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Week of January 23, 2005

The VGA mode Pocket Painter V2.10 released !!

Pocket PainterPocket Painter is a high efficient and high quality image processing and painting tool for Pocket PC. With AIDEM's Pocket Painter, you can modify photos and images, apply filter and special effects on them, free style painting, and much more. Due to more and more high level Pocket PCs, such as ASUS A730, HP iPAQ hx4700, and Toshiba e830…, support VGA mode display, AIDEM decided to enhance the feature of VGA mode display.

Now users could use Pocket Painter to view and edit their photos in VGA mode with these devices.

New features of Pocket Painter V2.10

1. Support Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 SE
2. Support both landscape and portrait mode display
3. Support VGA mode display
4. Support brand new open file dialog, which could let you open image files at any folder (even in the storage card) more easily. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, January 28 2005 by ChrisD
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Airscanner Reports Possible Pocket IE Attack Overview

There are several weaknesses in Pocket IE that can be used to trick end users into submitting local and/or sensitive data, such as usernames and passwords. The potential for exploiting these vulnerabilities are restricted only by an attacker’s imagination. However, Pocket IE is not as powerful as its big brother, and as such, an attacker is limited in what techniques she can use to launch the attack. For example, Pocket IE has no support for the IFrame tag, which is extremely useful in XSS and browser-based attacks. In addition, Pocket IE does not support every JavaScript command commonly used by attackers. The final example presented below is an attempt to combine these individual flaws into one attack and is only meant to serve as a proof of concept.
Flaw 1: Unicode URL Obsfucation
Flaw 3: <div> Tag XSS
Flaw 2: Local File Access
This has been reported to Microsoft (Source: Seth Fogie, AirScanner)

Posted Wednesday, January 26 2005 by ChrisD
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DDH Software Announces the Release of HanDBase Online Runtime Builder for Windows Desktops

Simple-to-use mobile application builder now adds desktop option, enabling developers to easily build custom applications for Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and Windows Desktops

DDH Software, developers of the award-winning HanDBase relational database program for mobile devices, has just released HanDBase Online Runtime Builder. The new database development tool enables users to create freestanding Windows Desktop PC companions for handheld runtime solutions.

For nearly three years, DDH Software has been selling its runtime builder solution for Palm OS devices. Early last year, the company added support for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC applications as well. With the HanDBase Runtime Builder, thousands of customers have discovered how easy it is to design freestanding relational database runtime applications. Without having to learn any programming languages, users can create stand-alone applications based on the HanDBase databases they design.

"We've watched with excitement as users have created a myriad of stand-alone applications with the HanDBase runtime designer,” said David Haupert, president of DDH Software, Inc. “Some have created a product that they now sell to their customers, while others have used it to distribute a unique branded database application to their employees and students.”

Giving users a turnkey custom-branded solution is a high priority for many of DDH Software’s clients, and now they are able to create database solutions for both major handheld platforms—complete with a desktop companion for making changes to data on the desktop.

The desktop companion offers full support for editing databases, filtering, searching, and browsing, as well as flexible features for importing and exporting data to other file formats. Additionally, customers can interface with DDH Software's many flexible synchronization conduits to provide bi-directional data synchronization between handheld and desktop, and a myriad of desktop database management systems. These additional conduits are available in individual and unlimited licensing arrangements and are sold separately.
The online Runtime Builder site was designed to be fast and easy to use, and many applications can be developed in minutes. Customers interested in trying the solution before purchasing can go online and build a one-day evaluation version of any application with all features available to them.

Licensing for either the Windows Mobile or Palm OS version of HanDBase Online Runtime Builder is US$599.99, which includes unlimited, royalty-free distribution of applications created using the program. Windows Desktop solutions can be created for an additional US $299.00. For those who aim to create application suites to run on Windows desktops and Palm OS and Windows Mobile handheld platforms, the cost is US$999 when purchased at the same time. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, January 26 2005 by ChrisD
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CETUNER 2005 Create your own Pocket PC themes!

CETuner 2005CETuner 2005 features:
Use preset Pocket PC themes and create new ones
Install new fonts to Pocket PC quickly and easily
Support hi-resolution and lanscape mode
Protect your eyes by choosing big fonts and smooth colors
Extended battery life by choosing special colors to low down screen power consumption
More info:

If you are already CETuner customer you can update your software version free of charge. To update your CETuner version please go here:

Posted Wednesday, January 26 2005 by ChrisD
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Smart Box Design Launches a Windows Mobile Version of WordPop!, an Acclaimed Word Game for Handheld Devices

Smart Box Design announces it has launched a version of WordPop!, its challenging word creation game, for Windows Mobile devices. The Windows Mobile version features audio and visual effects designed to take advantage of the high-resolution screens and audio capabilities of the latest devices based on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 2003 platform, such as the Dell Axim, HP iPAQ and Toshiba e-series devices. The company has simultaneously upgraded the Palm OS version with new sound effects and additional words. (Source: Press Release)
Posted Tuesday, January 25 2005 by ChrisD
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IsoSpace Releases a Mobile Version of Its Collaboration Suite

IsoSpace, a provider of Internet-based communications systems, has released a version of its collaboration software for Web-enabled Pocket PCs. Named IsoConnect, the software complements the standard version of IsoSpace by providing a simple way to participate in IsoSpace meetings wirelessly.

Like the standard version of IsoSpace, the portable version is entirely web-based. Mobile executives, salespeople, and service personnel can enter IsoSpace virtual meeting rooms, receive streaming video, communicate through 2-way Voice over IP, and email documents stored in the room.

Back at the office, these same users can use Microsoft Internet Explorer to benefit from the full IsoSpace 4.7 feature set which includes low-bandwidth video conferencing, voice over IP (VoIP), permanent and secure file storage, desktop and application sharing, whiteboarding, document markup, chat, IM, email, task management, polling, and threaded discussions. Users can access IsoConnect features on any device with the Windows 2003 Pocket PC Operating System, version 6 or above of the Flash browser plug-in, and support for ActiveX. Some hardware suppliers include HP (IPaQ), Motorola, and NTT DoCoMo. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, January 24 2005 by ChrisD
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On2 Technologies Announces Ports To Pocket PC and MS Smartphone

On2 Technologies, Inc., The Duck Corporation, today announced that it has ported its VP6.2 video decoder software and Truecast Player to Windows mobile-based Pocket PC and Smartphone devices.

The company said its ability of showing high-quality video at very low data rates well under 100 kbps on these mobile devices is critical to pursuing the handheld PC and cellphone markets. The company also said that it has begun demonstrating VP6.2 on these devices to both existing and potential customers.

"The newer VPx codecs, which now include VP7, will allow commercially viable video to play on devices that have extremely inexpensive processors, limited memory and battery capacity," said Eric Ameres, On2's Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. "Using On2's technology, programming can be moved to these platforms at a quality level that we believe makes them good targets for the content industry," he added. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, January 24 2005 by ChrisD
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PhatWare Announces Upgrades to PhatPad - Award-Winning Notes Organizing Software for Windows Mobile PDAs

PhatPad 2.1 Offers Several New Features Including Animation Mode; Vertical and Horizontal Auto Scrolling; and Improved Overall Functionality

PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces the upgrade to its award-winning notes organizer for Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs, Tablet and Desktop PCs. The application turns any Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC or Tablet PC into the ultimate notepad. The user can draw pictures, jot text notes, or combine text, drawings and pictures to increase their personal and professional productivity.

PhatPad 2.1 features the Animation Mode that allows users to open handwritten notes and pictures as an animation clip. The program will automatically “flip” through pages of notes at a specified speed, providing the user with a quick preview of the “live” notes. For example, a user can draw a map of street directions, adding new streets on each page of notes and have the ability to view them in animation for quick reference.

“The new version of PhatPad brings greater functionality to an already award-winning product,” said Stan Miasnikov, president of PhatWare Corporation. “The new Animation Mode gives users the convenience to quickly preview their notes, bringing increased efficiency to notes organizing.”

Additional features of PhatPad 2.1 include improved shape recognition that now supports arrows; customizable vertical and horizontal auto scrolling; a new command to duplicate a note’s pages; and the ability to scroll the page with the stylus.

“PhatPad 2.1 exemplifies PhatWare’s continuing commitment to deliver a very unique and compelling productivity application to users of Windows Mobile-based devices,” said Julie Wymetalek, manager of the Mobility Partner Advisory Council at Microsoft Corp. “New features, such as Animation Mode, demonstrate the power of Windows Mobile and its ability to provide a great platform that industry partners can continue to build upon.”

PhatPad can be used with CalliGrapher and/or PenOffice to convert handwritten notes to the digital text. CalliGrapher and PenOffice handwriting recognition products are sold separately but are also available as PhatPad software bundles at a discounted rate.

PhatPad 2.1 is priced at $29.95 and is available for purchase on PhatWare’s Web site, www.phatware.com, and from PhatWare’s authorized resellers. A free upgrade is offered to registered users of PhatPad 2.0. Registered users of older versions of PhatPad can purchase the product for $14.95.

Posted Monday, January 24 2005 by ChrisD
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Announcing Lyrics Magic - See Lyrics While Playing MP3s!

Lyrics MagicLyrics Magic is the first MP3 player for Pocket PC which can show lyrics simultaneously.
It also supports Rmp, Mp2, Mpa, Ogg, Wav, Playlist(M3u, Pls) file. What You only need to do is to put the same-name lyrics files(Lrc) into the same folder of music files and to enjoy it.


1. Support Mp3, Rmp, Mp2, Ogg, Wav format
2. Support Showing lyrics (5 modes) when playing music
3. Support ID3 v1/v1.1
4. Support Pls/M3u playlist
5. Support Skins
6. 10 bands equalizer (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, January 24 2005 by ChrisD
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Project Clock Version 7 Released

Project Clock has several different versions to accommodate the needs of various customer types. Project Clock comes in Standard, Pro, Client/Server, and Web versions. The Standard, Pro and Client/Server versions have a simple intuitive graphical interface. While the Pro version can be used with multiple users over a network, the Client/Server version is better suited for large numbers of users. Both the Client/Server and Web versions can be used with multiple users accessing project time data over the company intranet or even the Internet. Project Clock Web allows time entry using any web browser on virtually any operating system, not just Windows. Project Clock Palm runs on hand-held computers running PalmOS. Project Clock for Pocket PC runs on hand-held computers running Windows CE.

Project Clock runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP. System requirements: Pentium, 32 MB RAM and 20 Mb hard disk space. Project Clock Web requires a web server that can serve Windows executable CGI scripts.

Project Clock Standard and Web cost $35 (US) for a single-user license, Project Clock Pro costs $55 (US) for a single-user license, Project Clock C/S costs $75 (US) for a single license. Multi-user and site licenses are available.

Time-limited trial versions can be obtained free of charge from http://cyber-matrix.com (Source: Press Release)
Posted Sunday, January 23 2005 by ChrisD
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Coming soon! "Mars" on your Pocket PC.

MarsBallshooter's new and cosmic game is due for release on Pocket PC. People saw the Titan pictures from Huygens. We at Ballshooter Games don't have images from Mars but you'll see OUR pictures from this red planet on your Pocket PC soon.

Your aim is going to be to grab colorful cosmic puzzle pieces and place them together. The more you fill up, the more Mars world you'll see.

Beta-testers are welcome. Let us know If you want to be notified when the demo version of "Mars" is available. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, January 23 2005 by ChrisD
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