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Week of April 20, 2008

Verizon XV6900 (HTC Touch) Review

The original HTC Touch, released as a GSM phone last June, was one of my favorites and a top seller worldwide. It had incredible good looks, was very small for a PDA phone and it had HTC's then new TouchFLO UI with a screen optimized for a finger rather than a stylus. In November 2007, the Sprint Touch addressed three key issues by incorporating a 2x faster CPU, doubling RAM and adding 3G (in the form of EVDO) for faster Internet access. Verizon Wireless has finally joined the Touch party with their version, simply named the "XV6900". It's identical to the Sprint version in terms of features and specs, but the color is white. The XV6900 loses the usual HTC Touch soft-touch finish, which is a shame, though Verizon told us they had to forego it because the white soft touch finish quickly showed dirt. The mid-gloss white finish looks superb and the typical compact Verizon box matches in white (gone is the fancy black gift box packaging that accompanies the GSM and Sprint models). (Source: Lisa Gade, Mobile Tech Review)
Posted Friday, April 25 2008 by ChrisD
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Mologogo is delighted to announce the latest version of their FREE software for Windows Mobile phones.

Mologogo is a mashup of maps, tracking and social networking. It works best on phones with integrated GPS, but can locate your position using network cell masts in the absence of GPS.

Use Mologogo to:

- See where you are and where you've been
- Share your location with friends
- Keep track of friends, kids, employees, and vehicles
- Share your location with other web apps including Twitter/Yahoo Fire Eagle
- Find your phone if it's lost or stolen
- And whatever else you dream up...

Download direct to your phone at http://wm.mologogo.com or install through ActiveSync at http://wm.mologogo.com/activesync.html  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, April 25 2008 by ChrisD
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SYWARE, Inc. Announces Visual CE 11.0 Beta Program Sneek peek at new features slated for SYWARE's award winning mobile database development tool.

SYWARE, Inc., a leading developer of mobile database development tools for business and personal productivity, today announced an opportunity for developers to get an early look at SYWARE's next major release of their flagship Visual CE product.

Visual CE 11.0 will add support for a variety of new features including handling incoming text messages, XML support, file input/output, and enhanced synchronization options. These are just a few of the many new features available. To see a complete list, visit http://www.syware.com/products/visual_ce_11.php

"We are pleased to be able to continue to serve our developer community by providing the tools they need to build outstanding mobile applications." said Sy Danberg, President, SYWARE, Inc., "We're proud to provide the capabilities requested by our customers while at the same time continuing to ensure 100 percent backward compatibility with existing mobile aplications."

Pricing & Availability

Current licensees can purchase an upgrade to Visual CE 11.0 beta now and will be sent the production release at no additional charge, as soon as it is available. Those who do not yet have a Visual CE license of any type can buy the 11.0 beta now to get started and will also receive the production release at no additional charge, as soon as it is available. Pricing and upgrade instructions are available on the SYWARE website.   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, April 25 2008 by ChrisD
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Announcing iFitOne Diet and Fitness Tracker!

Stay motivated to succeed with your fitness and weight loss goals

iFitOne makes Diet and Fitness tracking simple and fun...
You'll stay motivated to succeed.

Have you failed with previous attempts at losing weight?

Do you lose your motivation along the way?

Want to fit into your skinny jeans again?

Just want to feel better?

Succeeding with your diet and fitness goals is all about staying motivated, following through every day, and sticking to your goals.

iFitOne helps by making it easier than ever to set your daily diet goals, and track your weight, size, eating and exercise. 

Forget the tedious tracking of calories. Focus on the big picture of eating more healthy food, trying to avoid the junk and getting exercise.

iFitOne features friendly reminders help you keep your daily log up to date and stay motivated and focused on your goals to succeed.  Daily status updates automatically save to your calendar.

It's unlike anything you've ever used.

iFitOne fits into your busy life by keeping everything simple.  Quickly setup, customize your goals and get started.  It's so easy to use that you'll enjoy using it and find the journey of getting fit so much more rewarding.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, April 24 2008 by ChrisD
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PhatNotes for Outlook 5.2 released and Pocket dbExplorer 3.1 released

PhatNotes for Outlook 5.2 released

PhatNotes for Outlook 5.2 for Windows Mobile Classic, Standard and Professional edition is now available. This version of PhatNotes features the ability to configure the software's "context analyzer" directly on the mobile device - enabling users to adjust their settings while on-the-go. The Context Analyzer feature allows users to access websites, send emails, make phone calls, or even open files or execute applications just by tapping on words that are recognized as website URLs, email addresses, phone numbers, or a custom command.

PhatNotes for Outlook 5.2 is compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 or later, Windows 2000 or later, and Outlook 2002 or later. It is a free update for users of PhatNotes for Outlook 5.1.

For more information, visit PhatWare's web site at:


Pocket dbExplorer 3.1 released

Pocket dbExplorer 3.1 for Windows Mobile Classic, Standard and Professional is now available. Pocket dbExplorer is a system utility that allows users to manage Windows Mobile system, and application databases that contain vital device information such as system settings, contacts and appointment lists, emails, etc. While applications like Pocket Outlook allow limited access to some information stored in these databases. Only Pocket dbExplorer provides direct access to this information.

Pocket dbExplorer 3.1 is compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 through 6.1 Classic, Standard and Professional Editions. It is a free update for users of Pocket dbExplorer 3.0.

For more information, visit PhatWare's web site at:
http://www.phatware.com/index.php?q=product/details/dbexplorer  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, April 23 2008 by ChrisD
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Audio Notes Touch Completely Redesigned!

New skin in HTC Touch UI colors

April 23rd, 2007 – VITO Technology releases new black skin for Audio Notes Touch with absolutely new finger-friendly interface for audio recording on Windows Mobile. Minor bugs have also been fixed.

There are many users longing for black HTC Touch like skins in new finger-friendly applications at http://iwindowsmobile.com. VITO Technology has received a great amount of letters from our customers asking for a black skin of HTC Touch style. Therefore we decided to meet our users’ demands and make black skin for Audio Notes Touch. Enjoy stylish and blackish design of your favorite application!  

Minor bug connected with the ability to record on storage cards is fixed. When in autorecord mode Audio Notes Touch closes after saving the recording of the phone call.
            Audio Notes Touch is available for $14.95 at http://iwindowsmobile.com/mobile-audio-recorder.html.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, April 23 2008 by ChrisD
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Speereo™ Software UK Joins AT&T Certified Solution Partner Program

Speereo™ Software UK, a British developer of proprietary speech technologies, joins the AT&T Wireless Certified Solution Partner program.

Speereo™ Voice Translator successfully passed AT&T testing process. AT&T Certificate confirms that the program performance and usability meet AT&T standards.

Speereo™ Voice Translator is a unique phrase book for business travelers and active people. Select a phrase in one of eleven provided languages, and Speereo Voice Translator will immediately read back the same phrase in the target language. Voice Translator also offers really useful tools for travelers, including all listings of flights within your region and flights to/from the rest of the world—even the low cost carriers.

The program also includes Weather Forecast, Currency Calculator, World Time, City Events and more…

• Complex solution for business travellers
• Support of Asian languages
• Multiplatform solution for Symbian and PocketPC devices
• Multilanguage interface and documentation for 11 languages

Speereo™  Voice Translator is now included in AT&T Certified Solutions Catalog, a “marketable assurance of quality” as AT&T states. The catalog is located at:

For more information about Speereo™ Software UK please visit the company homepage:  http://www.speereo.com/  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, April 21 2008 by ChrisD
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