAnywhere Solutions’ market-leading mobile database SQL Anywhere® Studio ensures reliability and rich enterprise-level functionality for developers and end users.

Sybase PocketBuilder 2.0 is now available. You can download an evaluation copy or purchase it at http://www.sybase.com/pocketbuilder. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, April 26 2005 by ChrisD
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Spb Software House Releases Spb Diary — an Instant Pocket PC Organizer

Spb Software House announces the release of a new PIM Today plug-in for Calendar, Tasks and Contacts — Spb Diary.

In September, 2004 the first Spb Pocket PC Survey demonstrated that 85% Pocket PC users use their Pocket PC as an organizer. This is the single most popular use for Pocket PC users. However, standard Pocket PC tools for handling PIM data have turned out to be underwhelming at best. Especially this concerns the most important part — PIM plug-ins for the Today screen. A standard Pocket PC offers only a poor Today plug-in for appointments and tasks with minimum functionality and no Today plug-in for contacts at all.

Today Spb Software House has released Spb Diary — a powerful replacement for the standard PIM Today plug-ins. Another company's famous application Spb Pocket Plus greatly enhances the Pocket PC operating system. Spb Diary follows this line by improving standard PIM Today plug-ins. It has three Today plug-ins for calendar, tasks and contacts organized in tabs. The tab structure of the plug-in saves useful screen space. The usability testing proved that for PIM Today plug-ins height is a more important parameter than width because the number of displayed items is critical. That's why tabs in Spb Diary Today plug-in have vertical layout. The program provides deep integration with Pocket Outlook, Agenda Fusion and Pocket Informant. Even category icons can be inherited by Spb Diary from the associated PIM. On the other hand, the program allows users to get any kind of PIM data in just a few taps without leaving the Today screen and switching to PIM applications.

It's a well-known fact that the most frequent and natural use for your Pocket PC is as a powerful organizer. In whatever other way you use your Pocket PC (playing games, listening to music, browsing the Internet, and/or reading e-books, etc), it will be used most often as a reliable tool for storing contacts and for managing appointments and tasks. The results of the first Spb Pocket PC Survey conducted in September, 2004, confirmed this tendency. According to the results, 85% of the more than 10,000 participants claimed that they constantly use their Pocket PC as an organizer, which makes it the single most popular use for Pocket PC users.

In this respect, just how good does the Pocket PC rate as an organizer? How handy are the three main PIM applications: appointments, tasks and contacts? Standard Pocket PC tools for handling PIM data have turned out to be underwhelming at best, and especially in what may be the most important part — PIM plug-ins for the Today screen. Most people would like to see all of their everyday information right on the Today screen and the ability to get to any entry in one or two taps. The standard Today plug-in for appointments usually shows only one upcoming appointment for today, and the rest can be accessed only by opening the Calendar. The standard Today plug-in for tasks shows only the number of active tasks and tasks of high priority. This provides a user with no meaningful information. Finally, there's no standard Today plug-in for contacts. Looking for a particular contact, which should be a two-tap process at best, is painfully over-complicated.

Spb Diary from Spb Software House is an elegant solution for all of these problems. The Spb Diary solution is to provide you with a three-in-one Today plug-in with tabs for Calendar, Tasks and Contacts. Spb Diary hones to perfection PIM-use on the Pocket PC.

With Spb Diary you no longer have to open a PIM application just to find out whether you have any appointments planned for tomorrow or to find somebody's e-mail address. All your information is conveniently on the Today screen. And you can adjust the height of the plug-in so that you can see as many entries at a time as you want.

PIM Today plug-in with tabs for Calendar, Tasks and Contacts
The tabbed structure of the plug-in allows users to save as much useful screen space as possible. One tap opens a tab with all the most important entries (e.g. all appointments for today and for tomorrow) displayed.

Integration with Pocket Outlook, Agenda Fusion and Pocket Informant
Spb Diary is a perfect Today plug-in addition for these PIM applications. It doesn't matter which PIM application you use, Spb Diary works with each one. Even category icons can be inherited by Spb Diary from the associated PIM.

Most frequent actions can be performed without leaving the Today screen
As most users of Spb Diary point out, the number of times when it's necessary to open a PIM application is significantly reduced. All the most frequent actions can be performed without ever leaving the Today screen. Spb Diary opens the correct PIM application automatically only for entering new or modifying existing data. Other actions such as viewing item subject, location and notes, rescheduling, dialing a number, changing item priority and status, changing reminder, beaming entries - all of these actions can be performed directly from your Today screen in Spb Diary in just a few taps.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, April 26 2005 by ChrisD
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International Software Award, Sponsored by Microsoft and Pocket PC Magazine Germany, Honors SYWARE, Inc. With "Best Database Software Award 2004"

SYWARE, Inc., announced an international panel of industry experts honored SYWARE’s Visual CE software with Club Pocket PC’s "Best Database Software Award 2004". The award was sponsored by Microsoft Germany and Pocket PC Magazine Germany. SYWARE mobilizes information between the enterprise and the field and rapidly converts paper-based or PC processes into mobile applications, without programming, that can be deployed on any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Windows CE device.

Hundreds of companies from around the world submitted their products for review by a panel of international judges to determine the winners. The annual Club Pocket PC awards program identifies the best software and hardware products on the market for a global community of users. Other winners in the hardware category included T-Mobile’s MDA 2 for best Pocket PC of the year 2004 and Motorola’s (NYSE: MOT) Mpx 200 for best Smartphone of the year 2004. This item follows previous news where SYWARE announced the availability of mEnable 2.0, to provide mobile users with wireless access to enterprise data and run database applications on handhelds and connect to ODBC-enabled databases in real-time at any time or place. For more on mEnable, visit http://www.syware.com/lp/menable

"SYWARE is honored to receive Club Pocket PC’s Best Database Software Award 2004," said Sy Danberg, President, SYWARE, Inc. "This award further validates our position as an international leader in the marketplace," Danberg added. "Thousands of users voted for Visual CE at the Pocket PC Award 2004 to make Visual CE the number one product in the Best Database Software Category-- congratulations!" said Alex Januschewsky, Founder, Club Pocket PC Europe. For more information on Visual CE, visit http://www.syware.com/lp/visualCE (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, April 26 2005 by ChrisD
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ACCESS’ NetFront Browser Wins Club Pocket PC Award for Best Internet Software

NetFront Browser Selected as Favorite from Among Nine Nominees by Pocket PC End Users

ACCESS Co., Ltd., (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 4813), a global provider of mobile content delivery and Internet access technologies, today announced that its NetFront® browser for Windows Mobile™/Pocket PC was selected by Pocket PC end users for the first annual 2004 Club Pocket PC Award in the Best Internet Software category. Eight products from seven other companies, including Bitstream, Cool.STF, Déjŕ Vu Software, Microsoft, NSC Software, Southway and Spb Software House, were nominated in this category.

Club Pocket PC Award nominees in the Best Internet Software category collectively received 8,500 votes with ACCESS’ NetFront for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC coming out as the overwhelming favorite garnering 48% of the total votes submitted. The Club Pocket PC Awards are sponsored by some of the leading Pocket PC publications in Germany including: Club Pocket PC Salzburg, Pocket PC Magazin, Club Pocket PC Munich, mobile2day, PPC Welt Community, Pocketland, World of PPC, and Microsoft Germany.

“We are extremely honored to receive this award because Club Pocket PC award winners are selected by the most important judges—Pocket PC end-users,” said Toru Arakawa, president and CEO of ACCESS. “ACCESS is focused on providing the best Internet browser solution for the Windows Mobile/Pocket PC platform, so being selected for an award that is determined by end-users, like the Club Pocket PC Awards, is validation that we’re on track to achieving our goal.”  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, April 26 2005 by ChrisD
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PhatWare releases PhatPad 2.2

PhatWare Corp. is happy to announce the release of PhatPad 2.2, the updated version of its award-winning note-taking application for Windows Mobile-based Pocket and Tablet PCs. PhatPad allows you to draw pictures, jot text notes, put a mixture of pictures and text, or create simple animation on a virtual scratch pad. The program uses new digital ink technology, which provides a very smooth ink flow, so it feels like you’re writing on a piece of paper.

New in PhatPad 2.2

* Support for PNG format, which allows loading PNG images as a note background and exporting PhatPad notes as PNG files.
* Improved integration with CalliGrapher/PenOffice: AutoCorrector feature is now supported.
* Significant internal changes: improved inking and overall performance.

"Whether a new user or an existing PhatPad owner, 2.0 is a worthwhile purchase and upgrade and should be a must-have application for every Pocket PC owner." says Clinton Fitch in the product review, "It is well written and performs beyond expectations, something that has become a trademark for all of PhatWare’s products."

The complete PhatPad review can be found at http://www.clintonfitch.com/reviews/phatware/phatpad-2-0/default.asp

You can find the detailed information about PhatPad 2.2, download a trial version or purchase the software by visiting PhatWare web site at http://www.phatware.com/phatpad

PhatPad 2.2 is a free upgrade for all registered users of PhatPad 2.x. Users of older versions of PhatPad can purchase the upgrade at the discounted price. For more information, please refer to the upgrade policy at http://www.phatware.com/support/upgradeinfo.html (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, April 25 2005 by ChrisD
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Conduits Technologies, Inc. Releases Pocket Artist 3.0 for Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PCs Released

Conduits Technologies, Inc. announced today the release of Pocket Artist 3.0 for the Windows Powered Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition-compatible devices. Pocket Artist is a drawing and image manipulation program for Windows powered devices, and has been awarded the Graphic Design and Drawing Application prize at the Best Pocket PC Software Awards three years in a row.

Pocket Artist 3.0 provides full color graphics editing on mobile devices. The user interface is optimized for small screens while retaining a full set of features-supporting both digital photo management and original art development. Pocket Artist fully supports a variety of graphics formats, such as JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP and the multifaceted PSD format. With Pocket Artist 3.0, users can open, edit and save multi-layer images with their Pocket PC.

New and exciting product features include multiple undo levels (keep a running history of your work), captions (full EXIF and IPTC editing), a new memory manager, layer masks (and custom alpha channels), more filters (Unsharp Mask, Difference Clouds and Noise, with a plug-in framework), file formats (GIF/PNG saving) and much more. Several image tools are also integrated into Pocket Artist 3.0, including a GIF Animation builder, batch JPEG processing and system clipboard integration.


Pocket Artist 3.0 unleashes new capabilities for digital photography processing. A new memory manager enables various mobile devices to open larger digital images than memory would normally permit. Pocket Artist utilizes memory swap files on a storage card to achieve this effect; as the built-in memory limit is reached, swap files are created on storage cards to store image data. IPTC Caption editing has also be added into Pocket Artist: a fully featured editor for JPEG and PSD metadata assists in tagging images. Pocket Artist also integrates Batch JPEG Processing, for caption editing of multiple images at a time, and for lossless JPEG transformations. With the Batch Wizard, lossless (no JPEG recompression) functions include rotation, flipping, cropping and grayscale reduction. Image resizing is also included in batch mode. The JPEG engine supports the same swap files that normal editing can use, and therefore provides lossless transformation of virtually any size JPEG.


Pocket Artist 3.0 also builds upon the rich editing features found in previous releases by adding new capabilities to the drawing experience. Multiple undo steps are now possible when editing - Pocket Artist can step back and forward through the history of an image as it is being edited - no more need to repeatedly save the image before actions. All commands are now undoable, including layer merging and canvas rotation. Pocket Artist has expanded the available Filters offered in the software, by adding new built-in ones and by providing an application interface (API) for third parties to develop plug-ins. New filters include Add Noise, Unsharp Mask and Difference Clouds. Layers can now feature separate masks, which enable the user to hide portions of a layer without actually deleting its data. Alpha channels separate from any layers are also supported, which can produce rich effects (named "channel ops") and perform spot color operations. Animated GIF support is also included, both when loading and saving. Frames of an animated GIF are added to the document as separate layers, and a multi- layer image can also be exported as an Animated GIF. Pocket Artist features advanced image quantization as well as an Animation Wizard where the user can add and edit the frames of an animation, and apply different delay and draw settings.


Other features added or enhanced with Pocket Artist 3.0 improve upon the imaging interface. Grid, guides and rulers support enhance stylus precision when using various tools. The Open Image browser has been enhanced to add network-mapped drives as well as zooming levels. Color palettes with quantization assist when creating 8-bit images such as GIF, PNG and BMP. A dedicated Zoom Tool and Hand Tool have been added, and the Selection tools enhanced. Image transformations have been refined with numerical accuracy. New Full Screen mode affords more onscreen space to edit images. Finally, HSB and Grayscale modes have been added to the color picker.

Pocket Artist 3.0 is available as a commercial demo from http://www.conduits.com, where the user can download and evaluate the software for 30 days.

Pocket Artist 3.0 is available for an introductory price of $49.95. Upgrades for customers who purchased Pocket Artist 1.X and 2.X before November 1st 2004, are priced at $19.95 from http://store.conduits.com/pocarup.html.

More information, including plugins, tutorials, brush packs, gradient packs, an online gallery and a full list of features, can be found at the Pocket Artist website: http://www.conduits.com/products/artist/. Conduits develops many commercial applications for Pocket PC, including Pocket Slides (a fully-featured presentation solution for Pocket PC) and Pocket Player (an alternative music player), and seven other Pocket PC products. (Source: Press Release)
Posted Monday, April 25 2005 by ChrisD
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NOVA Research Company Unveils Pocket PC Data Collection Solution for Complex Clinical and Behavioral Research Studies

    BETHESDA, Md., April 25 /PRNewswire/ -- NOVA Research Company, a provider
of innovative technology, consulting, and research support services to the
global health and research communities, today announced commercial
availability of QDS(TM) version 2.4, the latest release of its widely used
Questionnaire Development System software.  Developed specifically to meet the
unique needs of clinical and behavioral researchers, QDS(TM) 2.4 marks the
addition of a handheld HAPI(TM) (Handheld-Assisted Personal Interview) Pocket
PC module to its suite of survey software and new, expanded functionality for
data collection.  The new Pocket PC module is expected to increase user
acceptance rates by 30 percent and reduce the cost of conducting complex
multisite field research studies by 40 percent while allowing researchers to
collect data in areas where use of a bulky laptop computer is not an option.
    First introduced in 1997, QDS(TM) is known for its ability to simplify and
automate survey administration, increase efficiency, and cut survey
development time by up to 50 percent.  QDS(TM) offers the unique ability to
produce all materials needed to administer a questionnaire survey
simultaneously in a variety of modes -- paper, desktop, laptop, tablet PC, and
now PDA Pocket PC -- all from a single set of easily maintained specifications
and without having to hire a computer programmer.  QDS(TM) also promotes re-
use of field-tested questions by providing the capability to copy
specifications among questionnaires.  In addition, the product allows data to
be exported directly into other software programs, such as SAS, SPSS, and MS
Access, for data analysis.
    "Researchers have asked for a handheld data collection module that will
increase interviewee acceptance rates in more public venues.  The QDS 2.4
HAPI(TM) Pocket PC questionnaire module offers greater portability, increased
flexibility, and faster completion of surveys," said Peggy L. Young, President
and CEO of NOVA Research Company.  "It also lets researchers tailor the method
of survey administration to the comfort level of the respondent, which is
important when collecting sensitive or personal data or administering surveys
in public settings such as shopping malls and bars.  An added benefit is that
research teams worldwide can now collaborate more effectively and continue to
work in real time by using a wireless connection to upload data collected via
a PDA to a central location anywhere in the world," she continued.
    QDS(TM) gives researchers more flexibility in managing survey data from
clinical studies that identify problems potentially in need of preventive,
therapeutic, or supportive services.  The latest version, QDS HAPI(TM) for the
Pocket PC personal digital assistant, is extremely practical for field
    "The new, expanded QDS(TM) version 2.4 lets me continue to ensure quality
of data reconciled from different versions of behavioral research
questionnaires, no matter which survey method is used," said Phil Batterham,
data management coordinator at the UCLA Center for Community Health in Los
Angeles.  Batterham has used QDS(TM) to implement and administer interviews
for various research projects that involve high-risk populations (such as
people living with HIV and homeless adolescents).  "The automated
questionnaire's skips and checks are extremely useful, as the typical
interview can take 1 to 2 hours and involve up to 1,000 questions based on
2,000 or more elements on background characteristics, risk behaviors,
emotional well-being, health behaviors, and habits," he added.
    Dr. Adam Rosenblatt, Co-Principal Investigator of The Maryland Assisted
Living Study, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, is piloting
the QDS-HAPI(TM) on Pocket PCs in a study in which he uses a Structured
Clinical Interview for DSM, or SCID, to monitor a large number (300) of
participants or residents in 26 unrelated assisted living facilities in order
to determine the change in rates of psychiatric problems residents may

    New Features of the QDS 2.4 HAPI(TM) (Handheld-Assisted Personal
     Interview) module

    -- Wider portability. The new HAPI(TM) module allows users to be more
       mobile and conduct personal interviews using a Pocket PC handheld
       computer, eliminating carrying a heavy, more expensive laptop computer.
    -- Automated edits. An enhanced edit feature allows users to automatically
       launch a second questionnaire if the respondent qualifies to move on to
       the next stage of a field-administered survey or needs a more in-depth
       diagnostic assessment.
    -- Password protection. In line with stringent FDA compliance requirements
       for certain clinical trials and studies, QDS(TM) 2.4 has the ability to
       encrypt responses and password-protect questionnaires so that only
       authorized users can view and export collected data.
    -- Customized reporting. Users can automatically generate customized
       reports in real time at any point in the baseline interview in order to
       better determine trends.  Report elements support new types of
       substitution tokens that retrieve question text, question probes, and
       interviewer comments from the current interview.

    QDS(TM) is a modular system consisting of three major components: Design
Studio, Data Collection Modules, and Warehouse Manager.  The four data
collection modules include: Data Entry for paper questionnaires; CAPI
(Computer-Assisted Personal Interview) for face-to-face interviewing; ACASI
(Audio Computer-Administered Self-Interview) for more sensitive data
collection and for interviewing respondents with reading difficulties; and
HAPI(TM) (Handheld-Assisted Personal Interview) for the Pocket PC.  Current
QDS(TM) users can upgrade existing modules by downloading version 2.4 at $125
per module.  Now that the QDS-HAPI(TM) module has been released, NOVA is in
rapid-development mode to program a QDS-Web(TM) module for Web survey
administration from the same Design Studio specification file.
(Source: Press Release, PRNewswire)
Posted Monday, April 25 2005 by ChrisD
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Announcing Grocery Wafare

This game fights hunger in more ways than one (actual portion of profits donated to fight hunger). This is the official first ever PocketPc game from UniverseCity.com. GROCERY WARFARE delivers a few minutes of diversion from an otherwise hectic day. The goal is simple-- dodge 95% of all the items in the grocery store EXCEPT for the ones with green bubbles for bonus points. All other objects will take away your credit and/or even..... kill you! Thats ok because in each new level you get your full max life count again...IF you make it to the next level.

    Some grocery items actually slow you down (such as peanut butter) while others will speed things up (soap, vinegar). There are 7 levels (aisles) plus the big bang bonus ending. A portion of the proceeds from this game will go to hunger site to feed the needy so everyone wins. Enjoy!
    Developers- UniverseCity.com is looking to network with like-minded multimedia artists for various platforms. Please see the website if interested or if theres any compatibility issues, questions or general suggestions. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, April 24 2005 by ChrisD
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Launching the::unwired formerly PPCW.net

PPCW.net is now the::unwired. Arne Hess has decided to rename it to follow the Windows Mobile trends beyond the Pocket PC. Today the::unwired is covering more than Pocket PCs but the full Windows Mobile-range - from Pocket PCs to Smartphone to Portable Media Centers. (Source: Press Release)
Posted Sunday, April 24 2005 by ChrisD
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