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Week of August 22, 2004

Beta Windows Mobile Firewall Released

"Airscanner Corp. today announced the public beta release of their personal firewall for Windows Mobile 2003/Pocket PC. Airscanner Mobile Firewall is a full-strength, fully configurable, NDIS packet-filtering TCP/IP firewall. It is the first personal firewall made specifically for the Widows Mobile PDA end-user.

Download Airscanner Mobile Firewall 1.0 beta here:

View the User's Manual here:

Airscanner Corp. has also published a series of articles showing how to detect, remove, and reverse engineer embedded viruses and Trojans on Windows Mobile. Using step-by-step instructions, we show you exactly how to dissect CE.Dust, the first Windows CE Virus, and Brador, the First Windows CE Trojan. This series of articles will appear on a weekly basis starting in a few weeks. Stay tuned to Airscanner.com for details.

View the complete press release here:
http://www.airscanner.com/pr/fwBeta0830.html" (Source: Press Release)

Posted Saturday, August 28 2004 by ChrisD
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Adesso Systems' Mobile Solutions Provide Organizations with Real-time Visibility to the Edge of Business

"Adesso Systems, Inc., the leading provider of always available mobile enterprise software and services, reported today that organizations across a broad range of industries are deploying Adesso-based solutions to provide real-time information to their mobile and field workers in order to increase efficiencies, improve customer relations, and develop a competitive advantage. With Adesso, organizations in the life sciences, chemical, and government markets have successfully mobilized complex and critical processes that take place on the edge of their business. Adesso helps companies mobilize the delivery of corporate data and strategic business process information to mobile workers while simultaneously providing corporate managers with real-time visibility into business activity at the edge of their operations. This enables organizations to better serve their customers and improve performance.

Today's organizations face changing regulations and compliance requirements, which often engulf complex business processes, especially for those companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device and government markets. The vast majority of the plug and play mobile applications currently available do not provide the functionality, configurability and security required by these markets. Adesso Systems can effectively handle these complex application requirements through its unique platform architecture and ability to provision application, information and security changes to and from mobile workers on multiple devices (laptops, desk tops, Pocket PCs and Tablet PCs).

Abbott Laboratories (ABT) Ross Products Division is a leader in providing trusted pediatric nutritionals, adult nutritionals and related health care products that advance people's quality of life. Ross's 500 employees leverage the Adesso platform as part of their field sales and marketing business processes in order to eliminate paperwork and enable instant data capture and reporting from their sales team while at customer sites. By outfitting the sales force with Pocket PC devices and providing them with an Adesso-based distributed business application with sophisticated synchronization capabilities, Ross senior managers were able to gain increased visibility to their field operations and make real-time adjustments for improved sales and marketing results. Already the company has seen a significant return on its investment by improving sample tracking and sample efficiency by 30 percent through coordinating marketing promotion for maximum effectiveness.

"Forward-thinking enterprises are staking revenue, profitability, and client satisfaction goals on their field service operations and are leveraging technology solutions to reach these objectives," said Mark Vigoroso, vice president of post sales service research at Aberdeen Group. "Mobile technology is a key component of many optimization initiatives and customers are reporting higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention from the use of mobilizing business processes for their field workers."

"Our customers understand that a majority of their business is being conducted in the field away from corporate headquarters. They need new applications that can handle complex business processes and provide them with real-time visibility in field operations - whether it is for sales, product maintenance/repair or product inspection/safety," said Dennis Kelly, CEO of Adesso Systems. "At Adesso we have addressed this challenge for our customers especially for those in the life sciences, government and chemical markets. Our next generation platform, to be launched at the DEMOmobile conference next month, will provide customers with additional tools and frameworks to improve performance and reduce costs."

Adesso Systems is recognized as providing the first end-to-end, "no-code" software solution delivering configurable, distributed, business process frameworks for implementation in areas such as Field Service, Field Sales, Field Compliance and Data Collection and more. This allows distributed intelligence to be deployed at, or as near as possible to, the field worker in order to facilitate real-time information utility. "  (Source: Press Release, BusinessWire)

Posted Thursday, August 26 2004 by ChrisD
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LandWare Releases the Leonard Maltin 2005 Movie Guide forWindows Mobileô Pocket PC and Palm Powered Handhelds & Smartphones

"LandWare, a pioneering handheld and smartphone software developer announced today the immediate availability of Leonard Maltinís 2005 Movie Guide for Pocket PC and Palm OS handhelds and smartphones.
The leading authority on American film is back with the latest edition of bestselling movie and video guide. Leonard Maltinís Movie Guide includes extensive details for over 20,000 films, "top lists" as voted by over 100,000 regular film goers, complete tools for tracking the films you watch, rent, & own and an online calendar that keeps you abreast of DVD release dates, new releases in theatres, and film festivals.
The application's rich feature set easily secures its title as the most comprehensive movie guide for handhelds and smartphones alike.
The critics also agree with Laptop Magazine awarding the application its prestigious Editorís Choice award and Palmtop User Magazine calling it "...an immensely impressive package at a remarkably good price, and gets our highest possible recommendation." Roger Ebert "recommends Leonard Maltin's Guide, which has become standard" and the New York Times considers it "Head and shoulders above the rest."
Key Features
∑ Complete details and capsule reviews for over 20,000 films
∑ Includes over 300 new films
∑ Free updates during the year that encapsulate new film releases
∑ More than 7,200 DVD, 7,000 Laserdisc and 14,000 Videocassette entries
∑ Top lists of popular movies as voted by over 100,000 regular movie-goers
∑ Easy-to-read symbols detailing MPAA rating, Widescreen formats awards, etc.
∑ Filmographies for over 35,000 Actors, Actresses and Directors
∑ Complete film library, rental and buying list management
∑ Online event calendar keeps you in touch with DVD releases, Film premieres and festivals
∑ Full support for removable expansion card media
∑ Sophisticated compression uses a third of the memory required by other guides
Pricing and Availability
Leonard Maltinís 2005 Movie Guide for Pocket PC and Palm OS is available now and can be downloaded at www.landware.com/movieguide. The suggested retail price is $19.95. A CD-ROM will be available in September. Registered owners of the 2004 Guide can upgrade for $8.00." (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, August 24 2004 by ChrisD
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How to work without an office

"What would your organisation do if your building was suddenly "unavailable"? Whether it had blown up, burned down or was just temporarily off limits - how would your staff left standing on the footpath keep the business going?

Since the events of September 11, 2001, many organisations worldwide have begun implementing strategies to enable them to continue to operate effectively in the event of an emergency situation, says virtual team consultant Margaret Aspin.

Virtual team consultant Margaret Aspin demonstrates how she can work out of the office with her mobile phone and Pocket PC. Photo: Nicole Emanuel

Virtual team consultant Margaret Aspin demonstrates how she can work out of the office with her mobile phone and Pocket PC. Photo: Nicole Emanuel" (Source: Adam Turner, Sydney Morning Herald)

Posted Tuesday, August 24 2004 by ChrisD
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SYSPRO Scores Double Win at START Magazine/Microsoft Technology and Business Awards

"     SYSPRO customer, Performance Machine, was named winner in the Automotive category, and commensurately, SYSPRO was recognized as the supplier of the technology which has enabled the La Palma, Calif.-based manufacturer of motorcycle brake components and wheels in the United States to create efficient purchasing and production schedules, optimize stock holdings, identify capacity constraints, manage the performance of the shop floor, sustain true inventory levels, speed order turnaround and enhance customer service.

    In addition to SYSPRO ERP, Performance Machine is utilizing SYSPRO e.net solutions to automate processes once done manually.  For example, via a system developed around SYSPRO e.net solutions, Performance uses hand-held pocket PCs with integrated built-in scanners to track inventory from the time raw materials are received through every phase of the manufacturing process.  The pocket PCs utilize SYSPRO transaction components to process data to the SYSPRO ERP system in real-time.  As a result, management is always presented with an up-to-date record of inventory and work-in-progress.  SYSPRO e.net solutions, based on Microsoft .NET architecture, has also enabled Performance Machine to effectively develop others applications around the highly functional core SYSPRO ERP system, such as the ability to print factory documentation on any printer at warehouse or company locations through an IP address." (Source: Press Release, PRNewswire)

Posted Tuesday, August 24 2004 by ChrisD
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TechTerra and PortNexus Launch PocketPorts and TerraCall for the PocketPC

"TechTerra Communications, Inc., a leading VoIP service provider, and PortNexus LLC, a leading innovator in mobile and integrated wireless technology solutions, today announced the availability of PocketPorts products and TerraCall VoIP services for the PocketPC. The PocketPorts products are unique, pre-configured and pre-provisioned utility and productivity software solutions. The TerraCall VoIP services are available integrated with PocketPorts or as a stand alone service.

PortNexus' PocketPorts converts a PocketPC PDA or Phone Edition into a powerful productivity enhancer bringing meaningful and easy to use business tools and applications to the mobile professional. Through the use of SmartMenu,(TM) PocketPorts matches the software applications of choice to intuitive symbols (icons), which when combined with voice activation simplifies navigation of the Mobile device while increasing the software's usability and the user's productivity. In most cases, the need for a user manual will be completely eliminated.

TechTerra's VoIP softphone and services have been integrated into PocketPorts to provide communication between IP devices and to the public switched network. With TechTerra's SIP based network, Mobility devices outfitted with TerraCall will enable users to talk with each other within a wireless broadband environment and make calls to landline and cellular phones. When asked about the vision of VoIP and the pre-provisioning of the PDA, Steve Jones, CEO of PortNexus, said "PocketPorts solutions allow mobility users to globally use VoIP while having the power of a PC and all its productivity tools all rolled up into a compact powerful device". TerraCall's VoIP services use award winning softphones from Xten Networks, Inc. (OTCBB:XNWK).

Customers with qualified HW devices will be receiving a free softphone and complimentary services with the purchase of PocketPorts. The PocketPorts online store makes it easy to purchase the Pocket PC software applications and TerraCall's softphone and services pre-configured and pre-provisioned with all necessary account information. The store may be found at www.pocketports.com. " (Source: Press Release, Business Wire)

Posted Monday, August 23 2004 by ChrisD
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CompUSA already selling HPís h6315 Pocket PC Phone

"We know that HP has been taking pre-orders on this for a few days now and that the official release date supposedly wasnít until September 9th, but if youíre dying to get your hands on HPís new iPAQ h6315 Pocket PC Phone (the one with WiFi and Bluetooth and a digital camera) get your ass over to CompUSA. Apparently theyíve already started selling them. At least in a few stores that is, your mileage may vary, as they say. T-Mobile is the only carrier offering the phone right now, not sure if that will change or how hard it might be to unlock this thing or find an unlocked version for sale (but you better let us know if you find out anything about this)." (Source: Peter, Rojas, Engadget)
Posted Monday, August 23 2004 by ChrisD
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Charge capture software can speed up reimbursement and eliminate lost charges

"August 17, 2004 - One of the most common causes for inaccurate or lost billing is that physicians find it difficult to record all patient encounters at the end of the day, especially when they visit hospitals or other clinics. It may seem simple that physicians bill for each of the services they provide. Yet practices lose thousands of $$ yearly as a result of missed charges without realizing it. According to an estimate, physicians forget to record up to 20% of patient encounters, meaning they don't get paid for them. Physicians can reduce lost charges, denied claims, and time-to-billing rates by using automated charge capture mechanism at the point of care.

The billing cycle can be managed smoothly with OmniMD charge capture software, which allows charge capture and creation of electronic Superbills right at the point of care. Using a Pocket PC, physicians can record charges on the fly, create electronic Superbills and then export the data directly into their practice's billing software. Physicians will also be able to send electronic Superbills directly to their billing service provider, instead of sending paper-based Superbill. This ensures greater accuracy, avoidance of missed charges and quicker initiation of the billing process. " (Source: Press Release)
Posted Monday, August 23 2004 by ChrisD
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