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Week of March 23, 2008

WinMobile Download Accelerator v.2 (wmDA v.2)

Adisasta, solution provider for mobile people, announced the release of WinMobile Download Accelerator v.2 (wmDA v.2) for Windows Mobile Classic/Professional. wmDA v.2 is a download manager that enhances mobile userís file downloading experience by providing functionalities to manage, schedule and speed up file downloading from http, https and ftp servers.

wmDA v.2 uses multi-server multiple-threading asynchronous transportation technique to speed up file downloading. The download speed can be increased even further by assigning simultaneous downloading from several mirrors. Any broken download on error or connection failure can be easily resumed using comprehensive error recovery and resume capability of wmDA v.2. Its robust features include support for proxy server settings; ftp and http, https protocols; server authorization; connections settings; traffics management; scheduler; downloaded file integrity check and many more.

wmDA v.2 inbuilt powerful scheduler and smart management allows user to start and stop downloading files at any predetermined time. It can also be set to wake up your mobile device on scheduled download event.  User can easily organize downloads by their type, placing them in predefined folder of selected group.  Downloaded files can be easily sorted and filtered.

wmDA v.2 stylist design with tabbed graphic user interface makes wmDA v.2 a very user friendly application.
There's very little that this program can't do when it comes to downloading, wmDA v.2 is a worthy addition to mobile userís software arsenal.
Pricing and Availability

wmDA v.2 is commercially available to OEMs and end user.
wmDA v.2 is available in English language. It is compatible with Windows Mobile Classic/Professional 5.0 or later. All Windows Mobile screen resolutions are supported. A free, 14-day trial can be downloaded, or WinMobile Download Accelerator can be purchased for US$25, from www.adisasta.com. Registered users of the previous version of WinMobile Download Accelerator can get the new version for free. (Source: Press release)

Posted Friday, March 28 2008 by ChrisD
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Astraware releases Hexic(R) and Mozaki(TM) for Windows Mobile(R)

Astraware(R) is excited to announce the release of two new games for Windows Mobile(R) based on popular MSN Games titles. Both Hexic(R) and Mozaki(TM) have been developed by Astraware for Microsoft's Carbonated Games studio.

Hexic is a fantastic twist on the match-three genre by famed Tetris designer, Alexey Pajitnov. Hexic is deceptively simple to begin with - just rotate any trio of hexes in order to form a cluster of three or more same-color pieces - but a real brain-boggling challenge to master. Featuring Marathon, Timed, and Survival game modes, players are sure to enjoy many hours turning hexes into stars, stars into pearls, and pearls into victory!

Mozaki is a classic brain-teasing strategy puzzler, also by Alexey Pajitnov. Players grab a piece from the stack and place it on the board, connect pieces of the same color to make an unbroken line from the colored edge to the centre of the screen, and connect the required number of lines and win the level. Marathon Mode is deceptively simple, but more colours and mismatched blocks increase the difficulty. Players who prefer to play against the clock can check out Timed Mode for an extra challenge.

"It is exciting to work with Microsoft on these well known titles from MSN Games, and we're pleased to be the online distributor and to bring them to our Windows Mobile customers!" said Howard Tomlinson, Director of Game Development, Astraware.

"It's our goal to give video gamers the flexibility to take their favorite games with them on any handheld or phone," said Alfredo Patron, Director of Microsoft's Mobile Communications Business in Europe. "We're excited to extend these two popular games to our broad customer base which relies on our 140+ phone designs."

Hexic and Mozaki are available for Windows Mobile(R) and are priced at $9.95 each. Both games are optimised for play with 5-way or stylus. For more information, to download a trial, or to buy, visit the Astraware website: http://www.astraware.com.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, March 27 2008 by ChrisD
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ASUS P527 Review

For the last couple of years, the US carriers have put on a good show for PDA phone power users with selections of Windows Mobile, Palm, BlackBerry and Apple smartphones. Although each US carrier has something to offer in the Windows Mobile Professional (Pocket PC phone with touch screen) camp, the devices are very similar in form factor. Namely the AT&T Tilt, the T-Mobile Wing, the HTC Mogul from Sprint and the Verizon VX6800, all have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, relatively bulky body and a 2.8Ē display. They look similar for a good reason: they are all designed and manufactured by HTC. Mobile users who crave variety look to unlocked GSM PDA phones such as the E-TEN Glofiish line. With the launch of the P527, ASUS has officially entered the North America market for unlocked smartphones (weíll use that term to describe both touch screen and non-touch screen devices), and it offers up a different form factor from the US mainstream.   (Source: Tong Zhang, Mobile Tech Review)
Posted Thursday, March 27 2008 by ChrisD
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