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Week of June 19, 2005

Phatware PhatPad 2.2 for Pocket PC review

Overall I like PhatPad, simply because it is always there with my Pocket PC – which is with me more than my desktop or Tablet PC.


  • Complete note taking package including desktop companion
  • Lots of resources, including background images for forms
  • Multiple page sizes, including standard paper sizes

  • Not really…(Source: M. Freitas, GeekZone)

  • Posted Saturday, June 25 2005 by ChrisD
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    Handango Champion Awards - Windows Mobile Smartphone

    Best Application for Work - Papyrus 1.1 by SBSJ

    Best Application for Play - Legacy by Redshift

    Best Application for Life - Fizz Traveller 2.12 by Fizz Software Ltd.

    Best New Application - Jeyo Mobile Extender for Outlook by Jeyo, Inc.

    Best Industry Application - NewsBreak by Illium Software
    (Source: Handango)

    Posted Saturday, June 25 2005 by ChrisD
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    Handango Champion Awards - Windows Mobile Pocket PC

    Best Application for Work - Pocket Informant 2005 by WebIS

    Best Application for Play - Fish Tycoon by LDW Software LLC

    Best Application for Life - SPB Pocket Plus by SPB Software House

    Best New Application - CodeWallet 5.0 by DeveloperOne, Inc.

    Best Industry Application - MobiLearn Talking Phrasebook by MobiLearn, Inc.
    (Source: Handango)

    Posted Saturday, June 25 2005 by ChrisD
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    Pendragon Software Releases Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition 5.0: Delivers Server-based, Rapid Forms Development for Windows Mobile and Palm OS

    Pendragon Software, a leading provider of database software for handheld devices, today announced a new, multi-platform version of Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition.

    Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition is a business forms solution that synchronizes PDA’s and smartphones to enterprise databases. Using Version 5.0, companies can quickly create data collection applications for mobile devices running on both Palm OS(R) and Windows Mobile(TM) for Pocket PC platforms.

    Eliminating Paper Forms

    Moving from paper forms to electronic data collection at the point-of-service is a proven way to improve a company's bottom line.  Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition enables users to create and deploy a mobile database application without an expensive software development process.  Ease of development and powerful database synchronization have made the Pendragon Forms platform a popular choice for thousands of healthcare, natural resources management and field service organizations. 

    Wireless  Synchronization

    Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition delivers the tools that companies need to develop and manage database applications for wireless PDAs and smartphones such as the palmOne Treo(TM) 650 and devices with Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 2003, Phone Edition. An Internet connection is all that mobile workers need to synchronize wirelessly and securely to a centralized database.

    Server Technology

    Companies can quickly and easily install the Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition on their own Windows servers.  The software is based on proven server technologies including Active Server Pages, Microsoft SQL Server, ODBC and Pendragon SyncServer.  The centralized management feature enables IT managers to determine precisely how forms and data are deployed to devices when they synchronize.

    Pricing and Availability 

    Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition is priced at $2,995 for a 50-user license, complete with software modules for the server, handheld devices and networked PCs.   Users can try the software for 14 days at www.pendragonsoftware.com.  (Source: Press Release)

    Posted Thursday, June 23 2005 by ChrisD
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    50% Off: TextMaker and PlanMaker at Half Price Office Software To Be Had For a Song - This Week Only

    SoftMaker, makers of the TextMaker word processor and PlanMaker spreadsheet, announced a one-week 50% discount on their software today.

    Already selling at customer-friendly prices of just $49.95,TextMaker and PlanMaker can now be had for less than US$25 or EUR 25. Even better: Each additional eligible product is priced at just US$10 or 10 Euros!

    But hurry: This sale lasts only one week!

    TextMaker is a lightning-fast and reliable word processor, needs  little memory, and offers the rich feature set of Microsoft Word.  Most importantly, TextMaker reads and writes all Microsoft Word  files from 6.0 up to the current Word 2003 seamlessly.

    TextMaker is available for Windows, Linux, Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs, Windows CE.NET, Sharp Zaurus, and FreeBSD.

    PlanMaker offers the feature set and ease-of-use of a modern high-end spreadsheet application and is closely modeled after market-leading Microsoft Excel. Its key features are more than 320 calculation functions, seamless import and export of all Microsoft Excel files, fully Microsoft Excel-compatible charting, and full support for Microsoft Excel's AutoShape drawings. If you can do it in Excel, you can do it in PlanMaker!

    PlanMaker is available for Windows, Linux, Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs, and Windows CE.NET.

    TextMaker and PlanMaker are available with user interfaces in English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Translations into French, Russian, and Simplified Chinese are under development. (Source: Press Release)

    Posted Tuesday, June 21 2005 by ChrisD
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    Exotically Different PDA Cases

    PERTH, AUSTRALIA - June 20, 2005 - Stand out from the crowd with a new PDA case from nSignia!

    Today nSignia Cases released their latest range of exotic leather PDA cases. Available for selected models of HP, Dell and PalmOne PDAs comes such exotic looks as Stingray, Eagle ray, Tilapia, Ostrich, Kangaroo and Crocodile. Don't buy imitation, embossed cowhide cases when you can have the genuine article. These premium, authentic leathers exude style and quality and are strikingly different from the standard cowhide cases everyone else has.

    nSignia Cases has listened to their customers and tried to incorporate their suggestions into the case designs. The new Storage Module design and the removable/replaceable belt clip system have produced a case that can meet a number of different user requirements.

    The Storage Module allows the user to configure their PDA case to their requirements. With the module removed the case is slimmed down without all the extra storage for things like business cards and memory cards. Insert the module and you have 3 business card/credit card slots and 2 SD memory card slots. These storage compartments are positioned so that they face away from the PDA screen so that only the soft suede backing of the module faces the fragile PDA screen. No other case provides this type of protection and flexibility for your valuable PDA. Future release of additional modules will allow the user to purchase modules to store other things like CF cards, money and pictures. These replacement modules can be inserted into the same slot as the standard module to provide alternative storage solutions.

    nSignia are actively looking for resellers and affiliates to resell their products. If you are interested please contact them at [email protected] (Source: Press Release)

    Posted Tuesday, June 21 2005 by ChrisD
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    Summer Sale: Customers Demand More - And Get It! Only from LingvoSoft!

    Due to overwhelming customer demand, we have added yet another 100 discounts to this incredible sale on our software bringing the total to 300! 

    Now you simply can't afford not to pick up one or more of LingvoSoft's software titles for Pocket PC, Palm OS, Smartphones and PC. And remember, this unbelievable offer won't last, so be sure to hurry and take advantage of these extraordinary prices!

    Always popular, always in demand, LingvoSoft dictionaries, language learning applications and super travel related software titles are just the thing for students, businesspeople and travelers on the go - allowing you to immerse yourself in a whole host of foreign languages easily and comfortably.

    Here's how it works. Every time you order any software title, an incredible 20% discount is automatically added to your shopping cart. Buy a second one and get it at 20% OFF, too!

    Don't let this amazing opportunity pass you by - take advantage of one or  more of the 300 discounts now on offer!

    Click here now for more info:

     (Source: Press Release)

    Posted Tuesday, June 21 2005 by ChrisD
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