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Week of January 24, 2010

AT&T to invest $2B in mobile network

Specifically, Stankey said AT&T will add 2,000 new cell sites and upgrade existing cell sites with three times more fiber links than it had in 2009. This will increase capacity for the backhaul network that connects the cell towers to AT&T's main network. The backhaul portion of the network is a critical component to AT&T's network; with these upgrades in place, Stankey said the company will be able to easily upgrade in the future to 4G wireless technology.

AT&T will begin testing its 4G network using LTE, the same technology Verizon Wireless is using for its 4G network, starting in 2010, with a few commercial deployments ready in 2011 and more commercial deployments in 2012.  (Source: Marguerite Reardon, CNN)

Posted Friday, January 29 2010 by ChrisD
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AT&T rolls out unlimited text, voice, and data plans

All smartphone customers, including iPhone owners, can now buy unlimited voice and data for $99.99. For smartphone customers with Family Talk plans, unlimited voice and data is now available for $179.99 (two lines included). Texting plans remain unchanged at $20 for unlimited plans for individuals, $30 for Family Talk Plans.   (Source: Dong Ngo, CNet)
Posted Thursday, January 28 2010 by ChrisD
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