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Week of November 20, 2005


Makayama releases version 3.0 of its bestsellling, award-winning software

Mobile software company Makayama today released ‘DVD to Pocket PC 3.0’. This software lets users convert DVDs, recorded TV, home movies and any other media files, to a Pocket PC and watch them in great quality in full screen landscape mode. A memorycard as small as 128 Mb is enough to store a full length feature film. The software puts a two-hour movie on a Pocket PC in less then 45 minutes.

Makayama invented the concept of two-click DVD to Pocket PC conversions two years ago. It allowed users to watch their DVDs on the go, on any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Phone Edition device, such as the HP iPaq, Dell, Acer, T-Mobile MDA, Vodafone VPA, etc. The software installs an encoding package on a PC with Windows XP, users insert a DVD in the drive of their PC and with only two clicks, the software turns it into a super small movie file, which will play on a the built-in mediaplayer on the Pocket PC. Many competitors copied the concept, but with new Cyberspeed technology, Makayama takes the lead again. It ensures 300% faster DVD conversions: put a full length feature film on your Pocket PC in less than 45 minutes.

DVD-to-Pocket PC is part of the award-winning series of mobile media products from Makayama. The Pocket PC-version was awarded ‘Best Video Application of 2004’ by Pocket PC Magazine. More information on our product page: http://www.makayama.com/dvdtopocketpc.html

On a 1 Gigabyte card, users can store 8 films or 16 hours of TV programs. The free tryout version allows users to convert 5 minutes of a DVD.  The retail price for the software is $32.95/EUR 29.95, available through all major online distributors, such as Handango, Pocketgear and Clickapps. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Friday, November 25 2005 by ChrisD
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calcPad for Pocket PC – the new version 1.5 does it even more accurately!

Amazing fast the new Pocket Calculator with virtual paper tape for annotations has become a proven assistance for business calculations of every kind.

The Update on the new version regards the most important needs of its customers.

You want to know the meaning of a rate of 3,5 per cent annually in hard currency? – calcPad shows it to you.

If desired, percent values of an arithmetic will be shown automatically adjacent as real numbers in an annotation. Difficult calculations are depicted immediately that way.

You want to get exact values? – Increase the number of decimal places for an exacting presentation of the numbers beyond the comma.

You need your space? – Adjust the feeder and clear more space for your own annotations.

You want to arrive at your destination faster? – The new preview screen shows you changes of the calcPad–options (Font, Feeder…) immediately.

Your next vacation will be in Southern France? – No problem, calcPad speaks French too.

Simply change your language (English, French, German) in the options.

The new features of calcPad 1.5 at a glance:

- Calculation of percentage with display-option for direct numerical values
- Decimal places adjustable for highest accuracy
- Free selectable feeder for more room for annotations
- Detailed preview-screen for options
- Click sound
- Selectable menu languages

Registered users of calcPad 1.0 may upgrade their calcPad for free.

calcPad may be tested for 30 days without any constraints.

Afterwards a license is required which is available at the cost of $ 9.95.

Further information as well as the documentation is to be found at http://www.calcpad.de.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, November 24 2005 by ChrisD
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Pocket Adventures.com is proud to announce the release of The Sudoku Collection, a masterful compilation of three variations of the number puzzle that has become a world-wide phenomenon

In addition to the common 9x9 puzzle, The Sudoku Collection features both 4x4 and 16x16 variations. The 4x4 puzzle is perfect for kids and sudoku beginners. The 16x16 puzzle is designed for sudoku experts.

The Sudoku Collection also includes eight beautiful skins to choose from, music and sound effects by Jaybot7, three difficulty levels for each puzzle, manual and automatic pencil marks, saved games and an edit mode for entering your own puzzles or those from newspapers and magazines.

The Sudoku Collection is being released for the wallet-friendly price of $9.95. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, November 23 2005 by ChrisD
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Pocket Adventures.com is proud to announce the release of version 1.6 of The Travel Collection

Pocket Adventures.com is proud to announce the release of version 1.6 of The Travel Collection. This upgrade includes connectivity to the brand-new Pocket Adventures internet lobby, which makes finding other players easier than ever.

The Travel Collection, an amazing compilation of six classic board games including chess, checkers and reversi, has been nominated in Pocket PC Magazine's best software awards for the past two years and has received the highest ratings from both PocketNow and Pocket Matrix.

The Travel Collection is currently available for just $9.95. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, November 23 2005 by ChrisD
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Anthelion 2 : Celestial Vigilance released

Thanksgiving is here and we are happy to announce our best present for the occassion:
Anthelion 2! A breath-taking 3D space combat game with the most exciting battles of the Anthelion Galaxy

Posted Wednesday, November 23 2005 by ChrisD
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VidaOne - formerly Expose Corp - is cutting the price of all its health & fitness apps by 50% for 2 days

Starting on Thanksgiving and for 2 days only (Nov 24 & 25 CST), get any VidaOne applications, including the 2004-2005 Pocket PC Magazine Fitness Award winner MySportTraining, as well as the best-selling weight-loss application MyPersonalDiet, at 50% off by visiting http://www.mysporttraining.com/order.htm. This is a once-a-year limited offer, so don't miss this opportunity to get the tools to get your weight, health & fitness in check. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, November 23 2005 by ChrisD
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Windows Mobile and Embedded Community Surveys

Hello fellow Windows Mobile and Embedded enthusiasts:

Your voice counts, and we want to hear it!  Please let us know how our Windows Mobile and Embedded community-building channels meet your needs in  discovering the technical information you require while creating
opportunities to learn from your peers.  I invite you to respond to the surveys below to let us know what works and where we can improve.

 - Devwire Newsletter: 
 - Online Chats: 
 - Newsgroups: 
 - Webcasts:

 - Online Chats
 - Newsgroups
 - Webcasts:

Thanks and regards,
Nick White
Product Manager & Community Lead
Mobile & Embedded Devices Division
Microsoft Corp

Posted Wednesday, November 23 2005 by ChrisD
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Explore a New Outlook (TM) with Contact Synchronization for Desktops, Laptops, & Mobile Devices

Advantage International, Inc., a Microsoft Outlook/Exchange Add-ins Solution Provider and 16-year old Tampa native, unveiled Add2Outlook for ContactsTM, another synchronization solution, this one being perfectly suitable for the end-user. Add2Outlook for ContactsTM, is an Outlook client-side com add-in which provides users with 2-way replication of contact folder entries and 4-way synchronization of edits/deletions.

For Desktops

Add2Outlook for Contacts is a collaborative solution for synchronization between three types of folders: public, private, and PST. Dane Stafford, Sales Manager and VAR Coordinator for Advantage International, states "For Outlook users connected to the LAN, Add2Outlook for Contacts will allow a system of auto synchronized private and public rolodexes for more efficient contact management at the workplace. Add2Outlook will provide individuals, team/ group members and even entire departments, the opportunity to access accurate contact information, any-time. Further, by synchronizing contact folders, users and managers can prevent accidental or malicious deletion of valuable leads or client contact information. "

Users connected to the LAN can choose to synchronize contact folders:

• From public to private, or from private to public, or from private to private

For Laptops and Mobile Devices

For mobility, Add2Outlook for Contacts enables users to view their private and public contact folders on their handhelds and other mobile devices. When installed, the user first establishes a public to private folder relationship. By doing so, any new contact entry made in the public folder, which is usually a company-wide address list, will automatically replicate down to the user’s private folder or mailbox, ready to be synchronized to Outlook on the user’s BlackBerry Handheld, Treo Smartphone, IPAQ, Windows Pocket PC, and other PDAs. Then, any changes to that entry, in either folder, will automatically be synchronized. For bi-directional or 2-way synchronization, the user then configures a private to public contact folder relationship. When any new contacts entered in the handheld are synced to the user’s private folder, Add2Outlook will then sync the entry from the private (mailbox) folder to the public. Ultimately, the user has up-to-date contact information in the company-wide address book (public), the mailbox (private), and handheld.

In addition, Add2Outlook works with PST files. Add2Outlook for Contacts will synchronize contact folders from public or private to PST, PST to public or Private, or even, PST to PST. Users can keep their Outlook on their laptops easily synchronized with their mailbox contacts or the company-wide address list.

For those who need 2-way Outlook calendar synchronization, Advantage International offers a calendar module for Add2Outlook, Add2Outlook for Calendars. The only difference in functionality between the contacts and calendar module for Add2Outlook is the type of folder the solution modules synchronize.

For a fully functional free trial version of Add2Outlook, visit www.diditbetter.com. The software trial includes two modules, Add2Outlook for Calendars and Add2Outlook for Contacts. The user may trial each module for 10-days. Each module, Add2Outlook for Calendars and Add2Outlook for Contacts is licensed separately. For professionals interested in syncing calendars and contacts, Advantage International, Inc. offers Add2Outlook Sync Suite which incorporates licenses for both modules, calendars and contacts.

Additional solution information, features, screen shots, and pricing also available at www.diditbetter.com, email [email protected] or call Advantage International Inc. at (813) 977-5739. The solution(s) can be ordered online at store.diditbetter.com.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, November 22 2005 by ChrisD
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WordLogic Predictive Keyboard 4.1: Discount 30% off! Only 27.25$!

WordLogicWordLogic is a revolutionary way to enter information on your PDA without the use of strange keyboard layouts or extra hardware you need to carry around.

When you enter a letter, WordLogic's intuitive software displays the five most likely letters and words to follow. Bt accessing different dictionaries, as well as remembering the words you use most often, predictions are quick and error-free.

In addition, WordChunking technology helps you select more complex words. Through simple taps and gestures, you can quickly and easily input long or complex words.

What sets the WordLogic Predictive Keyboard apart is its ability to adapt to your vocabulary - which in turn makes it more efficient each time you use it. WordLogic can learn new terminology - such as product and company names, or industry-specific language. This capacity to learn and adapt makes the software indispensable for people in diverse disciplines. You can add-on other WordLogic language dictionaries including French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese.

This package contains:

WordLogic Predictive Keyboard
English Dictionary
Desktop Tool
One Free Upgrade

The Desktop Tool can be accessed from the ActiveSync panel and can be used to quickly add new words from documents, emails, notes, tasks or from manual entry. It can be used to manage your own personal dictionary of words allowing you to add, delete, edit and change the priority of words as needed. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, November 22 2005 by ChrisD
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Windows Mobile 5 - I'm Sold!

To be sure, there are some shortcomings in Windows Mobile 5.  I suspect though that through upgrades and patches from Dell and Microsoft, things will improve quickly.  The nature of this OS is completely different than what Microsoft had done before with Windows Mobile and there are going to be some bumps in the road without a doubt.  But it is clear that this bold new step in direction will work.

Some of those upgrades and changes are already coming to be.  Microsoft announced on November 18th they had released ActiveSync 4.1.  This new build solves a lot of syncing problems and USB issues.  You can download it at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/downloads/activesync41.mspx.  If you have a Windows Mobile 5 device or are a developer, you should download this free upgrade.  As mentioned before, Dell is expected to release a ROM update for the x50 series on November 24th.  Other OEMs have already released or will be releasing updates as well.  Most developers who have Windows Mobile 5 support software do work and work exceptionally well.  Other developers are releasing "dot" releases or upgrades to become compatible.  All-in-all, six months from now I suspect that grumbling on Windows Mobile 5 to settle down a bit.

If you've tried Windows Mobile 5 and it has been a rough trip, don't panic.  Help is on the way and all it will take is one experience like mine to see the advantages of this new and very much improved OS.   (Source: Clinton Fitch, Clinton Fitch (Dot) Com!)

Posted Monday, November 21 2005 by ChrisD
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Handmark® Bundles The New Oxford American Dictionary And The Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus for Windows Mobile™

e Most Authoritative and Accurate Resource for Using the Modern American Language Goes Mobile Paired With the First Thesaurus By Writers for Writers

Handmark®, a global leader in mobile media, today announced the release of the New Oxford American Dictionary bundled with The American Writer’s Thesaurus for Windows Mobile™. The title is the first appearance ever for the American Writer’s Thesaurus on a portable device, as well as the first time these two highly regarded references have been combined into a single product for mobile device use.

"The New Oxford American Dictionary and the Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus is the most powerful and practical word tool for students and professionals available today," said Douglas Edwards, Handmark co-founder and executive vice-president. "Now, in one mobile title, users can carry with them the meanings and pronunciations of 250,000 words in contemporary American use, along with a radically new compilation of synonyms and antonyms created by writers, for writers."

"Windows Mobile-based devices help users stay on top of their career and personal life by enabling better access, control and use of information while their away from their PC," said Peter Bernard, group marketing manager at Microsoft®. "Handmark’s New Oxford American Dictionary, like the rest of their award-winning Windows Mobile applications, enables people to be more productive wherever their active lives take them"

The New Oxford American Dictionary, Second Edition is the result of 50 editor-years of work by Oxford’s American editorial staff. Informed by Oxford’s ongoing North American Reading Program, a program begun in the 1980’s to constantly monitor word usage in novels, newspapers, public records, magazines, web sites and other sources, the New Oxford American Dictionary is current, accurate, and highly authoritative. The Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus is a brand new reference resource that marks the first time a thesaurus has been developed by writers for writers.

• Wireless access to 250,000 entries and definitions including technical terms, as well as 300,000 synonyms and 10,000 antonyms;
• Grammatical information, examples of how the word is used, word origins, usage information, syllabication, and pronunciation;
• Word of the day;
• Easy-to-navigate mobile user interface that includes customizable color schemes; and
• Hot buttons for frequently used functions.

Definition entries in The New Oxford American Dictionary, Second Edition are uniquely organized around core meanings that reflect the way people think, talk and write about words. Meanings are connected to provide additional insight and clarity, with definitions supplemented by in-context usage examples.

The New Oxford American Dictionary and the Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus is supported on all wireless(1) Windows Mobile-based devices and is priced at $29.99 from the Handmark online store.

For more information or to purchase The New Oxford American Dictionary and American Writer’s Thesaurus, visit the Handmark web site, www.handmark.com.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, November 21 2005 by ChrisD
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