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Week of February 21, 2010

AT&T Roars Back in PCWorld’s Second 3G Wireless Performance Test

After generating disappointing results in our tests last spring, AT&T’s 3G network is now the top performer in our 13-city tests, with download speeds 67 percent faster than its competitors'.

In the past year, Sprint and Verizon--like AT&T--have seen a marked increase in the number of 3G smartphones that rely on their networks. Our speed results suggest that Sprint is upgrading its network capacity fast enough to meet the demand, while Verizon may be having trouble keeping up. Nevertheless, both networks’ reliability (the likelihood that a user can connect to the Internet at a reasonable speed) improved in the most recent tests over how they fared last spring.

We tested the T-Mobile 3G network for the first time in December and January, and found that it supported download and upload speeds that were competitive with Sprint’s and Verizon’s in most of our test cities. In one city--New York--T-Mobile’s network even delivered download speeds that are usually associated with 4G networks.  (Source: Mark Sullivan, PCWorld)

Posted Thursday, February 25 2010 by ChrisD
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Alaska Airlines to offer Wi-Fi on all aircraft

Carrier to charge $4.95 and up, based on length of flight and device used

ska Airlines, a unit of Alaska Air Group Inc., said Wednesday it will join other airlines and offer Wi-Fi service on its flights.

The carrier said it will offer Aircell's Gogo service on all its aircraft. That is the same technology used by several other airlines. (Source: CNN)
Posted Wednesday, February 24 2010 by ChrisD
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