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Week of November 21, 2004

Proporta Media Release for the Bluetooth Freedom Keyboard

"After seven years and with over 400 PDA accessories in its lineup, Proporta has underlined its role as a PDA Solutions Provider (and not ‘just another case maker’) with the release of the new Bluetooth Freedom Keyboard – which allows the user to type onto a mobile device without removing it from its case (ideal for use with the Proporta Crystal Case).

Director, Guy Monson, explained: “After releasing a number of Aluminium Cases, Aluminium-Lined Leather Cases and Crystal ‘clear’ Cases for the new PDA’s and Smartphones, and unveiling the rewritten TomeRaider 3 e-reference viewer (www.tomeraider.com), we decided the Proporta lineup needed a decent Bluetooth keyboard.  We’ve been evaluating various models for some time and we feel that the Freedom Keyboard is in a different league – in terms of its usability, compatibility and price.  The coming months will see us choosing the best of the best products from around the world to add to our updated e-commerce site at www.proporta.com.”

As part of its commitment to an increased variety of products on its huge online store, Proporta has also recently added the popular PayPal option to its site along with the option to pay by bank transfer at no cost.  Details are on the checkout pages of the Proporta site.

After testing countless PDA and Smartphone keyboards, this is by far the most functional and easy to use version, offering unparalleled value for money.  Priced at just $119.95 or £69.95/€99.89 (inc. VAT) the Bluetooth Freedom Keyboard offers the convenience of a full QWERTY keyboard (with AZERTY and other European language versions also available) whilst remaining lightweight, tough and compact.  Proporta is all about protection so it will come as no surprise that they ship this keyboard with its own protective case.

Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices, the Bluetooth Freedom Keyboard comes with drivers for all leading PDA’s and Smartphones including Pocket PC, PalmOS and Symbian.  Proporta is promising to make more drivers available as they are requested.

Unlike rival keyboards, the Bluetooth Freedom Keyboard features number keys along with function keys which offer keyboard-controlled navigation through applications on the mobile device without the need to touch the screen.  These features position the Bluetooth Freedom Keyboard far closer than its competitors to the benchmark set by the full-sized keyboard." (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, November 26 2004 by ChrisD
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The Mobile Data Association's 10th Anniversary

MDA Best hardware product

Best product of the decade (hardware)
This award will be given to the most innovative product that has made the most significant difference to the Mobile Data industry over the last 10 years.

Winner: Winner Microsoft Pocket PC

Windows Mobile based Pocket PC platform: first launched in April 2000, Pocket PC has risen from a starting point of under 10% market share to over 50% in Western Europe, in the space of 4 years. The product is now synonymous with mobile computing and has revolutionised what we think of when it comes to a PDA. (Source: Mobile Data Association)

Posted Wednesday, November 24 2004 by ChrisD
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CommonTime, makers of mNotes, the award-winning mobile/wireless Notes messaging solution, announces the release of mSuiteTM 3.6, a solution which extends its current Domino®-centric offering to device management, over-the-air security and on-device security. For use of PalmOS, Windows Mobile, SymbianOS devices with corporate servers and/or desktops.


mSuite 3.6TM now incorporates :

CommonTime provides enterprise software specifically for the Notes/Domino®-enabled enterprise, and today announced that it will ship the most complete, integrated mobility solution across broader platforms with broader functionality. All new products run over a common architecture which ensures a smooth upgrade from mNotesTM (mobile Lotus Notes® messaging) to a complete security and management suite. Backed by quality pilot and deployment support resources, Domino/Notes®  based enterprises, from SMBs to Fortune 500, can securely and reliably, deploy, scale and manage Lotus Notes® messaging, line-of-business applications and devices using best-of-breed solutions.


“With mSuite TM 3.6, enterprises can now fulfill a total mobility strategy, without having to deal with multiple vendors but instead, utilizing just one solutions partner who specializes in developing for the Domino® environment from the ground up.”, says Nigel Mackrill CEO, “Our award-winning mNotesTM solution has long been known in Notes/Domino® circles as the only game in town for porting an experience, that’s closest to using Notes messaging on your desktop, onto PDAs and Smartphones. mSuiteTM  follows this philosophy and has already been bestowed with a People’s Choice Award. mSuiteTM will include industry-recognised AES security, and protect against handheld device data theft, identity theft, fraudulent email attacks, secure wireless data transfer  ,remote management of devices, their content and other valuable corporate assets. This boosts productivity, reduces cost of ownership and increases total benefit of solution and device ownership.”


mSuiteTM is the only total mobility solution dedicated solely to enterprises running Notes/Domino technology.  mSuiteTM  is the family name for five solution components that may be purchased separately or together:-


mNotes – the only mobile and ‘wireless push’ messaging solution dedicated to Lotus Notes/Domino®.


mForms - a rapid mobile application development tool that enables the construction of new or conversion of existing business applications for use with PDAs

mSecureOTA - provides true end-to-end security ‘over-the-air’ between wireless mobile devices and the corporate network.


mSecurePDA – mSecure PDA provides multi-layered physical security for the data and contents of mobile devices


mControl - the real solution to centrally controlling and managing mobile devices and software applications in the enterprise


Pricing & Availability


CommonTime is currently offering free software trials for individuals and managed pilot programs for enterprises. Pricing for client licenses depend upon purchase portfolio, configuration and volume. Designed to maximize business benefit and minimize cost of ownership, there are no server license fees or subscription fees to pay. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, November 24 2004 by ChrisD
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Pocket PC Techs offers Dell Axim X50v Series 64MB to 128MB Upgrade

Pocket PC Techs are pleased to announce that we have developed and released a 64MB to 128MB upgrade for the Dell Axim X50v Series Pocket PC.

This unit uses low voltage hi-speed BGA memory, so stacking is not available and 128MB will be the maximum capacity. During the upgrade process we remove the existing 64MB and install 128MB. This memory upgrade does NOT require our proprietary driver and is fully recognized by the OS (125.74MB Available). The SRP of the upgrade is $199 including 2nd day return shipping (USA only).

As always, this upgrade is not supported by Dell and will void the warranty On the unit. We do offer a 90 day warranty on the upgrade and motherboard of the unit.   Dell Axim X50v Series

European customers will be able to order and ship through our Authorized Upgrade Center, Expansys.com. The mainboards will be upgraded by us. We currently have several shipments per week between Expansys and PocketPCTechs.com.  This will save the customer international customs & shipping fees, and shipping time. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, November 23 2004 by ChrisD
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Pocket Informant 5.61 Released; Active Templates and Smart Macros

Pocket Informant 5.61 has just been released and is now available. This new version expands on the already award-winning feature-set with new innovative features that will make managing your life and business even easier. This release comes quickly on the heals of version 5.5 where the list of improvements was huge! Version 5.6 builds upon Pocket Informant 5.5's improvements such as the new category filter, WAV alarms, Human Day, and so much more with even bigger improvements. Pocket Informant 5.6 brings the new Active Templates and Smart Macros which make text entry and contact entry so much easier than before as well as better PhatNotes support, more task options, and other improvements.

Please note - we had released 5.6 and found an error in our Most Recently Used function that could cause an infinite loop in a very rare and specific circumstance. 5.61 was released later the same morning to fix it.

Pocket Informant is the most widely used third party PIM on the Pocket PC capturing the recent 2004 People¹s Choice Awards and Pocket PC Magazine awards as announced at the CTIA WIRELESS show this week in San Francisco.

Existing users can upgrade to Pocket Informant 5.61 simply by downloading the latest installer from our download site and installing the new version of their existing version. (Source: Press Release)
Posted Tuesday, November 23 2004 by ChrisD
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Bert Keely - SmartPhone and Tablet PC together #

"What about those buttons on the Tablet PC?"
That got Bert Keely to talk about a future input device he helped design that might show up on Tablet PCs. (Bert is one of the visionaries behind the Tablet PC's development).

That led Bert to talk about how the Tablet PC might work with the SmartPhone in the future.

Video length: 00:04:34. (Source: Channel9.msdn.com)
Posted Tuesday, November 23 2004 by ChrisD
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Mario Docker is due for release on Pocket PC.

Mario the Port DockerMario the Port Docker has to unload all the barges coming into port.
Does he have the speed, dexterity and brawns for the job?

* Bright, high-quality graphics;
* A number of bonus bricks;
* A Resume option;
* Numerous intriguing levels (There are only two levels in the beta-version);
* Thrilling gameplay;

Beta-testers are welcome. Download Mario Docker at www.ballshooter.com and let us know about all merits and demerits. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, November 23 2004 by ChrisD
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LingvoSoft offers a great line of new-generation Pocket PC products for travelers and language learners.

LingvoSoft - for friendly linguistic software! We give you more than just dictionaries, LingvoSoft FlashCards and Phrasebooks for Pocket PC are your study aids and travel companions. Now, when abroad and ordering in a restaurant, or registering at a hostel, or not certain of what the sign says - look it up! There are loads of topics to choose from and with Quick Search locating the phrases you need is an easy task. We love to help you speak better, so our phrasebooks offer fantastic voice functions, pronouncing popular phrases for you in real voices of native speakers. Take LingvoSoft FlashCards along on train and bus rides, play the four games and learn new words. Making friends out there will become easier, remember: with an understanding - human bonds become stronger. The time when your Pocket PC was just a fun gadget has long gone, empower your unit to render you serious help in taking on the world, run LingvoSoft software on it! (Source: Press Release)
Posted Tuesday, November 23 2004 by ChrisD
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IT-10 Features Easy to Read, High-Resolution VGA display
and High Capacity Long Life Battery

Casio IT-10 Windows Mobile 2003DOVER, NJ, November 19, 2004 – Casio, Inc., in conjunction with its parent company, Casio Computer Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, announced today the release of the new IT-10 Enterprise PDA. The IT-10 has been engineered to be shock, water and dust resistant, making it ideal for heavy duty use in tough environments. The IT-10 will be available at retail in December, MSRP $999.00.

To provide optimum performance in demanding applications, the IT-10 offers superior portability along with high-speed, high-capacity data processing. The IT-10’s wide range of functions makes it the perfect tool for a variety of tasks such as retail store management, sales force automation, equipment /facilities maintenance management and market research applications.

“Casio, through its years of PDA development experience, has designed the new IT-10 model with the portability, functionality, durability and superior hardware that the business market demands, said Larry Sampey, General Manager of the Systems Products Division". “Casio strongly believes this new model will energize and expand the Enterprise PDA market", he continued.

The IT-10 offers a higher level of performance by offering greater durability, a high resolution VGA display that is both advantageous for web-based application developers as well as allowing easy viewing for users, and a high capacity battery for extended operation time between charges.



Model IT-10M20
OS Microsoft® Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Software for Pocket PC, English version
CPU Intel® PXA270 application processor 416MHz
64MB (user area approx. 20 MB)
Display 3.7-inch transflective TFT color LCD (640 x 480 dot),LED backlight attached, VGA standard
InputKeyboardUp key, Down key, Action key, Cursor keys, Power ON/OFF key, Program keys, Reset switch, Battery lock switch
InterfaceInfraredIrDA1.3 compatible (Maximum: 4Mbps)
Serial Port26pin interface (Support serial RS-232C and USB)
SDIO SlotSupport SDIO, SD, MMC card
CF Slot1 x Type I / II
AudioSpeaker (mono), microphone (mono), headphone jack (stereo)
PowerOperationLithium-ion battery pack (2,300 mAh)
Operating PeriodApprox. 27 hours,* calculation: display = 1 : 10
Memory BackupNiMH battery (rechargeable) on board
Memory Backup PeriodApprox. 30 minutes(Assuming that the NiMH battery is fully charged.))
EnvironmentDrop Durability3.3feet (1.0m)
Operating Temperature32°F up to 104°F (0°C up to +40°C )
Storage Temperature-4°F up to 140°F (-20°C up to +60°C)
Dust/Water-splash proofIP54 standard
Dimensions (grip) Approx. 5.5” (H) x 3.1” (W) x 1.0” (D)
Approx. 140 mm (H) x 80 mm (W) x 25 mm (D)
Weight Approx. 10.2 oz /0.64 lb / 290g

Specifications subject to change without notice. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, November 22 2004 by ChrisD
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