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Week of June 18, 2006

Auto Reset for Windows Mobile!

Auto Reset allows you to automatically soft reset your Windows Mobile device, clearing your device memory and allowing programs to run quicker and more efficiently.

With its rich, intuitive interface Auto Reset allows you to select from a number of options, including:

<*>Schedule a soft reset at a specific time each night.
<*>Trigger a soft reset when memory runs too low.
<*>Program works behind the Windows Mobile password/PIN logon.
<*>Easy to use interface.

All you need on your Windows Mobile device is Microsoft .NET Compact Framework.

Auto Reset is available on a 15 day trial basis.

Download Auto Reset  (Source: Press Release)
Posted Saturday, June 24 2006 by ChrisD
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calcPad for Pocket PC works with (more) powers now

The popular calculator with annotations expands its functional variety while its handling gets even more comfortable.

Power function: calcPad users do not have to be mathematical wizards to calculate with powers now
Negative numbers: From plus to minus with one click
New buttons: Press the C-key to clear the current document
Performance optimizations: Fast, faster calcPad! Correct results are calculated immediately

NEW in calcPad 1.7:

    * Power function (^)
    * Negative numbers
    * New buttons
    * Performance optimizations

Registered users of calcPad 1.0 may upgrade their calcPad FOR FREE.

calcPad may be tested for 30 days without any constraints.
Afterwards a license is required which is available at the cost of $ 9.95.

Further information as well as the documentation is to be found at http://www.calcpad.de.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Saturday, June 24 2006 by ChrisD
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MSDN Webcast: Tablet PCs and Smartphones: Working Hand-in-Hand to Enable Your Mobile Workforce

Mobile workers need the right tool to do their job effectively, and sometimes one single device cannot do it all. This session, complete with insightful demonstrations, explores some of the techniques mobile .NET developers can use to bring powerful mobile applications to life using a combination of Tablet PC and Windows Mobile powered smartphone. Thursday, July 6, 12 PM PT.   (Source: Microsoft Website)
Posted Saturday, June 24 2006 by ChrisD
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Win $3400 of Award-Winning Pocket PC software!

SMARTPHONE & POCKET PC magazine is giving away a monthly Grand Prize of a 2006 Best of Everything Software Package (www.PocketPCmag.com/CD) with $3400 of award-winning software. The prize is part of the Best of Everything Software Contest, at www.Pocketpcmag.com/contests.


10 Best of Everything DEMO CDs with Demo versions of award-winning software and FREE Games, Applications, eBooks and more are also given away each week.

Everyone who enters gets a FREE Best Software Awards Special Report with clickable links!

MORE INFO AND QUICK ENTRY FORM AT: www.PocketPCmag.com/Contests  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, June 21 2006 by ChrisD
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WORRY-FREE TRAVEL TO CHINA FOR NON-CHINESE SPEAKING PERSONS with " WuYuYo ", a downloadable travel guide and interpreter for Pocket PC

The days are over when one would stress because of missing language knowledge when travelling from or to China!

WuYuYo is a downloadable travel guide and interpreter software for Pocket PC priced at $29.90, meant to ease oral exchanges between foreign and Chinese speakers during business or tourism trips from or to China, and more specifically when staying in Beijing.

Chinese-French WuYuYo can also be set for English-Chinese, Spanish-Chinese or Italian-Chinese exchanges.

WuYuYo is developed by R/D/I+

- WuYuYo, a travel guide and interpreter

WuYuYo is a guide and interpreter using both display and voice, downloadable on Personal Digital Assistants running Windows, and targeted at travels to China, and more specifically Beijing.

WuYuYo offers more than 900 useful phrases and sentences and additional facilities so as to make communication in a foreign language swift and easy.

WuYuYo is an interpreter since it translates on request, both in written and voice forms, phrases that one selects from its directory.

WuYuYo is also a guide since it describes hotels, restaurants, tourist-attractive sites and other public locations, providing their addresses and phone numbers.

WuYuYo also supplies occasional appreciation comments

Those information are organised into categories and sub-categories. For instance: Category: hotel, sub-category: 3/5 star, economy, etc. Note that Le Petit Fute is a WuYuYo partner to this regard.

- WuYuYo has no competitor

For the time being, WuYuYo has no competitor on the market with similar capacities.

- How does WuYuYo work ?

.. in two ways :

1 - Using a classification of the pre-set phrases according to predefined contexts:

Twelve contexts are available:

Conversation, Taxi, Restaurant, Hotel, Tourist attractions, Health, Shopping, Travel, Bank, Way-finding, Postage and Entertainment.

Those 12 contexts are displayed on the Pocket PC screen as icons that provide swift access to the corresponding pre-set phrases.

2 - Using keyword search:

Though the context organisation of the 900 pre-set phrases is quick and easy, the user may prefer to operate a keyword search.

For instance, when the user writes " airport " on the screen, WuYuYo displays all existing phrases related to the airport context. By clicking on one of those, one can have the other person not only read but also hear the chosen phrase.

.. with a directory of 900 preset phrases

In its Chinese-French version, WuYuYo offers to the user a set of 900 predefined phrases corresponding to common situations, as well as to the more specific ones that are encountered when travelling.

The sentence one chooses is automatically translated to Chinese

- displayed, on the screen of the Pocket PC, and
- spoken, in your interlocutor's own language.

We all know how delicate Chinese pronunciation is, assuming already one could read the language...

To reply, the person can be invited to choose on the screen of the Pocket PC one of the pre-set responses that are displayed in his/her own language.

The sentence then comes out automatically in French on the screen of the personal assistant. One may then:

- read the reply and
- hear it spoken.
.. and additional facilities !

WuYuYo also offers its user a calculator to bargain prices and convert currencies. That calculator can be accessed from the pre-set sentences: amounts and figures can thus be readily included into the statements.

In addition, the user can manage bilingual appointments and agendas : WuYuYo allows to define times and dates, for instance to schedule a meeting or a travel. That function can also be included into the pre-set phrases.

Two great features !

1 - As we already saw, WuYuYo automatically provides translations to the language of your interlocutor, Chinese if you are French, French if you are Chinese.

2 - WuYuYo contains tourist information. Thanks to its integration of a French guide, a huge amount of information related to tourist attractions, museums, accommodation, such as history, specifics, comments, times of opening, rates, addresses, etc. is available.

WuYuYo, a high-rated but low-priced innovation $29.90 only

The first release special price for WuYuYo is 29.90 EUR (VAT included).

It can be bought on-line at www.wuyuyo.com or by mail, from:

R/D/I+, 37 rue Yves Collet, F-29200 Brest, France.

A free downloadable WuYuYo trial version

R/D/I+ offers to download a free trial version of WuYuYo, with limited contexts and Chinese sound only. Visit the WuYuYo web-site: www.wuyuyo.com to retrieve it.


WuYuYo, a polyglot

WuYuYo is by no means limited to French-Chinese exchanges, it can also deal with English, Spanish and Italian, the most common languages of the world of business and tourism.

Those versions benefit from about 700 pre-set travel phrases. It is foreseen that hotel, restaurant and other tourist information for cities where those languages are used are included in the guide part of WuYuYo in the future.

We can also note that developments are on-going for German, Russian, Portuguese and Greek..   (Source: Press Release)

Posted Wednesday, June 21 2006 by ChrisD
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20% OFF LingvoSoft Phrasebooks!

LingvoSoft is at it again – making your summer getaway more easy and carefree than ever before. Providing you with everything you need to navigate foreign language terrain, LingvoSoft Phrasebooks for Windows and Pocket PC speak their translations out loud using real human voices as recorded by professionals. They let you get your message across loud and clear and with the least amount of bother and confusion.

And now when you buy any LingvoSoft Phrasebook for Windows or Pocket PC you receive a 20% discount. So, not only will you avoid getting ripped off because you can’t speak the local language but you’ll have extra pocket money to spend thanks to this special summer discount. But you’ll have to hurry. Like all good things this offer expires soon. So don’t delay - and take advantage here so you won’t be taken advantage of there!

Click here to learn more and download FREE trial.  (Source: Press Release)
Posted Wednesday, June 21 2006 by ChrisD
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Active Case™ for Dopod 828

Design meets form and function. The crystal-clear Active Case™ enables you to view your calendar and contacts conveniently, reducing the hassle of having to open a case!

Active Case™ for Dopod 828 has accessible openings that provide quick access to button functions while locking your handheld securely into place! And better yet, Active Case™ includes a high quality, simple-to-use, and detachable belt clip.

Check it out here: http://www.boxwave.com/products/activecase/active-case-dopod-828_684.htm  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, June 20 2006 by ChrisD
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Concrete Software Announces Partnership with Handmark to License Aces Texas Hold’em – No Limit for Inclusion in Tetris Game Pak 2

Concrete Software Inc., a leading developer of mobile entertainment, announced today that it is partnering with Handmark®, a global leader in mobile media, to offer its award winning title Aces Texas Hold’em™ – No Limit for inclusion in Tetris® Game Pak 2.

"Concrete Software sees this type of partnership as a unique opportunity to participate with a major vendor on the retail level. In addition, by including our world-renowned Aces Texas Hold’em poker game we will be able to reach customers we may not otherwise have had access to in our current sales channels," said Keith Pichelman, CEO of Concrete Software.

In addition to Aces Texas Hold’em – No Limit, the new Tetris Game Pak 2 contains many other top games including the Tetris® game and Jamdat Bowling.

The game pack will be released for sale through major retail channels and has been designed to be cross-compatible on a wide range of platforms. The titles included will support the BlackBerry handheld, Palm OS devices, Pocket PC, and Window Mobile Smartphones including Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. This extensive cross-compatibility offering will find a much larger group of users in the mobile retail marketplace than the traditional single or dual-platform offerings. (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, June 20 2006 by ChrisD
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Announce new Pocket PC Vsnotepad 1.5 from Virtual Spaghetti

Virual Spaghetti We have the pleasure to announce the version 1.5 of our notepad called Vsnotepad, our professional and personal notepad for Pocket PC.
The concept of Vsnotepad is to note, change pages and view your notes like a true notepad. Easy to use, powerful and complete.
VSnotepad is adapted to the professional or personal situations.
New Major Features in 1.5
- Calculator : A really unique and usefull tool. Draw/note and calculate simultaneous in a fast way.
- Color selection windows : Choose your colors with the new color selector window.
- Current Time

New Minor Features:

- Erase Tools size increased.
- Better compatibilities.
- Less loading time.
- New interface design.
A trial version is available here:
Screen available here:

Vsnotepad Classic is currently available at Handango, PocketGear & PdaTopSoft online store for the price of 14.95$  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, June 20 2006 by ChrisD
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A6.Times officially launched

A6.Times is a user friendly electronic newspaper for your Windows Mobile device supporting all known Web content syndication format and version (RSS, Atom, RDF). A6.Times distinct itself from the others by a spectacular user interface presenting information like a traditional newspaper divided in several sections.

•Lifetime upgrades.
•Native Windows Mobile 5.0 support (and VGA).
•Windows Mobile 2003 and 2003SE support (and VGA).
•Automatically generated front page like a real newspaper.
•Vast and growing list of news sources presented with attractive sections.
•Ability to add an unlimited number of news sources, from known sources or via an online search within A6.Times.
•Ability to show/hide browsed news.
•Support portrait and landscape orientation on Windows Mobile 2003 SE and Mobile 5.0.
•Full screen mode support.
•Scrollbar-free, stylus-optional navigation.
•Support for password protected news sources.
•Support for SSL encrypted news sources.
•Support OPML import (file, url, Bloglines) and OPML export.
•« Refresh and Go »: all news and their images are stored in your device for later reading.
•Background news download.
•Automatic and configurable news source updates.

Alien6 Technologies offers a realy distinctive product with the release of A6.Times. The team plan to updates it frequently and deliver truly unique features that will set A6.Times definitively apart from the others.

Get a free, no-risk 14 day trial:
MSI: http://www.alien6tech.com/download/A6.Times Setup.msi
Cab File : http://www.alien6tech.com/download/A6.Times.CAB  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, June 20 2006 by ChrisD
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Handmark® Announces New Tetris® Game Pak 2

New Retail Edition of Top-Selling Bundle Includes Updated Version of Tetris, the Most Popular Video Game of All Time, Along with Sudoku Master, JAMDAT Bowling, Aces Texas Hold’em™ - No Limit and More

KANSAS CITY, MO — (20 June 2006) — Handmark®, a global leader in mobile media, today announced that the new Tetris® Game Pak 2 will be available at retailers June 30.  This new version of the perennial bestseller offers new games and significant updates for the Palm OS® and Windows Mobile™ Pocket PC platforms and is now, for the first time, available for Windows Mobile Smartphone and BlackBerry® operating systems.

“Handmark is focused on bringing Tetris Game Pak 2 to more mobile users and platforms than ever before,” said Douglas Edwards, Handmark cofounder and chief marketing officer. “Palm and Pocket PC users have made the original Tetris Classic Game Pak™ a top-selling Handmark title. Now Windows Mobile Smartphone and BlackBerry users can join the fun. The new version of Tetris, the perfect puzzle game, has been optimized for color BlackBerry handsets and the new Motorola Q in addition to the Palm® Treo® 700w and 700p."

Tetris Game Pak 2 will be a available at most major electronics, computer, and office supply stores in CD ($39.99) and MMC ($49.99) versions. The individual games are also available for purchase from Handmark.com.

Pocket Express™ users can easily download and install the new Tetris game, or any of the other great new games directly to their smartphone from the “Get Games” tile found under the “Extras” tab in the new Pocket Express Third Edition.  This makes a great option for users who don’t regularly sync their device.  Learn more about this option at http://express.handmark.com.

With something for everyone, Tetris Game Pak 2 makes an excellent addition to any mobile smart device. This new collection of six must-have games includes:

Tetris is the most popular electronic game of all time with over 60 million players. After its humble beginnings in Russia, this timeless puzzle game became a worldwide phenomenon enjoyed by all. Because of its unique yet simple randomness, it is always a fresh experience and never the same game twice. New Tetris variants introduce exciting and enjoyable new ways to play. As easy to learn as it is addictive, it will keep both the casual and seasoned pro entertained for hours.

JAMDAT Bowling
A bestseller on mobile phones, this all-new smartphone version takes mobile bowling to the next dimension! Enjoy 3D Graphics. Sophisticated controls for aim, ball spin and power and realistic physics deliver the feel and fun of bowling. Features user-selectable ball, lane, and pin style, cool sound effects and music.  Play a single or 3-game series alone or against friends in 4-player “Hot-Seat” multiplayer.  In-game screens cheer and taunt your strikes, spares, gutter balls and more*.  Bowl the perfect mobile game – JAMDAT Bowling.

Aces Texas Hold’em™ - No Limit
Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular card games in the world.  This fast and furious game is fun for players of all levels.  Its simple concept of having two cards in your hand and five community cards makes it easy to learn, but it’s been called one of the hardest games to master.  Now you can play any time you have the urge to face this formidable Hold’em opponent.

Sudoku Master
The ultimate Sudoku game with over a billion unique Sudoku puzzles, beautiful interface, advanced pencil marks, customization, statistics, image puzzles, hints and more.  Enter puzzles from anywhere and solve them in Sudoku Master – solve any Sudoku puzzle with lightning speed!

No time for a trip to Vegas?  Now you can play this casino classic on your mobile smart device wherever and whenever you choose.  Can you outsmart the dealer and come up with a cool 21? Brush up on your skills or go for the big jackpot without having to break the bank.

Experience the challenge and exhilaration of playing this all-time favorite against your handheld! In order to win you must move all 15 of your checkers into your own inner board and then bear them off before your opponent does. Handmark Backgammon also features the ability to set the level of difficulty by player, playing with or without the doubling cube and the Crawford Rule.

System Requirements
Palm OS: Palm OS 4.0** or higher with at least 8 Megabytes of free memory
Windows Mobile Pocket PC: Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5
Windows Mobile Smartphone: Windows Mobile 5
Research in Motion BlackBerry: OS 4.0 or higher, 71xx, 72xx, 75xx, 77xx, 87xx series device.  (Source: Press Release)

Posted Tuesday, June 20 2006 by ChrisD
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