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Week of March 2, 2008

Conduits Techologies, Inc. Announces Pocket Player 3.6 for Windows Mobile;
Reduced Pricing on Pocket Slides, Pocket Artist

Pictured, from left: album art visualization; browser enhancements including Back button and popup menu; landscape album art display; Smartphone browser. More screenshots are available at the Pocket Player website.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, March 6, 2008 -- Conduits Technologies, Inc. announced today the release of Pocket Player 3.6 for Windows Mobile 6 Standard, Professional and Classic devices. Pocket Player aims to satisfy consumers who demand more from a media player on a mobile device. Pocket Player 3.6 includes new improvements to the library and media browser, as well as many fixes to core functionality and plugins. Pocket Player is also compatible with Windows Mobile 5, Pocket PC 2003, and Smartphone 2003 devices.


Pocket Player's media browser is used to navigate the device's media collection by artist, album, genre, and other attributes. On touchscreen devices, simple finger gestures navigate the browser list: a quick swipe on the list will scroll through the items on screen, with the list continuing to scroll, slowing down until the user taps a selection.

In response to customer requests, there is now an onscreen Back button in the media browser, that can be tapped to navigate up in the browser hierarchy. The previous method of dragging left-to-right now pops up a context sensitive menu, where commands to Enqueue, Play, or Delete items can be selected. This menu also contains the commands to exit the browser and return to the main "Now Playing" screen.


The media library that powers the media browser has been enhanced in several ways in Pocket Player 3.6. Library performance has been improved, and all problems that have been reported have been addressed. The media library now properly handles compilation albums -- those albums whose tracks all have different artist tags.

The media library now supports improved reading of all tag types. In addition to ID3, Vorbis, APE and ASF (WMA) tag support, MPEG-4 tags are now read by Pocket Player. Many popular Windows Mobile devices, notably those from HTC and Motorola, contain decoders for M4A (MPEG-4 Audio) playback in Windows Media Player. Devices that contain this decoder can play M4A files, but in WMP (as in previous versions of Pocket Player) the tracks are not read for their metadata (such as artist, title, and album artwork tags). Version 3.6 of Pocket Player introduces this functionality, so that M4A files show up in the media browser properly.


In addition to many fixes with the media library subsystem, Pocket Player 3.6 addresses all known and reported problems with the previous release, version 3.51, including issues related to device power, screen and backlight, Microdrive support, podcast feeds, and video support (specifically, issues with fast forwarding).

Various plugins have also been updated for Pocket Player 3.6. The FLAC plugin now reads all FLAC tags properly, including embedded album artwork in the track. The WM Adapter plugin has improved its tag import and export routines, enhancing performance. The MPC (Musepack) plugin has been updated to support new library features including the native APE tag support.


Conduits has reduced the prices of two of its flagship applications. Effective today, Pocket Slides, our award-winning presentation product, is reduced in price from $39.95 to $19.95, and Pocket Artist, our award-winning drawing and image manipulation solution, is now $19.95, down from $49.95. Pocket Slides and Pocket Artist are now available (with their reduced pricing) at http://store.conduits.com and all of Conduits' online resellers.


Pocket Player 3.6 for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone is available as a free trial from http://www.conduits.com/products/player/ where the user can download and evaluate both products unabridged for 30 days. More information, including a complete list of skins and features, can also be found at the Conduits website.

For registered users of Pocket Player 2.X and 3.X for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone from September 2005 to present, the upgrade is free.

Upgrades for customers who purchased Pocket Player 1.X and 2.X before September 1st 2005, are priced at $9.95 from http://store.conduits.com/popl2up.html.

Pocket Slides and Pocket Artist are both available as a 30-day trial from http://www.conduits.com/download_list.asp. They are both priced at $19.95 and available for purchase from http://store.conduits.com.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Thursday, March 6 2008 by ChrisD
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Handango Handed $9.5 Million

Hurst, Texas-based Handango boasts smart phone content deals with 16,000 developers. The startup offers software and games for users of devices operating Palm, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, Linux, PSP, or Tablet PC.

Investors in the funding round included Institutional Venture Partners, Advanced Technology Ventures, Centerpoint, Neo Carta, Pharos Capital Group, and SSM Partners

“This new round of funding will further enhance Handango's plans for growth and expansion at a time when the market is ripe for infiltration,” IVP General Partner Sandy Miller said in a statement. (Source: Scott Martin, Red Herring)

Posted Tuesday, March 4 2008 by ChrisD
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iWindowsMobile Communication Suit released

Suitable Applications for Communication!

March, 2008 – VITO Technology releases iWindowsMobile Communication Suit to upgrade your Windows Mobile touch screen device. iWindowsMobile Communication Suite contains 4 best-selling applications: GoodWin (mobile launcher), FunContact (contact manager), SMS-Chat (threaded SMS messenger) and ZoomBoard (onscreen keyboard). Available for $39.95 iWindowsMobile Communication Suit completely changes your device and also saves you $25. The finger-friendly interface and stunning graphics bring forward great usability.

Do you want your device up-to-date, fashionable and finger-friendly? iWindowsMobile Communication Suit is what you are looking for.

GoodWin is a touch oriented Windows Mobile launcher and task manager. Slide the screen with finger to scroll the list of favorites and running programs, installed applications, and settings - all on one screen! GoodWin has today plug-in and quick access to SMS-Chat and FunContact.

FunContact is a contact manager that brings iPhone experience to your Pocket PC. Now you can scroll a contact list just with a flick of a finger. When choosing the contact and tapping SMS button you go directly to SMS-Chat.

SMS-Chat is an SMS client that organizes your SMS correspondence into threaded SMS conversations. It is great to have a separate chat for every contact with whom you exchange short text messages. You can easily follow a conversation scrolling thru a chat with a finger. If you need to add a contact or look up contact details you are automatically brought to FunContact.

Finally, ZoomBoard is an onscreen keyboard for quick and accurate finger typing. The popping up magnifying glass provides an instant zoom-in on the keyboard area under your finger. Sliding technology allows for accurate and quick text input.

This way you get to manage your device just with fingers and say farewell to stylus. Moreover, after stylish and thought-out interface of iWindowsMobile Communication Suite the standard Windows Mobile interface will be too boring for you.

iWindowsMobile Communication Suit is available for $39.95 at http://iwindowsmobile.com.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, March 4 2008 by ChrisD
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Sybase iAnywhere Releases Breakthrough Handheld Security Functionality

New Mobile Encryption Technology Eliminates Tradeoff of Protection Versus Usability

DUBLIN, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sybase iAnywhere today announced the next generation of its handheld security technology, introducing a new architecture that offers major advancements in user performance and battery life consumption. Designed specifically to take advantage of the latest capabilities in Windows Mobile, the Information Anywhere Suite updated Afaria security component enables virtually instantaneous encryption and decryption of data. This provides a solution to a major dilemma IT organizations face when choosing to encrypt only selected data in order to maintain device usability, while leaving other data, often email, unencrypted and vulnerable.

“Using Information Anywhere Suite’s Afaria technology, organizations can encrypt all mobile data with little decrease in performance and minimal impact on battery life,” said Joe Owen, vice president of engineering, Sybase iAnywhere, “In fact, several of our beta testers have told us that the user experience is so good that they see virtually no difference when accessing encrypted data versus unencrypted data.“

"Security of mobile data is more important than ever, as the number of mobile applications containing highly sensitive data continues to increase,” said Stacy Sudan, research analyst with IDC's Mobile Enterprise Software program. “Mobile security presents a classic battle within an organization: IT needs to ensure compliance, but users don't want security to interfere with their mobile experience. Sybase iAnywhere's new security architecture seeks to mitigate this conflict by ensuring that data is protected and that users remain productive."

“This new release from Sybase iAnywhere is a huge step forward in mobile device security. We no longer feel like we need to trade off between security and usability," said Peter Mohr, CIO at HandStep. ”For the first time ever, we are able to encrypt everything we need on a mobile device, without negatively impacting the end user experience.”

Key features of the latest release of the Information Anywhere Suite Afaria security component includes:


This new Information Anywhere Suite security functionality is expected to be available in March 2008 for Windows Mobile 5 & 6, Pocket PC/Professional and Smartphone/standard, with additional platforms to follow. An informational Webcast will be held on Thursday March 13, 2008. Times and registration information can be found at: http://www.sybase.com/afaria_features. For more information about this product, please visit: http://www.sybase.com/products/mobileenterprise/afaria.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Monday, March 3 2008 by ChrisD
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SBSH Mobile Software launch new web-site interface

March 3rd, 2008, Tel Aviv - SBSH Mobile Software announced today the official launch of its new web site, available at: http://www.sbsh.net. The new SBSH Mobile Software web-site introduce new navigation experience for mobile users packing the most advanced utilities that ensure ease of use and confident navigation experience!

SBSH Mobile Software new web-site brings Device-Based and Platform-Based navigation helping users to find applications designed for their mobile device easily, providing an optimized solution for one of the main problems in the third-party mobile applications market. Automated RSS news feeds about new application updates and announcements and much more!

"We've kept ourselves busy for the past year going through major designing and thinking process and we are excited to introduce today our new web-site!", says Amit Regev, SBSH Mobile Software CEO.

"Our goal is to improve the every day user shopping experience by providing easier ways to find third-party content and provide users with confidence when browsing for mobile content. Using the new SBSH Mobile Software interface we focused on doing exactly this!" he concludes.

SBSH Mobile Software New Interface Highlights

Device-Based and Platform-Based navigation - Shop with confidence for applications designed for your mobile device only. Start your shopping experience by choosing your device model to ensure applications compatibility with your specific device model. Device selection designed with model pictures for full confidence. Navigate based on mobile platform for advanced users is available too.

Support utilities improvements - A variety of new support utilities are now available, including: support tickets system, specific application FAQ sections, optimized information display and more. New design flow implemented that provides users with easier access to important information.

Stay up to date! - Use the new RSS feeds to easily stay tuned with new application updates and press releases! Clear application updates listing displayed on main site, latest press releases listing and more! Making it easier than ever to track SBSH Mobile Software news!  (Source: Press release)
Posted Monday, March 3 2008 by ChrisD
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