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Week of February 20, 2005

Fish Tycoon Review

LDW has managed to give the Pocket PC community another entertaining sim game on the heels of  Plant Tycoon. The premise of Fish Tycoon is simple but the actual gameplay is challenging enough to keep players coming back for more. I found the interface quite easy to use and had no problems with gameplay at all. With three different tanks, accessories and  multiple species of brightly colored fish there's plenty of eye candy to go around. As with Plant Tycoon, you're not going to find many sound effects or even a sound track (with the exception of  a small blurb of music that plays every three minutes or so), which is too bad because I think that sounds in a game can really add a whole new dimension to the experience. I do give extra credit for the fish tank screensaver that has been incorporated into the game. It's a neat idea and muchly appreciated. (Source: Cheryl Booth, AximSite)
Posted Tuesday, February 22 2005 by ChrisD
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i-mate Jam Pocket PC Phone Edition review

When looking at a device like the Jam youíve got to ask yourself, what is it that makes this device special or unique when consumers are spoilt for choice? In the case of the Jam itís obvious - the size of this device makes it a killer phone for the average user who wants a smarter phone than normal, but does not wan the bulk of a full Pocket PC.

If you are a power user of these devices, you will probably find that the memory constraints are an issue for you. You may also find that the screen is simply too small for heavy use - particularly for reading ebooks and other screen intensive applications.

This device is ideal for someone who uses a Pocket PC often, but who is not a power user, or for a new Pocket PC user. In fact if you are a new Pocket PC user or looking for a first device and are put off by the size, this will probably almost be the ideal device for you. (Source: Darryl Burling, GeekZone)
Posted Tuesday, February 22 2005 by ChrisD
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Turn Your Windows Mobile Smartphone Into an Outdoor Atlas

         Cells Phones - A New Ring to Outdoor Safety and Navigation

            60,000 Off-Road Maps and Nautical Charts for Only $20!

Some of us plan our outdoor escapes while others like to wing it without much preparation. In both cases, having a detailed map or chart is a big advantage -- both for navigation and safety. Now, individuals can have maps on their cell phones. Maptech's Outdoor Navigator for Windows Mobile Smartphone ( http://www.outdoornavigator.com ) has more than 60,000 off-road maps and boating charts for $19.95.

    Better safety: Maybe you're like Daniel Boone, who once claimed, "I was never lost, but I was bewildered once for three days." Mark Jadkowski, VP of
Business Development, says, "That line gets laughs every time, but talk to someone who got lost, even if it was for just an hour or two, and you will see just how unnerving it really is. With Outdoor Navigator on a Smartphone you not only have the right maps and charts to know where you are, but, if needed, you can now call and tell your location."
    Great value: Most serious and experienced outdoor adventurers know the value of taking the right off-road maps with them. But this is not always convenient and can be costly. The recognized standards for off-road adventure are USGS topos. But a single map can cost $4 to $6. With Outdoor Navigator you get thousands of these same maps for your Smartphone for $20. Paper nautical charts sell for around $20 each and Outdoor Navigator has 2,300 of them.


    * Outdoor Navigator works on Windows Mobile Smartphone, Pocket PCs and Palm devices.
    * Priced at $19.95, Outdoor Navigator has no subscription fees. Download as many U.S. off-road maps and boating charts as you want at no additional cost.
    * Free trial at http://www.outdoornavigator.com .
    * Connect an optional Bluetooth GPS (about $120) to show your position on the map.

    Computer Requirements: Windows 2000/XP PC. The PC is used to download maps from outdoornavigator.com and transfer them to the handheld device.

    Smartphone Requirements: Windows Mobile for Smartphone 2002 or 2003 or later. A memory card is not required but is recommended. GPS is optional. If GPS is desired, Bluetooth GPS is recommended.

    For more information, visit http://www.maptech.com or contact sales:
888-839-5551. (Source: Press Release, PRNewswire)

Posted Tuesday, February 22 2005 by ChrisD
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