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Week of April 23, 2006

Interkey 2.0 enhances opportunities of standard on-screen keyboard

Interkey 2.0Paragon Software (SHDD) renewed its data entry support software for Pocket PC/Windows Mobile and released the new version - Interkey 2.0.

This application will be useful for everybody who has to operate with different languages and big amount of information.

Usually on-screen keyboard of PDA doesn’t enable user to input data in different languages even if device wasn’t localized to proper ones. Thanks to Interkey 2.0 the opportunities of standard on-screen keyboard widen numerously as the software supports 28 languages and 60 different layouts of the keyboard.

Interkey 2.0 has two modifications: "Professional" and "Standard" that support correct work on Windows Mobile 2005 based devices. "Professional" version acquired word autocomplete function that completes automatically the words user is typing on the on-screen keyboard or Pocket PC external keyboard. This option makes work of the user much more comfortable because it saves the time usually spent to input data.

Moreover, users will be delighted with the price of this software: the "Standard" version value was reduced significantly (but has full functional set); "Professional" version costs as the "Standard" one previously cost.

The detailed description of the product and a list of supported languages you can find here: http://pocket-pc-software.penreader.com/InterKey.html

Posted Thursday, April 27 2006 by ChrisD
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PocketMirror(r) Professional 2.0 for Windows Mobile Offers an Easy Way to Organize Multiple Outlook Folders on a Windows Mobile Device

MOBILE, Ala. (April 25, 2005) - Chapura(r), Inc., an innovator of synchronization technology for mobile personal information managers (PIMs), today announced that its popular Outlook synchronization software, PocketMirror(r) Professional for Microsoft Windows Mobile, now supports the Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Editions of Windows Mobile 5.0.  This updated version of PocketMirror Professional offers owners of Windows Mobile 5.0-based devices, such as the Palm(r) Treo(tm) 700w smartphone, a way to transfer more information between Outlook on the desktop and Outlook Mobile on the handheld than allowed with ActiveSync alone.  PocketMirror Professional for Windows Mobile also offers owners of these mobile devices a near desktop-like toolset for organizing personal information on the go.

Especially for enterprise customers who are dedicated to using Microsoft products for their office productivity and insist on platform consistency, PocketMirror Professional for Windows Mobile is the only solution that lets employees not only synchronize more data between Outlook and Outlook Mobile but also organize the data on the Windows Mobile device the same way as on the desktop-in multiple, separate groupings, not all mixed up together. 

* Chapura's exclusive AnyFolder(tm) technology lets Windows Mobile-based device owners pick and choose which Outlook Contacts, Calendar and Tasks folders to synchronize with their handheld, including any public and subfolders on a Microsoft Exchange Server.  
* Going beyond the category synchronization provided by the built-in ActiveSync software, this AnyFolder technology maintains the integrity of these Outlook folders by creating a folder-like category, denoted with an asterisk, on the handheld for each desktop folder selected.  This technique not only keeps categories in tact but also keeps folder contents together and easily accessible on the mobile device.    

Migrating Data from Palm OS(r) to Windows Mobile Device As consumers and enterprise customers continue to migrate between platforms, the swift and accurate transfer of personal information between devices is vital. Using PocketMirror Professional for Window Mobile in concert with PocketCopy software from Chapura, customers can easily transfer their data from the Palm(r) Desktop to the new device via Microsoft Outlook. At the touch of a button, PocketCopy copies Palm Desktop Address Book, Date Book, To Do List and Memo Pad or Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Memos information into Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes.  From there, customers may use the Active Sync software on their Windows Mobile device and PocketMirror Professional for Windows Mobile to synchronize the data between Outlook and the mobile device.

"Chapura is taking something that is complicated-synchronizing data between two different applications and user environments-and making it a seamless experience," said Adam Moise, partner alliance manager, Developer Relations, Palm, Inc. "With this update to PocketMirror Professional for Windows Mobile, Chapura is adding flexibility and productivity to the mobile experience of Palm Treo 700w smartphone customers."

"PocketMirror Professional 2.0 for Windows Mobile meets the demands of a new generation of handheld users," said Keith Ellenberg, president of Chapura.  "Mobile productivity is their life, and what differentiates Chapura is that we understand the ways in which customers want to organize their information.  So, we adapt the software to handle their needs.  We don't force customers to adapt the way they organize data to fit the software's functionality."

Pricing and Availability
PocketMirror Professional for Windows Mobile is available for $49.95 from the Chapura Web site at www.chapura.com and from leading online resellers including Handango at www.handango.com, and PocketGear at www.pocketgear.com.

Customer Service and Support
Chapura customers receive free access to the company's ActuallySM Technical Support for friendly, knowledgeable assistance with product setup and troubleshooting, available via FAQs on the company's Web site, e-mail and telephone.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, April 25 2006 by ChrisD
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HeroCraft HiTech in cooperation with HeroCraft releases Arcade Park for PDAs and Smartphones.

The Arcade Park collection is meant to revive the legendary games of the past, popular with millions of users. It includes the following games: Arcade Ball, Asteroids, Rushman, Digger, Gold Hunter, Galaxy Invaders, as well as military games Real Tanx and Riverside Assault.

In Arcade Ball the player's consciousness is bifurcate: one half turns into a small but very quick ball, and the other one – into an imperturbable platform which begins to order the light-minded ball about in every possible way and thrash it. And the ball, having loafed enough among hostile blocks, returns to the home platform time and again.

Asteroids – everlasting cosmic confrontation between the few and the many. A small interstellar reconnaissance spaceship not only gets in a thick ring of asteroids, but also faces aggressively inclined inhabitants there. Will the brave terrestrials survive? Everything depends only on dexterity and attention.

Rushman – a harmless furry animal headed for narrow streets of the native town to get some refreshments. Anyone can hurt the little dude, and even cook him for dinner. But eating a jinxed fruit turns out hero into a terrible fanged animal that no one can confront. Roarrr!

A descendant of Scandinavian knights, giant moles of antiquity and the Yeti, Digger goes underground. He is quick as a lightning, a portable annihilator is installed in his helmet, and his hands just cannot help reaching for diamonds. Snatch quickly, or else it'll run away.

Adventure-lover and enthusiast for others' gold, Gold Hunter enters a secret multi-level depository of the planet's gold reserve. On the brave dodger's belt, the BFT-5000 hangs, that can burn right through the floor, and the entire Earth security service is on his trail. Will the hero be able to get out of the trap into which he drove himself? Time and Security Commander's monitors will show.

Ten years ago, despite grave forecasts of analysts and science fiction writers, humanity managed to repulse the attack of the alien race called Galaxy Invaders by convention. The invaders' advance-guard was defeated, but it also became clear that the victory was just a warm-up before a real battle. The Supreme Parliament of the Earth made a decision to deliver a preventive blow on the aliens' home planet. For ten years, the terrestrials' fighters raced in the depths of space and finally reached the first outposts of the invaders.

Real Tanx. Unexampled frosts that befell the continent halted the enemy infantry's advance, but armored divisions of the still unidentified enemy smashed the national defense on all fronts and entered cities. Appearance of invaders strangely coincided with different natural anomalies outside the reach of logical explanation. On the other hand, the captain of the surviving tank brigade of the city defenders understands that only a miracle can save the staff. So he accepts the rules of the game.

Riverside Assault. General of Peacemaking Forces located in valley of the Congo River is sick and tired of accounting to the capital for Red Cross helicopters and entire provisions trucks constantly disappearing in the area. The Commander of a squadron of modern fighters is ordered to detect and neutralize the elusive enemy. The mission is complicated by the complex relief and interruptions in fuel supply.

Game features:

* eight different games in one collection;
* high-quality animation and graphics;
* different game modes;
* a lot of bonuses, types of enemies and unexpected surprises in all the games;
* a hall of fame and records where your name will probably be listed soon;

Arcade Park costs 9.95 US Dollars. The game runs on Windows Mobile , Palm and Symbian mobile devices.   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, April 25 2006 by ChrisD
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PaperAgenda upgraded to v.1.1

PaperAgenda v1.1

Today is available a new version of PaperAgenda, the software that gives you the opportunity to use your PDA as if it were a papery notebook.    (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, April 24 2006 by ChrisD
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BoxWave is pleased to announce Desktop Cradle for Fujitsu Pocket LOOX N500 | N520!

Desktop Cradle is a USB cradle that is specifically designed for your Fujitsu Pocket LOOX N500 | N520. It's everything you need to synchorinize and charge your Fujitsu Pocket LOOX N500 | N520 to your computer and supports Hi-Speed USB 2.0 data transfers.

Desktop Cradle also includes an A/C adapter cable for quicker charging time! It's absolutely perfect for home, office, or frequent secondary locations.

Check it out here:

Fujitsu Pocket LOOX N500   Fujitsu Pocket LOOX N520   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, April 24 2006 by ChrisD
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