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Week of November 19, 2006

VITO AudioNotes v1.25 released!

VITO Technology is glad to announce a next update for VITO AudioNotes – mp3 and wav recorder. With all new features in VITO AudioNotes v1.25 recording and managing your voice notes has become a real pleasure!

New features simplify usage a lot and make it more comfortable. First of all you can select all voice notes at once and then delete them or move to a storage card altogether. In Pocket PC version you can use your stylus to select several voice notes. Another useful feature is to quickly scroll a long list of voice notes by pressing left and right joystick buttons. In the menu that appears when you press on a note there is a new option – properties that gives you all the info about this voice note including its name, duration, size, time and format details.

Buttons assignment is also more convenient now in Pocket PC version as there appears a separate window with icons and it’s easy to choose the necessary button. This button not only starts recording, it can also pause and resume while recording. While recording or playing notes in VITO AudioNotes v 1.25 you can choose to display either elapsed time  or left time. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Saturday, November 25 2006 by ChrisD
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It's Thanksgiving at Astraware!

THE MIDLANDS, UK - November 22nd, 2006 - It's Thanksgiving and Astraware would like you invite you to join our table and gobble up some great games this Holiday Season! Whether you're travelling to see family, having a get-together at home, or simply recovering from turkey overload, we have some special offers on games that the whole family can enjoy!

We're offering 3 simple, fun games for under $10 each from Wednesday 22nd to Monday 27th November 2006. To take advantage of these special prices, just join Club Astraware (or login if you're already a member). It's free to join, only takes a couple of minutes, and you'll get 2500 points, worth $2.50, just for joining.

Just visit the Astraware website at http://www.astraware.com from 22nd November to see what's on offer. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, November 22 2006 by ChrisD
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Otter Products Announce First Rugged Case for Treo 650/700 Smartphones

Rugged, Polycarbonate Case Protects Device from Hostile Work Environments

Fort Collins, Colo.—Otter Products, LLC. releases the OtterBox 1920 case, a rugged, polycarbonate case that protects Palm® Treo™ 650 and Treo 700 series smartphones from water, dust and dirt. The casing completely seals the device from elements while providing access to keypad, touch screen, volume and program buttons. This protection also saves customers from having to replace or repair their damaged units from hostile work environments.

The OtterBox 1920 accommodates Palm Treo 650, 700w, 700wx and 700p models, so Treo owners can now work in virtually any environment with complete use of phone, email, internet, MP3 files and camera all through the case.

“Because Treo smartphones are used in all sorts of environments, from the beach to construction sites, rugged cases to protect them are in high demand,” said Jim Schwabe, general manager, accessories, for Palm, Inc. “The OtterBox case is the perfect complement for those who need to keep in touch while in harsher environments. And its unique design doesn’t limit use or capabilities.”

The case features a newly designed compound latch for easy opening and secure closing and rubber overmolding for grip and drop protection. A protective cover safeguards delicate LCD screens and flips up for screen access. Mil-standard quality assurance testing for dust, water, and drop and shock protection, ensures the OtterBox design can withstand severe conditions.

“Working in the landscaping industry, I generally go through about three phones a year,” said Alan Patterson, Owner of University Lawn and Garden. “Now with the OtterBox case I don’t have to worry about destroying my phone and having to replace it.”

The OtterBox is ideal for business travelers, government and military personal, construction workers, engineers and more. "Palm's Treo smartphones are used in a wide range of environments, which for some people means regular exposure to dust, dirt, rain, or even a day at the beach. The OtterBox 1920 case is the perfect complement for the Treo smartphone for those who need to keep in touch in harsher environments," explains Jim Schwabe, GM for Palm’s Accessories Business.

“We look forward to offering Treo users the protection they need in the rain, snow, dust, and other harsh work environments,” said Curt Richardson, CEO of Otter Products, LLC. “Most Treo cases require the user to remove the device before using it. With the 1920, users can access their device right through the case.”

An easy-open top cap provides access to SD card slot and a Gore® membrane seals speakers and microphones while still allowing use. IR and antenna are also usable through the case. The OtterBox provides access to headphone, sync and charge connectors and an external stylus holder adds convenience for business on the go.

Optional accessories include:
Dimensions of the OtterBox 1920: 5.65 in [144 mm] long (including antenna) X 3 in [76 mm] wide X 1.96 in [50 mm] thick (including latch). Weight is 0.6 lb [.27 kg] (case only).

Environmental Protection:
For more information or to order an OtterBox 1920 visit http://www.otterbox.com or call (888) 695-8820. (Source: Press Release)
Posted Wednesday, November 22 2006 by ChrisD
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Help Some Undergraduates at San Diego State University by doing a survey on Pocket PCs


 My name is Jason and I am one person of a 4 person group at San Diego State University. In one of our classes, we have to write a report on Pocket PC Security. As part of our report, we have to collect primary data through use of a survey.

We are curious to know about your Pockets PC habits and if you use any form of security - software and/or hardware - for your mobile devices.  We will gladly share our results with you; please leave your e-mail if you are interested in a report summary of the survey results. By completing this survey, you will greatly help us in finishing this report and helping us graduate. It will only take 5 minutes or your time.

Thank you very much for you input.  We greatly value your responses.

The survey can be found here:

Posted Monday, November 20 2006 by ChrisD
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V2R Vision To Realty today announces the availability of Photo Dialer for PPC WM 2005

Photo Dialer is a plug-in for the Pocket PC Today screen that allows you to quickly call your favourite people from the Today screen image gallery on WM 2005 devices.

Photo Dialer shows you a “list” of your Photo Dialer people with their photo’s in your Today screen. In order to use this feature just assign photos or any other images to your contacts.
You can scroll through the Photo Dialer by using the left/right function with the joystick or alternatiely use the stylus. In the sleep mode the application shows small thumb nails of your favourite people photos. Photo Dialer is based on V2R's i2i technology which gives you the most advanced and fastest animated applications on Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket Pc's.

Photo Dialer feature list

• Call your favourite people with two clicks only
• Send SMS directly from Photo Dialer
• See photos of you favourite contacts directly on the Today screen
• Add as many contacts to you favourite people caller list
• Fully animated graphical selector
• Smooth integration in the Today screen
• Fully compatible with outlook contact pictures
• Automatically synchronizes your categorized contacts from the PC
• Easy to enable and disable on all Today/Home themes

Trial version

A trial version is available at the web pages from V2R.
In the trial version is limited to 5 contacts and will expires after 14 days.
A full version is available on V2R’ shop and other well known web shops.

Photo Dialer is also available for WM 2005 Smartphones. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, November 19 2006 by ChrisD
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BoxWave's Standard Capacity Battery released for the HTC TyTN!

BoxWave's Standard Capacity Battery is designed specifically for your HTC TyTN!  The Standard Capacity Battery serves as an excellent primary replacement battery.  When you're on the go and don't have time to charge your HTC TyTN, bring along BoxWave's new Standard Capacity Battery as a spare battery!   It is a rechargeable lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery that is specifically designed for your device.

The HTC TyTN is compatible with the following devices:

Cingular 6500
Cingular 8525
Dopod 838 Pro
Dopod CHT9000
HTC Hermes
i-mate JasJam
O2 Xda Trion
Orange SPV M3100
Qtek 9600
T-Mobile MDA Vario II
Vodafone VPA Compact III v1605 

Check it out here: http://www.boxwave.com/products/stdcapacitybattery/standard-capacity-battery-htc-tytn_2076.htm  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Sunday, November 19 2006 by ChrisD
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